Crestwood Motel – Room 119

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I turned off the shower and stood there for a long moment, trying to get myself to calm down. I was nervous and excited, somehow managing to both dread and look forward to what awaited me when I came out from behind the shower curtain, or should I say who was waiting for me.

Mr. Fields. Mr. Roger Field, to be exact, and from what he had told me over the course of the 100 or so miles we had ridden together after he picked me up hitchhiking, he was a 62 year old guy who didn’t usually pick up kids like me, but he said I looked like I was a nice fellow so he took a chance.

A couple of hours later, I was in room 119 of someplace called the Crestwood Motel, which was somewhere in upstate New York. Roger said that he was getting too tired to continue his trip, and told me that, while he understood if I wanted to try to get another ride, I was welcome to spend the night with him and he would take me home the next morning.

“I was hoping you would say that,” Roger said, patting me on the thigh after brushing off my comment that I didn’t have much money or anything like that. “Because I like your company, Jimmy, and I like you a lot. Do you know what I mean?”

I did know what he meant. Roger Field was a nice man, and his grandfatherly ways reminded me of my science teacher Mr. Gordon back at school, and in more ways than one. Not only was Mr. Fields a kind and gentle man with a soothing tone and manner like Mr. Gordon, his touch was similar too.

“I’m glad,” Mr. Field had said after I told him that I liked him too, and it was then that his hand had slid up my thigh and onto my lap. “Oh, that’s nice.”

Mr. Field’s hand had found what he was looking for, and after a few seconds of kneading my cock through my shorts he seemed quite pleased, at both what he had found and what was happening to what he was holding.

“Big fella, aren’t you?” he said as he pulled into the parking lot of the motel. “You ever been with a guy before?”

“Once,” I lied.

“Ever been with a old guy like me?”

“No,” I said. “But you’re not old, Mr. Field.”

“Thanks for being nice. Stay here,” Mr. Field said after reminding me that he was Roger, not Mr. Field. “I’ll be right back.”

As I watched Roger go into the office of the motel, I was struck at how similar this was to my first experience with a man last summer. His name was Walter and he had been a kind older man too, even older than Roger Field.

After that, I had tried to recapture that initial magic with a guy my own age, and while it was enjoyable, it wasn’t the same. For whatever reason I found myself drawn to older men, and that was my when my science teacher Mr. Gordon had offered to tutor me at night to make sure I aced the final exam last month, I readily accepted his offer, as well as everything else that followed.

So when I told Mr. Field that I had been with another man once before, I had under-counted by two, but for an 18 year old I didn’t feel all that promiscuous. As a matter of fact, in addition to feeling chronically horny I felt woefully inexperienced, and as I saw the shower curtain being pulled open I knew both of those things were going to change.

“There you are,” Roger said, smiling as he gestured me to come out of the shower. “Let me help you get dried off.”

Roger had already taken a shower, and had been very immodest in the process, walking around naked in front of me in a casual way. Roger was in good shape for a guy his age, his stomach still tight and probably only packing about 150 gaziantep escort pounds on his 5’9″ frame.

His chest was hairy, and the sight of that silver fur was something that I really liked. It was in stark contrast to my own chest, and pretty much my whole body, which except for the little nest of curls above my dick and the modest wisps of hair under my arms, was virtually barren.

Roger was rubbing the towel under my arms, which I had raised for him, and as he dried me I felt our cocks brush against one another. It wasn’t accidental either, as Roger had moved up close to me so that his long and slender member made contact with my cock.

After he dried my armpits, he leaned forward and licked them, swirling the tiny spray of hairs with his tongue while our cocks kept rubbing together.

“You like that, don’t you Jimmy?” Roger said with a wink, as he felt my dick get hard while it pressed against him.

He kept drying me off, and after he worked the towel around my genitals my cock was standing straight out, and Roger was on his knees in an instant, her hands taking my swollen cock and bringing it to his mouth.

As his lips slid down over the bell-shaped head, Roger’s hands came up and grabbed my ass, his fingers digging into my cheeks while my cock went further into his mouth.

“Damn,” I exclaimed, running my hand through his thinning grey hair as I watched Mr. Field straining to take all 7″ into his mouth, and even though he made a little gagging sound as the tip of my neck scraped his throat, he did it.

Roger’s mouth slid back up to the head of my cock, and as he flicked the tip of my dick with his tongue, he looked at the wet cock and smiled.

“Nothing like a hot young guy with a big cock,” he said before he swallowed my cock again, and even though I wasn’t that great looking or incredibly well-endowed, never argue with a guy who’s deep throating you.

“Mr. Field,” I groaned. “I mean Roger. I’m gonna – can’t…”

My warning didn’t slow Roger down. As a matter of fact when I told him I was going to cum, that only sped him up, and as his hands churned my balls feverishly, I felt myself ejaculating into his mouth. Roger didn’t blink, and seemed to savor the flavor of my seed as I came hard and fast.

“That will take the edge off,” Roger said, and after I reached down and helped him to his feet, he led me out to the motel room.

“I only did this twice before, Mr. Field,” I said as I got onto the bed next to Roger and looked at the long pale tube that hung between his skinny thighs.

“You’ll do fine, Jimmy,” Mr. Field said, who reached down and gave his limp dick a long pull, wiggling it around before offering it to me. “Sorry I don’t have all that much for you to work with. Would you do me a favor though, son?”

“Uh – sure.”

Don’t call me Mr. Field, or even Roger,” he asked. “Would you mind calling me Grandpa?”

“Okay – uh – Grandpa,” I said tentatively, and smiled back at the old fellow.

“That’s my boy, Jimmy,” he said. “Now you said you’ve only been with two other men?”

“Yes, Grandpa,” I said, remembering what he wanted me to call him just in time, and it obviously either pleased or excited him for me to do that.

“Were the other men circumcised?” he asked.

“Yes, Grandpa,” I replied. “I never really saw one like yours before. In person, I mean.”

“Nothing to be afraid of,’ he assured me. “Here, hold my cock.”

I could see the shape of the head of his cock under his foreskin, and when I took hold of the flaccid hose, which was really soft and spongy, the head peeked out a little bit.

“There you go,” he sighed. “Play with it all you want. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, Jimmy. If you’d rather not give me head, I understand.”

I could feel his dick start to get a little firmer as I continued to pull on it, and as I tried to get my nerve up, I looked back up at him.

“Don’t you want me to suck your dick, Grandpa?”

“Yes Jimmy,” Roger beamed, reaching out and putting his hand on my hip. “Grandpa would really love that.”

I took a deep breath and bowed my head, letting my mouth take it the long cone of his glans while I held the foreskin back. His cock was still rubbery, but as my mouth kept sucking on him, that was starting to change, and when I reached down and took his ping-pong ball-sized nuts in my hand and squeezed them, he groaned loud.

“That’s it, Jimmy. Work Grandpa’s balls real good. Rough them up a little bit. Grandpa likes that.”

“Am I doing okay, Grandpa?” I asked, taking my mouth off of his semi-turgid cock and looking up at him for approval.

“You’re doing wonderfully,” he said. “Here, move around a little bit so I can watch you. That’s it. Now look up at Grandpa while you suck on it. That’s it.”

Roger was up on his elbows, smiling as our eyes met, and while I kept sucking on him, his dick got longer and harder.

“Do you know what Grandpa would like to do to you after you get him all nice and hard?”

I didn’t know, but when Roger told me, I was shocked. There I was wondering if I would be able to swallow his cum when he came, and now he was telling me this.

“Didn’t you do that with the other two men?” he asked.

“No,” I said, looking down at the staff I was holding in my fist, that he wanted to put in another orifice of mine.

“Oh my, a virgin,” Roger said. “Grandpa would love to be the first for you. I would be so gentle. Here, swing around and let me taste you.”

Roger had me scoot around so that I was straddling his face, and as I leaned down to go back to sucking on his cock, I felt his hands spreading my ass cheeks apart.

“OH!” I yelped when I felt something wet rubbing around my anal ring, and that was nothing compared to what I felt when what seemed like a snake slither into my anus.

It was impossible to pay attention to what I was doing with Roger’s tongue burrowing deep into me, sending shivers down my spine, and I felt myself being pulled upright so that I was practically sitting on his face.

Whatever he was doing had an effect on me, and soon I was riding his face like it was a saddle. I felt Roger’s hand reach around and grab my cock, which was as hard as blue steel, and as he started milking me he asked me how I liked it.

“Oh, it’s so good, Grandpa,” I squealed. “Keep licking my ass. Think I’m going to cum.”

I looked down at the weathered hand which had my cock in a death grip as Roger pulled on it savagely, and then I saw my cock spurting out all over Roger as my whole body tingled.


It took me several minutes to get Roger hard again, and as I watched his cock get longer and longer I got more and more nervous. Despite Roger’s constant reminders of how much bigger I was than him, in fact I wasn’t, because his cock was plenty long.

“Don’t be afraid, Jimmy,” Roger said as he positioned me on all fours, maneuvering my read end so it was up high, and after I felt him put something gooey on me back there, I felt Roger climbing up against my backside.

“I’m scared, Grandpa,” I said, and that was the truth.

“Grandpa would never hurt you,” Roger said. “You know that, right Jimmy?”


“You ready?”

“Yes,” I said even though I wasn’t. “I’m ready. Put your dick in my ass, Grandpa.”

“Here you go, Jimmy,” he said, and then every slowly I felt his cock enter me.

It hurt, but because he was so slender, it wasn’t as bad as I feared, and even though it felt like he was skewering me with his long prong, I found myself liking it.

“You okay, Jimmy?” Roger asked, leaning over me.

“Yes Grandpa,” I said, feeling his sweat sprinkling my back. “Fuck me in the ass Grandpa. Put your big dick all the way in.”

It didn’t last long enough for me, but Roger said I was so tight and it felt so good that he told me later that he was surprised he lasted five minutes. By the time he came, filling my bowels with his warm seed, I had been able to take all of his cock, savoring the feeling of him fully impaling me as I pushed back against his thrusts.

“I loved it, Grandpa,” was my answer as we eased down to the bedding.


When it came to my turn, I couldn’t do it. I tried it, but I sensed that I was hurting Roger as I tried to get the head of my dick inside of him so I backed off.

Sorry,” I said, and told him that I couldn’t stay hard thinking that I was going to hurt him.

“You’re such a sweet boy, Jimmy,” Roger said.

“You know what you can do, Grandpa?” I said, and when I told him, Roger seemed overjoyed.

“Would I mind?” Roger said. “Are you kidding?”

“I liked it a whole lot when you sucked my dick before, Grandpa,” I said. “Nobody ever sucked it that good before.”

“I could suck this beautiful thing all night,” Roger said just before proceeding to do just that.


Roger took me the rest of the way home the next morning, and before we said goodbye, he gave me his address and phone number and told me that if I ever wanted to get together again, just give him a call.

“Something I want to explain before you go,” Roger said. “It’s about that Grandpa thing last night. I’m sure it seemed weird to you.”

“I dunno,” I said. “I never met either of my grandfathers, so it wasn’t creepy to me that way.”

“I never had children, so obviously I don’t have grandchildren. I did have a grandfather, and when I was your age – actually a bit younger, he would come into my room. You can guess the rest. You could say he made me the man I am today.”

He laughed at that, and I shrugged, not knowing what to say.

“I used to be mad at him for what he did, and while it did screw me up in the head for a time, when I’m honest with myself I have to admit that those were some of the greatest nights of my life,” Roger confessed. “Crazy, huh?”

“I dunno,” I said.

“Well, thanks for humoring an old man,” Roger said. “All my life I wanted to have a young man say that to me, and you seemed – I don’t know – you seemed like an understanding fellow. Good luck to you, son.”

“Thanks, Grandpa,” I said, reaching over and giving him a hug and kiss before getting out of the car. “Uh – I have a winter recess from college in December. If you want I could come up for a couple days.”

“You kidding?” Roger said, smiling at clapping his hands on the steering wheel. “You just gave me a reason to keep ticking.”

“Okay Grandpa,” I said. See you then. Love ya.”

“Love you too, Jimmy,” He said, and I thought I saw him wipe away a tear as he pulled away.


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