Cream Ch. 11: Final


Griffin lay naked on the floor in a small room in Basement Two in his father’s warehouse; the only thing covering his body was Cream, rubbed all over him. The lights were dim, though Griff saw bright, flashing colourful lights and walls that seemed to be moving in waves.

“Don’t worry, Griff,” Manny said as he pointed his smartphone, set to camera, at his brother’s bare ass. “Kim’s coming soon. She wants to have sex with you, though she wants to reverse roles with with you, for a change.”

Michael walked into the room. His eyes almost popped out of his head to see–in his opinion–the beautiful naked body of Griff for the first time. He stared at Griff in a lustful daze for a moment, then said, “Manny, I thought I heard groans from another room down the hall. A lot of people…and the door is padlocked shut.”

“Don’t worry about that, Michael,” Manny said, now including Michael in his video recording. “There’s Griff, all horny and waiting for you, as I promised.”

“Yeah,” Michael sighed, getting behind Griffin’s ass and starting to unzip his pants. “Hi, Griff. You ready for love?”

“Yes, Kim,” Griff moaned, looking back at Michael and imagining he was seeing her.

“Kim?” Michael said with a sneer. “You mean that girl you were with, in her house in St. Catharines, don’t you?” He put his hands on Griffin’s back, trembling with excitement and anticipation; but he recoiled as soon as he felt a familiar sensation–Cream, and the erotic charge it gives one when the skin makes contact with it. “Manny! He has Cream on him…all over him! You said you wouldn’t put it on him, that he really wanted sex with me.”

“Well, he was a little harder to talk into having sex with you than I originally thought he’d be,” Manny confessed. “What do you care? Fuck him. Enjoy yourself.”

“Not if I don’t have his consent,” Michael said, getting up and zipping up his pants. “I like Griff, but I ain’t raping him.”

“Oh, come on, you fag,” Manny snorted. “Fuck him.”

“Why d’you want me to do that?”

“To humiliate him, of course. He stole from me, and betrayed me. I want revenge.”

“Gay sex isn’t supposed to be humiliating, Manny. And I ain’t into S and M-style dominance and submission.”

“I let you do me while I was on Cream, didn’t I? I didn’t care about humiliation.”

“Yeah, but you consented. Griff’s groaning kinda sounds like those voices I heard back there. They sound mostly like girls. I bet they’ve all got Cream on ’em, like the girls you said you wanted to use Cream on the day I fucked you. And all those missing pretty girls we keep hearing about in the news: I’ll bet those girls locked up in there are the missing ones.”

“Yeah, what of it?” Manny asked.

“Manny, you’re evil. Your whole Cream business is evil. I’ve gotta stop you.” Michael bent over to pick up Griffin. “C’mon, Griff. I’m gettin’ you outta here.”

“What makes you think I’m gonna let you take him out of here, Michael? He’s my property.”

“That’s funny. I thought he was your brother.”

“Don’t make me stop you, Michael. You won’t like the way I do that.”

“Manny, just ’cause I’m gay don’t mean I can’t beat your skinny ass in a fight. Now, get outta my way. I’m getting the police.”

“I’ve paid off the cops and the politicians, Michael,” Manny said as he put his hand in his jacket pocket, surreptitiously screwing a cap off a jar of Cream, a sizzling, bubbling variation of it.

“I’ll find some cops that aren’t corrupt, then.” Michael was dragging Griff over to the door. Manny was standing in the way. “What are you gonna do, Manny? Rub that shit on me and make me horny enough to rape Griff? Ain’t happening.”

“Oh, I won’t RUB it on you,” Manny said, pointing the exposed top of the jar up at Michael’s face. “I don’t dare touch this stuff. I’m just gonna use it on you like I did on my siblings, many years ago.”


Manny closed his eyes and scrunched up his face, as if he were in a state of rage and agony. The acidic Cream flew out of the jar and hit Michael in the face, quickly burning it off and eating into his brain. It ate its way down and disintegrated his vocal chords, too. It all happened so fast, Michael didn’t even have time to scream.

As Michael fell to the floor shaking and dying, so did Manny fall, his body contorting in an empathic sharing of Michael’s agony. Griff also fell onto the floor, on all fours, but luckily didn’t feel a drop of that Cream touch his skin.

Michael’s corpse lay there with a crater carved deep into his skull, leaving it like a bowl where a face had once been. His whole brain had disintegrated, as had the front of his skull; only the back of his skull was still there, the back interior of it visible.

Manny was gasping and writhing in pain, but he slowly calmed down as the torturous empathy subsided. He staggered as he got up, his heart rate and his breathing slowing down.

“I just remembered…the reason I…never use…those powers, unless I…absolutely need them,” he gasped, grabbing Griff by the arms. “C’mon, görükle escort bayan Griff, into the Cage Room with you. I’ll just have to demo you on some other fag. I knew that nigger queer wouldn’t go for you all Creamed up. Oh, well.” They left the room and went down the hall.

He unlocked the door to the Cage Room, where all that groaning was that Michael had heard before. He opened a small, empty cage, one like all the others, about fifty in all, though all the others had naked ‘Commodities’ in them, mostly women. He put Griffin in the empty cage, keeping his hand over his face the whole time, and left.

The cages were so small that Griffin and the others couldn’t move any more than just a bit of fidgeting. They were locked up like pigs in modern farms. Without toilets, they had to piss and shit right there, and squirm about with their bodies soiled in their own filth.

Whenever Manny demoed them, he had them quickly showered with Creamy soap first, of course, in a showering area at the right side of the room, immediately to the side of the cages. Though the Cream would keep the ‘Commodities’ immune from disease, the stink was unbearable. The room was also pitch black.

The others used their Cream-given powers to communicate with Griff. All together, they could combine their powers to speed up his coming down from the Cream high. Within a minute, his head was no longer swimming.

“Where am I?” he moaned. “What’s that smell? Oh!”

Don’t worry, the others communicated to him with their minds; we’ll all get out of here soon enough. Be patient. The time to strike hasn’t arrived yet, but it will…later tonight. Kim has a plan: she will rescue us all. She’s upstairs with eleven other female demos. We’ll kill Manny and all his business associates and clients in one fell swoop. Then we’ll be free.


Above them, in Basement One, was a big, spacious room with rows of benches set up surrounding a large centre area where twelve nude, Creamed young women were, including Kim, Roxy, Xiao Wei, Svetlana, and Peggy. Peaking on Cream, they were kissing and caressing each other while sitting on the floor.

An audience of dozens of men were coming into the room from the stairs or the elevators. Manny greeted the men coming out of the elevators, giving each a booklet introducing Cream and gesturing to the benches to sit, as were Ron and the Toronto mayor at the doors by the stairs. Security men ushered the men to the benches.

Officer Cole would have been there, too, but he was called to do police work at the last minute, just after having given Roxy to Manny for the demo.

The men all sat on the benches, salivating at the lesbian spectacle in the centre. So much naked beauty appreciating each other! Manny went into the centre with a microphone to address them.

“Good evening, gentlemen,” he said with a grin. “Welcome to our demonstration; I’m glad you could all make it.” Then he looked down at the kissing women. “Oh, and speaking of ‘making it,…'”

All the men laughed.

“These beautiful ladies are all covered in Cream,” he continued, holding up a jar of it for everyone to see. “If you rub this on the skin of anyone, woman or man, depending on your preference, it will make them instantly sexually aroused, and willing to let you have your way with them. I guarantee it: just look at these ladies and see for yourselves.”

The women were now moving their lips from their lovers’ lips either to their lover’s nipples or to their labia. The collective moaning was getting louder. They were two interconnected circles of lovers, almost in a figure eight. They were like a human centipede, only not necessarily joined anus to mouth.

“I rather doubt that all, or even any, of these girls have ever had a taste for lesbianism,” Manny said, walking around the orgy. “These aren’t pornographic actresses, either, though they’re beautiful enough to be, aren’t they? The only reason they’re licking each other is because Cream makes them want to. It will make them want to make love with you, too, regardless of your looks, age, weight, personality, race, or any other thing that normally might make you unattractive to them.”

Kim was sucking on Roxy’s right tit, pulling on the nipple, while Roxy was licking Svetlana’s pussy, flickering her tongue against the vaginal opening. Svetlana was fingering Xiao Wei’s vagina, sliding her finger deep inside, while tonguing Peggy’s anus, the tip of her tongue getting to know every brown wrinkle. Peggy was sucking on the hard clitoris of the girl eating out Kim.

“Mmm,” Kim moaned as she felt that girl’s tongue sliding inside her wet cunt, tickling her G-spot. She sucked harder on Roxy’s tit. The other six women were on all fours with their asses in front of the faces of those behind them, either eating pussy or ass, making up the other half of the figure eight.

The first of those other six women, an Asian that Xiao Wei was sucking the tit of, was licking the pussy of a black woman, who was licking bursa otele gelen escort the asshole of the third of that group, a petite redhead. She was taking long licks from the vaginal opening, to the perineum, and finally to the anus of, the fourth woman of that group, a full-figured, big-breasted blonde. She was kissing the asshole of a First Nations woman, who was fingering the asshole of a petite blonde, the sixth in that group, who, in turn, was licking the pussy of the second Asian.

They’re all peaking on Cream right now, Manny thought. They’re way too stoned to be able to use those mental powers against me. They won’t come down from their high for another five or six hours at least. I should be safe. I’d psychically monitor their thoughts, just to be sure, but to do so, I’d have to allow empathic feelings to dominate my mind, and that would make me want to put a stop to my business. Then, goodbye, fortune. Fuck! I hate the contradictions of Cream! It’s a dialectic that dicks with my head!

Physical contact among the girls helped them to channel their power. They were able, with each kiss, lick, suck, or nibble, to communicate their plan mentally, without Manny ever suspecting a thing.

We can use this power to come down from the Cream high, and come down much faster than normally, Kim psychically told the other women as she was fondling Roxy’s breasts and kissing her on the neck. Let’s all focus together, thinking this thought: SOBRIETY.

Yes, Roxy thought. We should be able to come out of it in about ten minutes. Her tongue was deep in Svetlana’s wet cunt, flickering and exciting her G-spot. She also slid a finger inside Svetlana’s asshole, probing deep inside her rectum. Svetlana was sighing up high and loud.

Manny won’t sense our plotting? Xiao Wei wondered while still sucking the other Asian woman’s small but firm breast, making her sigh softly and stroke Xiao Wei’s hair.

Not at all, Kim mentally reassured Xiao Wei; he doesn’t dare use his power to link up his thoughts with ours; doing so would inspire pity for us in him, and he hates compassion too much. Kim was kissing a trail of pecks from Roxy’s chest down to her clit.

All the women felt their blurry vision focus more. The brightness of the light wasn’t so flashy or colourful now. The walls were becoming more and more still.

I’m coming out of it now, Peggy thought; It’s working! Her lips were tugging gently on the left labium of the girl who was still licking Kim’s twat, giving long licks from her perineum to her clitoris.

My mind is clearer, too! Svetlana thought, her finger now in Peggy’s anus and her tongue lapping Xiao Wei’s vulva.

Mine is clearer, too, thought the other black woman, who was now French kissing and fingering the anus of the redhead; when do we get our revenge?

Soon, Kim thought; but not just yet. Keep giving the boys a good show. Keep them all distracted. That way, when we strike, they’ll be caught all the more off guard. She was sucking on Roxy’s hard clit and sliding two fingers deep inside her dripping cunt.

I don’t want to wait much longer, thought the busty blonde, who was fingering the clit and sucking the tiny right breast of the First Nations woman; what about all our friends downstairs, trapped in those filthy cages and smelling each other’s shit? We’ve gotta free them.

We will, and soon, Kim mentally told the busty blonde; nobody’s more worried about them than I am, especially for Griff, my poor boy. Kim was licking Roxy’s asshole now, her fingers still going all the way in and out of Roxy’s pussy.

“Look at those bitches go, eh, guys?” Manny said. The men were cheering. “Judging by their squealing and screaming, I’d say they’re about to release a ‘cream’ of their own!”

Indeed, the women were fast approaching orgasm, as were they nearing total lucidity. The fingering, licking, and sucking were all getting faster and more frantic now. Their bodies were shaking with pleasure, their tits wiggling and jiggling.

They began screaming out loud, echoed by the men’s cheers and clapping; and each woman came within five seconds or so of another. The redhead and the petite blonde, like Kim, ejaculated when they came, so three pretty puddles of come were made on the floor. After a minute of squeals and shaking bodies, all the women had come.

“Wasn’t that a great show, guys?” Ron asked into his microphone. He was answered with a loud, collective cheer from the audience, who were giving the girls a standing ovation.

“Now, in case any of you are still skeptical, you might want to volunteer and come to the centre,” the mayor said into his microphone. “Who wants to join in on a grand gangbang of all these lovely ladies?”

All the men in the audience, save a few shy ones, raised their hands high, screaming their eagerness to fuck one of those girls. Manny, Ron, and the mayor had their security men restrain the audience while twenty-four lucky men were chosen by Manny to come forward.

Those men approached bursa escort bayan the panting women, already unzipping their pants and choosing their favourites. The men thought the women’s smiles were from anticipating another fuck. More fool them…

“Remember, guys,” Manny warned. “Be gentle with the girls. If you hurt them, the effects of Cream will wear off, and we’ll have to have Security take you away. We don’t want that, now, do we?”

And we don’t want you apes touching us, Kim thought; too many men have known me too well.

The time is now, girls, Roxy mentally told them.

You remember the plan, Xiao Wei thought; Now!

Jars of Cream flew from out of the boxes, by the girls’ psychic command, and smashed into the faces of Ron, the mayor, and all the Security men, blinding and Creaming them. They all fell to the floor, fidgeting in their high. Cream made their faces heal soon enough, but the high kept them disoriented.

“What the fuck?” Manny said, his head darting from right to left.

That jar of acidic Cream was still in his jacket pocket. The women psychically uncapped it while he was too distracted by the chaos surrounding him; and the Cream flew up into his face, burning a bowl-like crater in his head and destroying his vocal chords, just as it had Michael’s…and his siblings’, too, actually. He was killed off so quickly, he couldn’t even scream…or use his own powers to fight back. He just fell to the ground with a soft thud.

Now all the caged ones below knew their time had come: they used their telekinesis to unlock and open the cages. Then they rushed over to the shower area and quickly washed all the foulness off their bodies. Then they mentally unlocked the padlock to the door of the room and made their way out in single file.

“Free, at last,” Griffin sighed.

“Clean, at last,” a woman next to him said.

They found two staircases leading up to the ground floor and split into groups of two so they could all go up faster. How they went up faster was a thrill in itself.

They were FLYING!

“Amazing,” a man among them said as his feet left the ground. “We can mentally move objects AND ourselves!”

“It’s the alien presence in the Cream,” a busty brunette flying beside him said. “It came to Earth to help us, as we all know from its having told us in our thoughts. First, it found a source of evil–Manny; then, by combining with many other life forms–ours–its power is becoming more and more manifest, through our unified will to fight evil. All together as one, we can potentially do anything!”

“Wonderful,” another woman said when they’d all reached the door outside.

“But we have to stay together, to keep this power,” the brunette said.

Meanwhile, back on Basement One, the twelve women noted several barrels of oil and gasoline lined up against a wall behind the benches. Kim directed the women’s collective psychic power to make the barrels all fall over, hitting the floor with a deafening clanging. Their psychic powers also ripped the lids off the barrels, spilling the oil and gasoline everywhere.

“Oh, shit!” one of the men in the audience shouted as he saw his feet getting soaked in gasoline.

The microphones that Manny, Ron, and the mayor had been using were still turned on, with wires connected to a power source on the wall near the barrels. The women used their mental powers to tear the cords from the power source, causing sizzling sparks of electricity to make contact with the oil and gasoline.

“Fuck me!” another man shouted.

“What are those bitches doing?” another man shouted. “Magic?”

An explosion rocked the room and started a huge fire. Those remaining men were all screaming and panicking, running about and bumping into each other, trying to find an escape that didn’t exist; for the fire quickly spread into a lake that consumed them all.

The women, hovering safely above the lake of fire, were already flying out the doors to the staircase. They went outside and met Griffin and the others. Griff and Kim threw their arms around each other and their tongues entwined in a long, long French-kiss.

“Thank God, you’re safe,” he said to her.

“Of course,” she said. “And this time, I rescued you.”

“Yeah,” he said. “I could feel it–your whole plan for us to escape. You’re a goddess in more ways than one.”

“Well, Mr. Griff Egan-Olmi, in a gift economy, you do something for me, and I do something for you,” she said. “Right?”

“That’s right,” he said. “No money; and now, no Manny.”

“Finally,” she said. “Imagine it. For a change, we’re all free men and women.”

“But as an association of free men and women,” the busty brunette interrupted, “working with the means of producing Cream’s power in common, we must stay together, and free all the others who are being exploited as we were.”

“She’s right, Kim,” Roxy said. “Nobody knows it better than you do, since you’ve had more Cream rubbed on you than we have. You can feel all those men and women, held in other secret places all over Canada and America, places like the warehouse, those ‘Commodities’ all naked and Creamed up, fucking and sucking, so those bastards, like Officer Cole who had me, can make money and rape people. Those other bastards are still out there. You’re the most powerful of us all. We need you to help us rescue all the other victims.”