Covered in Cum – Side Story 02

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Covered in Cum, Side Story 2 A moms life in a futa family.

Covered in cum is how these stories usually start out, and this tale is no exception. I awoke from what felt like a too short night, face down in my pillow, with a warm sticky sensation across my back. Now bear in mind that raising a family is tough, it’s tougher when the entire family is composed of horny futa’s. After coming to the realization that I wasn’t going to be getting any more sleep I groaned and turned over to see my youngest daughter withdrawing her rapidly deflating dick. She had recently turned 18, and her body was fully reflective of it in young, nubile form, and her 19 inch dick made her the dream date for prom.

“Good morning mom, I thought instead of just jacking off with my morning wood I’d help you have pleasant dreams. Did it work?” Suzanne was a light and bubbly person that never really put any thought into her actions, or who she fucked.

“I was dreaming of getting more sleep, but since you already woke me I might as well get breakfast ready for everyone else.” Groggily shaking my head to dispel sleep, I turned onto my side to try and spot a shirt, or some underwear. As I turned onto my side I could feel rivulets of cum dripping off my back onto the bed. “You are cleaning the sheets though, your mom and I used condoms last night to prevent more siblings for you and to keep the bed clean!”

“Aww, it’s the weekend! I have a date later! A cute brunette from my class with an amazing ass.” Like a true baby of the family Suzanne whined about chores but the rule of our household was firm, if you make a mess you clean it up.

Spotting some clean clothes on the floor, I put on a bra, J cup sized, and an oversized shirt. Sometimes comfort overrules fashion, and in our house clothing is optional anyway.

“Why did you cover your tits mom!? They are the best part of you besides your ass.”

“You were just hoping to fuck my tits before breakfast weren’t you?” I sighed at my daughter’s lack of subtlety, and with my sigh my breasts jiggled like a bad anime causing Suzanne’s dick to twitch and jump.

“Maybe after breakfast… AND when you have cleaned the sheets!” Finally summoning some energy I got off the bed and started making my way toward the kitchen. I could feel the back of my shirt getting damp from whatever was still on my back, I figured I’d just throw the shirt in with the sheets whenever she got around to them.

Making my way down the hall I passed through the living room where I saw two more of my kids, twins in their early 20’s who were sitting nude on the couch, playing a kart game with a venetian carpenter. Their play style was interesting though, in one hand they each had a remote, in their other hand they were handling each other’s cock. They weren’t actively jacking each other off, but they did try and distract each other occasionally to try and secure an advantage in the race. Watching the race was one of their other sisters who was also nude and scrolling through the social media site Fuckbook while lounged sideways over the easy chair. I made a mental note to join them later and annoy them until they did their chores, or got out of the house.

Now if you are wondering how many kids I have, the answer is 12. My wife and I were inspired by the book, cheaper by the dozen, unlike the book all our kids are futas. Currently though only 5 of the kids are at home, the majority are in college and others have moved out and are making families of their own.

In the kitchen I found the last daughter Hailey. Now Hailey is very unusual, even in our family she is considered weird. She was wearing a long skirt down to her ankles, around her torso she just had a cloth that was holding her baby to her chest, and a circlet of flowers on her head. After reading the history of Woodstock she had grown enamored with the hippie lifestyle and went from overachiever to hippie bum with kids living in her parents house. My wife thinks that Hailey’s smaller dick is to blame for her issues but who knows. I just know that I end up taking more care of my grandkids than I want.

I paused to admire myself in the full length kitchen mirror that helped me uphold the legend of mothers having eyes in the back of their head. My curly red hair was mussed and sticking in every direction, my aforementioned J cup breasts were still young looking and when I got horney they would spurt milk like a soda machine, and of course my dick, hanging at 13 inches flaccid around my knees.

Also in the mirror I noticed Suzanne trying to sneak up behind me with her cock fully erect. Without turning around I repeated a phrase I’ve said many times over my tenure as a mother.

“Have you finished kaçak iddaa cleaning the sheets and your chores yet?”

“Nooo, I was hoping that you would get horny enough from your reflection that I could go for another round, I know I want to fuck when I see you.” Unabashed Suzanne started trying to flatter her way into my pussy.

“You are 18, you want to fuck when you see anyone or anything. Now shut the fuck up and either annoy one of your sisters or go do your chores.”

It was at this point when the twins interjected from the living room

“Come and annoy Sherri, she keeps launching first place stealers!”

“No! Annoy Terri, if she can’t make fun quips with me then make her mouth useful with your dick!” Both Terri and Sherri were recent high school graduates who looked nearly identical, both had moderate D cup breasts, long silky hair, and twenty inch long dicks that were thick enough to make it tough to get your hand around. They were nearly inseparable, school, social gatherings, dates, sleep,showers, fucking, they would do it all together.

I left the three of them to annoy each other and made up some breakfast. When my wife’s dick isn’t available for breakfast I enjoy eggs and bacon, arranged on the plate to look like a cock and balls.

Joining me at the table was Hailey, nursing her kid at her breast and eating a disgusting organic, non GMO, gluten free, taste free cereal that was way overpriced. I’m guessing that she found a temp girlfriend to buy it for her since she was too lazy to work or find a wife.

“I’d ask what your plans are for the day but based on what I know of you the answer would probably depress me and cause annoying self reflection. So please stay quiet and let me enjoy my coffee.” I preemptively grumbled at her, hoping to just eat my breakfast in peace and not have to listen to a sermon on whatever bullshit she was espousing today. The baby apparently agreed with me, pausing from his feeding to giggle.

After breakfast it was time to begin the day of taking care of the family I’ve mentioned and others. Also cleaning the house is a daily battle, with this many futas in one house keeping the house smelling like anything other than cum is a losing fight, so I settle with making sure it doesn’t clump on the walls and ceiling.

After getting fucked by family and friends while scrubbing the floor I usually leave it as a chore for one of the my daughters.

Around noon I managed to get Sherri and Terri away from their games to help me with lunch. Both of them were still nude and hadn’t bothered to clean up, so Suzanne’s pussy juices was on their dicks and her cum over their tits. Both of them were also still fully erect and they would try and jack each other off into the soup while I wasn’t looking, they also kept trying to turn lunch prep into a threesome, but with unflappable resolve I managed to get lunch on the table.

Once lunch was completed, only a small amount of cum in the soup, I felt a shower was needed, and to prevent the house from stinking anymore than it already did I ordered Sherri and Terri to shower too before returning to gaming. If you are wondering why I get to give orders to my grown adult children, even if they don’t act like it sometimes, it’s because it’s my house so I make the rules.

Entering the bathroom I paused to enjoy the automated spritz of scent. I tossed my shirt and bra into the hamper that was overflowing with laundry, the stuff at the bottom was pretty much a solid block of cum soaked garments that probably could be used as a weapon. The ideal temperature being reached I reveled in the sensation of all the mornings cum being washed off, a fresh layer must have been added during lunch while I wasn’t paying attention. While I had my eyes closed I suddenly felt a pair of hands caress my breasts from behind.

“Suzanne if you don’t have the sheets clean I will fuck you in the ass, then throw you out of the shower!” A different voice than I expected responded to my angry statement though, or rather a pair of voices.

“Suzie ditched the laundry to hang out with friends.”

“Since you told us to take a shower we thought it would be more fun to shower with you”

I could feel Sherri’s cock rubbing against my ass while she grabbed at my tits, and Terri’s cock going between my legs but not in my pussy yet and she used her hands to go for my ass.

“Either fuck me then wash me or wash me while fucking me, either way one of you pass me the soap.” Terri’s hands moved from my ass and one of them moved to my cock and the other started lathering me up with soap, the other twin took advantage of the distraction to move her dick into my pussy.

“Hey no fair! I had dibs on the kaçak bahis front! I called dibs in the hallway!!”

“Tough titties, just focus on mom’s titties and maybe I’ll move.”

“I’m still going to fuck you later for disrespecting the law of dibs!”

The twins carried on their banter while one fucked me and the other washed me, taking especially good care to wash my cock and tits. My dick, enjoying the attention, rose to its full 28 inches long and 6 inches thick.

“Alright I’ve washed the front, now you wash mom’s back since you have already cum twice!”

Sherri then removed her cock from me and in a well rehearsed move Terri put hers in so fast I barely realized they had switched, even their dicks felt identical.

While I was busy getting fucked I had been washing out my hair, and now that I was done I used my idle hands to move my cock to the side and pull Terri in for a kiss. Call me a romantic but I like at least one kiss while getting fucked. Moving my dick back between us Terri used her tits and mine to give me a double tit job while keeping a steady pace. Sherri watched enviously while washing my back, sneaking occasional fingers into my ass to make small fountains of cum pop from my dick.

Finally Terri finished washing washing my back and the parts that Sherri missed, but in her haste to join her sister in fucking me, she missed my ass and now I had two dicks in my pussy! After 12 kids I’m not drum tight anymore but having both their 20 inch cocks in me at the same time felt really big and created a very visible bulge in my abdomen, it also caused me to cum gallons in a spurt that covered the bathroom ceiling, and my tits started dripping milk like a faucet. Ten minutes later the two had finally had enough and with their usual quips they let loose their loads in my pussy, with dismay I watched my belly swell larger and larger, from bowling ball, to watermelon sized, and they finally both collapsed soon after that. I looked like I had swallowed a beach ball. A quick rinse later, I had cleaned off the cum and milk from my body and expelled most of the cum from my pussy. I may have aimed the draining cum at the twins who were exhaustedly making out on the shower floor, their dicks finally flaccid for the first time all day.

Drying off in the bathroom I took stock of how well the shower had cleaned me, I was now clean but still smelling of cum but that’s daily life. My abdomen was only slightly swollen and cum dripping steadily down my leg and from my cock that was now at half mast in front of me.

Looking back at the twins I threw out the line “If you two knocked me up you are both on floor cleaning duty for the whole house until you move out! And you will have to do it without pants on!” They gave a half hearted acknowledgement, neither appeared to have any inclination to clean off the cum and milk they were totally covered in.

While getting dressed I debated with myself what to do with my still mostly erect dick, at 28 inches long it would be tricky to navigate the halls without hitting it on anything and since the house was now mostly empty the chance of it randomly striking gold was very low. Since my dick wasn’t going down into my pants I just moved it between my tits and secured it there with my bra. The downside of this plan was that my dick was long enough that the tip was just past the top of my head. A minor annoyance, although before I got hitched going anywhere like this got me laid, a lot!

Finally dressed in traditional mom yoga pants, without any panties, and a white tank top that would not stain from any pre cum that might drip down. I found out later that the seam in the crotch area of my pants was threadbare and easily torn for easy access.

The shower took a lot longer than it should have due to the twins’ shenanigans, so it was time to start getting dinner ready for when the wife got home. Also Hailey would be eating at home, she never missed a chance to sponge off her parents, some of my other kids might show up so like always I would be cooking in bulk. Clam chowder was pale enough that any cum that might leak in probably wouldn’t show. Although in some tumultuous family gathering someone came directly onto the turkey and everyone just treated it as the gravy.

Halfway through the meal completion the first freeloader… I mean daughter arrived. Jane is an average college student, with short red hair, averaged sized breasts at D cup, and 18 inch dick when erect. On her arm however was a much more eye-catching girl, with blond hair, a slightly vacant look in her eyes, tits so large I was tempted to check to see if she was using watermelons as padding, at least K cup, maybe even L cup! I couldn’t see what her illegal bahis dick size was due to her midsection extending an absurd amount, which could mean a couple things, she had just fucked a hyper futa before dinner, she was walking around with an elephentire dildo rammed up her ass, or…. Grandkids, more fucking grandkids.

“Jane, please tell me you are not here to dump more grandkids on me while you continue your studies! I know you enjoy taking girls home from the bars but have you considered condoms!? Or maybe just cold showers, very very cold showers?” With a sigh I attempted to give a motherly scolding but I just couldn’t take my eyes off her friend’s tits, I guess my dick loved them too since I could feel a large dollop of pre cum land in my hair.

“Mom!! She isn’t just some one night stand! We have been dating for around 6 months now! Although you are partially right that it started as a one night stand that got extended. Also I was hoping you would take care of the kids until we have more living space than a dorm room” Janes indignant response started off as a shout but gradually turned into a murmur as she started begging for help. Eventually she figured out that my eyes had not moved from her dates tits and she also noticed the state of my cock, still steadily leaking pre cum, my tits just barely leaking and staining my tank top.

“Why don’t I have Jenny show you how she has kept me around so long and how she managed to get pregnant with my kids.” In a flash Jenny’s shirt and bra was off, leaving her magnificent rack in full view. I absentmindedly noted that Jane had said “Kids” as in Jenny was pregnant with multiple kids, the couple were also having a hushed argument as well but with a but with such a large bust in front of me I didn’t pay attention, it was probably something about Jenny not wanting to fuck her future mother in law and Jane pointing out my huge dick needing attention.

Their argument apparently ended in my favor because Jane pulled in my face for a deep kiss while Jenny, who was quite a bit taller than me, started to suck off my dick. By the time the kiss with my daughter was finished several minutes later Jenny had managed to get 11 inches of my cock down her throat!

“Now you see one reason I’m sticking with Jenny.” Jane grinned and kissed her partner on the forehead while she was sucking me off. “Let me show you the other reason.” Quickly, but not with as much practice as the twins, the two managed to get my shirt and bra off me, freeing my cock and letting it swing about. Then with motions much more practiced and quick they got Jenny’s pants off, her dick was a respectable 15 inches and after sucking me off for the past several minutes was rock hard.

It took quite a bit of maneuvering due to the size of my dick and the bulk of Jenny’s midsection, but eventually we were lined up. With surprising quickness she moved backwards and took my entire dick in one go! Cries of “Fuck!” “Fuck yes” and other exclamations of elation went up and the fucking began. Jenny was bent over the counter, I was enjoying fucking my future daughter in law but still making sure to stir the chowder occasionally, and Jane to join in the fun was shirtless under us, sucking off Jenny and rubbing at my pussy through my yoga pants.

This continued for a while, Jane had swallowed enough cum to cause her stomach to start to bulge out, she had also been fingering herself occasionally and that was causing the floor to become covered in cum as well, making it a sticky, but slippery mess. Of course I had cum once or twice myself but the main blast was about to cum!

Suddenly I heard words whispered directly in my ear “Ready for round two mother!” Suzanne had returned from ditching chores, and with those words she thrust her cock in my pussy, breaking through the threadbare pants like they weren’t there.

With that sudden stimulation, my dick blew its load. Several liters in the first blast and since Jenny was already full with my grandkids all that cum forced its way back, with a force like a punch I found myself blasted against the wall. Fortunately I had Suzanne to cushion my fall.

In a slight daze I looked across the kitchen, my cock was still cumming like a fountain covering everything and everyone including me, Suzanne was cumming in my pussy like the hit against the wall had set her off again, Jane was covered in Jenny’s cum and Jenny was sitting in a chair trying to recover, and one of Suzanne’s friends was in the door cumming over me. Evidently we had put on a good show for them. So I bring the tale of this day to a close, with me covered in cum again.

Thank you to any readers who are still reading these. I apologize for the poor writing skills and for the longer story length than normal. If you like the longer story length than I’m happy to oblige. As always if you have scenarios/situations you want to see me write tell me with a comment!

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