Cruising with Sex Ed Pt. 05

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Part 5

All characters depicted are 18 years of age and over. The story describes incest between siblings so if this offends you please don’t continue. It is a work of fiction but is based loosely on real events (the real event did not include incest).

‘Erm…hi Mum’

I’m lost, dazed and confused like a Possum caught in the headlights, I’ve no idea what to do or what’s happening. If it was lighter then Mum would see I’m red like beetroot in a burger.

‘Well that wasn’t what I was had planned I have to say Andy.’

‘What the fuck Mum that was weird!’

‘I’m sorry honey, I shouldn’t have done that…I was just so turned on and horny and…oh I shouldn’t be telling you this shit.’

‘Ok Mum, errrr what now…I mean this is just too weird…’

‘Oh I am sorry Andy; I just get so damn horny and your dad seems more interested in books than he does me. But that’s no excuse Andy and I’m sorry, that won’t happen again.’

‘Ok, I guess it’s alright.’

‘Ermmm Andy…who did you think it was? Oh my God…you thought I was Michelle didn’t you? Oh no! Oh fuck this is terrible!’

‘No Mum! Errr well yes okay I did think it was Michelle, but it’s all good I promise she just… helps me sometimes…but she’s got a date tonight and I’ve got a girlfriend… it’s all good I promise!’

My mum gives me a hug and strokes my hair like I’m still a little kid; ‘Okay let’s move on yes – not a word to anyone okay Andy.’

I agree and go and shower while Mum busies herself getting some cloths porno videolar out for later. In the shower I think about what she said – about Dad not pleasing her – what a shit he is! But what can I do about it? I mean my Mum’s hot – doesn’t look old enough to be my Mum and always keeps trim and fit – why is my Dad not paying her more attention? Maybe I could talk to him – no that’s stupid he won’t want to talk to me. Fuck why is this stuff so complicated.

I wrap the towel around my waist and go back out into our cabin we share and see that Michelle is here too; ‘Oh hi Michelle, ermmmm hi Mum’ I can feel myself turn bright red and can’t help it. Michelle looks me over suspiciously; ‘Hello Bro what’s up with you?’ She can tell something’s weird and it’s not helped by a slight, but noticeable, growth under my towel.

Mum butts in; ‘Oh nothing’s up Michelle we were just talking and stuff’. Michelle collapses on her bunk and smiles; ‘ Okay whatever, I’m going to chill a while’.

I lie down on my bunk to try and relax but Michelle soon leans over and whispers; ‘What the fuck is going on Andy?’

‘Nothing! I mean why would you think anything was going on?’

‘Oh come on Bro, you’ve got an erection and Mum’s all over the place…something is up here!’

‘Just leave it will you Michelle’ I get dressed in my bunk and storm out of the cabin. Jeez this is getting weird.

I felt like being alone so I go to a quiet part of the ship – a little lounge where no porno video izle one seems to go as it has no windows or natural light. I thought there was no-one in there so I sat down and thought about all this stuff, but soon I heard there was someone there, or maybe two people. Yes, two people are hidden in the corner behind a sofa and they were making out! Christ can’t I get away for it anywhere! A girl starts moaning as I get up to leave but just then I heard the guy’s voice saying to keep it quiet – it was my Dad! Surely? I sit down and listen and…well you can imagine what I heard. Eventually they started talking and it was definitely my Dad, he was saying he doesn’t get sex from his frigid wife! The bastard!

I stormed out of there angry as hell and confused with it! What the fuck is wrong with him – why won’t he give Mum some attention? I marched back to our cabin and threw the door open ready to scream at someone.

Only Mum was there and she was just changing into her pretty red dress; she still only had it half way up and her top and waist were naked except for flimsy lace knockers; ‘Andy will you bloody well knock for Christ’s sake.’ Mum was trying to cover herself up.

I don’t really understand what I did next – I was angry, confused, and horny. I slammed the door shut and walked up to my Mum bold as brass and pulled her hands away from her breasts so I could see them. I looked at them, smiled, looked at Mum’s eyes and grasped those breasts in my hands. porno video I then kissed one nipple and ran my hand down her tummy to her knickers and ran two fingers inside.

Mum was shocked and confused. She tried to push me away but then pulled me back and grabbed my bulging crotch. I bit her nipple and my fingers found her wet cunt and slid inside her while she unzipped me and released my massive hard cock; ‘Oh my god its huge!’ was music to my ears and I started finger fucking her just like Michelle has taught me. We were soon naked and in Mum’s bed grasping and clawing at one another – Mum was like an animal she was crazy – and I wasn’t stopping to think! She pulled me on top of her and whimpered into my ear: ‘Fuck me, please fuck me, I need this so much, fuck me hard’.

Hey I’m a horny teenager with a cock more powerful than my brain so yes, I did. I lowered myself onto her and slid my cock inside her wet, moist vagina. I was surprised she was really tight but so wet I slid in easily. Mum wrapped her legs around me and pushed me in with her feet on my buttocks until every single inch of me was deep inside her; ‘Oh fuck yes yes yes that is what I want so much’ she moaned as I started humping her like crazy. She started playing with her clit as I thrust in and out of her wet tight pussy unable to think or see anything.

I fucked that pussy for what seemed like forever building up and building up when – she came! Mum screamed out; ‘ oh my god yes yes yesssssssssssssssss’ and shook all over in one great gorgeous orgasm while I continued pumping until I could feel myself reaching ecstasy. I came in a flood of cum filling her cunt with my semen and collapsed in a heap with my cock inside her; ‘Holy fuck! That was amazing’.

From behind the curtain came Michelle’s voice ‘yes it certainly was!’

Oh shit what now!

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