Craig And The Virgin Twins


The Garber twins were absolutely identical. From the day they were born until now, when they were 18, nobody had been able to tell them apart, sometimes not even their own parents. They’d grown up to be beautiful young women, 5’9” tall, a few freckles on their faces, long and curly brown hair, brown eyes, delicate feminine curves and firm C-cup tits. They didn’t lack dates, but they’d so far preferred each other’s company. Rumour had it they were lesbians and it wasn’t far off. They’d discovered their sexuality by feeling each other’s body and pleasuring their twin. They often snuck into each other’s room at night and ate each other’s pussy and they loved to shower with each other, soaping their twin up and playing with her tits. Only they knew that it didn’t make them lesbians. They were merely practising until the right guy came along. They’d long ago, after some clumsy fumbling in the back of cars, decided that they would lose their virginities to experienced men.

One month ago Jenna had placed an ad on the Internet. They figured it was the only way they could find the right men to take their virginities. They’d tried picking men up in bars in town, but they were too young to get into the ones that were frequented by 30-somethings, which was their target group. They each went through the answers to their ad and ranked the men who’d replied. A condition of the intercourse was that the men in question would fly them first class and put them up in a luxury hotel for the occasion and treat them to a great weekend. One reply in particular had appealed to both girls. It was from a man called Craig whose honesty appealed to them. He didn’t hide that he was married, but liked to fuck young girls on the side. He didn’t boast about the size of his penis or his abilities as a lover. He seemed to be a really nice guy who would give them a good time. The problem was to decide which one of them would have the good time with him. He was number 1 on both their lists and they couldn’t think of a fair way to settle it. Finally Janice told Jenna that there was only one fair way of choosing. The choice had to be Craig’s. They’d have to do a webcam chat with him and make him decide – if he was still interested.

They arranged a night when Craig would be home alone and they sat down together. They giggled as they saw Craig’s surprise that there was not just one, but two.

“Hi Craig,” Jenna said. “We loved what you wrote in your email and if you’re still interested we’d like to take you up on your offer.”

“That’s great! I’m definitely still interested.”

“Only problem is,” Janice filled in, “we can’t decide which one of us gets to meet you so we thought we’d give the choice to you.”

“You’re both still virgins?”

“Yes,” Jenna confirmed. “And we both want to fuck you, so you’ll have to decide which one of us you want.”

Craig looked at them for a long time, he seemed to have difficulties making his mind up. “Are you absolutely identical?”

“There’s no telling us apart,” Janice confirmed.

“Strip for me and let me see,” he asked them.

The girls took their clothes off and stood in front of the camera, showing Craig that even when they were naked there was no telling them apart. They both had those full and firm young tits, they both trimmed their bushes into little triangles, pointing at their pleasure centre, and they both had very wet pussies as a result of stripping for this man on the Internet. Craig didn’t know the last fact though.

“I was wondering,” he asked and the girl could see that he kept reaching down to stroke his cock. “How about I pay for you both to come and visit me? My wife is taking the kids to her parents for a week in 10 days’ time so we’d have plenty of time to get to know each other.”

“You mean you’ll choose after you’ve met us in person?”

“Not exactly,” he explained. “I mean that I think you’re so beautiful, I want to fuck you both. And if we have a week together there will be plenty of time for me to be with both of you.”

“We could have you for three nights each!”

“Something like that.”

The girls thought it was an excellent idea and they exchanged details with Craig. Four days later their airline tickets and hotel vouchers arrived and they knew from the name of the hotel that he’d chosen well. There was also cash in the envelope for them to use as spending money. The girls were incredibly excited. Their parents were in Europe for the summer so they arranged with a neighbour to water the plants while they were gone and on the morning of the day they were to meet Craig they drove off to the airport. The girls bickered a little between them, both wanting to be first to fuck Craig, but they knew that when the time came Craig would choose wisely.

In the elevator up to their hotel room the girls were shaking with excitement. The receptionist had said to them when they checked in that she would let their uncle know they were there. Craig had obviously checked in already and sex izle was posing as their uncle to avoid any embarrassing questions. The hotel room was wonderful. It was dominated by a huge king size bed and there was a big Jacuzzi in the bathroom. There was plenty to keep a girl occupied while her twin sister was getting fucked in Craig’s room.

They unpacked and sat on the couch and waited for Craig. They hadn’t been given his room number so they guessed that he would come and pick them up. It was already getting dark outside and both girls were starting to feel nervous. They’d waited so long to lose their virginities and now that the time had come for one of them they could hardly stop shaking. Soon there was a knock on the door and they both went to answer it. Craig stepped in and closed the door behind him. He kissed each twin and stood in front of them, looking them over. The girls were checking him out as well. He was a little older than he’d seemed in his picture, probably early 40’s. His hair was blonde with a few grey streaks, his eyes were blue and he was fairly tall, about 6’2”. With his clothes still on he seemed to have small love handles, but other than that he looked really fit.

“What do you think?” Jenna asked him after a while.

“You two are so beautiful,” he replied honestly. “I can’t believe I’m going to get to fuck you. That is, if you still want to fuck me?”

“Oh yes!!!!” The girls replied in unison.

“Are you hungry? Do you want to go to the restaurant here in the hotel tonight?”

The girls looked at each other.

“We’re not really hungry,” Janice said. “Maybe whoever’s left in the room later on will be able to order some room service and watch a movie or something.”

“Well girls,” Craig said, “I was thinking we could all stay in this room together. My room is a tiny single room, but this is big enough for three.”

“You mean you’re going to fuck one of us while the other’s watching?” Jenna wasn’t so sure she wanted that.

“No, I mean I want to fuck both of you at the same time.”

“Both of us? At the same time?” Janice looked confused.

“Yes, I’ll fuck one of you with my tongue and the other one with my cock, and then we switch.”

Jenna and Janice looked at each other and smiled. They were both thinking the same thing. Maybe they’d get to drink Craig’s cum from their sister’s pussy?

“We like that,” Jenna smiled and kissed Craig suggestively.

“A lot,” Janice agreed and kissed him as well.

“OK girls,” Craig smiled wickedly. “Strip for me!”

The girls smiled at him and then at each other. They knew exactly what to do next. As Craig sat down on the couch the twins started kissing each other. Their tongues played with each other for Craig to see as each twin unbuttoned her twin’s blouse. They then took turns taking each other’s jeans off. Craig was stroking his crotch as he saw that the girls were wearing identical underwear. They had on semi-transparent black bras with a lace edge and matching thongs. Their triangular bushes could be seen through the thin material.

The identical girls embraced one another, tits pressed against each other, to unhook their bras. They opened the embrace facing Craig and shook off their bras, making their C-cup tits bounce with the action. They kissed again, nipples to nipples, breasts quashed against breasts. Craig stroked his big bulge as he watched the virgin twins kissing. Finally they moved down and pulled their panties down. They stood naked in front of Craig and rubbed their bushes and tits against each other. Then they walked up to the couch and sat on one side of Craig each, pressing their tits against him.

“Did you enjoy that?” Jenna asked as Craig took one tit in each hand and squeezed them.

“I loved it. I knew it was the right thing to do to get both of you here together,” he smiled. “Now undress me.”

They all stood up and the girls quickly stripped Craig of his clothes. After the striptease show his cock was now fully erect and the girls gasped as they saw the size. He was between 6 and 7 inches long and very, very thick. They’d hand their fingers up each other’s cunts enough times to know that they were nowhere near that wide. They couldn’t wait to feel him inside. As they pulled off his boxers both girls started licking his cock hungrily, fighting each other’s tongue to lap up the pre-cum and get him in their mouth. Craig looked down and got even harder.

“Which one of you is Janice?” he asked.

Janice stood up and smiled at him. He caressed her tits.

“Janice, you will get my cock in your mouth first. I’m going to fuck your mouth until I cum inside it.”

Janice squealed with excitement.

“Jenna,” he said and Jenna stood up. “I’m going to eat your pussy while your sister sucks my cock. When she’s done I’m going to fuck you and rip through your cherry. Then you can both lick your juices off me and get me hard again and I’m going to fuck Janice. Any questions?”

“What alt yazılı porno do I do when you’re fucking Jenna?” Janice asked.

“Then you get your sweet little pussy eaten.”

The girls hugged and kissed and then Craig lay down on the bed. Janice immediately crawled up between his legs and dove in on his cock. She sucked it into her mouth and moaned with excitement as she ran her tongue all over his veins. Jenna climbed up and straddled Craig’s face. He used his fingers to pull her pussy lips to the side and then he started sucking on her clit. Jenna moaned and kneaded her tits as she watched Craig’s juicy cock sliding in and out of her sister’s mouth. How she wanted to have him inside her mouth now. But she had to remember, she would be the first to get fucked. It would be worth it.

Janice let go of Craig’s cock and sucked on his balls, like she’d seen done on porn sites. She felt his hips stirring and she knew he enjoyed it. She soon moved back and closed her mouth over his big mushroom tip and sucked it in. Craig’s hips started moving up and down as he fucked her mouth.

Jenna gasped as she felt his tongue in her cunt. His wonderful tongue slid inside her and started pumping. She gyrated her hips, grinding her wet pussy over his face, moaning as she enjoyed what his mouth was doing to her. Soon she felt his fingers inside, first one, then two, then three and she moaned louder. His mouth was back on her clit, sucking her and flicking his tongue across it. She pulled her nipples and watched her sister.

Janice had all of Craig’s cock in her mouth now. She’d opened her mouth as wide as she could. His hips were moving up and down, wanting to get deeper. He kept hitting the back of her throat. She tried swallowing around him which made his thrusts harder and harder. She sucked him hard, trying to feel more of him inside, wanting to milk his balls dry with her mouth.

Soon Jenna couldn’t stand it any longer. She just had to cum. Her thighs gripped Craig’s head and her body shook as she cried out her ecstasy. She reached down and held her sister’s head still, pushing it down as Craig’s hips thrust upwards. Janice’s gagging reflex around his cock proved to be it for Craig and he bucked under the girls, shooting his load straight down Janice’s throat.

The girls stepped off him and started kissing, sharing Craig’s cum. Janice then turned and kissed Craig, lapping up her twin’s juices from his lips.

“On your back, Jenna!” Craig commanded and Jenna lay down, legs spread.

Craig positioned himself between the legs and started rubbing his semi-erect cock against her wet slit. Janice leaned forward and started licking her sister and Craig’s cock. Jenna was soon dripping and Craig’s shaft was hard.

“Put my cock inside your sister’s hole,” Craig told Janice and she grabbed hold of his cock, opened her sister’s pussy lips and placed his cock head against the opening.

Janice watched intently as Craig slid his cock head inside Jenna’s tight cunt. Jenna gasped with pain as he split her open. Janice couldn’t believe how he was stretching her sister. She tickled her sister’s clit with her tongue and ran her tongue across Craig’s shaft. He soon pushed in deeper to the sound of more of Jenna’s gasps. He stopped as he felt her barrier. He pulled out almost completely, feeling Janice’s tongue on his shaft as he did. He then pushed her face to the side a little and slammed inside Jenna. The virgin cried out loud as her cherry was popped by the thick cock.

Craig rested his cock deep inside Jenna, giving her a chance to get over the pain. He turned his attention to the other girl who was straddling Jenna’s midriff and shoving her tits in Jenna’s face, making the girl suck on them. He leaned forward and pulled her hips up further. Then he buried his face in Janice’s sweet, virgin cunt. He started licking Janice and soon felt Jenna’s cunt relaxing around him and he started pumping into her, each time slamming into her clit and trying to get deeper inside her. Jenna started meeting his thrusts with her hips and she sucked her sister’s tits harder as she was being fucked by this magnificent piece of meat.

Janice couldn’t stop moving her hips with Craig’s face. He kept licking her slit, flicking her clit and occasionally shoving his tongue up her fuck hole. She moaned as she felt his mouth devouring her pussy and Jenna sucking hard on her tits.

Jenna felt Craig’s cock fucking her harder and harder, faster and faster, and deeper and deeper. She moaned around her sister’s big tit. She could hear the wet slurps of Craig eating her sister’s pussy and his cock slamming into her. The pain of his penetration into her was long gone and now she just wanted more of his cock. She felt him grinding into her clit and she moaned louder. This cock was completing her. She knew right there and then that she never wanted to go without cock ever again. She started shivering, soon she was shaking, before altyazılı sex izle she knew it her cunt was gripping Craig’s cock so hard as her body convulsed under her twin.

Craig felt Jenna cumming all around his shaft. He knew he was going to have to empty his balls inside her soon. He sucked Janice’s clit into his mouth and flicked his tongue around it. He dipped a finger in her wet cunt and then he shoved it up her ass. As she cried out with her orgasm he finally let himself go and shot his spunk deep into Jenna.

The three were panting heavily as they started recovering from their orgasms. Craig pulled his cock out of Jenna’s shivering cunt.

“Jenna, don’t move. Janice, straddle your sister’s hips and kiss her,” he commanded and moved up to the twins’ mouths. “Now suck me hard again!”

The girls eagerly started licking Jenna’s juices off his limp cock. He slid his hand between their tits and started kneading them. The two naked girls before him were so hungry for him. The sight of them and the tongues fighting over each inch of his meat made his cock go hard again.

“You’re natural whores,” he smiled and the girls smiled back at him. “My real life twin sluts.”

The girls’ youthful enthusiasm for his shaft was the biggest turn-on of his life. He was soon ready for more fucking.

“Janice, move further down so that you can eat my cum from Jenna’s cunt,” he said and watched the naked brunette move down the body that was identical to hers.

He positioned himself behind Janice and rubbed his cock across her slit. Fucking from behind was his favourite position and he was glad he’d saved it to last. He’d already cum twice and this one was going to take some time. He popped his cock head inside her wet slit and heard her gasping against her sister’s cunt. Like he’d done with Jenna he slid slowly into Janice until he reached the second virgin barrier of the night. With a big grin on his face he charged through this one as well and stopped deep inside the wet cunt. Janice got used to his size faster than Jenna had and was soon moving her hips against him, wanting more.

Janice was licking her twin dry. Craig’s cum tasted wonderful and it was the second time this evening that she’d tasted it. As soon as she’d licked it all out she raised her head and told her twin to join her. They kissed and shared the cum between them.

“I love you Janice,” Jenna smiled.

“I love you too. I’m so glad we shared this experience together,” Janice panted as she felt Craig picking up the pace in her cunt.

Craig was pumping Janice hard, fast and violently. He gyrated his hips as he slammed into her, making her feel all of him. He pulled her up by her tits and the girls continued kissing, with Janice kneading her twin’s full tits. He kept slamming, burying his cock in the tight, wet hole. He’d expected the virgins to be awkward and clumsy, but they were little sex kittens. He fucked her harder. His balls kept slamming into her clit. Jenna reached forward and started stroking Janice’s clits, occasionally touching Craig’s wet cock as it slid in and out Janice’s cunt.

Janice moaned louder and louder. She didn’t want it to end, but she had no choice. She shrieked as she felt the orgasm take hold of her body. She shook violently and her cunt convulsed around Craig’s pumping cock. As soon as she was done cumming and her cunt released its pressure around Craig’s shaft he pulled out and lay on his back.

“Ride me, Janice!” he panted. “I still have to cum in your cunt!”

Janice happily straddled his hips and his cock slid straight inside this time. She felt the movement of his hips and followed it, riding his shaft up and down her cunt.

Jenna wasn’t slow to react. She straddled Craig’s face like before, wrapping her wet thighs around his head. She and Janice started playing with each other’s tits. Janice’s tits kept bouncing as she rode Craig’s cock hard. Jenna kissed them and sucked on her nipples and moaned as Craig started tongue fucking her. The room was full of the heavy, musky smell of fucking and the wet slams of cock in cunt and tongue on pussy. They were all moving fast and furiously, desperately trying for yet another orgasm. Jenna had to give in first. With her cunt feeling the delight of yet another tongue fucking she couldn’t hold back. Her eyes were firmly fixed on her twin’s cunt that kept sucking in Craig’s hard cock and she shrieked as her cunt trembled around the fabulous tongue.

With Jenna off his face, lying next to him and kissing and caressing him Craig could concentrate fully on his cock. One look at Janice’s face told him that she was close to cumming as well. He reached down and grabbed her hips, forcing her down hard on his cock. He let his thumb caress her clit and she gave in. Her body seized and her cunt shuddered around his meat. There was nothing stopping him now. With a roar he shot his load straight up the wet cunt and soon Janice collapsed on top of him.

Jenna moved down as Janice panted and gasped for breath on top of Craig. As Craig’s cock slid out of the slippery hole she was there to catch Janice’s cum-mixed juices. She then crawled back up in Craig’s embrace and shared the treasure in her mouth with her twin and their wonderful lover.