Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 02

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This is a fictional account with everyone over eighteen.

The next day, I pretty much hung around the house, but I kept looking out the window trying to see Anna or Penny when she got home or Penny came over. I don’t know why, or what I even would have said, but I knew I wanted to see Anna again to thank her.

At school Monday, I ran into Pete and Zach. They were still calling my party the best ever. I learned more details about how Penny’s pink panties looked and how she had pressed her tits against Zach’s arm once. Pete claimed that at one point her face was so close to his crotch he thought he would pop a boner in her face. They were so excited, it was infectious, and we laughed a lot about it.

It was all fun until Pete said Joshua told them that I was in the back room with Anna for a while. I’m sure they noticed my surprised look at first until I managed to formulate my response. I had always told these guys most everything but this was different. Anna had made me promise to be silent, and that was a trust I couldn’t break, even as hard as it was. It would have been so fantastic to brag to these guys about Anna’s blowjob birthday gift. They would have been so jealous, still waiting for their first time getting head.

“I told that idiot, Joshua, it was nothing,” I vehemently claimed, hoping my forceful response would deaden their curiosity.

“We were just talking about old times,” I added, pushing for believability.

“That’s it?” Zach asked as the saving bell rang.

“Yep,” I replied and walked away to class.

About midday, I went to my locker as usual to get the afternoon’s books. I was just closing my locker when Anna appeared at my side. It was not usual at all to see her during the day at school. I was excited to see her but still nervous around her.

“Yeah, you,” she said.


“Enjoy your birthday party?” Anna asked with a little grin.

“You know I did.”

“I hope you don’t think badly of me for my special birthday gift to you?”

“No way,” I assured.

“Good. I wouldn’t want you thinking slutty thoughts of me or anything.”



“Hey, Penny had fun with your friends.”

“They had a great time with her,” I agreed.

“With school ending Wednesday, maybe we can all get together before graduation,” Anna said.

“That’d be great.”

As the bell rang, Anna said, “Okay…see ya soon.”


I had to run to class and was still late. The teacher gave me a dirty look, but since school was all but over, he didn’t say anything. No point in scolding a graduating senior three days before the end of school.

Nothing much happened the next two days, but on the last day of school, I found myself again trailing Anna’s mother’s Regal as Anna drove Penny and her home. Like déjà vie, I parked just as they were exiting their car.

“Hey, Davey,” Penny said with more enthusiasm than I remembered ever before.

“Hi, Penny,” I responded trying to match her upbeat attitude. “Anna.”

“Hi, David. What’s up?”

“Nothing, I’m just glad to be finally out.”

“Me too,” Anna replied. Penny did do.

“Hey, David, Penny and I were going into the garage to listen to some music. Care to join us?” Anna asked.

“That would be cool,” I answered.

I would have agreed to eating spiders or wallowing in mud just to be close to Anna. Their garage had a second floor which Anna’s dad had converted into a sort of playroom for when Anna was little. We had played house and other things up there numerous times. Lately though, Anna had changed the place into a sort of teens getaway complete with TV, stereo, and even an old refrigerator with drinks. I had seen Penny and Anna disappear up there many a day and heard the music as well. I even saw them take a few of the jock boys from school up there.

I left my book bag in the car and followed Anna and Penny into the side door of the garage. The garage was empty, indicating at least her father was still at work. Anna’s mom could have been inside though. The steps were right inside the door and we ascended them to the upper floor. I hadn’t been in the upper garage for a few years and was impressed with what Anna and her older sister had done with the place. Posters of rock groups adorned the walls. The place was carpeted and old, but comfortable looking sofas surrounded the TV and stereo systems.

Penny plopped on one sofa as if she owned the place. I immediate got the impression that this was their hangout when they wanted to get away. Anna turned on the stereo to a rock channel and went to the refrigerator. I was a little surprised when she pulled out three beers. She handed one to Penny and then to me. She must have noticed the somewhat surprised look on my face.

“What’s up, David? We occasionally steal my dad’s beer,” Anna stated with a grin.

“Yeah, lighten up, Davey,” Penny intoned. “It’s time to celebrate.”

I had to agree with that, so I popped the top, and took a drink. I’d had beer plenty times before, so it wasn’t that big a deal. Penny and Anna did too and we each took a seat. Penny Maltepe Escort was sprawled out on one couch so Anna and I sat on the other. I followed Anna’ lead and put my feet up on the old coffee table.

“Damn, those are some monstrous feet,” Penny said jokingly.

“Hey, I’m just big. I can’t help…”

“Big all over, huh,” Penny added.

“Penny,” Anna exclaimed.

“You told her?” I questioned Anna.

“Don’t be mad. I tell her everything,” Anna said.

“Yeah, but you swore me to secrecy.”

“I know. I’m sorry. But remember, you wanted me to thank her for you, right?”

“Oh, yeah…that’s true.”

“See, Davey. I’m the reason you’re such a lucky guy,” Penny claimed.

“Yes, I guess I have you to…”

“You don’t have to thank her for anything,” Anna interrupted and stated. “She only dared me into it. Don’t give her too much credit. After all, it was me doing it.”

“Still, I had to encourage you,” Penny proclaimed.

“Yeah…okay,” Anna declared.

“Well, thanks to everyone,” I said and had to shift a little as my pants were suddenly tight in the groin.

I drank a few good swigs of my beer and tried to change the subject, or I was sure I’d be sporting an erection in no time. Thinking fast, I asked about their graduation plans. They filled me in on the parties they planned to attend and the other girls and a few guys they were planning to hang with at the ceremony. I was just beginning to forget about the previous conversation when Penny chimed in.

“So, big stud…what’re your plans?”

“Just going with the guys.”

“Hey, did your friends have fun at your party?” Penny asked.


“I’m sure they liked playing Twister,” Penny said with a laugh.

“They did at that.”

“You give them a good show?” Anna asked, sort of knowingly.

“I think so,” Penny replied. “They say anything, Davey?”

“Yeah, they enjoyed it.”

“That’s all?”

“They think you’re hot.”


Anna said jovially, “Of course, they liked the show, Penny.”

“Just checking,” Penny responded with a huge smirk.

“Another beer?” Ann asked.

“I’m ready,” Penny said. “Give Davey another too.”

After Anna passed out three more beers, we settled back down to listen to the music. We all talked mostly about the end of high school, college, and the pending graduation. I remembered something my mom told me that morning.

“Hey, Anna, my mom says you both should go down to the park district tomorrow morning. They still might be able to squeeze you both into summer jobs. She talked to the day camp leader and he felt he could use two more workers.”

“Oh, David, that’s great, thanks,” Anna exclaimed. She shifted on the couch to kiss his cheek.

“Nice!” Penny agreed. “Thanks, Davey.”

“No problem.”

“What time should we get there?” Anna asked.

“I think if you got there around nine that would be good.”

“Okay…I guess we can’t party too much tonight then,” Anna stated, looking at Penny.

“Well, we can still party some. We just need to get to bed by midnight,” Penny claimed. “Why don’t you call you friends, Davey, to come over here? Can they get more beer?”

“Zach might be able to.”

“Penny, Kurt and Ryan wanted to get together tonight,” Anna reminded her.

I had seen Penny and Anna with Kurt and Ryan after school and at sporting events before. Both were football players and very popular in school. I was sure that Penny would want to get together with them more than stay here with my friends.

“Oh, that’s right.” Penny remembered aloud.

“We don’t have to, though,” Anna explained.

“Let’s just stay here if we have to be up early,” Penny proposed.

“Yeah, call your friends, David,” Anna agreed. “We should get some pizzas too.”

“I’ll ask them to get some,” I suggested.

“We better go inside and tell my mom we’ll be out here,” Anna said, mostly to Penny, because she beckoned her to come along with a directional nod of her head.

“We’ll be right back, Davey,” Penny said.

“Help yourself to beer and here’s the remote for the TV,” Anna offered. “We’ll only be a few minutes.”

After they left, I called the guys. Warren was going to dinner with his parents and couldn’t get out of it. Joshua had plans too but would break them. Pete and Zach were at his house and were just planning on calling me anyway. They were all for partying with Anna and Penny again. Zach wanted to know if Twister was on the agenda.

“I don’t know, just get some more beer and pizzas and get over here,” I told them.

“You’re drinking with those chicks now?” Pete asked.

“Yeah, but they went inside the house to tell Anna’s mom we’ll be out here.”

“Cool, we’ll be right there,” Pete said.

I was beginning to worry that Anna’s mom had refused to let them party out here, or that Anna and Penny had changed their minds about meeting Kurt and Ryan. I had helped myself to a third beer and even ran home to take a piss and tell my mom where I was. I was back in Anna’s garage within five Anadolu Yakası Escort minutes not wanting them to think I’d just left or something. I grabbed the Twister game just in case. It was a good half hour and I was nearly finished with my beer when they reappeared. They had changed and both now wore their familiar pigtails. The tank tops they had on now hugged their bodies emphasizing their breasts. Their skirts were also shorter than the school allowed.

“Hey, we’re back,” Penny stated.

“I see you ran home too. Brought Twister did you?” Anna said noticing the box.

“I had to hit the bathroom,” I said.

“Mostly, the guys usually just go behind the garage,” Penny informed. “We’ve been known to as well.”

“Penny, shh,” Anna said. “Did you get the guys, David?”

“Yeah, everyone but Warren’s coming. They’re trying to get beer too and pizzas.”

“Cool,” Penny approved.

We all took another beer and I was beginning to feel the effects. I had turned the TV on to Seinfeld and we watched a rerun. We each finished one more beer before the guys arrived. I was feeling good and about to take Penny’s suggestion and go behind the garage to pee. She popped up before me, though, and announced she was going to pee. As soon as she descended the steps, Anna moved over a little closer to me on the couch.

“It’s fun to party with you again,” Anna stated, sitting sideways on the couch.

She looked fantastic and I felt my dick stir. Her nipples were causing tiny bulges in her tank top and her skirt was riding high on her smooth white legs. I tried not to look down and concentrate on her face but it took unbelievable control.

“You too,” I managed to mumble.

Anna broke her gaze into my eyes and looked down at my groin for only a second. I was just beginning to feel self-conscious when I felt her hand rest on my shoulder and the back of the couch. She was back looking at me like a beautiful goddess.

“You know,” she said. “I’m a little embarrassed that I’ve kissed one part of you before I’d even kissed your lips.”

“Ha…well…You did when you were leaving…” I muttered again.

Anna cut me short from talked by leaning forward and giving me a kiss. It was a soft but wet kiss and her lips tasted like strawberries. I could feel part of her lipstick now on my lips. She broke the kiss and sat back. My cock pulsed with life in my pants.

“Nice,” Anna claimed.

“Yes,” was my feeble reply.

We could here Penny coming up the stairs talking to the guys. Anna shifted back a little.

“Later,” was all she whispered.

Zach had managed to steal a twelve pack from the basement refrigerator in his house. He hoped his father wouldn’t miss it. His parents always kept plenty of beer, wine, and other booze around. They were quite the partiers. There was many a day over there, I’d seen them drinking with friends. Also, at summer picnics and barbeques I’d gone to at Zach’s. Pete carried two large pizzas, one sausage and one pepperoni. I gave him ten dollars and helped the girls hand out paper plates. We ate pizza and drank beers while the pizza was still hot. Both Zach and Pete gave me approving looks at the way the girls looked.

We listened to music and talked after eating. I was beginning to feel no pain with my sixth beer. I couldn’t remember if Anna and Penny were on their fourth or fifth but both seemed to be handling it just fine. My bladder was screaming for relief since I forgot to go after the kiss with Anna and everyone arriving. Anna was sitting beside me now to make more room on the couch and I whispered to her I’d be right back.

I left down the stairs heading to the back of the garage. I had been behind Anna’s garage countless times before but never to pee. Her father had built a shed back there for storing things. Between the shed and the neighbor’s fence, you would be out of sight from any of the houses. Her father had some firewood back there that also provided a place to stand behind for privacy from another coming around the garage. The relief was fantastic as I got rid of some old beer. I was only partly done when Anna startled me by coming around the corner.

“God, I got to go too,” she said and kept walking towards me.

“Anna, shit,” I said, trying to stop and put myself away.

“Oh, don’t worry on my account. After all, I’ve seen you before remember.”

“Yeah, but…”

“Can I watch you go?”

“Ah…I guess so,” I said.

She stood beside me as I started going again.

“Can I hold it?”

“I guess.”

Anna took over holding my dick as I shot pee onto the last piece of firewood. I felt my cock wanting to get hard but not before it finished its business. Anna aimed me around jokingly and made me piss on the fence.

“Wow…you guys are so lucky you can shoot it away from you,” Anna said chuckling.

I finished and she helped me put it back inside my pants despite the fact it was starting to swell.

“Such a beautiful big dick,” Anna said. “You want to stand over there now?”

“Okay,” I said, walking to the edge of the İstanbul Escort garage again. I stole a glance back to see Anna squatting behind the firewood.

I called back, “Hey, how come I don’t get to watch you.”

“You want to?” Anna asked.


“You sure?”


“Maybe next time,” Anna said, already standing up and from her movements pulling her panties up.

Anna smiled at me as she walked by. She grabbed my crotch as she went.

“Maybe I’ll do something else for you soon, big boy,” Anna declared with a wicked smile.

I trailed her into the garage and to the steps. She hesitated before going up.

“Stay close behind me,” Anna said with a big smile.

I did and realized why as we ascended the steps. If I’d been even one step further behind I could have looked up her skirt.

As we reached the top of the steps, the others were already playing Twister. I may not have been able to see Anna’s panties but Penny’s were clearly visible as my head rose above the second floor. They were sky blue this time. She was stretching to reach a color with her hand and her legs were nearly doing a split. The other guys probably couldn’t see as they were arrayed above her in their own precarious positions. Joshua was sitting on the other side with the spinner again. He couldn’t see from there either. As I reached the upper floor, I wasn’t able to see under Penny’s skirt any more. Anna turned and looked back at me.

“You noticed, huh?”


“Me too! Well, I guess you got your panty shot after all,” Anna mused.

“Looks like it,” I said smiling back.

Anna and I took our spots on the couch again and watched the end of the Twister game. Penny won but not before she had her tit pressed firmly against the side of Zach face. He teased her by rubbing his face back and forth. Penny was a good sport and laughed along. I did notice her nipples were suddenly a lot more noticeable through her tank top though. Zach, Pete, and Penny tried to get Anna, Josh, and I to play the next round but we declined. They pressed me most.

“I’m way too big for that game anymore,” I said.

“Oh, come on,” Penny encouraged. “You probably have an advantage.”

“Hardly,” I claimed. “It’s not easy for me to squeeze this body into tight spaces.”

Penny and the others gave up the protest and we settled into drinking beer and talking. I slowed down a little, not wanting to get too drunk. I noticed Anna was sipping her beer too. We watched some TV, and as it got dark outside, we found a good movie. Anna was close to me on one sofa with Joshua on her other side but further away. Penny was between Pete and Zach on the other couch. She sat sideways on the couch with her shoulder against Pete’s and one leg up on the couch. Her skirt rode high on her thigh. If she were to lift her leg still on the floor, Zach would have a direct look between her legs.

After the movie ended, we decided to put on some music. Penny insisted we get the party going more since we were supposed to be celebrating high school being over. As soon as the tunes started, she pulled Zach and Pete off the couch to dance. They encouraged us to join them but Anna said she had to pee. I watched as she walked to the stairs and down. Just before her head dropped below the floor, I could have sworn she nodded her head for me to follow. I did.

As I rounded the back of the garage, I could hear the light splash of water against the ground. The minimal light that wrapped around the garage from the back porch of the house, along with a bit of moonlight, did little to improve visibility. I cursed the darkness as I tried to see.

“Anna,” I called, nearing the spot earlier where we had both peed.

“Here,” she said.

As I rounded the firewood, I could see her rise from a squat and pulling her panties back up. Her skirt was up on her long white legs. She smiled as I reached her. Her skirt was just dropping back down.

“You have to go?”

“I could,” I said.

“Come here,” Anna replied.

I walked to her and was a little shocked when she reached for my zipper. My cock stirred in my pants as I watched her pull my zipper down. Her hand deftly worked into the opening and produced my cock from the slit of my boxers before it could even get too hard. It was firming fast though. Anna pulled me by my growing appendage.

“Shoot it here,” she announced, pointing me at the back of the shed.

She still held me, and my cock couldn’t seem to make up its mind if it wanted to get hard or pee. Fortunately, the pressure in my bladder helped and a steady stream finally shot from the end. Anna seemed to enjoy holding it and aiming me. She moved me like a spraying hose back and forth to paint the back of the shed on one corner. She shook my dick when I was done as if she knew how. Anna then surprised me by taking her panties off. She held onto my shoulder as she stepped from them. My cock got instantly hard as my mind tossed around the possibilities.

Seeing my erection, Anna said, “Wow…someone’s ready to go. Hold still.”

I watched transfixed as she draped the end of her panties over the head of my cock. Her fist curled over the panty covered cock as she moved it around. I was curious what she was doing despite the naughtiness of it. It finally dawned on me; she might be drying me off. It didn’t matter. Nothing did, it felt great.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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