D.O.M: Kelvin


*** Dylan O appears in my Mason series. This is part of a planned series of spin offs featuring characters from the “In’DaMan’d” Universe.***


Dylan O Meets: Kelvin

“No Dylan, you are not hearing me, the offers are coming in its just that you are too picky, if we could just sit down and focus on the direction you want to take it would be much easier.”

“Baxter you know me, I know what I want to do next when it’s offered to me, not the shit you bring up to me, making a mold of my cock to sell a dildo, BORING. Scenes are good and all but I want more, any bit parts in a teen drama floating about.”

Dylan O was working out in his down town apartment, his agent Baxter appeared on the giant flat screen that hung from the wall in front of his Chin Up tower. His grey sleeveless, side less work out tank top was drenched in sweat.

Since he had agreed to appear in gay porn, Dylan’s career as a fitness model had hit a dry patch, not every magazine wanted a porn star on their covers.

Baxter sighed audibly. He knew it was a risk taking on Dylan O as a client, even in their initial meeting, he was cocky, rude, stubborn and had the biggest ego Baxter had ever encounter in his ten plus years as a model agent. But the one thing that he couldn’t deny or argue with was Dylan’s pure, raw star power. It was off the scale. He had nearly had a heart attack when Dylan said he was seriously considering shooting the scene for “In’DaMan’d”, no amount of begging or pleading could talk him out of it.

At nineteen years of age he was just starting out in the fitness/body building world, he hadn’t needed to go into porn at all. His fan base covered all demographics, Dylan was straight but he knew how to work his gay fans, flirting at signings and on his social media accounts. His charm was infectious.

“I have a few more meetings to set up, there is a possible hosting role down the coast, kind of like a spring break type of thing.”

“What would I be hosting.” Dylan asked as he pulled himself up and locked his biceps, the strain burning his arms and causing a vein to pop out along his neck.

“I am not sure, I may have read something about it being a wet T-shirt Olympics type event.”

“Baxter, keep going, I look at Mason and he is fucking flying high, don’t get me wrong I love that guy but c’mon we both know I could easily outshine him if you get me better jobs. ” He dropped to the floor and proceed to do frantic push ups. “Sex sells and with my looks, skills and body I should already be number one. How is my money situation?” He called between reps.

“Hmm about that, not too good, all the scene money is nearly gone on your new car and wardrobe.”

“Fuck!” He screamed as he kicked both legs forward and began to do ab crunches.

Baxter began to shuffle some papers in front of his desk nervously.

“What now?” Dylan asked.

“There is this one guy that keeps emailing with an offer, I politely reply each time that you’re not interested but are flattered. He just keeps increasing his bid. He emailed again yesterday, the offer is up to fifty thousand.”

“Well its obviously going to be shit, otherwise you wouldn’t look like you have just been caught jerking off by your mother.”

“It would be better for me to explain face to face, the job is only for a few hours, I am not recommending it all, but it may get you out of your financial fix until I can secure better jobs for you.”

“You have to give me some clue Baxter, fuck, why am I paying you so much.” He said jovially wrapping a towel around his broad shoulders and drinking an energy drink. He used to be sponsored by a well known brand, but they quietly let him go when his scene with Mason blew up.

“As I said it would be better face to face, then you can rubbish the idea pronto and we can get back to focusing on the future.”

“Start heading over to me now and I will have showered by then, but give me a gist of his proposal.”

“Well…” Baxter’s flushed face filled the flat screen. “There is a lot more to it than this but basically he wants you to dominate him for a few hours and fuck him. He has a list of desires and other things.”

“See you when you get here.” Dylan said as he hung up the video chat cutting him off, he didn’t know what to say or think. He flexed his bicep in the mirror and did a few different poses.

“Off course he wants me to Dom him, I am Dylan O.” He said to his reflection. Blowing himself a kiss, he walked to the bathroom.


The water slowly dripped from his fringe, down his strong jaw line and onto his pecks. At nineteen years of age he had the body of a professional body builder, all those years in high school he dedicated himself to his wrestling and football. His family told him he was crazy to attempt to do both sports but he proved them wrong and excelled in both. His social media account caught the eyes of a photographer and then came the deal with the fitness magazines.

At 5’5 he escort osmanbey was practically all muscle, he slowly began to tug on his 6′ cock, his foreskin sliding over his purple helmet as the water circled the drain, thinking about what Baxter said concerned him. Dylan really enjoyed the scenes he had done for “In’DaMan’d” but he was not sure he wanted to go down the escort route. He had many offers from a wide range of people; cougars, grannies, Milfs, girls begging him to take their virginity, nerds that wanted to come out of their shell. He received countless offers to attend proms since he went viral.

His body opened every door for him, the last four years he wanted for nothing. His blonde hair, tanned skin, bulging thighs coupled with his chiseled 6 pack were irresistible to everyone he came into contact with. He had become accustomed to being adored. He was always concerned with looking freaky, given his smaller stature he didn’t want to get too big, so his father hired the best trainers when he was starting to live the gym life. Dylan insisted they all be fired once he reached his target measurements. His ambition was only rivaled by his ego.

Baxter knocking on the bathroom door put a stop to his shower tug.

“Who the fuck gave you a key?” He shouted playfully.

“You did when that tall girl you fucked took your keys as a memento and you were locked out for two days.”

“Whatever, don’t be jealous.” He called as he wrapped a towel around his waist.

He walked out into the living room his wet feet leaving an imprint on the marble tiles. He used to be able to afford his lavish lifestyle with ease when he was a model, but since he diverted into the adult entertainment industry, things weren’t happening as well as he thought.

Baxter had already laid out two more of the brightly colored energy drinks that Dylan used to endorse. They took the swivel seats near the window facing opposite each other.

“That the last of the bottles?” Dylan asked opening the lid.

“I think there is four left in the box then the freebies are no more.” He opened his laptop bag and pulled out his tablet.

Dylan looked at him as he drank his drink. He was 37, he couldn’t remember when his birthday was or even if he ever attended one of his parties (he usually just gave him money to buy himself a gift each year) but looked good. His dark hair was peppered with grey strands, it made him look more trendy than he was. Dylan was unsure if he needed the thick framed glasses he wore or if it was just a fashion statement. They had an unspoken rule that they wouldn’t discuss his love life, he clammed up whenever Dylan commented on someone he had either banged or wanted to. He secretly wondered if Baxter was gay and had a crush on him, hence him putting up with his divo shit and bad attitude.

“So I have the offer about the wet t shirt Olympics which I think you should consider a bit more before dismissing it. You could appeal to your peers and be around your demographic.” Baxter said as he scrolled through the emails.

“Bullshit exposure though, what’s it paying?”

“13k, travel, hotel and expenses for the weekend.”

“That’s not fifty thousand for a few hours is it?” He opened his legs a bit, forcing the towel to tighten against his knees. He caught Baxter’s eyes dart between his legs

Baxter stopped momentarily, coughed and looked back at his screen as if nothing had happened.

“No it’s not fifty but it’s more honest work.”

“I don’t give a fuck about honest, I give a fuck about me and the brand, I am not robbing a bank here. Honest! seriously Baxter you make me laugh sometimes. Maybe when my career goes to shit you can get a job as a comedian.” His voice raising with each word, he threw the bottle of drink on the floor in frustration.

“I didn’t mean it like that, I just want you to have it as like a Plan C or something.”

“Fifty grand is fifty grand, as you said it will get me out of a spot until you get your shit together, I want to hear more. Read the email to me.” His tone took on a more pleasant note. He slid forward on his chair, his stomach muscles glinted in the early day sun. He rubbed them up and down, supposedly absent minded, he wanted Baxter to support him on this.

“OK, fuck sake Dylan, are you sure you want to do this.”

“I trust you have vetted this guy. He check out?”

“Yes and Yes, but…”

“But read the email.”

“Basically, he is sixty four, a retired politician, owns a cottage on the outskirts of the city, he will cover all costs and expenses on top of the fee. After years of being a public servant in a really rough area he wants to let his hair down and relinquish control. He is a huge fan of yours , he runs an online Dylan O fan club, bought every magazine you have been in, etc.”

Baxter sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

“Seriously Dylan just give me another week and I will have something better lined up for you. We could open a gym together. You could retrain as escort güngören a high profile coach to the stars.”

“We can talk about that again.”

Dylan had to admit that starring in the porn movies and dominating fit guys was a surprisingly huge turn on for him. It reinforced the fact that he always thought of himself as an Alpha.

“This guy, what’s his name?”


“Did Kelvin send a picture?” Dylan asked grabbing the tablet and reading the email again.

“Yes click the paper clip.”

Once the file was finished downloading, Dylan held the screen away from him and took in the man. He was heavy set but not overweight, bald, his bright white teeth lit up a still handsome face. Overall he was kind of attractive, Dylan felt a twinge underneath his towel. He usually kept his perverse thoughts to himself but the idea of dominating this man and getting well paid for it, sealed the deal. He handed the tablet back to Baxter.

“Write this down Baxter. I will make a list of demands and if our friend here agrees, then tell him it’s a go.”

“But…” Baxter sputtered.

“Number One.” Dylan said standing up and leaning against the window, his towel now barely hanging on his hips. He could feel his cock pressing against the towel, he looked at his agent, his eyes lingered on the bulge.

“Focus Baxter, we have a lot to get through.”


“Wake up Dylan we are almost there.”

“Huh?” came Dylan’s reply from the back seat, he tried to stay awake and psych himself up for what he was about to do. The five hour car journey was more boring than he could have imagined, he was impatient and not a good traveler. Baxter just sat in the driver’s seat in brooding silence. Again Dylan was unsure if he was pissed at himself for failing his number one client or if he was jealous that this sixty four year old man was paying for something that he had always secretly wanted; Dylan in the sack.

He sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. They were on a long gravel road that led up to a big cottage. Half of the red bricks were covered in a thick layer of ivy. To the left was a forest. Parked in front of the steps that led to the front door was a brand new charcoal grey Bentley.

“Damn, he really is enjoying his retirement.” Baxter exclaimed.

“Tell me about it, I want all of this in the next five years, I don’t want to be old and saggy and not get to enjoy it. What kind of pussy is he hoping to attract with that?” He said pointing at the Bentley.

Baxter laughed as he pulled up and parked behind the luxurious car. His palms were sweating.

“It’s still not too late to back out you know.” He said, turning around in his seat.

“He agreed to all my demands didn’t he?”

Dylan and his agent had written a list of things that Dylan expected to happen and things he categorically wouldn’t negotiate on, no matter the price.

He had told Kelvin there was to be zero kissing and Dylan himself wouldn’t perform oral. He had to sign a confidentiality agreement, no photography or recording of their liaison was to take place. They would discuss in detail what Kelvin wanted to happen and then if Dylan backed out he was still going to receive a percentage of the fee. Baxter was to remain on the premises at all times.

They had both agreed that Baxter would act like his body guard, all questions would be directed to him until the session began. Dylan’s mouth started to go dry. He decided to wear clothes that were as far from his brand image as possible. Black skinny jeans that hugged his thick thighs and ass cheeks, a red and black checked hooded sweater gave a hint of his big biceps but left it to the imagination also. He felt that if he walked in to the cottage dressed in work out gear it would give Kelvin the impression that he had bought all of him and his identity, by wearing clothes that for the most part covered up his body, he felt that he had the upper hand.

Once Kelvin had replied, agreeing to all of their conditions, Dylan had watched a lot of dom/sub porn, both straight and gay. He usually tended to be the dominant in the bedroom, it was all his ego would allow, but now that he was getting paid handsomely for it he wanted to go all out.

Baxter approached the dark blue door and rapped three times with the giant brass knocker. Dylan had his back to the door, he gazed out on the well tended sweeping front lawn, the country air filling his lungs, what nerves he had vanished as he heard the front door open.

It was game time and Dylan loved to win.


Dylan forced himself to sit on the sofa of the living room and look disinterested, Kelvin had gone to get them some drinks. Sun shone in through the window facing the back yard. Baxter stood at the giant fireplace admiring the large painting that hung on the chimney breast. Kelvin had greeted them at the door, hesitant at first before relaxing. He forgot himself a few escort çapa times and directly asked Dylan some questions, a swift death stare and he resumed asking Baxter. The interior of the cottage was decked out in original fixtures and fittings, bright wooden floors, small square windows. Dylan knew that if he had to stay here more than a few hours he would begin to go crazy.

Kelvin returned carrying a tray with a decanter filled with a brown liquid and three giant crystal tumblers. He accepted the drink without making eye contact or saying thank you. As he took a sip he looked him up and down. The photo he attached didn’t do him justice. He was taller than Dylan imagined, the navy jumper he wore, hung from his broad shoulders, the pot belly no longer visible.

“He is obviously not using his retirement to relax” Dylan thought, the drink now burning his throat, as Kelvin turned to give Baxter his drink, he looked at his back, his eyes lingered on his surprisingly chunky ass.

His aura of power told Dylan that this was a man who was used to commanding a room and making important decisions. He felt another twinge in his pants as he thought about how he was going to rob Kelvin of all that power.

He stood up, drink in hand, while Baxter and Kelvin fine tuned the arrangement and began to walk around the room looking at all the photographs that hung from the walls. It was a selection of very powerful people from the world of politics, sport and movies. Dylan wasn’t sure of any of their names but he recognized their faces.

He could hear the conversation behind him stop, he slowly turned around, Baxter was folding sheets of paper and sliding them inside his coat pocket. Dylan knew they were the contract sheets.

“I’ll wait here.” He said sheepishly. “Everything is good to go.”

“Lead the way Kelvin.” Dylan said swallowing all of the drink and slamming it down on a fancy looking coffee table. Those were the first words he had spoken since he had entered the cottage. He could see Kelvin’s face light up at finally hearing his deep voice in person.

Kelvin walked to the table and grabbed Dylan’s glass, he had the decanter and his own tumbler in hand, as he walked past he just nodded, a giant smile on his face, he knew better than to make eye contact.

Dylan turned around and gave Baxter a heavy look.

“Catch you on the flip side.” He said before he closed the door and followed Kelvin up the stairs.


The wall leading to the upstairs was covered in more photos of Kelvin with influential people, the sun shining in through the semi circular stained glass window above the front door cast a multicolored light against the dark wood of the stairs.

Dylan followed closely behind Kelvin, his chunky ass swaying slightly from side to side as they reached the landing and walked into a massive old fashioned bedroom. Wood lined every part of it, the floors and walls were light brown while the ceiling was a dark, almost black wood. A king sized bed was placed against one wall, the frame was large and intricate. Large spirals merged with flowers before swooping back into the golden wrought iron frame. The covers were a pale blue with pink flowers. Next to the head of the bed Dylan could see an en-suite.

“I am going to use the bathroom to get ready. You are to sit on the bed and wait for me to return. Is that understood?” He asked, surprising himself at his commanding tone.

Kelvin finally looked him in the eyes and nodded.

Dylan’s sneakers squeaked as he closed the bathroom door, condensation dripped from the walls. He could feel the steam still in the air. The bathroom housed a giant bathtub, at both ends it rose up, its fixtures were placed in the middle. At each corner four legs supported the tub, which on closer inspection Dylan found was made of iron. A toilet was placed in the corner, hidden almost by a giant dark vanity table, a round sink sat atop surrounded by oils, soaps, loin clothes and towels.

Once again Dylan found that he could appreciate the cottage but knew he could never live in a place like this. His earlier doubts and nerves were vanishing as he looked at himself in the big mirror that took pride of place over the sink. He ran his fingers through his hair and shrugged his shoulders a few times to loosen up. Seeing the look on Kelvin’s face as he ordered him to wait made his cock tingle. He was usually apprehensive with giving women orders in the bedroom but there was something different about dominating a man. He knew all his research and experience would come to good use.

He pulled open the door and walked back into the bedroom. His cocky swagger back in play.

“Stand,” He commanded.

Kelvin rose quickly from the bed and stood to attention as if he was a solider meeting his superiors.

Dylan’s mouth went dry.

“Pour me a drink.”

Kelvin nodded and walked to the bedside table, the decanter and tumbler were placed on an old breakfast tray.

“You can speak now,” Dylan said watching as he poured the brown liquid. “You must only answer with Yes Sir and No Sir, if things get a bit too much for you, you can use the save word. Any other talk from you and I will punish you until you get the message. We clear?”