Crawl Ch. 02

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“Crawl!” she said.

What else could I do?

I got down on my hands an knees and followed her. Rachel surprised me when she walked past my room then opened the door to the stairs leading up.

She never looked back but turned the corner and walked up the stairs.

When I got to the doorway she was almost to the top. I could see her pretty well because of the street light that is in the alley just behind the house. He pale ass wiggled and swayed gently as she climbed the stairs. I crawled after her and watched as she reached the top step and knelt down. Rachel then lay forward so that her chest and head were resting on the landing. She stretched her arms out in front of her and slightly spread her legs. What a sight!.

I glanced up at the windows that opens above Kathy and Bridget’s kitchen sink. I saw the blinds were closed and the lights were out. No worries there. I looked back at Rachel and as I was just a step below her, I could see that her pussy was completely bare and the juices flowing from her tight hole were coating her thighs.

I reached up with both hands and gently took hold of an ass cheek with each hand and gently massaged them and then opened them wide. The lips of her pussy were full and open. I leaned in and slowly placed my tongue flat against her opening. Rachel moaned softly. I continued to massage her cheeks and because of the angle she was laying, I was able to reach her clit. I gently flicked it and Rachel shuddered and groaned. I then took her labia into my mouth and suckled on them for a few seconds. Rachel pushed back and I really began to lick her pussy for all I was worth.

After a few minutes of going at it, Rachel began to grunt like I was fucking her and began really pushing back into my face. I continued to lick but then I focused on her ass. I pulled back and Rachel continued to hump back.

I gazed at her tiny anal opening and remembering what bahçelievler escort she had done to me, I leaned back down and placed my tongue just below her bud. Rachel froze. I teased the area between her pussy and ass and then slowly licked all around her pucker but never actually going there. I chewed on her ass cheeks and then licked my way back to her clit and caressed it with my tongue. Rachel moaned and gasped but stayed completely still.

Again, I pulled back and I could see her hands were clenched tightly and she was ever so slightly shivering. I bent back down and tenderly placed the tip of my tongue on her puckered opening and caressed it until began to loosen. Rachel remained frozen except for a slight trembling of her body and I could hear her fingernails scraping against the carpet as if she were opening and grasping at the floor.

Suddenly, the light inside Kathy’s kitchen came on and I heard water running. I pulled back to look up and then Rachel’s hand swung around grabbed my hair and pulled me back to her ass. She rasped “Don’t stop, you fucker! Don’t you dare fucking stop!” I dug back in and she released my hair and then arched her back. I could feel her body tighten as I continued to lap at crinkled opening. Rachel let out a sob and then I heard her suck in her breath. Her body began to shake and she pressed her ass against my face and started to slowly repeat “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” I was a little concerned that she was getting too loud and that Kathy or Bridget would hear us and come to investigate, finding two naked people outside their back door, one with his tongue deep inside the other’s butt, but Rachel seemed lost as her orgasm claimed her and I was so turned on that I didn’t care if she was heard or not.

Rachel finally collapsed and rolled over on her side moaning. One of her hands drifted down to her clit and I could bakırköy escort see her twitch each time she touched it.

I sat back impressed with myself, I mean, I knew I was good but this was something surreal. My face was coated with her juices and my jaw ached but my cock was hard enough to crack stone!

Rachel finally regained her composure enough to sit up. She saw my throbbing member and smiled. “Thanks, that was nice.” she said.


I told her that she was incredible and that watching her cum had been the most amazing sight I had ever seen. I moved to position myself to go to the next obvious stage: to slide into her hot, juicy, tight pussy and give her and me another orgasm the old fashioned way but when I moved towards her she said “No. You can’t fuck me.”

What? Did I just hear that right? My mouth said something intelligent like “Uh…ummm…what?”

“No. you’ve been bad.” she said

“Bad?” I repeated, confused.

“Yes, bad.” she said “Did I give you permission to lick me down there? To put your tongue in my pussy and then inside my anus?”

Stunned, I sat back. “No,” I replied, “you didn’t but…”

“No buts! I said ‘Crawl’ not ‘lick’ or ‘eat’ or ‘rim’. You need to be punished.” Rachel was getting louder and the thought of being caught no longer had it’s appeal. But my mind was still reeling. She had cum, hard!

Still with the one word responses I said “Punished?”

“Yes.” Rachel growled, “Punished.”

“How?” I asked.

Stand against the wall, by the door, turn on the stairway light and then jerk yourself off until you cum,”

Still with the monosyllabic responses, “Um, but…”

“I said ‘No buts! And I mean it. If you ever hope to put you dick into any of my holes or to feel my tongue licking you down there, you need to get up there and start stroking! Now!” Rachel’s balgat escort voice kept rising and if she got any louder I new she would wake Kathy and Bridget and I didn’t want that to happen so I got up and did as she commanded.

I turned on the light and the whole stairway was bathed in bright light. I looked at the windows to the back yard and decided that if I squatted a little that no one could see what I was doing. I started to jerk off and I closed my eyes to better remember the way Rachel had looked on the stairs and then as I was getting into it Rachel told me to stand up straight, crap!

Well, I thought, I’m close, it’s late. Who’s going to see? So I stood up and started stroking faster. I opened my eyes and Rachel had moved to a kneeling position just in front of me. My cock was at her eye level. She just stared at it and watched me stroke. When I was getting really close she could obviously tell because she started to say things like “That’s it stroke that dick. Make it cum for me. Jerk it harder. Faster. I want to see it shoot. I hope it’s a lot. Let me see all those swimmers! ”

It was more than I could stand and I grunted and she leaned back, presenting her beautiful face and chest as a target. My balls tightened and then I threw my head back and spewed my cum all over Rachel’s face and her tiny titties. I had already cum twice tonight and here was my third load bigger than the other two combined! I finished coating Rachel and my cock and balls ached!

Rachel stayed kneeling for a few more seconds then got up. She smiled at me and asked if I would behave, now. I smiled and promised that I would. She reached up and grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me down to kiss her sperm covered face. She kissed me deep and really thrust her tongue into my mouth. Then she snaked one of her legs around me and pulled her cum coated body against me. I returned her kiss and embrace, crushing her to me.

Finally, she pulled away and playfully said “You’re much more fun than Jim. Hope he gets over losing me to you.” She kissed me again and continued “I can’t wait to try out all those thing on you that Jim was to uptight to do!”

I could only shake my head in wonder and imagine the things that she would have me do.

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