Dad , Daughter Meet Mom , Son Ch. 03

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I have chosen a most perfect comment from BigPopsHB as the intro for this story. Leave a great comment and you may see yours as the introduction of a new story!

g”Who should I be with tonight? Dad? Todd? Philippe? Does Philippe have a niece that would play with all of us?” Ready to tune in to the next chapter of this developing sexy soap opera. More, soon, please.h

I normally make myself busy with pre flight checks, but this time I was relegated to the door. I didn’t mind greeting passengers, but some could be so demanding and cranky.

“Hi there, Alessia.” The memorable warm male voice reverberated straight to my pussy.

“Todd! I’ll be back to chat later.”

My usual route was Orlando to Indianapolis and Detroit. I’d switched with another flight attendant needing the time off for their honeymoon. I was on the second leg of a late flight, and would layover in Detroit.

The plane was nearly empty compared to flying into Orlando and I quickly got my work done.

“Great to see you! You had to leave so suddenly, I wasn’t able to say goodbye.”

He nodded. “I had a chance to finish my degree at a college out west and grabbed the opportunity. I had a job waiting in Detroit after graduation.” His impeccably tailored suit indicated he was successful.

We went on to catch each other up. He hadn’t been home to see his Mom much because his schedule had been so tight. I explained how my promotion led to flying more than ever along with training.

“Are you flying back tonight?”

“I have a layover in Detroit and a afternoon flight back to Orlando tomorrow.”

He leaned nearer, his lips brushed my ear, his breath as hot and moist as a Florida summer. “You can stay with me.” Our lust for each other had always simmered on the surface.

His car was parked in a darkened corner of the parking garage. After stowing the bags, he came around the car to open my door. I accidentally brushed against him and found myself powerfully pinned against the the car. He groaned, tipped his head and I was under the full onslaught of a potent kiss.

“Alessia, you always drove me crazy,” he rasped and trailed kisses and nips down my neck. His cock was hard and throbbing when I ground into him.

“Your cock is so fucking hot,” I murmured, gripping his hair, holding his head to seize control. “Fuck me dammit.”

I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He yanked my skirt and pushed his fiery flesh against me. Nearly out of control, I wanted him to fuck me right in the public parking garage. I was so hot I wanted him to shove it in me right there against the car. My skirt up around my waist, panties ripped. I didn’t care who saw me. I needed it hard and rough.

I had my mouth buried in his neck, sucking and nipping. “Shove it in me. I need it now.” I was trembling, sliding my leg up the outside of his, opening wide.

“We can’t,” he ground out. Car doors slammed, wheeled cases rolling, people talking. “It’s too risky, baby.”

He opened the door and I collapsed on the seat, my skirt still bunched around my waist. My black thigh high hose were held up by a black satin garter belt. I spread my legs and he saw the ripped thong panties that had worked between my pussy lips. It rubbed my clit creating almost constant waves of pleasure. His cock was obscenely hanging out his fly, an angry red and pulsing.

I knelt on the seat and leaned across the center console. I had to taste him. Anyone walking by could see my ass, high in the air against the window, black garters pulled tight across my naked round globes,the string from my thong between. The same string cut through soft cunt lips and over my clit.

Like a smutty porn scene he laid the seat back, my head in his crotch, getting a blow job in the airport parking deck. I sucked and groaned and vibrated on his cock while strumming my clit. Voices nearby again. He put his hand on my head, but no way would I have stopped.

“Oh fuck… I’m cumming,” he growled, his ass lurched up off the seat and drove his cock further into my mouth. I swallowed every drop and licked him clean, careful not to get any on his suit or my uniform.

Still catching my breath, I tugged my skirt down and settled in my seat. “Don’t forget your seat belt!” I started giggling because he sat motionless, looking stunned.

“Wait’ll I get you home! You just wait!” He laughed.

I knew I was in for a knee quaking fuck because although we’d been in the same bed while his Mom and my Dad fucked, I fucked my Dad, and he fucked his Mom fucked, we never did.

When he got home he called Maddie and told her he had some time and was coming to Orlando. Wanting to be sure my Dad and her were both going to be there, he set a time frame, but no specific time.

“Mmmm, I think you have a plan,” I said, picking up the drink he had poured.

“Oh I have plans alright…. Plans for you right now.”

He led me into his bedroom that was totally dominated by a king size bed with a massive ornate metal headboard gaziantep escort reklamları and foot board.

“This is absolutely gorgeous, Todd!” I ran my fingers over the luscious curves of the cool metal.

Like the lines of a voluptuous woman, it was sensuous and curvy. The black iron was satin to the touch and cool, but warming quickly with the heat of your body. Long hip like curves blending into round orbs, then into the long curves of large pendulous breasts. This iron took on a woman’s form. Sultry and alluring.

He nodded. “I picked it up at a shop out in Warren. I made three trips to get it all. They said it was from one of the car moguls estate.”

“Yessss, I believe it, it’s huge,” I whispered. I was enthralled with the size. The foot board was actually taller than me, the headboard, even higher.

“I need a shower,” he said. “Care to join me?”

His shower was relatively compact, typical for an apartment. But I savored his hard body against mine, and by his reaction, he didn’t mind my softness against him.

He lathered soap into a soft froth with his hands. He stroked, caressed, pressured, tickled and fondled me until I trembled. I stroked my hands down his hard body. He was a man that worked out. Muscled worked under his skin as I treated him to the same, fueling the fires.

I petted his chest and teased his nipples, which elicited a surprised moan from him. I smiled. So many men didn’t know their nipples were erogenous zones. I squeezed his cock in my slick hands and fondled his fat balls. I stroked up his sides and he pulled me into him.

Our skin slick, nipples rubbed his lightly furred chest. He grabbed my ass and pulled me harder against him. We kissed.. Tongues thrusting, fucking each others mouths, promising what was to come. My nails scored his back, denting his skin when grabbed his hard globes.

“Fuck me,” I ground out. I needed his cock inside me.

I stood before the bed. Monstrous. Sexy. Overwhelming. This was a bed for sex. Screaming, clawing, rough, wild humping and bucking animal sex.

I crawled to the foot board, stretched to grab the cool metal. Arms spread wide, knees spread. Wide open to Todd. I had to involve that bed in our sex. It was compelling.

He crawled up behind me and I felt his breath on my wide open cunt. He ran his hands over my ass, between my thighs, down my inner thighs. I whimpered at his teasing. His hands on my ass, I felt his lips brush and then sharp crack of his hand. I cried out.

“Oh god yeah, Todd,” I whimpered.

He soothed the red skin, kissing it and nipping and pinching with his teeth. I arched, hanging onto the hard iron. I loved it and I hated it. Stop. Don’t stop. Another smack on my ass. And another and another. It was like a lightning bolt straight to my clit. I came in a long wail like I’ve never heard from myself before. I trembled uncontrollably from the orgasm.

The same on the other ass cheek. I clung to the metal, so cool and smooth. I whimpered for more. He nipped and nibbled hard and slapped my ass into another orgasm. I panted, hanging from the foot board, I couldn’t let go. I wouldn’t let go.

I felt his steamy breath on me again and moaned for his mouth. I jerked when his tongue prodded my pink rosebud. I felt the tip of his finger pushing, just as he pushed through, he pushed his fingers into my cunt. Filling both holes. I moaned, needing more. Just then he removed his fingers and I softly cried out.

The bed moved behind me. I was still clinging to the iron, my fingers nearly numb.

His cock head stroked my wet slit, teasing my clit. Then came another swat but on my pussy. I jerked and cried out, but I didn’t want him to stop. The tip of his cock trailing down my slit. I was wet, but I could feel his pre cum mixing with my juices.

It probed my entrance. The head in, but back out. I sobbed. The head pressured my clit, rubbing it hard. His breathing became heavy. I moved my hands lower so I could push back. My fingers ached. My nipples ached. I trembled every time his cock poked in.

He pushed in a little further and I hissed through my teeth when he pulled back out again. My arms shook from the strain, but I couldn’t let go.

This pain. This pleasure. I was somewhere I had never been. I whimpered and moaned, begging for release. I sobbed, needing his cock to fill me. My skin was slick with sweat. My aching tits swayed. Hanging heavy. Feeling full and swollen.

I needed his touch whether it was pain or pleasure.

Suddenly his cock rammed in ball deep and I shouted with relief. The intrusion of his hot throbbing meat drove me into an orgasm. An orgasm so intense my vision dimmed and my hands fell from the foot board.

He held my hips and drove in fast and hard. I rode him harder. Our bodies slammed together. His fingers dug into my hips, then he grabbed my shoulders and held me in place. I knew I’d be bruised but I found pleasure gaziantep escort bayan reklamları in the pain.

He came loud, his shout echoed through my head, it was with an anguish that I knew was both pleasure and pain. My cunt rhythmically clenched his cock while he poured into me.

I collapsed on the bed and he lay on top of me. I wanted his weight. I wanted his sweat slick skin against mine. I was panting and he was rasping in my ear, his chest pressing into my back with his breaths.

He finally rolled off me, but I just lay there. I was numb from the waves still pounding through me.

“Damn, Alessia,” he finally said in a wavering voice. “What the fuck just happened.”

“It’s this bed.”

“It’s you baby.” The bed was a powerful presence. I felt it. I couldn’t let go.

Too paralyzed to move or think about why it affected me, I dozed off.

The smell of coffee always wakes me up. I felt as though I was hungover. Hungover from sex, yes.

I slipped on his white shirt over my nakedness and went looking for him. I had a chance to admire his body. Muscular, but not too much. Like a panther, his muscles moved under his sleek skin.

“Alessia! Hope I didn’t wake you up?” He turned and stopped when he saw me in his shirt.

“Hope you don’t mind me wearing your shirt.”

“Of course not. As long as you don’t mind me lusting after you. Again.”

I looked down and realized I’d only buttoned one lower button and above that was gaped open. I smiled, brushed past him and poured us both a cup of coffee.

“Alessia, you are the sexiest woman I’ve ever met. I’ve never done anything like I did last night. I felt compelled. I’m glad you went along with it,” he said, almost apologetically.

“Todd, it was the emotionally satisfying sex I’ve ever had. You took me to places I never knew existed.. I should be thanking you for helping me discover myself.” I stood on tiptoes and kissed him. His tongue dipped in my mouth and I tasted coffee and him.

He slipped his hand in my shirt and caressed my breast. “Mmmm, I guess I better not start anything. You have a flight to get ready for.”

I sighed. “Yes, much as I’d love to stay.”

“We will soon be meeting in Florida and can do some more catching up,” he grinned. “Among other things.”

Later that day when I walked to my car in the Orlando parking deck, I remembered what happened in another parking deck not twenty four hours earlier, and an earlier time with my Dad in my SUV on this very parking deck. My panties were soaked by the time I got to my car.

We all had worked out somewhat of a system. Dad would be waiting for me in my apartment when I got home and we’d have whatever time together we wanted. The rest of the time he stayed with Maddie. Philippe stayed in his place of the shop and stayed with me when Dad wasn’t here or when I wasn’t staying with Dad and Maddie. We’d be adding Todd back into the mixture while he was here.

I got in late and Dad was already in bed sleeping. I loved waking him up. I slowly pulled the sheet back and slipped in next to him. He was on his back and I took a moment to admire his body. He was older man, he was hot, and he was my daddy.

I flicked my tongue across his nipple and he mumbled. I lightly kissed lower, across his stomach. His cock lay on his stomach, semi erect, and I licked from his balls to the tip. He mumbled again, and squirmed. He breathing became slow and even again. I flicked my tongue on the underside of the head and like a snake, it moved on his stomach to get hard..

I think he was also dreaming, because he talked unintelligibly and his head moved from side to side. I probed the hole with my tongue. He groaned louder. Without touching his cock, I dipped my tongue under the tip and sucked the head into my mouth. He groaned louder and his legs were moving, he thrust up and down a couple of times, and whimpered. I slid my lips down to the base and engulfing the whole cock in my hot wet mouth.

He began thrusting again, his hands clenched the sheets. More unintelligible words. My teeth lightly scraped up the shaft and I sucked hard on his cock head, like he loves.

“Oh my god, Lessie, you know how to wake your Daddy up don’t you,” he said, his voice graveled from sleeping.

“Fuck my mouth, Daddy,” I whispered and took his cock into my mouth again. He groaned, wove his fingers through my hair and fucked my mouth. When I felt the first pulse, I pulled off and let him cum on my face and tits.

He gathered me into his arms. “You know what Daddy needs don’t you, honey.”

I sighed, snuggled into his arms and went to sleep.

I couldn’t wait to see Phillippe again and went early, silently entering his apartment. I left a trail of clothes to his bed. The light was dim, but not so dark I couldn’t see another form in bed with him. Philippe was spooned against someone else.

I didn’t know what to do. Run out. Confront him escort gaziantep reklamları now. Or… Phillippe rustled and rolled on his back, and saw me standing by the bed.

“Cherie! You are home!” He held out his arms but I didn’t join him. The sheet moved next to him and slipped away. AT the same time I discovered who was in bed with him, he said, “This is my lover too, but not to take your place mon amour.”

A version of Phillippe sat up in bed, the sheet falling, pooled in his lap. He began speaking French, and I shook my head. Phillippe spoke to him in French.

“I told him you don’t speak French, but unfortunately that’s all he knows,” he shrugged. “Communication will be a problem I’m afraid.”

My head was spinning. I find Phillippe in bed with another man and he is casual about it. He never mentioned he was bisexual and I was a bit shocked.

Just then, the other guy got out of bed and strolled to the bathroom, the same swinging cock. “Is he your brother?” I asked, my voice raising octaves.

“Yes yes! He is here on a visit. We have been lovers. Now come cherie, I need to feel your body next to mine.” He tugged me into his bed.

I snuggled into his naked body, still a bit stunned at the situation. “Is your brother gay or bisexual?”

“He laughed. “He is quite a ladies man! Like me, he would never give up women.”

He laid back down on the other side of Phillippe and smiled, saying something in French. “You look as though you could be twins!”

“We are cherie! He say’s you are a very beautiful woman, unlike most American women.” He laughed. “Are you okay that I’m bisexual,” he asked sincerely.

“Yes! I have no problem with it. A good friend is married to a bisexual man and tells me about their fun.”

“Oh? And it aroused you?”

“It did.” I admitted. “I have fantasies.”

“About you being with two men.” I nodded.

I was slightly embarrassed to admit it, but after my self discovery journey with Todd, why not.

His brother rolled to his back. “His cock looks like yours too!” He laughed. “Yes it does doesn’t it. His name is Alain. Communication might be a problem, but he is respectful of women as am I.”

“You are yes.”

I sat us and crawled over Phillippe to lay between them. Alain smiled and rolled to his side. He spoke whispered French while stroking my face. He was very seductive. Philippe rolled to his side and fondled my breasts. They pulled my legs over theirs, spreading me wide. I should have been embarrassed to be like this in front of an unknown, but I wasn’t.

Their hands were all over my body, caressing and stroking. I was highly aroused and my hips rocked. Both of their hands went to my pussy, and it was strangely erotic, two hand doing totally different things since they belonged to two different people.

“Mmmm,” I moaned. Fingers stroked through the folds of the inner lips of my cunt. They were delicate, but knew where to touch to get my response.

“Cherie, I must be inside you. It has been to long and my cock needs to be inside you.”

He rolled between my thighs, his cock immediately searching for entry. I was wet and ready . “Fuck me now, Phillippe.”

He pushed in slowly giving my cunt time to adjust to his size. My own man from porn movies, I thought. And his brother. He lay on me, supporting himself enough that I don’t get his full weight.

He groaned and began to speak French. He spread his legs and I lifted his my thighs over his. Alain’s fingers brushed my pussy and I realized he was fondling his brother.

“Is he fondling your balls?” Phillippe moaned and nodded.

“Mmmm,” I whispered, the idea of it was so erotic. “I want him to rub your ass. Then I want him to bite and nibble on your ass.”

“Cherie you’re killing me,” he said, but repeated it to Alain.

He moved between our legs and Phillippe’s cock began twitching inside me and he growled.

“Suck on his balls,” I said and Phillippe repeated.

“Mon amour, his mouth on my balls while my cock is buried in your hot cunt…” He gasped and I felt Alain’s fingers at the base of his cock, and pressing against my clit.

Phillippe cock pulsed inside me while his brother fondled us both.

“I want him to fuck you while you’re inside me.”

“Alessia… Are you sure?” I nodded. He shared it with Alain and he replied excitedly. Philippe adjusted his position and I felt his weight bear down when Alain mounted him.

The both groaned as Alain pressed into Phillippe. Alain began fucking him and stroking my thighs. It was a most erotic experience. Every time Alain drove into Phillippe, his cock went deeper in me.

Phillippe said something and Alain backed off so he could fuck me and ride Alain’s cock at the same time. Phillippe face was desire and passion. He was full, getting pleasure and giving pleasure. We were locked together in sexual pleasure. In the most immoral of passions.

An intense orgasm racked through my body. I whimpered long and loud and Phillippe cock exploded in me. He growled loud as he locked in deep and pumped. Hearing us Alain drove in and came hard.

After we all caught your breath, I lay between the brothers. Alain stroked my face and softly spoke French, occasionally brushing my lips with his.

“I think he’s falling in love with you,” Phillippe said, smiling.

“You’re not jealous are you?”

“Non! Non! I’m enjoying see you like this with him.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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