Dad Helps My Problem

Big Tits

This all started by me getting in a car accident a few days ago. I was hit by an oncoming car, and I was forced to wear a body cast, covering over 1/3 of my body. It was one of the casts that you have around your chest and arms, so your arms stick out and you are not able to write, hug, shake hands, or even jack off… which was my problem.

My father and I have been living together since my mother left ten years ago. I am an only child, and my father and I have always made everything work out perfectly, because we get along so very well.

To explain a little about myself, I am 18 years old, I play football in highschool along with baseball(which I am not very good at, but I still enjoy). I date around a little bit, but I have always been fonder of men, because I can barely shower after practice without my dick getting harder than mahogany. I am 6’3, about 190 lbs. I have short brown hair and blue eyes. I have an 8. 5 inch cock, and it is pretty thick. I measure it all the time to see if it has grown any. My father, on the other hand, is around 6′ 1″, 210 lbs, but still in great shape for his age. Dad had married my mother at a very young age, so my dad is only 18 years older than me, so we still have a lot of things in common, and it is very easy for us to get along. I just never knew that I had any sexual feelings built up over him.

After bursa otele gelen escort my wreck, I was released into my fathers care. My dad was so upset, he took off a while at work to be able to help nurse, feed and bath me. He never left my side for the first couple days, and when I would wake up, I would see my dad crying thanking God that I was still with him. I realized that I was all my father had left.

One day, I was watching tv in my room, and dad came in for my daily sponge bath. I was so uncomfortable by this, I was terrified of popping wood while dad was cleaning me, because I am sorry, 18 is a horny age, and if anyone is touching you, it is easy to pop wood. And I had not jacked off in nearly 3 days, which is a record for me.

Dad came in and started cleaning my feet and legs with soapy water… talking to me about the game that was on earlier. When low and behold, my dick got hard. Dad looked fairly embarrassed… but kept cleaning anyway. I almost cried I was so embarrassed. Dad just worked around it and then kinda scurried off when he was finished.

I was dying for some relief. I had no idea what had made me horny, but at that point, I was crazy horny and I couldn’t even reach my penis to do ANYTHING to it. I had no girlfriend to come help me out, and my little bursa eve gelen eskort suck buddy (also the quarterback of our team) would never come over to my house to give me head. I was stuck.

I finally stopped thinking about being so horny and fell asleep. When I was woke up by my dad feeding me breakfast. My cock was still hard, and dad had made little peeks at it and finally said that he was so sorry that this had happened to me, because he knows that I can’t get relief. I just looked really embarrassed and said… Oh its all right, no big deal.

Later that evening, dad came in to sponge bath. My dick was throbbing, and him cleaning my legs and thighs just made it worse. I felt like I would explode. Dad worked his way up and rubbed against my balls with the washcloth just slightly making me moan. Dad looked quite embarrassed, and I wanted to shoot myself then and there. Then dad picked up my dick to wash my stomach, and the second his hand made contact with my dick, I screamed, “NO dad, let go!!” and my hot cum came pulsing out of my cock. That was all it took to send me over the edge with an orgasm. My dad quickly cleaned up, said he was sorry and left.

I lay in my bed and cried, I was so unbelievably embarrassed. I knew my dad understood, but I mean come on, I just spunked because bayan escort bursa my dad was holding my cock. That is some fucked up stuff. But the pressure was gone, and to be honest, I did feel better.

Dad came in the next day, and acted as though nothing had happened. I was so happy that he did that, because it would have been too much to bear. Then came the time for the sponge bath. Dad came in, as always, and I was getting cleaned up and down my legs, then my dad did something he has never done before, he rubbed my balls (seemed to be intentionally, but you think a lot of things when you are horny) and even stroked my cock some with the washcloth. I was of course, hard as a rock, and I started moaning. He kinda rubbed a little bit more and I could feel it tightening in my balls, and I said “oh daddy” he took off the washcloth and beat my dick for all it was worth. I came so hard and so fast I had no idea what was happening. Dad looked at me and said he wanted to help me out since I couldn’t do it. And that I shouldn’t feel too embarrassed because all guys jack off. But what about guys getting horny because their dad is holding their dick. I think that is a whole ‘nother level of screwed up. When dad got up to leave after cleaning me up, I could have sworn I saw a big bulge in his pants. I was shocked, but then I talked myself out of it. Then I heard the bathroom door swing open, and dad rushed into the bathroom. I heard the familiar sounds of someone beating off and moaning and grunting then I heard a loud groan, then the toilet flush. My dad just fucking jacked off in the bathroom after he had jacked off his son! I was hard again, and I just couldn’t wait to see what was in store for tomorrow.