Cuck Wanted Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: this story involves cuckolding.


After our weekend with Steve, Katie and I had a lot to absorb. Our fantasies had been realized, but we’d also said and done things that we needed to talk about now that we weren’t in the throes of passion.

The Monday evening after that weekend, we sat together on the couch, holding hands. I asked her if she had any questions about what had happened. Katie looked at me with a kind of concerned look on her face. “Well, I don’t quite know how to ask this, but…are you, like…gay?”

“No, baby, definitely not,” I said, truthfully. “I mean…maybe I’m a little…bi, I guess? I dunno…would that be okay if I was?”

“Of course that would be okay, sweetie,” she said, squeezing my hand. “You…you still love me, right?”

I looked her in the eyes. “I love you so much,” I said.

She smiled. “I love you too,” she said. “And…like…you find me attractive?”

“Uh, yeah!” I said with a little laugh. “I would think that much would be clear by now.”

She laughed a little too. “Yeah,” she agreed. “It’s just, when you were…ya know…” She was obviously referring to when I enthusiastically sucked Steve’s dick. “And, I mean, I know I started it, and encouraged it. But I just want to know if it, like, changed anything.”

“I mean, I obviously enjoyed it,” I said, knowing there was no sense in denying it. “But, really, I think it was just part of the whole turn-on of submitting to him and being humiliated by him in front of you.”

“Yeah,” she said, understandingly.

“Was it, like…too weird for you?” I asked her.

“No, sweetie,” she said comfortingly. She laughed a little. “I mean, you saw. I actually got really turned on by it.”

I smiled at her. “Okay, good…but, um…what about when you were saying, like, that you were gonna start cheating on me all the time with whoever you wanted, even when I wasn’t around and stuff?”

“Oh…I’m sorry I said all that,” she said.

“No, no, don’t be sorry,” I said. “I mean, it was really hot when you said it. But, like…is that what you want to do now?”

“No. I mean, I don’t want to do anything you’re not comfortable with,” she said. “I just, ya know, said that in the heat of the moment. I wasn’t thinking really.”

“Yeah, I get it,” I said. “I, uh…I don’t know if I could handle you just, ya know, doing whatever with anybody.”

“Yeah,” she agreed. We sat quietly for a second, thinking. Then Katie asked, “So, like, where do you think we go from here?”

I sighed. “I mean…this weekend was…incredible,” I said. She smiled and nodded. “So I definitely want to…keep exploring.”

Katie nodded, smiling. “With Steve?”

“Yes, with Steve,” I said, laughing a little at the eagerness in her voice. She laughed too. “And, ya know…maybe with other guys too…”

She raised her eyebrows. “Really? Like who?”

“I dunno,” I said. “It still feels too weird to try doing it with any of our friends, or anybody we work with. But…” I hesitated.

Katie squeezed my hand again. “Come on, sweetie, don’t hold back now. Who?”

“Well,” I said. “Remember when we fantasized about you with your…ex?”

“Chris?” she asked. She had dated a guy named Chris in college, before we’d met. It had been years now since they’d seen each other.

I nodded.

Katie thought for a second. I could see the wheels turning in her head, and sensed her getting a little turned on thinking about it. “I mean, he does still live in town,” she said.

“Yeah,” I said. “And, ya know, this whole thing started for me because my college girlfriend dumped me and got back together with her ex…”

“Mmhm,” she said.

“But, like…you’re not gonna…leave me for him, right?” I asked, feeling stupid for asking.

She smiled comfortingly. “Baby, of course not,” she said. “He was just some frat boy I had fun with for a little while.”

I sighed. “Okay,” I said.

She nodded. “Well…we don’t have to make any decisions right now,” she said. “And I do worry about, ya know, giving him the wrong idea, but…yeah. Let’s think about it.”

“Okay,” I agreed, squeezing her hand. We leaned in to each other and kissed deeply. “I love you so much, Katie.”

“I love you too, Lucas,” she said.


As the week continued, Katie and I fantasized, much the same way we had before our weekend with Steve. Katie and I agreed that she could text with Steve, including sending pictures, whenever she wanted to, without me needing to see what she was saying first, unless it was arranging for an in-person meeting, and as long as I could read the conversations after. The next couple nights I got off so hard reading the hot messages and pictures they had sent back and forth that day.

The next night, I was watching Katie use her dildo on herself, while we fantasized about her having sex with her ex-boyfriend. She lay on the bed, against the headboard, wearing only a pair of panties, which she had pulled to the side so she could use the dildo to play with her pussy.

“You look so hot, baby,” balıkesir escort I said, watching from a chair as I stroked myself. She moaned, rubbing the tip of the dildo against her pussy lips. “I bet Chris would love to see you like this again.”

She moaned again, louder this time. “You’d love that, too, wouldn’t you?” she said. “Seeing me back together with him? So he can make me cum like he always used to?”

“Fuck,” I said. “Did he fuck you good, baby?”

“Mmmm, he was sooo good,” she moaned.

“What did he like to do with you?” I asked.

She giggled a little. “He was a typical frat boy,” she said. “He liked to dominate me, make me his little college girl slut.” She moaned, sliding the dildo inside her, thinking about him. “He liked to bend me over and fuck me from behind, then…mmmmm…make me get on my knees so he could cum on my face.”

“Nnngghh,” I groaned, picturing this. “I bet you liked that.”

“Ohhh, fuck yes, I loved being his little slut,” Katie moaned. She slid the dildo in and out of her. “Mmmmm,” she moaned, then held the dildo inside her and looked at me. “I really miss having his dick inside me, baby.”

“Fuck,” I said, almost cumming. But I stopped myself and held eye contact with Katie. She bit her lower lip, looking back at me, slowly sliding the dildo out of her pussy. I hesitated for a second, then said, “I wonder what he would do if you…sent him a selfie right now.”

She paused, eyeing me, seeing if I was serious. Then she smiled a little. “Yeah?” she said. “You want me to send my ex-boyfriend a picture of me topless?”

I had stopped stroking, or I would have cum by now. I just held my dick in my hand, nodded, and said, “I bet he misses those perfect tits of yours.”

She reached up and squeezed one of her perky breasts. “These tits?” she asked. I nodded. “These tits that he used to cum on and say he was marking his territory?”

“Fuck. He did?” I asked.

She nodded, put the dildo down next to her on the bed, then reached over to the nightstand and picked up her phone. She looked back at me. “You really want this?” she asked.

I swallowed heavily. “Yes,” I said.

She smiled, bringing the phone up above her head so that she had a good angle. I watched her snap a few different selfies, then she brought the phone down to start typing out a text. She looked up at me mischievously. “What should I say?” she asked.

I smiled back at her and shrugged. “I dunno. He’s your ex.”

She giggled. “Okayyy,” she said. “I guess it’s up to me then.” She typed for a second, then I heard the sound effect her phone made when she sent a message. She quickly put the phone down on the nightstand and looked at me, excited.

I got out of the chair and crawled into bed next to her, wrapping an arm around her.

We smiled at each other for a second, then she said, “I can’t believe I just did that.” She wrapped her hand around my dick. “Wanna see it?” I nodded as she stroked me. She handed her phone to me, opening it to her messages. I saw the selfie, which showed the top half of her naked body, her breasts on full display. She was looking up at the camera, biting her lower lip sexily, even submissively. The message she sent along with it read: “can’t sleep 2nite…thinkin bout u.”

“Fuck,” I said softly, staring at the picture as she stroked me.

“Yeah?” Katie said. “You like your wife sending naughty pics to other men, don’t you?”

I groaned. “To your ex.”

“Mmhmmm,” she agreed, stroking me faster now. “To my stud frat boy ex-boyfriend. That pic is gonna make his big dick so hard. I wish it was inside me right now, I miss it so much.” I groaned, getting close now. “Gonna cum thinking about him fucking me, baby? About me being his good little slut again?”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I said, shooting my load into the air.

Katie giggled as I came, grabbed a nearby towel and wiped her hand off, then gave it to me.

“You sure this is okay?” she asked me as I cleaned myself off with the towel. “I can always just ignore him if he replies.”

I smiled at her, then leaned over and gave her a kiss. “Don’t,” I said. “Same rules we have for Steve go for him too, okay?”

She giggled. “Okay!” she said, unable to hide her excitement. “Love you, baby.”

“Love you too,” I said, then rolled over and quickly fell asleep.


The next morning, Katie told me that Chris had replied to her and that she had stayed up late texting with him. I got so excited, but I had to go to work. She gave me a little smile and said I’d just have to wait for this evening.

As soon as I got home, I asked to see her phone, and she let me read the conversation:

Chris: oh damn girl / nice to see u again lol

Katie: lol / can’t believe I finally sent this to you

Chris: yeah? been thinking about me for a while?

Katie: I guess so…

Chris: I thought I heard something about u getting married?

Katie: lol ummmm yeah, I did…he’s kind of sleeping in bed next to me

Chris: oh shit srsly? / ur being a bad girl, huh?

Katie: bartın escort [devil emoji]

Chris: u got married to that nerdy guy u dated after me, right?

Katie: lol his name is lucas and yes, I did

Chris: oh yeah, lucas / no offense but…why would u marry a shrimpy guy like him?

Katie: omg! I dunno, maybe cuz I LOVE him, silly

Chris: lol / u love him but I’m the one getting pics of ur tits?

Katie: well…yeah ;-p

Chris: fine by me / send me some more

Katie: mmmm ok!

At this point she must have snuck off to the bathroom, because she sent him a pic of herself in the mirror, her hand reaching down into her panties. Chris sent back, “nice, now show me that ass,” and then she obediently sent a pic of herself turned around, sticking her round little butt out.

Chris: fuck ur so hot

Katie: yeah? u getting a little excited?

Chris: lol of course

Katie: show me

Here Chris sent a pic of himself in his own bathroom mirror. He was shirtless, tall and muscular, bits of dark hair on his chest that made a trail down his six-pack abs. He wore a pair of boxers, and had pulled his 7-inch erection out of the front slit, holding it in his hand and smirking.

Katie: mmmmmmm I miss that soooo much

Chris: yeah? what do u wanna do with it?

Katie: hmmmmm / I want to get on me knees in front of it and play with it with my tongue

Chris: mmm fuck yeah u were always so good at giving head

Katie: it’s fun when u have a nice big dick to play with

Chris: yeah? the little hubby’s not packing so much, huh?

Katie: ummmm no / not even close lol

Chris: lol / u back in bed?

Katie: mmhm

Chris: start touching yourself next to your loser husband

Katie: fuck…ok

Chris: u doing it?

Katie: yes baby

Chris: good girl / think about me while u finger yourself

Katie: I am

Chris: yeah? getting wet?

Katie: oh god yes

Chris: I bet u are, u naughtly little slut

Katie: I wish u were inside me right now

Chris: yeah? I bet ur so tight if all you’ve been getting is that little dicked wimp lol

Katie: oh god yes / need u to stretch me out

Chris: fuck yeah / u miss the way I used to pound that tight little pussy?

Katie: fuck yes, I miss it so much

Chris: wanna feel this big dick inside u again?

Here he sent another picture, a closer shot of his thick hard-on.

Katie: oh my god YES will u please let me ride it again?

Chris: of course, slut / let me know when ur husband’s not around and I’ll fuck u all day long, like the old days

Katie: mmmmm I will

Chris: u getting close?

Katie: yesss

Chris: good girl / just relax and think about my big dick pumping inside u

Katie: oh god

Chris: now cum for me while ur husband lies there next to u

Katie: FUUUUUCK / wow that was so good / lol almost woke him up

Chris: lol

Katie: did u get off too?

He sent another pic, this one of his torso, sprayed with his load.

Katie: mmmm wish I could lick it up for u

Chris: wish u could too

Katie: talk later this week?

Chris: anytime

Katie: k / gnight

Chris: gnight babe

Katie had been stroking me as I read. When I got to Katie saying she wanted to lick Chris’s cum off his body, I started shooting my load.

Afterward, we talked about what we should do next. “I think you should invite him over when I’m not around, like he said,” I suggested.

“Yeah?” Katie asked. “You’re okay with me doing stuff without you there to watch?”

“Um…yeah, I think so,” I said. “You’ll tell me all about it after, right?”

“Sure,” Katie said, giggling.

“I mean, I’d love to be able to be there, but I just don’t see how we could make that happen without risking weirding him out and scaring him off.” I could tell she was thinking about something. “What?” I asked.

“I dunno,” she said. “What if I could…invite him over for drinks, with the two of us?”

“Why would you be doing that if your goal is to cheat on me with him, though?” I asked. “I mean, would he even say yes to that invitation?”

She thought for a second. “I think I can figure out a way to get him into it,” she said.

I shrugged. “Okay, if you say so,” I said. “But, like I said, try not to scare him off. It really is okay if you just do it while I’m not around.”

That night, she had another text conversation with him, which she showed me the next day:

Katie: hey

Chris: hey babe, back so soon?

Katie: lol / last night was soooo hot

Chris: sure was

Katie: I love showing off for u

She sent him some more hot selfies taken from the bathroom.

Chris: keep em coming / when are we gonna make this happen for real tho?

Katie: lol u want it bad, huh?

Chris: u mean do I want to pound ur cheating pussy like the naughty little slut u are? Yes, yes I do

Katie: mmmm fuck / u know what would be hot?

Chris: what?

Katie: batıkent escort if u came over for drinks with me and lucas…and then we snuck off and messed around without him knowing

Chris: lol damn girl / kinda risky, isn’t it?

Katie: that’s what makes it so hot

Chris: such a bad girl

Katie: mmm very bad

Chris: I mean I don’t wanna bust up ur marriage or anything

Katie: oh don’t worry, we won’t get caught / he’s pretty oblivious tbh

Chris: well…gotta admit it’s getting me pretty hard / stealing u away from him right under his nose lol

Katie: mmm fuck that’s so hot / so…friday night?

Chris: damn girl, r u for real?

Katie: completely / …pretty please?

Chris: I mean…I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but ok, sure

Katie: perfect 🙂

They kept sexting until they had both gotten off, and of course I got off reading it all. Then Katie asked me what I thought.

“I think you’re the best wife in the whole world,” I said, kissing her.


That night, she told Chris that I had agreed to have him over for drinks. She told him that I knew they had dated in college, but that she had told me she just wanted to catch up with him for old time’s sake, and that I had “bought it.” Chris was clearly a little nervous about the idea of getting caught, but mostly he didn’t seem to care that much and was just eager to hook up with his hot ex-girlfriend again.

Friday night came along. Katie decided to wear a pair of tight-fitting, cut-off denim shorts, a neon pink bra, and a thin, skin-tight white tank top that showed off her midriff and plenty of cleavage. She hadn’t worn anything like this since her college days.

When Chris arrived, I made sure I was in the kitchen, but Katie of course would tell me later everything that happened when I wasn’t around. Katie greeted him at the door. He wore a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, and he had brought a bottle of wine. “Hey, stud,” she said, taking the wine from him and setting it on a nearby side table.

He was obviously taken aback by her outfit. “Jesus, Katie, he let you dress like this?” he asked in a whisper, looking around to confirm I wasn’t in earshot.

“Of course,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Like I said, he’s totally oblivious.”

He stepped inside, closing the door behind him. “Where is he now?” he asked.

“In the kitchen,” she said, sliding her hands up his chest and around his neck.

“Shit, are you serious?” he said, caught off guard, but then his hands wrapped around her waist and squeezed her butt. They began making out.

That’s when I called from the kitchen, “Was that the doorbell I heard?” and began walking down the hall. They quickly separated, and Chris picked up the bottle of wine he had brought. When I got within sight of them, they looked perfectly innocent. “Hey, this must be Chris!” I said. “Nice to finally meet you.” I put out my hand.

“Hey, Lucas, right?” Chris said, taking my hand firmly and squeezing a little harder than he needed to, grinning at me.

“Right,” I said, smiling back at him. “And, oh, you brought wine, perfect.” I took the bottle from him. “Here, let me go open this and put it on ice. Be right back.” I took the bottle back to the kitchen, and took my time opening the bottle and putting it in a bucket of ice.

Meanwhile, Katie led Chris by the hand into the living room, sitting down on the couch with him, where they began pawing at each other and making out again. “Fuck, you are desperate for it, aren’t you?” Chris whispered to her as he slid his hand up under her tank top to grasp one of her breasts.

Her hand was rubbing up and down his thigh. “Oh my god, you have no idea,” she said. She moved her hand between his legs, feeling his bulge. “I wish I could just whip this out and start sucking it right now.”

He grinned and made out with her some more, until they heard the ice from the wine bucket clinking and knew I was coming back. As I emerged into the living room, they separated. Any thinking husband in my position would probably have noticed that they were both a little flustered and would have started getting suspicious, but I pretended like nothing was amiss. I just smiled and set the bucket of wine down on the table along with three wine glasses.

As I poured wine into the glasses, I said, “You two catching up?”

Chris couldn’t help but scoff a little bit, but quickly suppressed his laughter. “Uh, yeah, we were just, ya know, talking about old times.”

I saw Chris and Katie exchange a glance as I sat down across from them. “Yeah, sweetie,” Katie said. “Just reliving our wild college days together.”

Chris almost spit out the wine he was sipping, suppressing more laughter. I just acted like I didn’t notice and said, “Oh yeah? I don’t remember you being very wild in college, honey.”

“Oh, well,” Katie said with a laugh, “I guess maybe Chris brought that out of me.” She reached her hand over and rubbed Chris’s shoulder playfully, eyeing him up and down.

I could tell he was a little nervous that she was being too obvious, but I just laughed casually and said, “Uh oh, I probably don’t want to hear about that, do I, Chris?”

Chris nudged Katie’s hand away and said, “Um, yeah, I doubt it.” He cleared his throat awkwardly and said, “So, uh, Lucas, what do you do?”

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