Cure Worse Than The Disease? Ch. 04-05

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Chapter 4

“Damn good breakfast, guys!” Mom told us, putting smiles on Jessica’s face and mine.

“Yeah, no kidding! You two know how to cook!” Darrell grinned as he dug into the meal as if we were just a regular family.

“Thanks … Mom … and … Dad,” I told him, trying it on for size.

“Yeah, thank you, Mom … and … Daddy!” Jessica really let her dimples show now and the smile reached her eyes.

“So … we’re a bit more … sober than we were, right? And we were … extremely candid with each other yesterday. Far more than usual … about some pretty wild stuff, wouldn’t you say? So, now, being sober … we have some decisions to make … about how we want to … cope … with this new awareness, this epiphany, about each other. See where I’m going here?” Mom addressed the elephant in the room after about a dozen minutes or so of quiet pigging out on all of our parts.

“I have … some concept of it, yes,” Jessica blurted now.

“Yeah, that’s understating it a bit, sis. Jessica … and I have definitely experienced a change to our relationship overnight, haven’t we? As you said, she’s my girlfriend now,” I blushed a little.

“And his slut, of course. And we just kissed a little while ago like this,” Jessica repeated her earlier performance with equal passion.

“And to think that you didn’t think that she liked you!” Mom teased me now.

“Touche, Mom,” I grinned as she closed in for a lip lock of her own.

“Mmm … just as I thought. You’re in love with me … and with Jess. It’s cool. You have strong feelings of affection and lust toward the ladies of your family, the ones who you know will always have your back. We’re yours, honey. It’s just how it is. As for Darrell, well, I think that we need to sort that out, too, don’t we, before too much time and confusion transpire,” Mom said as she popped another cure pill and fed us ours, too … through more kisses.

“No sense in letting the virus hit us … or the effect wear off, right?” Darrell laughed as Mom caressed his bare chest.

“So … we’re agreed that … you and Jessica … are lovers. We kinda want the same deal for … you and me, hon,” Mom told me bluntly now, “I want … us … to be lovers, too. Am I clear enough, babe?”

“Yeah … that’s becoming apparent … and I don’t have any problem with that. Nor do Jess or … Dad, if I hazarded a guess. In fact, they seem to want us to be lovers, too,” I observed while Mom and Jess both peppered me with kisses … and I could feel the changes from the pills again.

“Oh, most definitely. I still have the urge to be cuckolded, and who better to do it than you? I can trust you to do it right … to not publicly … you know … ruin me. Some humiliation is hot, yes, but there’s a loving balance. You … and Naomi … and Jess, you’d know how to manage it, you know. I need a … hotwife, a Domme wife, yes.

“I need to submit and to serve, perhaps even more than Jessica does. My sex life would be completely controlled by you guys, especially Naomi, who would be my direct Mistress as well as my wife, you see,” Darrell bit his lower lip as he confirmed what he had said before about being a sub.

“Directly, yes, but Simon is now head of the household. I want that clearly understood. Is everyone agreed? That should put an end to your bickering for good, if you know who’s the boss around here. It ain’t you, it ain’t Jess, and it ain’t even me. What Simon says, goes. It’s a permanent game of ‘Simon says’ from here on out.

“Agreed? Is everyone on the same page, accepting that Simon, my son, is the man of the house?” Mom demanded now, perhaps Topping a little from the bottom, but it was a sort of transitional stage … and she was my mother, after all.

“I happily concede that your dominance of this family has been replaced by your son’s … our son’s,” Darrell beamed as he basically acknowledged that he had never ruled the roost.

“Yes, that’s a fair point. I’ve always worn the pants in our marriage, haven’t I? Well, now no one needs to wear pants at all, but there’s definitely a new sheriff in town. It’s all understood, then? The pecking order starts with Simon on top,” Mom clarified as the pills impacted her own inhibitions by suppressing them.

“Followed by you, Mom. Nothing against Jess, but she’s a sub, not a Domme or switch. Plus you can advise me as the former head of this household,” I smiled as Mom now stroked both my dick and Darrell’s at once.

“Hey, I’m cool with it. What else, though?” Jessica licked her lips by now, the pills once more affecting us.

“Well, apparently, it’s agreed that Darrell’s sex life is entirely in our hands, especially mine. Are we talking chastity play, babe, because I don’t want to deny you healthy sexual relief, but I also don’t want to quash your fantasies? What did you really have in mind here? Do we select your sex partners? Do we control or limit your orgasms? Edge you? Make you eat creampies? Pimp you out to men like your first wife did? Sissify you? What’s the extent of it?” Mom gorukle escort bayan probed a bit.

“Okay, first … no masturbation. I want to … always have to cum in a way decided or controlled by one or more of you. Whether that’s sex, blowjobs, handjobs, titty-fucking, etc. Yes, I want to wear a cock cage … and at home be kept naked as much as possible. At work, I’ll wear very mainstream, conservative clothing, but at parties … I want to go in drag, to cross-dress, to be a sissy again. I also want to wear a collar. And sometimes I want to just have to wear panties around the house … over my cock cage,” Darrell was very blunt now that the pills were in effect again.

“Who would keep the keys?” I asked him.

“Your mother mainly, but perhaps you could have the spare, just in case,” Darrell explained.

“Yes, I think that wise, in case something happened to cause us to lose the key. We’d need at least one spare in another set of hands. It’s a good way to make sure that you’re not stuck in said cock cage, because frankly, I don’t want to give up access to your dick, let alone for good. I might enjoy cuckolding you, honey, but I still like having sex with you, even, believe it or not, with your … somewhat smaller … equipment.

“I love the joy on your face when you cum inside me and I just want to … spread that joy and see more joy on your face from worshiping me and admiring me from the outside as I fuck. That would please you, as you’ve said. I could just tell that it would and it always turned me on, but I haven’t dared to do that yet for two years. That changes today. Today, you get the joy of watching me with others … and then reclaiming me, babe,” Mom reassured him.

“You mean Simon, don’t you?” Jessica grinned.

“Of course … and you. If that’s alright with Simon, that is,” Mom winked at me.

“How about this little way of handling it? For specific instructions that I mean as commands, not requests, or whatever, I will say, ‘Simon says,’ okay? That applies to all three of you. A ‘Simon says’ order trumps all else, is to be understood as a direct command from the new paterfamilias, the patriarch, the lord of the manor, if you will. The dominus or Master, if you will.

“Now, I can use that as often or as little as I wish, but I can also issue lesser instructions that are a bit more negotiable. When I get to the ‘Simon says,’ edict, though, negotiation as well as compromise are out the window. There should also be a contract, a collaring ceremony for all three of you, and some ink marking you as mine. All three of you. Does that sound fair?” I now presented some ideas to confirm my ownership of all three of my housemates.

“That’s a good start, definitely. But what about … limits, times, places, boundaries, details? Other than ‘Simon says,’ presuming superseding even those? What about safe words?” Mom inquired.

“Well, we’re getting to that. I just wanted to establish my authority in such a way as to ease the process. If everyone’s clear as to who’s the boss, as you said before, then it simplifies the matter and allows me to cut through red tape or argument whenever necessary.

“Now, how about this? You have wide latitude, within reason, within the scope of your marriage, as to what sex acts you can perform with Darrell. That’s only fair. He may be a cuckold, but he’s still your husband and you’re still his wife, though in this case, his Hotwife. This is supposed to satisfy all of us and to enhance your marriage, not destroy it.

“I have similar latitude with you and with Jessica. Even greater, I dare say, as the master of the house. The same does not apply to sex between Darrell and Jessica, to the extent that such sex acts may occur. I decide the scope of that. He doesn’t have the same latitude with you as you have with him, of course. You alone decide where he cums inside you, what holes and body parts he can use while intimate with you, the degree of your intimacy, etc.

“I have a similar sway over what he does with Jessica, as she is my self-confessed slut. So, I’ve decided, rather frankly, the following rules. One, you must always clean up after yourself. Two, you may only do it cowgirl or reverse cowgirl-style. Three, you cum as directed by Jessica, when and where she tells you, okay? Four, you may not fuck her while in your cock cage for obvious reasons. That is protect you from actual risk of harm to your privates, you know,” I now clarified.

“My rules for him are far simpler than that, but I appreciate yours. Two rules. One, always obey you first. You being you, my son. The second rule is, well, unless contrary to your will or commands, always obey the missus, namely me. If he follows those, it’s all creampies, fun, and games, okay?” Mom winked at me as she kissed each of us on the mouth.

Yeah, today was off to a very nice start. The pills were a cure for more than just COVID-19. They were definitely not worse than the disease.

Chapter 5

“What about gay sex? Clearly, Dad wants to be buggered, among nilüfer escort bayan other things, don’t you, Daddy? You want to bend over and let Simon sodomize you, don’t you, Daddy? Anyone else that you want to have … take you that way?” Jessica teased Darrell now, clearly eager to watch her father get butt-fucked as he clearly desired.

“Well, how about this? I only do that to him when he’s … home for now. I don’t want to humiliate him. If he’s home, whether clothed, naked, or in panties, I’ll ram it deep up his cornhole and make him my bitch like he’s my cellmate. With plenty of lube, of course. That goes for the rest of you, too. Simon says no pegging Darrell if he’s out on the town. He has to be home alone, bent over with whoever is home with him and wants to take that ass.

“He’ll need to keep his bunghole ready, of course. Butt-plugs, regular cleansing, that sort of thing. We don’t want any nasty surprises, right? Anal beads. Fingering. Fisting. Various ways to keep him used to it, including monthly milkings, at the very least. He needs to get used to the idea of anal orgasms, because his sexual relief is at least partly behind him now,” I paraphrased a cute line from Penthouse Letters.

“I’m waiting for a downside,” Darrell dared to speak up now, reminding us that he was in the room.

“Well, since you’re already naked, I want to bend over the table now and spread your cheeks. You need to know for sure who’s boss, so here it goes. Who wants to lube him up? Don’t worry, Mom, I’l fuck you very soon. I just want to make damn sure that everyone knows who is in command and this is a very telling way to demonstrate the fact.

“Attaboy, spread those cheeks further apart. Very nice. Sis, get some wash rags and soap, just in case. This first time might get … messy. Though at least it seems that he shaved his crack … and his balls … and his cock. Wow … even his cheeks are bald. Nice and smooth. Very good start, at least. Mom, did you do that for him?” I asked Mom directly and she nodded, a smile that very much reminded me of her famous namesake, a certain blonde Aussie actress.

“In the shower, yes. Surprise, surprise? You like, Master? I did it at least partly with you in mind, so you could enjoy buggering your father for the first time ever. At least Darrell will enjoy it, unlike that panty waste of a bio dad who got himself sent upstate. I dare say he’s getting it much rougher than Darrell is,” Mom told me as she guided my prick into his waiting pucker.

I gave Darrell a moment or two to adjust, but then I started sodomizing him in earnest, ramming it deeper up his tush on every stroke. He met me more than halfway, being clearly in the mood to be my little pussy boi bottom bitch slut. For a dude, he really did have a nice bum, too. It was very tight on my cock as I pounded him good and rough up his cornhole. If this wasn’t proof that his stories of bending over dick alongside his first wife were true, I didn’t know what was.

“Oh, fuck, yeah … move your hips a little more, Daddy … meet that prick in the middle! Master, bugger my Daddy just like he craves it and needs it! I love Daddy and I love you … and I love Mom and I want all of us happy … and this clearly … makes us all happy,” Jessica began panting as Mom knelt to spread her legs and dine on that sweet teenage pussy at last.

“Attagirl, Mom … make me proud with the way that you eat my sister out! Eat that fine Latin pussy like there’s no tomorrow! Jessica, hold onto Mom’s head and direct her where you want to go. Simon says don’t stop eating her twat until she creams herself on your tongue … and then make out with her, too. Share her own juices with her, Mom,” I told Mom as I continued fucking Darrell up the ass from behind.

“Damn, bro, you should have just grabbed Daddy years ago, bent him over, and made him your bitch right then and there. The whole family would have been much happier after you seized control that way. Clearly, Daddy needed this. This is the end of his struggle, his stress, his various desperate moves to prove his manhood. Now he’s surrendered to the stronger man and he’s much better off, as are we,” Jessica declared while I ravaged Darrell’s twink booty even more and made him spurt his cum all over the floor.

“Woah, honey, look at the mess you made! I love you, but you know Master’s rules. You’ll have to clean that up later! Oh, damn, it’s pretty fucking hot to watch you in action … getting your tight ass plowed like a gay porn star! You guys are really turning me on, you know, so both of you can expect lots of tail today!” Mom teased and praised us both at once.

I already knew that I was gonna get laid by her. That was a given. This was a signal to Darrell that he would get more action as well. With that, Mom put her hands on my buns and rubbed them as much as she could while pushing me deeper up her husband’s rump. I could smell her wet pussy, too, and it confirmed that she was very aroused by watching me sodomize my own stepfather, her sweet bursa otele gelen escort bayan cuckold hubby.

It was too much, of course, especially since Jessica knelt behind Mom and started licking her bottom. Mom began screaming with delight, my stepsister’s tongue sending her to places that didn’t exist in the known universe. Mom couldn’t help herself and started to finger my butt, her long, graceful digits probing me while I rogered her husband but good. We had a nice train going on there for a little bit, but I couldn’t hold back. I spilled my white-hot jizz up Darrell’s bunghole and pulled out of him with a loud pop, leaving my load of spunk behind.

“That was a cherry that got popped, wasn’t it? Not his. Yours, son. That was your first dude, wasn’t it? Your first time fucking another man in the ass. It was your sodomy cherry. And you honored your stepfather with it. Good man! Now, let me shower with you and wash you nice and clean … see if we can’t get you in the mood to fuck me at last. I need my fair share of my son’s cock, too, don’t I, Master?” Mom asserted as we walked together toward the shower.

“Darrell, Simon says lick that mess off the floor … and Jessica, Simon says to hold his face down to make sure he does it. Gotta clean up your own mess, remember? Rule number one. Don’t ruin Mom’s nice linoleum floor. Jessica, Simon says reward him afterward by letting him suck and play with your tits,” I instructed those two while walking with Mom to the shower, holding hands with her at last.

Gods, she was radiant, too, like a blonde Goddess made for sex. We made it to the shower and Mom washed my dick thoroughly. She also took full advantage of the chance to grope me as she cleaned my whole body, her hands roaming all over my flesh. I had no complaints, though. This was pretty fucking awesome, don’t you think? My mother, who could easily be mistaken for Naomi Watts and even shared her first name with that actress, clearly couldn’t keep her hands off me. That was flattering in the extreme for me, very heady wine.

Before I knew it, I was busy washing her as well, caressing her soft, smooth, sleek, wet skin, caressing her tits and her ass, making out with her like we were a pair of teenagers or something. I felt my boner start to return, my cock seemingly no longer as beset by a male refractory period as it used to be. Mom looked at my prick in wide-eyed hunger and lust, not to mention feeling a bit flattered that I would get so hard for her so fucking fast.

“Honey … Master … please … now … now … take me!” Mom pleaded with me now and I couldn’t resist her any longer.

I grabbed by the waist and turned her around, bending her over to take her from behind. I slid so easily into my wet and wanton mother that it was amazing. There was no resistance, just eager and hungry welcome by a very receptive twat. From the enthusiastic pushback with Mom’s hips and buns, there was no doubt that she was my woman every bit as much as Jessica was. They were both my sluts as well as my ladies. I owned them the same way that Mom owned Darrell. It was an almost demonic level of influence and control, a spiritual as well as a carnal dominance and supremacy.

“You’re mine now, aren’t you, Mom?” I told Mom bluntly, “I love calling you ‘Mom’ even now, because it’s a fresh reminder that my own mother is my fuckmeat and you are my plaything, aren’t you, Mom? I fucking own you!”

“Fuck, yeah, honey … you’ve owned this ever since your Dad got sent to prison! Darrell’s great, but he was mostly a placeholder and a future cuck for you. I knew or suspected it all along, that you were meant to control me … plus … I wanted you to have at least one other woman, and who better than Jessica, that sweet Latina out there who worships the very ground that you tread?

“I just didn’t like that you didn’t get along, that frustrated me, because it stalled my fantasy of you fucking us and cucking Darrell! Anytime that you wanted to fuck me … I would have spread my legs for you faster than a porn star in Van Nuys! I’ve waited too long for this dick … I’ve wanted it forever!” Mom screamed as she felt me slide in and out of her wonderfully wet snatch.

“That reminds me of the bedroom situation… , ” I started to say.

“It’s yours … the master bedroom is yours … and the marriage bed, to share with whomever you please. Darrell will just have to move to your old room, I think. I believe that he’ll understand and even respect that fact. You’re the man of the house, the master of the house. You get the master bedroom. It’s just logic, right? Would you like us to rotate, take turns sharing the bed with you?” Mom offered up her bedroom for the first time ever.

“Yes, I think that would be best. So, this is how it will go. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, those are your nights to share the bed with me. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, those are Jessica’s night. All of the surplus stuff normally kept in bedrooms will be relegated to my old room.

“However, Darrell will not go to my old room. He will instead go to Jessica’s old room and share it with whichever woman doesn’t sleep with me that night. Keep up appearances. Sunday night is Darrell’s night in bed with me. On that night, I want you and Jessica to sleep together. The rest of the week, as I said, the unlucky girl gets to sleep with Darrell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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