Day 1

Cullen rushed home from work. He had the entire week off. Something he’d been waiting for a long time for. It had been nearly 2 years since he had a vacation. But instead of going anywhere this week he was going stay in town. He was staying in town and going to have as much gay sex as possible!

“Finally,” Cullen exhaled as he opened the front door.

He went to his room and quickly stripped. He fumbled through his dresser and found a butt plug. He quickly lubed it up and slid it into his ass. He quickly jumped into the shower and rinsed off. He got out of the shower and looked at the bed. It was too inviting. The day had taken it’s toll on him and needed the nap. He noticed it was four in the afternoon. He pulled back the covers and slid into bed.

“Fuck,” Cullen said to himself as he was jolted out of sleep.

He looked over at the nightstand and noticed the time on the alarm clock. It was nearly ten at night. He jumped out of the bed. He was mad at himself for falling asleep so early. He pulled the butt plug out of his ass. He quickly got dressed and rushed out to his car.

Cullen drove to the adult bookstore at a frantic pace. He got there and parked crooked in one spot. He noticed only two other cars in the lot. He thought that was odd since it was Friday night. He walked inside and paid cash for a ticket to the theatre. He was buzzed in and quickly entered the dark room. He noticed another man sitting in the room. He was wearing a hooded sweatshirt. He sat down a few seats down from him.

“Shit,” Cullen whispered as he unzipped his pants and pulled his erect penis out.

He looked up at the screens in the room. One was playing straight porn; the other was gay porn. That’s what he wanted to watch. He stroked it slowly as the two men on screen went at it. He watched for a few minutes. It wasn’t as nasty as he liked it but it was good enough. Cullen kept jerking off. He paid no mind to the man who was sitting a few seats down from him. The man coughed quickly and looked over toward him. Cullen paid no mind and kept jerking off. He kept his attention towards the screen as he watched the two men have sex in the movie.

“Shit,” Cullen said as he leaned back in his chair.

He looked over to the man in the sweatshirt. He was just sitting in his seat looking at the movie. He occasionally looked over Casibom to him. But Cullen paid no mind to him. He just kept jerking off. The man was just watching the movie. He hadn’t taken his penis out or anything. Cullen wanted to say something to him, but didn’t. Suddenly the man in the sweatshirt walked up to him. Cullen kept jerking it as he stood in front of him. He looked up at the stranger and smiled. The stranger looked him over and nodded.

“Follow me,” the stranger said in a normal voice.

Cullen quickly put his penis away and stood up. He followed the man as they left the empty theatre. They made their way out of the theatre into the cold night’s air of the parking lot. The stranger led him to a nice newer model truck. He pressed the unlock button on his keyless entry.

“Get in,” he said calmly.

Cullen complied. He opened the door and jumped into the roomy truck.

“I’ll get you back to the store,” the stranger said as he started the car.

“Good,” Cullen replied.

“Shhh,” the stranger replied as he put a finger to his lips.

They drove for what seemed like an eternity but it was only about 10 minutes. The stranger took him to an empty field. He parked the car and turned the ignition off. Cullen looked over to him.

“Strip,” the stranger said, “but keep your shoes on.”

The stranger opened his door and Cullen followed suit. He took his shirt off first and pulled his pants and underwear over his shoes next. It wasn’t as difficult as he thought. He put them in the passenger seat. The slight cold air quickly hit him but he got over it. He wrapped his arms around his body as he followed the stranger to the back of the truck. He looked over Cullen’s naked body and smiled. He still had a full erection.

“Bend over,” the stranger said as he lowered the tailgate on the truck.

Cullen complied and bent over the back of the truck. He placed the right side of his head against the bed of the truck. He felt the stranger pull apart his butt cheeks. The stranger quickly ran his tongue against his asshole.

“Oh,” Cullen let out as he dug his tongue deeper into his asshole.

“Clean,” the stranger let out.

“I got it ready,” Cullen said.

“Quiet,” the stranger said as he pulled away from his asshole.

Cullen bit down on his finger as the man began to probe and Casibom Giriş lick his ass. He heard the man fumble with his pants. He could hear him undo his belt and zipper. He kept licking and probing during that time. Probably would have been easier if he would have stopped for a moment and pulled his dick out. He continued to probe and finger his ass. Cullen could hear the stranger jerking off. He looked back a few times to confirm that he was jerking it. Cullen enjoyed the way he was licking his ass. He took mental notes and had to get better. He bit down hard on his finger as the stranger pushed his tongue deep into his ass. The stranger flicked his tongue up and down.

“Fuck,” Cullen yelled out.

The stranger offered no reply. He just kept licking. Cullen looked up and noticed a piece of rope strung up in the bed of the truck. He reached forward and grabbed it. It was most likely placed there for that reason. For a bottom to have something to grab onto while being pleased. He let go of his finger and quickly bit down on the rope as well.

“Shit,” the stranger exhaled.

He looked back at him and noticed him pulling something out of his pocket. He pulled out a small bottle of lube. He looked forward as he heard him pouring it in his hand. He heard him stroke his penis a bit.

“Ready,” the man whispered.

“Uh huh,” Cullen replied.

The stranger placed his dry hand on his left butt cheek. He aimed his penis at Cullen’s waiting hole. He slowly pressed the tip in. Cullen grunted slightly as he continued to press his penis into his hole. Cullen felt his ass stretch as the stranger slid his bare penis deep into him.

“Oh,” Cullen let out as the stranger’s hips pressed against his ass.

He felt his wet lube covered hand grip his right side. The stranger’s hand quickly slid down his back. He could feel the streak of lube on his back. The strange gripped his neck slightly and thrust into him.

“Yes,” Cullen moaned.

“Take it,” the stranger whispered into Cullen’s ear.

Cullen exhaled as the stranger began to fuck his ass. His wet hand dug deeper into his neck with each thrust. Cullen reached back and pulled his right butt cheek. The stranger quickly slapped his hand away. Cullen complied and moved his hand. The stranger grabbed Cullen by either side of his hips and began to fuck him with Casibom Güncel Giriş more intensity. He put his dry hand on Cullen’s head and pushed it down into the hard plastic of the truck bed. The metal of the tailgate slightly pinched Cullen’s hips. He slammed into Cullen harder and harder. He pressed his face as hard as he could against the bed of the truck.

“Take it,” the stranger yelled out.

Cullen bit down hard on the rope. The stranger did not let up. He continued to pound away at his ass. He was relentless. He thrust in and out harder and harder with each thrust. He placed his hand back around Cullen’s neck and squeezed it. Cullen could feel his fingernails dig into his skin. Cullen liked his rough style. He needed to be brought down like this.

“Fuck me,” Cullen exhaled as stranger slammed into him.

“Shut the fuck up,” the stranger shot back.

The stranger quickly squeezed his neck harder to show him who was in charge. Cullen complied and enjoyed his violent pounding.

“Ahhhhh,” the stranger let out.

Cullen felt his seed spill into his ass. It wasn’t a long burst that he’d come to know. But rather a slow ooze. The stranger pulled out of him and exhaled. Cullen remained bent over the back of the truck. He felt the sperm slide out of his ass. He reached between his legs and collected part of it. He quickly ate it. He heard the stranger zip up his pants. Cullen slowly lifted himself up and stood up. The cold night didn’t bother him that much. He looked over the stranger and smiled.

“Did you cum,” the stranger asked.

“No,” Cullen replied.

“If you want to jerk it,” the stranger offered.

“No thanks,” Cullen replied.

“Get dressed,” the stranger offered.

Cullen walked to the cab of the truck and found his clothes. He quickly got dressed and jumped back into the truck. The stranger started it and they drove off. They didn’t talk at all during the ride back. The stranger turned on some horrible country station and turned the volume way up. He noticed the stranger dug his nails into the steering wheel. It seemed that he was upset over something. He didn’t want to know what he was thinking.

Cullen was relived when he saw the sign for the adult bookstore. For a moment he didn’t think they would make it back. He thought maybe he would die at the hands of this man. But it didn’t come to pass. They pulled into the parking lot.

“We’re here,” the stranger said.

Cullen opened the door and stepped out of the truck. He shut the door slowly.

“See ya,” Cullen said as the stranger pulled away in his truck.