Dad and Son Dialogues Ch. 04


Bobby hung up his phone from an early morning call with Marty. Sometimes they talked about school work; they both took most of the same classes, but mostly they talked about graduating soon and their futures.

Bobby knew that he had the grades and could attend any school he wanted to attend. Marty, however, was limited to where he could get a baseball scholarship and the only one that seemed really interested was the local Junior College.

Bobby was lying on the bed in his underwear, a pair of blue jockey shorts, not anxious to rush off to school this morning. Often, when he talked with Marty, he played with his dick, but never mentioned it as he was certain that Marty wouldn’t want to know. However, he was tempted to tell him. After all he was Bobby’s best friend. Today his cock was hard and sticking from the waist band of his underwear, the foreskin stripped back as he put the receiver on its cradle.

Thoughts of sex with Marty always stimulated him and he laid back to begin rubbing the protruding cock head. He remembered the trill the first time Marty’s hard dick went into his mouth. Releasing his own hard prick from the confining underwear he grasped the shaft and started to slowly stroke. The delicious feelings of arousal rolled through his stomach while savoring memories of the flavor of Marty’s pre-cum.

Then other thoughts intervened, the memory of when he watched his father masturbate in his shower. Remembering the huge cock hanging between his father’s legs and how the muscular man bent forward, grasping his balls, when he stroked the massive organ until he came. Bobby began stroking faster and reached down to cup his own balls the way his dad had done. Then he imagined being on his knees in front of the man as his father prepared himself to cum. Stroking at a furious pace the boy imagined cum beginning to dripple from his dad’s huge prick. He would lick to catch the salty flavor just as his own juice began squirting over his stomach. In his fantasies, he would open wide to accept cum shooting through the slit on his father’s dick head.

Afterward, the young man lay on his bed relieved and imagining his father’s large pole lying over his face. Desire for other men, especially his father, was beginning to frequently occupy his mind. bursa eskort bayan Jumping upward he realized that it was nearly time for him to be at school. The final graduation rehearsals were today and he couldn’t be late. Cleaning himself he dressed frantically while glancing at the clock displayed in his bedroom.

Bobby had also begun to notice another kid at school this semester, Jeff Douglas. They had known each other from little league baseball when they were younger. Their fathers coached together until Jeff’s parents divorced and he went away to live with his mother. But he’d recently returned back to this town to live with his dad. Bobby didn’t know him well enough to ask the reason why, though he’d heard when they were younger that Jeff’s mother could be a real bitch.

In the years he’d been away the boy had matured and become very handsome in a boyish way. He was growing up to resemble his father. They had reacquainted themselves with each other in the first week of the semester. However, after their initial greetings, Bobby stuck with his own established crowd though he had begun notice that their eyes always met when passing in the hall. He suspected the reason why was that he had also begun to realize how really attractive the young man was. He wondered if the boy felt the same.

One afternoon Bobby had been sent to the gym with a note for Coach Whitcomb. The coach wasn’t in his office, so Bobby began looking around the locker room for him when, from the showers, Andy walked into the room completely naked except for a towel thrown around his neck. Bobby stood frozen; his eyes followed the boy’s extended flaccid cock, swinging from side to side as he walked. Jeff saw Bobby and walked over to him, still naked. “Hey Bobby, what are you doing here.”

Bobby’s tried to look the young man in his face; but, his eyes kept dropping down to the appealing cock. He attempted conversation by telling him that he had a note for the coach; but he stammered and felt himself sweating. There was also a considerable swelling in his jeans.

“Coach left,” Jeff said, “said he was taking his wife to the doctor.” Then, with his right hand, he reached down and tugged on his cock. Alex noticed that the shaft was enlarging as the boy quickly wrapped bursa otele gelen eskort bayan himself in his towel.

They both stood speechless facing each other in the quiet locker room. Bobby had never even suggested anything sexual with anyone but Marty; but both of their eyes were suggesting more than either of their mouths could express.

Finally Jeff spoke in hushed tones, “there’s an empty room back behind the equipment room. Well, it does have some old equipment but it’s never used.” Looking Bobby directly in his eye he said, “Would you like to see it?” Down a hallway off the locker room was the room Jeff had referred to. Soon he was holding the door so that Bobby could enter. The only light came from a small window high up on the outside wall.

Once inside with the door closed, Bobby said “Can I see?” as he removed the towel Jeff had placed around him. Disposed of the towel, the boy’s cock sprang upward along his stomach. “Wow, that’s nice,” Bobby whispered.

“Now let me see yours,” Jeff responded, tugging at Bobby’s belt. With Bobby’s help the belt quickly opened then his trousers unzipped and pulled down to his feet. Jeff pulled the young man’s underwear band outward and reached inside to grab the enlarging penis just as he felt Bobby’s fingers grasp his own rod.

“I’ve always wondered what it would be like to touch your dick, Bobby,” Jeff spoke.

“You’re really big,” he said, beginning to lightly stroke fully erect penis.

“You’re not so bad yourself Jeff.” Leaning hesitantly toward the young man holding his cock, Bobby placed a light kiss on his lips.

Jeff gasped aloud when their lips met. “I’ve always wanted that,” he said, “but I’ve never actually kissed anyone before.”

“Wow, really?” Bobby responded. “Neither have I, let’s do it some more.”

The two teenagers stood pressed together, at first awkwardly, then more relaxed as their hips began grinding together. Standing in the darkened equipment room, their lips locked in kissing. Against their slippery naked stomachs their hard, dripping pricks rolled against each other’s. The young men, muttering between themselves, said nothing meaningful other than their names.

Without speaking, bursa eve gelen escort Bobby bent down to take Jeff’s wet prick in his mouth. Jeff gasped at the feel of lips embracing his hard cock. Bobby felt fingers rubbing through his hair, grasping and releasing while he sucked.

After a short while, Bobby rose and said, “Your turn now Jeff. Find out what it’s like to suck a cock.”

Without hesitation Jeff knelt down enveloping the head of Bobby’s cock in his mouth. Bobby felt the strong sucking on the end of his prick and gently pushed Jeff’s head forward to take more of the hard rod.

Pulling backward Jeff said, “I can’t take much of it Bobby, you’re so big.” But with Bobby’s encouragement, he resumed smoothly moving his mouth back and forth along the turgid pole.

Very soon Bobby felt the pressure of semen rising in his balls. “Have you ever tasted someone’s cum, Jeff?” he asked. The kneeling boy didn’t answer. “Do you want to?” Bobby asked.

With no response, Bobby took that as an alright and began slowly rocking his hips as his cock slid forward and back in Jeff’s mouth. Soon he felt the warning sensations of cum preparing to shoot through the shaft of his cock. “I’m really close, Jeff. Get ready for it now,” the boy cried aloud.

With the first burst into Jeff’s mouth, the boy jerked backward pulling away from Bobby’s cock. White sum splashed over his face and onto the boy’s chest.

“Oh man,” he said wiping his mouth, “that’s a weird taste, Bobby, really salty.”

Without hesitating and still spewing drops of cum, Bobby knelt down as he pulled Jeff upward. “It’s my turn now, buddy.”

Pressing Jeff’s cock deep within his mouth he began vigorously sucking on the hard rod. His hand grasped the boy’s smooth hips, pulling them forward then abruptly pushing them away. Jeff quickly picked up the rhythm and soon was urgently humping Bobby’s face. Jeff wanted to shoot badly and very soon he felt his hot semen flowing from him in violent spurts.

Bobby tightened his mouth down on Jeff’s hard penis to capture the pungent discharge that began filling his mouth. He swallowed the spurting fluid as it shot through the boy’s prick.

Soon it was over as quickly as it had begun. Jeff reached to wrap himself in his towel while Bobby pulled his underwear and pants upward.

Despite his suddenly self-consciousness, Jeff muttered softly, “I really liked that, Bobby.”

Exuding a new found assurance, Bobby answered firmly, “So did I Jeff.”

Exiting the scene of their rendezvous, they both agreed that a repeat encounter should be soon.