Courtney: The Golf Cart Girl Ch. 02


Courtney The Golf Cart Girl- Chapter Two

(Ed Note: Part two of the continuing story of a New Jersey golf course golf course girl who uses her special talents to earn a college scholarship).

The knowledge that Courtney Connors was blowing her way into college bounced around in my head nightly for days.

We’ve all heard stories about girls who blew their professor to get a good grade, but the revelation that Courtney was using her mouth as an avenue to get into college gave new meaning to the thought of working hard over the summer to have money to use at the university.

Thoughts of the cart girl smiling and teasing golfers as she whisked around the golf course brought a smile to my face, but thoughts of her caught in the act of fellating several lofty club members brought blood to my groin. Heading to work was no longer a chore. I looked forward to the possibility of seeing dear little blonde Courtney, knowing a secret that, if revealed, would shock the county, to say nothing of friends and wives.

Heck, knowing what I knew about the girl and her visits to the parking lot made me look at her in a completely different light. While I still was transfixed upon her shapely legs which protruded from her white shorts, the memory of her milking club member’s cocks was the kind of vision one could only dream about. The only problem was I could never get enough of playing voyeur in this little one-act play.

I found myself asking to work the same days as Courtney, hoping to catch her in the act again. It was a perilous activity, as I had to be careful as not to cause suspicion of my actions, not only from the blue-eyed 19-year-old, but from my bosses as well. On more than one occasion I received a “talking to” for leaving my post near the cart barn while checking to see if Courtney was satisfying her “clients” or whatever it was you called guys who used her “services”.

For the first week or so after I overheard Mr. Mack and Mr. Gamble discussing their arrangement with the young girl, the deal which the two real estate executives agreed to have their company provide her with a scholarship, I thought of her has a whore. I mean, what is selling your body for sex if not a hooker? Why is she any different than any woman of the evening who stands on a street corner offering her services. Why a high class call girl is still a hooker, right?

Then again, there was a little bit of Robin Hood in her endeavor. She wasn’t robbing the rich to give to the poor, mind you, but she was reallocating cash from somebody who had it (the real estate guys) to someone who didn’t (Courtney). Or at least that was my rationalization on why Courtney was still relatively pure and not some cheap whore.

So in my mind Courtney was merely a smart businessperson who was using her talented mouth and body attributes to work her way into college. It was as simple as that. Still, the knowledge that she was a naughty, naughty girl kept me up some nights fantasizing about watching her perform and even sampling some of her services myself.

Of course, every day was a new surprise. Bill Sinclair, son of the mayor of a local town and a club member himself, dated Courtney a few times that summer. On a rare occasion where Bill, a high school classmate, and I jawed at a meeting my the clubhouse, he intimated how his goal for the summer was to get into Courtney’s pants. Which means he wasn’t already in them, a surprise to me as I thought be bagged nearly every girl we knew. So maybe wasn’t putting out for anyone with a cock. No matter how hard I spied I didn’t catch her in the act with anyone but the two real estate guys and that one time with their clients.

Still I looked as often as I could at the parking lot, spying for any telltale sign of a rendezvous.

It was a steamy hot July night and I had a feeling that one of the real estate guys was going to get lucky and score with the beautiful cart girl. After their round Mr. Gamble unknowingly confirmed that when he bid Mr. Mack goodbye after their round.

“Have a great night, Mac, I gotta get to a meeting,” said Mr. Gamble to his partner. “Think of me while you are, uh, doing whatever you’re going to do.”

I remember thinking that was an odd thing for a guy to say to another guy, and that sparked my thoughts that it was Mr. Mack’s time for a visit with Courtney. Mr. Mack laughed, and mentioned he needed to hit the shower before his “appointment”. He had a big smile on his face when Courtney drove up seconds later in her beverage and snack-stocked görükle escort cart, and the two exchanged the kind of glance that only lovers do when they don’t want someone to know about their relationship.

Alone with Courtney a little bit later I asked how her summer was going.

“Really good, Jon, I’m making good tips and getting a tan while I am at it, what could be better?” she said with a smile, turning in the seat and offering me a stellar view of her shapely legs.

“That’s great. I wish I had your, uh, attributes. Maybe I’d earn larger tips here!”

Courtney’s look told me I had hit a responsive chord, and she started to spout something nasty toward me, I just could feel it.

“I’m joking, Court! Don’t take this wrong, but you are so pretty in your little outfit, I think you dazzle all of the guys so much that they forget the guys who clean and take care of their golf clubs. Nothing personal….it’s a compliment.”

The girl just shook her head. “Ok, I’ll take it as a compliment Jon, no offense taken. If I didn’t know better I’d think you were flirting with me!”

I shook my head no.

“Good thing, because my boyfriend is jealous, and he’s already mad I’m going to Philly for college. I mean, it’s only 90 minutes from here, but it’s not like we can see each other like we do here.”

To say nothing about the service she was performing to allow her to go away to school, I thought, smiling like a dummy.

We spoke for a little more, mostly about dumb stuff, until she finished her duties and said good night. I thought what she should have said is “see you in a little bit” because I just knew she was meeting Mr. Mack, it was obvious to me. And right I was. The man left the locker room a few minutes later all spiffed up, smiling as he waved goodbye to me.

I waved back, checked to see if anyone was coming toward the clubhouse from the 18th hole, then left a little sign that I would be back in a few minutes.

Secreting out the back door of the barn and to my special hiding spot, I shivered a bit in anticipation of catching the two going at it once again. When I arrived it was clear I had correctly detected the meeting, as there was the Civic and Mercedes parked side-by-side. From this vantage point I had a little better view of the cars, as they had parked a bit sideways toward my hiding spot, offering me a great view of Mr. Mack and a decent one of the cart girl of my dreams.

Like their past meeting I observed them chatting. This time, though, Mr. Mack was running his hand up and down Courtney’s shapely thigh. It was then I noticed the girl had changed out of her white shorts and into a short skirt. Soon I realized why, as the man slipped his hand higher and higher up her thigh and beneath the fabric of her skirt.

Magically Courtney’s pristine white cotton panties came into view as the man deftly slipped them down from under her short skirt. He left them draped just below her knees. Once again his hand slipped up her thigh, slowly caressing each inch until he felt her hot, moist box. I envied the man who had hit paydirt with my fantasy girl. I continued to spy at the two as the man’s hand became more insistent.

Soon Courtney’s legs parted, somewhat hindered by her panties around her knees, and the man began running his fingers along her sex. While I couldn’t see the actual penetration, there was not doubt he was stroking her pussy as he nuzzled her neck.

Courtney slid away from the man, planting her head on the top of the leather German seat and luxuriating in his touch. He stroked under that skirt slowly, then faster, then slower again. I could see her head back, eyes closed, as she slowly rocked to his gentle touch.

Imagine my surprise when I saw Mr. Mack use his other hand to unzip his pants and reach into his underwear, pulling out his cock. He began stroking it to full erection while still maintaining his caresses of the young girls wet pussy.

Let me assure you I am not gay, but I have to tell you that seeing Mr. Mack’s manhood did cause me a little bit of a case of the shivers. It wasn’t real long, but it what it lacked in length it more than made up for in girth. It had to be four inches around. I marveled that the girl had been able to put that dagger into her sweet little mouth with such ease. While I had seen his cock the last time Courtney blew him, I hadn’t seen it from as close range. It began to throb with his stroking, and I couldn’t help thinking that the sweet little cart girl bursa escort bayan wouldn’t just be sucking the lollipop tonight, she’d be slipping the sausage between her legs.

I continued watching as Mr. Mack stroked the girl and his cock at the same time. I don’t know how he did it without pulling a muscle or something, but however he was doing it presented an erotic picture. I reached back and focused my camera on the twosome in anticipation of their sucking or maybe even more. Soon I heard Courtney moaning and I could swear she shouted she was cumming. Seconds later the man’s cock began spurting in his hand. I was so shocked that they weren’t doing the nasty that I forgot to snap a few photos of the sexy scene.

Mr. Mack used a handkerchief to clean up his mess, making sure the leather seats were not stained, and then zipped up while Courtney was smoothing her skirt and making herself presentable. The two then innocently talked for a bit before she kissed him on the cheek and exited the car. Once outside I started to her car before slipping back to the window, and I clearly heard her say she “really enjoyed herself”. Then she said something about looking forward to seeing him Thursday night at 10.

That night I imagined Courtney’s hand and then mouth on my dick as I looked at the grainy photos I had taken over the last couple weeks. I marveled at her experience in sex. Heck, she was so much more advanced than I although we were just months apart in age. It must me nice knowing you have the attributes to attract members of the opposite sex as easily as she did.

The next couple days were a blur as I readied myself for Thursday night. I just knew they were meeting again, although the lateness of the rendezvous did make me wonder what was up.

I gleaned from snippets of conversation that Mr. Mack and his wife JoAnn would be having dinner Thursday night at the club, but that he’d be staying to play cards afterward. JoAnn would be heading home after dinner as she was on an early schedule at the hospital the next morning.

So that’s it, Mr. Mack and Courtney would be meeting in the parking lot that night for a little munching of the salami.

I waited Thursday night in my secret spot and watched Courtney drive into the parking lot on schedule. She sat, playing the radio softly, waiting for her date. At just after 10 I noticed a man, Mr. Mack it turned out, approaching the car. Instead of getting inside he opened the door and Courtney emerged. The two kissed and then Mr. Mack whispered something in her ear, bringing forth a smart smack to his arm. Yet she wasn’t mad, because I could see the gleam in her smile in the moonlit night.

The two lovers walked away from the cars, but not toward the clubhouse (I wondered if here would be a little locker room action) or the cart barn. Rather, they were walking toward the 9th green.

Of course! It was to be a little on the green fantasy fulfilling action, I surmised. Sleuthing behind them, I kept the shadows with my steps somewhat masked by the music coming from the clubhouse windows. Mr. Mack had a hand gently placed upon Courtney’s slim ass, while hers was around his waist. They appeared to be long-lost lovers making up for missed time. They would stop at times, kiss, talk, then shuffle ahead.

Thinking quick I crept toward a grove of trees about 30 yards from the green. From this vantage point I would be able to observe the twosome if they ended up where I thought they would. Sure enough, they sat on the side of the green and observed the stars in the sky.

Soon Mr. Mack’s hand slipped down to a breast, and it wasn’t long before he slowly caressed it while kissing first her neck then on the mouth. They made out for a while before his hand slipped under her skirt and began stroking her pussy. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get into her pants, or, should I say, between her legs because the young sexy girl was sans panties beneath her short skirt.

Courtney reached down and began stroking the man, jerking her mature lover’s dick while keeping their mouths glued together.

Courtney broke the embrace and slid back onto her back, while the man reached into his pants, pulled out a condom, slipped it onto his hard cock, then slowly rubbed his cock up and down her moist slit. I saw her shudder as he slipped a little higher on her prone body, then mounted the girl. Her legs were spread wide, and I heard her moan as he slowly entered her. . “Oh,” groaned the girl his dick firmly planted bursa escort in her gash, “Mac, it’s so big!”

The man pulled out, slowly pushed back deep into the girl, then slid his cock back. Up and down he went, and soon she was moving in tandem with the man old enough to be her father. The two fucked in a deliberate manner, almost savoring each stroke.

“You feel so hot, so tight,” said the real estate executive. “You’re making my dick jump.”

I watched as the man’s ass rose high then fired down, sending his cock into her sloppy pussy with ease. Like old lovers they humped in unison for a while before the man started moving much quicker into the welcome 19-year-old’s snatch. I was amazed at how wide her legs were spread, to say nothing about how she took every stroke to the hilt.

The man’s thrusting continued to quicken as he obviously was nearing his climax. With the lovers locked in a fucking embrace I slipped onto my feet and slithered back toward the parking lot. I glanced back a couple times, but soon the night and the foliage blocked my view. At first I was going to leave, but then I slipped back into my spot near the cars to catch them upon their return. It wasn’t long before the lovebirds approached, complete with laughter and what I thought was almost a groan.

“You’re such a joker, Mac, I can’t believe some of your stories,” exclaimed Courtney with a laugh.

“And you are such a wonderful piece of ass, Courtney, you will break a lot of hearts,” said the man. “You are well worth the danger.”

“Aw, Mr. Mack, nobody is going to know about this, don’t worry. I wouldn’t say a word to anyone, you can count on me,” said the girl. “I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that, and how much I love the way you are helping me out. You are a sweetheart.”

The man kissed the girl on the forehead, then slipped into his car. “I still have a couple minutes…”

“What did you have in mind?” cooed the girl. “As if I didn’t know…”

“Well, you could clean my dick off, that way my wife wouldn’t know about our, uh, meeting,” said the man.


Oh my, she was going to suck him again…right after he fucked her.

Courtney bent over and, leaning on one hand, lowered her head into the man’s lap. From my angle I could catch nearly all of her decent. And believe me, it was a sight to behold. He wasn’t rock hard, but that didn’t deter the girl from taking all of his dick into her mouth. She slowly and masterfully applied what I now called The Courtney Caress with her mouth, bringing the older man to a state of hardness.

She continued sucking his dick, slipping onto her knees against the bottom of the door frame. Courtney worked his dick, and I could hear the man groan as he reveled in her sucking.

“Oh Courtney, you are a perfect cocksucker. I can’t believe you got me hard so soon after cumming in you. You are amazing,” said the man.

Courtney continued her attempt to have her mouth strangle his cock, and soon was bobbing her head faster and faster as the man laid back and enjoyed the mouth magic of the experienced young girl. I felt my own dick harden and it took all my resolve to keep it in my pants. I wanted to jerk off as I watched, but the threat of discovery kept me calm, etching the act into my memory bank.

After a bit she tired, and she lifted her head off his cock, replacing the blow job with a slow, deliberate hand job. “Mr. Mack you are so good to me, let me take your cum in my mouth.”

It was as if she muttered some magic spell on the man, because he put his hand on the back of her head, lowered it down and watched as she sucked his dick back into her mouth. He didn’t take it easy on the girl, as he began thrusting quickly into her mouth. Soon his head once again fell back and her cheeks buldged as the man orgasmed into her willing, sucking, cunt-like oral cavity.

Yup, his dick was clean! The girl made sure of that.

The two rested for a couple minutes before she kissed him good night. I couldn’t help myself, after the two cars left I slipped out my dick and jerked off. I hate to admit it, but it didn’t take a minute of recall from their sensuous memory to shoot a load into the branches of the evergreen.

What a night! I couldn’t believe the girl was doing what she was, and that I knew about it. It was so erotic catching them in the act, and the photos I developed weren’t bad either. Not perfect, a little grainy and dark, but focused enough to see each of the lovers in various stages of sexual endeavors. I know the shots were hot because they brought me to hardness each time I would sneak a look.

Imagine what would happen if Mr. Mack’s or Mr. Gamble’s wife, or Courtney’s parents, or the club management knew about her proclivity to satisfying men.