Craigslist Chronicles Ch. 06: Thomas


After that last took up with the black kid in my car, I need a week to recover… Damn my ass burned for a few days.

While at work, my horniness returned. God was I ready to be fucked again. It hit me hard. I needed to be used. Stumbling through the m4m section of craigslist, I added “dom” & “dominate” to my search. I wanted someone more dominate and rough around the edges. The thought of having someone tell me what to do turned me on.

Hard dom top for slave btm – 22

Horny as fuck. My regular sub has moved away… Looking for a replacement. Big load saved up. Late night ++++.

I’m 180lbs, 6′, fit, and 8 inches cut. Rough and dominate here. I have my own place. Send a pic and let’s get this going.

God, just reading his post made a warmth flow through me. Sending him a message, he was quite prompt to reply. The name at the top of his email was Thomas Jefferson.

The pic he sent me was pretty hot. It was a semi-dim lite selfie of himself in his bedroom. With short dirty blond hair gelled up, his face was soft, with blue eyes, and a square jaw. He was displaying this slight smirk of content.

Letting him know I usually get off work around midnight, he told me that was perfect. As I finished my shift, we continued emailing back and forth. Once he sent me his address, I quickly entered it into my phone, figuring out how long it would take to get there.

Thankfully, he was just a few minutes away. Ending my shift, I jumped into the locker room, changing into some gym shorts and a hoodie. Making my way to his place, I couldn’t help but imagine what we would do tonight.

Walking towards his apartment door, I knocked. Opening the door, there was Thomas, completely nude. His thick flaccid dick hung low between his legs.

After seconds of gazing at his cock, he quickly responded, “Hey, eyes up here.”

“Hey, I’m Evan,” I said as I looked at Looking up at him, I introduced myself.

“Hey Evan, you can call me Thomas,” he replied. “Come on in.”

Entering the door, I flipped off my shoes. “You should take the rest off too,” Thomas commanded.

“Alright,” I said as I removed my shorts & shirt.

Standing in front of him, he started looking over me, inspecting my body.

“Turn around,” he stated. “Nice ass.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“How bad do you want it,” he began to ask me.

“Badly,” I said gazing back down towards his cock as I subtly licked my lips.

“Beg,” he commanded.

“God, I want your cock,” I said as I knelt in front of him with a puzzled look on my face. “Please, I want to taste you…”

“Don’t fucking touch it,” he said. “What do you want to do with it?”

“Fuck, Please!” I continued as I watched his cock expand in front of me, “I’ll do anything you want. God, I want to taste you… I want you inside me.”

“Reach for it then,” he said.

Reaching for his cock, I grasped his shaft in my hand. God was he hard, veins bulging out of the sides of his shaft.

“God your cock is amazing,” I said as I started running my hand along the length of his shaft.

“Let’s see how that tongue of yours performs,” Thomas stated.

Nodding, I moved my mouth towards his bulbaceous head. Slowly taking my tongue, swirling it around the head of his cock. Running my tongue down the bottom of his shaft, I engulfed his rigid cock.

“God you know how to use that tongue, don’t you?” Thomas said. “You’re quite the little slut…”

Creating a muffled “Mmmhmm,” my mouth took his cock deeper.

Grabbing the back of my head, grasping my hair, he shoved me deeper onto his cock. “God, that’s the spot,” he said as I started gagging.

“You can take a bit more, bitch!” He stated as he pushed his hands harder against the back Sikiş hikayeleri of my head.

Gasping for air, I continued gagging on his thick cock head as it shoved its way further down my throat. My hands moved towards his thighs, trying to push myself away from him.

“Not yet!” he commanded as he pushed me even further on to his cock.

Choking on saliva and pre-cum, he finally pulled his cock from my mouth.

“Good little slut,” he said as he looked down at my dripping mouth and watering eyes.

“Go lay down on the couch, get your head resting on the arm,” he commanded. “I want to fuck that throat of yours…”

Moving my way towards the couch, I knew exactly what he wanted to do to me. As I rested my back against the seat cushions, I rested my neck on the arm of the couch, my head hanging over. As I watched Thomas walking towards me upside down, his cock rocked back and forth, balls swaying like wrecking balls, as he walked my direction.

With his cock drawing closer, my eyes widened.

“Let’s see how long you can handle this, slut,” Thomas asserted as he moved my cock deep into my mouth.

My eyes bulged as he dug his cock firmly into my mouth. Without letting up, I tipped my head back further, giving him slightly more access.

Only about three-quarters of the way in, he was already rubbing against the back of my throat. Withdrawing himself slightly to give me a quick breath, he firmly said, “Get ready bitch…”

In one quick, precise movement, he slid the entire length of his cock deep into my throat. Gagging on his throbbing member, he quickly reached for my throat, grasping it tightly as he started thrusting in and out. With the head of his cock flowing down the back of my throat, his ball sack readily slapped me in the face.

“That’s it, baby,” he moaned as he grasped my throat harder, tightening my throat around his cock, “You got this my little slut…”

Eyes bulging, gagging on his cock, my hands shot up, trying to push him away from me. My mind racing, “fuck, fuck, fuck,” repeating in my mind.

“Not just yet, bitch!” he exclaimed as I tried to push him away.

“Prepare for a load straight down your throat…” Thomas yelled as he released is warm spunk down my throat. As my throat filled, his cum continued shooting into me. I could feel it dumping into my stomach and filling my mouth.

Quickly withdrawing himself, I shot up gasping for air, choking on his cum.

Looking back at him, his cock still stood out from him proudly, dripping in a mixture of spit and cum.

“Go grab a condom and a tube of lube from the drawer over there,” he said pointing to the entertainment console. “Hurry it up slut…”

Quickly getting up off the couch, I grabbed the condoms and lube from the drawer.

“Get up on the couch slut,” he commanded as I handed him the condom and lube. “Get on your knees, face the back.”

Without saying a word, I quickly got up on the couch, my hands grasping the back, ass in the air.

Getting up behind me, he gave my ass a hard slap, sending a sharp burning sensation through me.

“That’s quite the nice ass you have their slut,” he said as he lubed his finger up.

Feeling his middle and index finger swirling around my asshole, he quickly thrust them in.

“Well that was pretty easy,” he said as he slid his fingers deeper into me. “Your ass get fucked pretty often, slut?”

“Lately, yes” I replied, cringing as he fingers started to spread wider, stretching my ass.

“Oh, you’re so quite the little whore now, aren’t you…” he stated.

“Yes!” I yelled, yearning to be filled by his cock. “Fuck, I need your cock inside me… Please??”

Removing his fingers from inside me, he gave my ass Sex hikaye another hard slap.

“Ready to feel my big cock deep inside you bitch?” he asked as he wrapped a condom on his cock.

“Please, yes, I need you inside of me…” I moaned, feeling my own cock, which was hard as stone.

“Very well, bitch,” he said with his cock laying along by back. Feeling cold lube slid down my crack and along my hole, I could tell he was saturating his cock above me.

“Let’s hear it bitch; you want this or what?” he said as the tip of his cock rubbed against my hole.

“Fuck I want it!” I screamed as my hole was teased. “Fuck my goddamn hole! Use me! Please!”

Gripping my sides, he plowed his cock into me with strength and precision. Feeling his shaft flow through my gates as they expanded shot a wave of pleasure deep through me.

“God you feel so good,” I moaned, clenching my ass around his shaft.

Gaining speed and depth, he continued plowing into me, tightening his hold on my side. As he started to bottom out, his balls began slapping against my ass.

“Fuuuck! Deeper!” I moaned as my back started to arch.

Grabbing my arms, he brought them behind me, holding them tight against my back, pulling me closer to him with each thrust. Ramming into me harder and harder, his grips on my forearms tightened as my back arched further.

“That’s the spot…” Thomas moaned as he continued thrusting the entire weight of his body onto me.

Slowing his pace, he quickly removed his cock from me, leaving my hole gaping.

“What the fuck,” I moaned as an emptiness flowed through me.

Just as I finished my sentence, his cock quickly plowed deep back into my gaping hole, thrusting balls deep.

Keeping his cock buried in me, he reached around my waist, picking me up off the couch.

“Fuuuuuuuck,” I yelled, feeling his cock move within me as he picked me up.

Lowering me back down, my feet touched the ground. Quickly leaning back towards the couch, he pulled his cock out of my ass.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom,” he commanded.

Getting up off the couch, my hole gaping, I made my way towards his bedroom.

“Get on the bed and kneel” he demanded.

Crawling on the bed, I got on my knees, and grasped the pillow in front of me. Lubing his cock up more, he got behind me. With one thrust he bottomed out, balls striking my ass. He began leaning back, the base of his cock stretching my hole upward.

“Ohh fuck,” he moaned as I continued my moans like a broken record. Building speed, he kept thrusting into me, the base of his cock still stretching my hole upwards.

Quickening his pace, he started leaning towards me, grasping my waste, jackhammering into me. “Fuuuuck,” I grunted as the bed shook violently.

Plowing hard into me he reached for my wrists, pulling them towards him, arching my back.

Exiting me once again, my hole gaping, he continued entering me, bottoming out, and fulling removing his cock. Repeating this process over and over, leaving my aching hole gaping.

“God you like this big cock, don’t you?” he moaned as he dug back into me.

A loud breathless “Fuuuuuck,” was all I could get out.

Exiting me once again, he pushed me closer to the bed, turning me over. Kneeling on the mattress, he straddled himself in between my legs as his cock entered my gaping hole once again.

My cock throbbed so bad it hurt. Reaching for it, he smacked my hand.

“Don’t fucking touch it,” he demanded as he watched my cock sway back and forth, oozing precum.

Not knowing what to do with my hands, I tightly grasped my thighs, pulling them towards me, giving Thomas easier access to my hole.

“Fuuuuuck I need to cum,” I moaned.

He Erotik Hikaye grasped my throbbing cock with a firm grip as he continued thrusting into me. As his grip tightened, I shot my load straight into the air, cum raining onto my chest.

As I came, my ass tightened its grip on his cock, causing him to thrust harder into me as he shot his load into me.

As I laid across the bed, recovering, he pulled his dick out of me, sending a jolt of electricity through me.

“Fuuuck,” I moaned.

“You’re quite the fucking slut,” He stated as he pulled the condom off. “How about you stay here tonight?”

“I could do that,” I replied somewhat hesitant, taking a glimpse of the clock that read 3:30 AM.

“Good,” he said. “I could use a slut like you tomorrow morning to blow another load in.”

“Oh, God, I’d like that,” I told him as we crawled under the sheets.

Holding me in his arms, he rested his head against the pillow, closing his eyes.

“Damn your quite the find,” he softly said with his cock snuggled in between my legs.

“You’re not to bed yourself,” I replied as he reached for the lights, turning them off.

Falling asleep rather quickly, he started softly snoring. Laying there, I couldn’t help but replay the night in my head. This was the first time I crashed at another guy’s house. God, I loved being used by him, I thought as I slowly drifted asleep.

Waking up the next morning, Thomas was already up. By up I mean cock standing proudly under the sheets. Looking at me, then his cock, he gestured me towards it.

“Mornin babe,” he said tiredly.

“Morning,” I replied, moving my mouth towards his cock.

“Oh yeah…” he moaned as my tongue ran up and down his shaft. “God you know how to use that thing…”

“What can I say…” I replied, “It comes naturally.”

Grasping the base of his rock-hard cock, my mouth slowly encompassing the head of his cock.

“It’s all you this time buddy,” Thomas replied as he laid further back into his pillow exhaling deeply.

Bobbing up and down on his cock, I explored the length of his shaft with my roaming tongue, feeling every ridge and bulging vein. God did his cock have a sweet taste to it… As I continued blowing his cock, my hands reached for his balls, slowing caressing them like you would Chinese cloisonné balls.

After taking some time on his cock, I reached for the bottle of lube on the nightstand. Lathering his hard cock up, I asked, “All clean and tested, yes?”

“Very,” Thomas replied as his body shivered.

While I lubed his cock up, I moved my way up the bed, straddling his torso. Reaching behind me, I guided his cock towards my hole. Lowing my ass onto his bare ridged cock, he let out a moan of pleasure, tossing his head around on the pillow.

“How much time do you have?” I asked as I slowly bobbed my ass on his cock.

“Oh fuuuck,” he moaned, “I need to leave in about a half hour…”

“Plenty of time,” I told him as I started to ride him harder.

My cock began growing in between my legs, bouncing off his belly button. Increasing my speed further, Thomas continued to moan.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum soon…” Thomas moaned as he started thrusting his hips up, meeting pushing his cock deeper into me as I came down on him.

Reaching for my cock, he held my shaft tight, jerking my cock.

“Fill me up!” I moaned at him. “Fuck, that’s the spot!”

As his cock spasmed, so did mine, shooting my load down his chest. With my ass clenching on his cock, a warmth started to flow into me.

“Fuuuuck,” Thomas moaned in a deep overtone as he thrust his head back down onto his pillow.

Slowly unmounting him, I could feel the mixture of cum and lube drizzle out of me.

“How about this,” I asked him as I moved off the bed, “Why don’t you go take a shower, and I’ll make you some breakfast?”

“Well that sounds fucking fantastic,” he replied as he made his way off the bed.