Creatures Of The Night

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The kayak slipped across the inky-black lake. The only light was from glitter of the stars reflecting off the deadly calm surface of water and the full moon as it made its ascent. The paddle dipped, first left, then right, then dripped…hung briefly in mid-stroke and dipped again, pulling water, stretching muscles. His shoulders rippled like the water in his wake.

Darkness fell around him, enveloping him in its comforting embrace. The sounds of the night—of bullfrogs and crickets—sang a melody with the steady plunge of the paddles.

He loved the night. But he loved the water even more, especially when he was in his kayak and there wasn’t a soul around but the creatures of the night. He paced himself, wanting to rid the day’s stress. Sweat and water dripped from his black hair, tendrils sticking to his forehead. He shook it out of his eyes, and blinked away the perspiration.

Not much longer now and he’d be across the lake, heading toward the bay where he longed for a swim.

Samantha had no idea her bay on the lake would be invaded tonight. She had packed up her camping gear and headed to the island earlier in the day. She was able to take a much-needed vacation and had planned to enjoy the solitude for the entire weekend. Nothing like a midnight skinny-dip to clear the senses.

She had built a fire and tossed on a log before stripping down to nakedness. Her long, brown hair fell past her shoulders. She kicked off her sandals and walked toward the beach. Her muscles ached after paddling from the mainland, but she was athletic and well-toned. Her legs were long and lean, and she had spent the day in the sun, turning her skin to a darker golden tone. The good thing about being secluded on an island, she thought, with a smile…no tan lines.

Sam traipsed across the sand dunes to the water’s edge, feeling free and secure in the nude. She tripped along waterline, jolting skyward when the cold wetness hit her toes, sending goosbumps dancing along her skin.

“Damn, that’s cold!” She shivered, bending at the waist to scoop up water in her palms and lather her arms before diving in.

In a flash, Samantha was under water and after the initial shock, she relaxed, sluiced through the darkness and kicked back above the surface. Gasping, she flipped her hair out of her eyes, and floated to her back. Gliding, she paddled freely, enjoying how the water hugged her skin, and how her nipples puckered intensely.

From five hundred feet out, the man saw the flicker of light from a campfire in the bay. He didn’t expect to have company tonight. Maybe he’d just go in close enough and see how many people were on the island. He hoped there weren’t too many, and even if there were, he’d just head to the other side.

But as he eased closer, he couldn’t see anyone and the only mode of transportation was the loan kayak washed up on the beach. He scanned the area, and listened intently.

He could hear something in the water…

Samantha felt relaxed, refreshed and invigorated from her midnight Malatya Escort dip. She headed toward the beach, easing herself upright when she hit the shallow water.

Her hair hung like ropes of gold in the moonlight, and her bronzed skin tingled in the cool air.

She was beautiful. If only he could swallow the lump that had formed in his throat…the lump in his swimming trunks was another matter entirely. He eased his hands between his legs to calm his erection, but it only made matters worse. His prick stiffened to his touch, watching the erotic mermaid as she walked up on the shore in all of her naked splendor.

In his mind, he couldn’t fantasize this well. What would she think if he joined her on the beach? What would she do if he seduced her? He was awestruck…all he could do was watch.

Samantha stepped into her shorts but left her shirt off. She wrapped her hair in a towel, and strolled over to the fire. Sitting on a nearby blanket, she reached over and turned on a portable radio and the soft country sounds of Tim McGraw sounded out across the bay.

He watched her, his kayak drifting slowly toward the shore, but not so close as to give up his secrecy. She was still topless and he was still hard.

Samantha ran her hands over her breasts, surprised to see her nipples were still rock. Easing herself to a horizontal position on the blanket, she began to caress her stomach, her thighs, and pinch her nipples. She bent her legs, then dropped her knees, slipping her right hand into her shorts, as her other still played with and stroked her breasts.

He watched, fascinated. His cock jerked, straining to get out. He had to stroke himself while he watched her. What would she do next?

Samantha let out a tiny moan, wiggled in her shorts and rolled her erect buds between her thumb and forefinger. Both hands were soon on her mound, as her hips rocked in slow motion. Sliding her shorts down to her thighs, she lifted her long legs into the air and peeled them the rest of the way off. Tossing them aside, she spread her legs wide on the blanket.

He was almost coming in his hand. His cock was dripping pre-cum and he had no idea how close his kayak was to shallow water until he nudged up on a sand bar. He only prayed that she didn’t see him, or hear him for that matter.

She had no idea what was going on around her. Samantha’s moans were drowning out the radio and her sighs were louder and louder. She was so close…

He couldn’t stand it any longer. He had to have her, but at what cost? Easing himself out of the kayak, he tucked his cock back into his trunks and headed toward the woman. He was so close he could see her pussy lips, her clit and how hard and wet it looked. He longed to taste her. He wanted to bury his head in that natural thatch of soft downy hair and stick his tongue so far into her pussy that she would beg for more.

“Oh, my god, I’m going to come,” Samantha moaned loudly, but was momentarily startled when he approached…

“Please, don’t Malatya Escort Bayan stop on my account,” he said, his cock twitched as he dropped to his knees not far from the edge of the blanket.

Embarrassed, Samantha sat up, but was gently pressed back down on the blanket.

“Please, continue,” he told her.

She couldn’t believe her eyes…or her luck for that matter. Where did he come from—this water god, this beautiful dark haired, dark eyed man with tawny skin and hard muscles? No fantasy could be this good, she thought, as she closed her eyes, eased her fingers into her pussy and began slow, circular motions around her hard nub.

She opened one eye, afraid that her water god would disappear, but he was still there, watching her masturbate. She was so hot, so horny, she couldn’t control the spasms as they started in her belly and warned her of the tidal wave to come.

“Oh my god, here it comes…I can’t stop it this time…I’m going to come,” she said, as she rocked on the blanket, jamming her fingers inside her pussy. She squeezed her legs together, pinched her nipple with her free hand as the orgasm overtook her and left her shuttering.

When she opened her eyes, he was still there…still watching. But now, his fully-erect cock was in plain view. He took it in his hand, and began stroking it gently, talking to Samantha, cooing lovingly.

“You are so beautiful,” he told her. “You are just like an island goddess and I had no idea I’d be sharing this island with you tonight…I hope you don’t mind.”

No words were necessary as Samantha crawled over to him and took his hardness in her mouth. Her hands were on his chest, pinching his nipples to hard little buds, caressing his hairy chest, and massaging his stomach muscles.

He moaned his approval as she deep- throated his cock and then taking it with one hand, she caressed him.

“Come on my tits,” she told him. She cupped her ample breasts around his shaft and jerked him off with her mouth.

Then she stopped, eased back and looked up into his eyes.

“I want to watch you make yourself come…like I did,” she purred.

He all but groaned his response as he grasped his cock in his hands and started to pleasure himself. Samantha loved to watch a man jerk off. His slippery shaft glinted in the firelight, his body rigid as the first signs of orgasm played across his face.

“Here it comes,” he said. “I’m coming, oh yeah, watch me come…all over your tits.”

She watched with amazement how his come spurted with such force, hitting her nipples and her tits. She rubbed it into her skin, as he milked the last of it from his cock and balls.

“Incredible,” he said, “you are incredible, beautiful…breathtaking.”

He eased himself down on top of her, taking her mouth in his, kissing her senseless. She tingled from her pussy to her nipples and all points between. His cock rubbed between them, making their stomachs wet and slick. He wanted to be inside her, he wanted to lick her from top Escort Malatya to bottom, and he wanted to fuck her bottom…that sexy little ass of hers, he had to have it…

“I don’t even know your name,” she whispered between breathless kisses.

“Nor I you,” he said, his cock was hard again. He lowered himself on her body and swept her up into his embrace, sliding inside her.

“Oh god, oh fuck, you’re so huge in there…you feel so good inside me. Fuck me hard, come on baby, fuck me,” she coaxed.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him deeper inside her. She was filled with cock, his tongue was on her nipples, biting the sensitive peaks to taut erections.

He pulled out, ever so slowly, until the just the head of his prick was teasing her slit. She begged him to stop teasing her. She couldn’t take it…she needed to come badly, she told him.

“Not so fast,” he smiled in the firelight. God, he was beautiful.

He lowered himself between her legs, raised her hips, grasped her thighs and placed her feet on his shoulders.

Oh man, he was going to eat her pussy. She dropped her head back, dazed. She could hardly breathe.

“You taste so good,” he told her. His tongue danced around her hard little nub, and the quick intake of her breath told him he all he needed to hear. He teased her clit with the flat part of his tongue, then the pointy tip, then the flat part again until she went wild beneath him.

He inserted a finger into her tight, wet pussy, and tongued her love button. She couldn’t stand it, she had to have more of him.

“Please, fuck me with your fingers,” she begged.

He inserted two fingers, then three…and finger fucked her gently, then harder and harder still until she panted for more. She was pleasantly shocked when one of those fingers poked her butt hole.

“Oh god yes, fuck me please…”

He flipped her onto her belly and laid on her back, rubbing his cock head between her ass cheeks.

“Do you want me to fuck your ass?” he asked her, hoping like hell she’d say yes.

“I thought you’d never ask,” she told him, pressing her ass into his belly.

“I think I’ve died and gone to heaven,” he told her.

Gently, he prodded her ass with his wet and slippery cock head, easing it between her cheeks. She relaxed, released a sigh and groaned loudly when his prick eased into her butt.

“Just like that,” she said. “Easy now, just easy…”

He was almost going to come again. That hot wet ass was squeezing his cock like a virgin school girl and another orgasm was building deep in his balls.

Suddenly, like a little slut, she was banging against him, begging him to fuck her ass.

“Oh yes, I love my ass fucked,” she told him. “Fuck me good and hard…yeah, baby, fuck me harder!!”

Nasty, trash talk while he was buried in her tight little ass had him on the brink and in no time he was ready to shoot.

“Come with me girl,” he told her as he drove into her harder and harder. “Come hard girl! Let me feel your ass come all over my dick.”

As they rode the wave to another mutual climax, all that could be heard over the sounds of orgasm were the creatures of the night and the crackle of the fire…all of which were under the full moon and a blanket of stars.

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