Cut to the Chase

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She unlocked the door and he held it as he followed her inside. The dim blue light of the aquarium and street lights filtering through misaligned blinds onto the sofa and side table. Night lights illuminated the kitchen and hallway. He followed her inside and stood behind her as she slowly placed her keys in the basket by the door.

The smallish, two-bedroom house was nothing fancy. But it was a house, and she (and the bank) owned it and this couldn’t be a bad thing. The cushy red sofa was inviting but a bit too large for the small space of the living room. Opposite it was a humungous entertainment center that, too, was rather massive for the space. An area rug separated the two with a tiny red chair at the far end. An ad-hoc computer station sat in the near corner.

She had stopped short upon entering, skillfully forcing him into her. Giving him no choice but to press his body up against her from behind. Confined in the entry-way he put a hand on her hip and gestured her in with the other. The door was still open and the cold January air was invasive. She stood firm as he began to move, pushing back into him, his arms folding around her, holding her in a way she had desired for months, if not years.

She was wearing skirt as he had suggested, rather alluded to, in their chat. Much of the present heat was from the game. Their slowly progressing on-line chats, growing from the seed of a simple wink. It had taken both of them some time to learn how to navigate the online dating universe. Which service to use and the always annoying profile. Then dodging scams and marketing accounts; filtering for the basics such as location and age; children; drink/smoke; and, most importantly, the photo (it’ll never work if there isn’t at least some level of physical attraction). Eventually a wink linked the two profiles in a potential match.

He loved skirts. The way they compliment the female form. The way they enticed and teased. Short ones that compelled you to look every chance you could; the ones naughty girls wore. Long ones that accentuated the hips and moved in the breeze; the ones good little church girls wore. He loved them all. He loved them because it provided access. Access to that which men hunger for. Access to what he hungered for right now.

Her’s was a bit on the slutty side; a jean skirt that went to just above her knees. Taking her lead he pressed his body against hers. He slid his hands down to her hips and pulled her in. She bent slightly in response and gently reciprocated the contact. He put his face in to her neck and inhaled deeply. Barely touching her skin with the tip of his nose he breathed her in; from her shoulder to her neck, and up her neck to that spot just behind the ear. She leaned her head to give him more access; sighing softly.

As the social etiquette of their introductory ice-cream date was replaced by a more animalistic mating ritual he reached down with both hands and began slowly pulling up her skirt; a clear indication of what he wished to do. Receiving no resistance he brazenly pulled it all the way up to her waist. A gust of cold night air blew in, and up, causing her to gasp and then shiver; it was maybe 10 degrees outside.

Wanting more, just not in the doorway, he pushed her in and finally was able to close the door. Locking it he turned around to find she’d gone into the room and was now casually standing there looking at the kitchen and down the hall. She had straightened her clothes out and put her purse down on the small red chair. She just stood there in the pale light and looked over her shoulder; inviting him to advance.

He walked towards her only to have her turn and slowly walk down the hall; asking him to follow with a subtle look. He did, slowly, mesmerized by her vision. She stopped in front türbanlı escort of a full-length mirror at the end of the hall. It was gaudy but it filled its purpose and seemed to draw her into its presence. He came up behind her again and quietly looked over her shoulder into the glass.

They were both so fully aware of what was about to happen and no words were needed. They had been chatting with each other for nearly a month. The early chit-chat included things like family and friends; what they liked to eat, read and listen to. The pattern of the chats also indicated that they both had lives, and weren’t weirdo’s desperate for attention. Later, as it seemed there might be something there, they chatted about what they wanted out of life (meaning this relationship). Neither mentioned the ‘M’ word, but instead both eluded to a rather casual thing. Just some dating; no commitments; see what happens. Then, one night, the door was opened.

She had had a rather rough day and was getting emotional in her chat. At some point she just broke down and e-shouted (or is it i-shouted?) “I JUST NEED TO GET LAID!” The discussion quickly spiraled down to the issue, like a championship chess match getting down to the wire. Delicately phrased messages raced back and forth, both sides hoping to corner the other into submission.

“sam1809>How long’s it been?”

“looking422>Months”, she lied


“sam1809>with another person? About the same” he lied in response; subtly opening a door while masking it with some good old self-deprecating humor at the same time.

“looking422>YES, with another person! Why, do you have sex with nobody?”

“sam1809>Are you saying I’m nobody? Aw, that’s not nice. Besides, everybody does it. Don’t you” he dared her to enter the room.

“looking422>Do what?” Like that door in the back of some older movie rental shops, she wanted to go in but was afraid. She needed someone to guide her there. She needed an excuse.

“sam1809>Touch yourself. Do you touch yourself?”

“looking422>No! Pervert!!” she lied again.

“sam1809>Liar! Its okay… you know, to touch yourself.” He invited her into the room, and she was ready to follow.

They ended up having sex that night; virtually; online. Playing off each others’ energy they opened up their deepest desires. They shed their inhibitions and completely gave in to lust as they fantasized about what it might be like; what it would be like. That quickly lead to the ice-cream date, IRL.

She had told him she was something of a voyer and he could see that now as they stood in front of the mirror. He knew she wanted to watch herself be taken. He happily obliged as he slowly explored her body from behind. He looked into her eyes in the mirror as he gently kissed her neck. Reaching around he placed a hand on her breast, feeling it for the first time. His other hand deliberately moving from her hip towards the flat of her stomach, then down. He watched her as her eyes lowered, following his movement down this body in the mirror. She watched as he touched her where she needed him most; a moan escaped her.

He suddenly dropped to his knees, scaring and exciting her at the same time. He admired the beauty of her body; her legs; her ass, wrapped only in the skirt. Wrapped only in the skirt he was slowly lifting. He pressed his face into her; again inhaling deeply; loudly; like an animal examining his mate. These two were definitely in heat.

He lifted her skirt all the way, exposing her bright red panties. This grabbed his attention like a bull in a ring and he took her all in. Rubbing his face against her backside; breathing in the scent of her sex; he kissed her and licked her soft skin. He touched tüyap escort it with his fingers as if he had never seen one before; exploring every time stood still.

She let out a scared cry, almost a whimper, when he slid his finger deeper between her legs. She spread them as he felt the moist heat of her body. Her panties were soaking with anticipation.

Loosing control he roughly pulled her into him. Struggling to stay up she braced herself against the mirror and completely opened herself to him. He had pulled her panties aside and was burying his face in her soft flesh. His tongue licking deeply; probing. She bent over even more until he was finally able to taste the source of her heat. She moaned deeply as he dined on her sweet nectar. He absolutely loved the taste of a woman and she knew it.

After several minutes of him eating her out from behind, and her watching in the mirror, he removed her panties, stood up, and put them in his pocket. “Oh, so you are a little panty perv, aren’t you?” she said with a naughty look in her eye. “I told you so” he replied as he started to unbuckle his belt.

Her eyes grew wider as he dropped his pants, then his boxers, and kicked them off to the side. He stood there erect as he took her hand. She leaned back into him, wanting to feel him between her legs. He guided her hand around and placed it on his cock. She fully collapsed into a state of lust when she touched him. She moaned with desire as she felt him. He was so hard, yet soft at the same time. He was big too and, to her delight, wet with precum.

She whimpered and protested as he backed away. He walked to the nightstand, only removing his eyes from her body long enough to open a drawer and find a condom. She watched in amazement as he unrolled it down the length of his member. Displaying it proudly as if it were a weapon and he had just loaded it. Showing her the full length of what she was about to get; letting her know it was for her.

Her eyes shifted to concern as she suddenly realized what was about to happen. The look of fear clearly evident as her mouth hung open; her hunger was obvious. She shifted and braced herself, sticking her behind out to receive this animal. This animal she so desired, and could not escape from. This hungry beast who was about to take her.

She watched him approach in the mirror. This poor girl was about to be ravished from behind. She gazed in fear as if she was watching some movie; separated; not real. Her desire boiling over as he positioned himself behind her. He lifted her skirt again and pushed his cock down; aligning it; positioning it for entry. With the other hand he felt underneath; locating the heart of his target and sliding himself towards it.

They both shifted their position until the tip of his cock found the entrance to her womb. Pausing, he again looked into her eyes in the mirror.

They had gotten to know each other. They had extensively shared their concerns and fears; their likes and dislikes; what they wanted and what they didn’t. They had developed a trust and a mutual respect. They both knew why they were here; what had led them to this point. Their e-dating ritual had removed all the insecurity and doubt. All the fumblings and uncertainties and the games people play had already been done. They had even exposed themselves sexually to each other; if only via a keyboard. They weren’t about to have sex, rather, they were about to make love.

They were both positioned over the abyss and together they stepped off. As he moved slowly forward, she pushed down and back. They moaned in concert as he entered her slowly; fully.

She hadn’t felt this way in years. She had so longed for a man to be inside her again and now it was happening. tuzla escort For him it had been even longer. The feeling of this initial penetration was beyond description for both of them and neither moved.

“Oh, God, you feel so wonderful” he said, “do you feel me inside you? Do you feel my cock in your tight pussy?”

“Oh, yes! You’re so deep inside me” she replied, “your cock is so deep inside my pussy, baby. Oh, do you like my pussy, baby?”

“Oh, yeah. You have a beautiful pussy. I love your pussy.”

She tightened involuntarily as he slowly slid out; then back in again. Another pause as they gazed at each other in the mirror. Savoring the moment; not ever wanting it to end, yet wanting more at the same time. He pulled her hair, causing her to arch back, and devoured her neck. Breathing heavily he kissed her; licked her; and gently bit her. She breathed heavily at this attack; all the time watching the innocent, helpless girl in the mirror; giving herself fully.

The fucking grew more pronounced as he started to move with more determination. Their basic instincts took over as he struggled to get hold of her. She cried as he firmly gripped her shoulders, pulling her back into his thrusts. He moved them down to her hips and he pulled tightly; desperate for her; desperate to penetrate her as deeply as possible. She began to fuck back; pushing against the mirror for leverage. She, too, needed him deep inside her.

Their positions finally secured and comfortable, they began to move in sync.

She could feel herself being filled at the same time she watched the girl in the mirror. She braced herself with one hand as she lifted the front of her skirt with the other. It was then that she saw his penis sliding in and out of the girl’s closely trimmed pussy. The sight was as much a turn-on as the actual feeling.

He saw this and asked, “Are you watching yourself get fucked? Are you watching yourself get fucked in the mirror? Are you a dirty little girl who likes to watch people having sex?”

“Oh, yeah. He’s fucking her good. He’s fucking her tight little pussy real good. I bet she’s going to cum. I bet he’s going to cum deep inside her tight little pussy and she’s going to feel it and then she’s going to cum too. She’s going to feel him plant his seed deep into her womb and she’s going to cum too.”

“Oh yeah, really?” he had joined her on the other side of the mirror. “Is he going to cum in her tight, wet pussy? Is he going to fuck her and cum deep inside her pussy? I think he’s going to cum soon. I think he’s going to cum soon. Do you think she’s going to cum soon too?”

The shift in perspective touched off that voyeuristic, self-removed fantasy of her’s and permitted herself to let go. She was with her friend; both watching the scene in the mirror; both wanting them to cum. She knew the girl would…

“Oh, baby, I think he’s going to cum. He’s going to cum, baby, watch him cum. Watch him cum deep inside her. Oh, God, he’s cumming. Oh, yes, baby he’s cumming.”

“Cum in me! Oh, baby cum in me. Oh, God, yes I want to feel you cum in me. Cum deep inside me baby, please, baby, oh yes. Fill me up with your cum baby!”

He could feel it start in the bottom of his legs. The shock wave rose like thunder until it hit him squarely at the base of his shaft. He pushed as deep into her as he could as his body took over. He held himself inside her tightly as a contraction sent a burst of seed down the length of his cock. He froze and shuttered as the waves overcame him.

She passed the point of no return as soon as he said he was cumming and he thrust into her one last time. For her, the wave actually started in her toes and instantly washed over her body. It was launched before he actually came but didn’t arrive until only just after she felt him cum deep inside her.

Like two waves in the ocean combining at just the right time to amplify both into a rogue, their two orgasms collided into one.

They fell asleep almost immediately.

The next day, Lisa emailed Steve and, well, that’s another story all together.

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