Daddy and 18-year-old Daughter Dhan

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Meet Daddy’s favorite girl – his beautiful, longhaired, long-lashed, long-legged, 18-year-old daughter Dhana.

At the backyard pool, Daddy watches Dhana splash in her new white bikini, & Daddy smiles…his youngest daughter, who is headed off to college this fall, was a late bloomer, but now she is turning into such a beauty! She has a sparkling, quick, grin, rose-strawberry lips, and a bright laugh. Her formerly skinny, coltish body is now blooming, her little girl breasts swelling beneath the skimpy striped top, her long legs curved and supple, glistening in the chlorinated water.

Daddy so enjoys her happy laugh as she tosses her auburn hair over her white bare shoulders

Dhana waves back to Daddy.

Dhana loves her Daddy, too. He’s so big and strong. He’s so much fun.

But tonight, after the pool, Daddy has to leave on a business trip.

For a week, Dhana pines for her Daddy.

Nothing is as fun without Daddy. Not swimming, not TV, not games…

She didn’t know how much she’d miss him! Dhana’s had boyfriends in high school, but nobody she really loved as much as Daddy. Truth is, she’s still (almost) a virgin — at 18!

When Daddy finally comes home, the house is dark and everyone’s asleep.

Daddy walks by Dhana’s room, and pauses at the door. It’s open a little…

He sees that Dhana has pushed off her covers.

In the moonlight, her pretty little white nightgown with the little red flowers embroidered on the hem has slipped up in the hot night.

Her long bare legs are tan and glistening from her happy days at the pool.

Daddy sees she’s put on one of his rings, from his dresser, on her little toe.

He smiles. That’s so cute!

Daddy puts down his briefcase.

He decides to kiss his sleeping daughter goodnight.

He’s missed her so, and she’s so beautiful.

He walks in and sits down on the bed by his sleeping daughter.

She sighs as the bed bounces…turns onto her back, still sleeping, and her slanted nightgown top slips off her shoulder, revealing just the edge of a perfect, pert, cup-sized left breast.

Daddy smiles, leans down, and kisses her cheek. Soon he won’t be able to do this…she’ll be at college.

She stretches out, smiling…even asleep, she can tell Daddy’s here…

Still sleeping, she smiles as Daddy gives her little butterfly kisses. He brushes her bare shoulder with his hand. He strokes along her neck and throat.

Her legs stretch out…long…parting slightly…

His hand lovingly brushes her hair, and then softly caresses her shoulders, and smoothes the top of her nightie back up over her growing curves.

Dhana sighs with pleasure as he strokes her.

“Hi, honey,” he whispers.

She doesn’t wake yet.

As she shifts, her nightgown hem slips up, to reveal her new blue panties, her bikini pair. They are tucked neatly between her legs, the left side folded against her own fold of skin, sleek and soft and tight, a wedge of thin cotton over the soft swelling.

Daddy looks at as his daughter’s legs, even as he still absently strokes her shoulders.

Her thighs tense up a little, then relax, under Daddy’s soft sweeping hand.

Daddy marvels at how his daughter’s white skin practically gleams beneath his firm hand, frictionless and powdery.

Daddy’s hand loving her smooth skin, tracing with his fingers along its slick, hot white surface.

He leans forward, planning on giving her one last light kiss to the cheek, but when his sleeping daughter senses Daddy near?

She moves a little, unconsciously, and her lips meet his.

Their lips touch.

His taste so sweet and hot. Hers are like perfume, red cinnamony candy, white teeth –near perfumed breath — he adores the way she feels and tastes.

Dhana sighs, and he breathes her in.

Their tongues entangle lightly. Then wetly.

She whimpers and raises up a little to meet him.

In her dreams, she’s kissing dream Daddy, too.


He lightly runs the tip of his tongue around just the inside of her mouth.

Dhana pulls at his tongue a little, a light suction.

Daddy’s hand brushes Dhana’s thigh.

“Daddy, mmmm,” she murmurs, still half asleep.

As Dhana kisses her Daddy, she feels the first flickering of a gentle, tiny warm flame along her body, from her neck down to her middle.

Daddy and Dhana now kiss deeply, their tongues socketing in each other’s mouths.

Daddy decides he’ll just kiss once more. He’ll get comfortable.

Even as they continue to kiss, Daddy now softly, gently, without making noise, lies down next to Dhana.

He takes her into his arms. Her scent is a high, clean, yeasty soap, her warmth, her feather light limbs…her arms are sheeny with warmth.

She wants in closer and so does he.. She pants a little. So does he.


Daddy smells so good. Dhana does, too.

Heat between them. Skin to skin.

Dhana now slowly wakens to her Daddy’s handsome, smiling face.

She sighs happily.

“Oh, daddy, you’re home.” she whispers. “I missed you so.

“I missed you too, sugar.”

“And bursa otele gelen eskort I -” she blushes, “I think I was just dreaming of you.”

“I’ve been dreaming about you, too.”

She leans forward, giggling, to kiss him a little again, and Daddy sees that once again her left breast is half cupped in the folds of the cloth, the top of her strawberry nipple peeking out.

Daddy doesn’t re-cover it this time.

He leaves it naked.

Daddy’s hand strokes softly along her covered hip. It feels so hot and good to her and to him.

Dhana whispers, “I was dreaming — about when we took our swim together last month? After everyone else left.”

Daddy brushes the hair back from her forehead.

“Yes, I remember, too. Just you and me, huh.”

Dhana’s voice grows excited and hoarse. Daddy’s hands run over her slim hips.

“We swam.” she whispers.


“We…broke the rules.”

“Uh huh.”

“I… you…had me…” She blushes.” we swam.”

“Yes. Tell me how.”

“Daddy, you swam along the pool with me like…”

She reaches out for his leg, holding it softly, pulling it towards her middle.

“… that.”

“Yes, kitten. It felt so good.”

He hugs her tightly around the waist. Her legs fasten around his thigh. The ring flashes on her little toe. Her hair shifts, brushing his stomach.

His hands pet her sweetly. One wrist brushes her nearly naked nipple, and it’s like electricity in Dhana.

She loves the feel of his body. And Daddy loves his daughter’s body against him. It feels better than he could have imagined.

Heat between them. Daddy’s leg is so strong.

“Daddy, stay home this time, don’t’ leave again. And can we go swimming again?”

“Sure, Dhana. We’ll go swimming a lot.”

“We will?”

“Every day. I’ll bring you a new bikini. Every day.”

“Daddy…please…” Her lips brush his neck.

“I’ll help you put it on if you want to.”

“I would.”

They kiss each other, passionately now — the sound of their kisses softly filling the room.

But Daddy’s not letting her keep her legs around his right thigh.

The little flickering flame along her skin now pulses to her middle.

It flares between her legs. Hungry.

She wants to clamp down.

Daddy won’t let her.

Still, his big legs are oak, strong, she holds herself against them, and Dream Daddy is strong. Daddy’s fingers flutter along the fresh little curve between her hips, her untouched center.

Dhana snuggles against him, massaging Daddy’s back, And Daddy does the same for Dhana, his big hands going down to the small of her back…then lower…

..they are lying facing each other now.


Dhana’s hands brush Daddy’s pants in front. He groans.

Daddy’s palms massage against Dhana’s pert little bottom, and slightly cup her, pulling her apart a little.

In front, her middle feels hotter.

Dhana feels heat between her legs and a new slickness. There is a new smell, too, her own scent.

Daddy takes in a breath.

Dhana loves how she can make Daddy sigh.

Her panties bow a little bit as Daddy’s fingertips kiss all along the scalloped edge of the cotton.

Daddy still holds her a little apart from him, but the air between their bodies is hot and electric.

Daddy’s fingers brush the newly developed little protruding lips of her slit through the cloth.

His fingers tease at her, and she moans. She bows against him.

“Would you like to pretend we’re at the pool now?” he asks her softly.

Her breath quickens, and her lips go against his neck, the rough but velvety jaw.

“Oh, Daddy…Please.”

Are you sure, honey?””

“Daddy, I want to.” Dhana whimpers.

She leans in a little against his hand below. This time he lets her stay.

His strong hand feels good against her middle. So hot down there.

Daddy stays just like he is, his fingers still. Hard against her little sweetening cotton covered slit mound.

She pushes into him a little, rocking.

He tentatively feels her lips, just parting…but then…

Daddy finally pulls away and she whimpers.

He smiles in the moonlight. He runs his hands along her hip and she shivers.

“I think,” he finally says, “that if we are going to swim, you shouldn’t have on this nightgown. Not for swimming.”

“No, Daddy. I shouldn’t. Not for swimming. Uh huh.”

“I’ll take it off then sugar.”

“Oh please Daddy.”

she’s hungry now, feels wild.

Daddy pulls up her little nightgown, pulling it over her shoulders slowly, revealing her naked breasts and body.

Dhana sighs as the cloth runs over her body.

Slickly it comes off… over her head. her arms up. her long hair spread out…

And now his lovely long legged daughter is only wearing little bikini panties, almost nude in the hot night.

She lies on her back, her arms over her head, staying as they were when he pulled off her nightgown.

Ready for Daddy’s inspection.

Daddy can’t believe it as he looks at her bursa eve gelen escort bayan body. He gently traces along her waist with one soft finger.

She’s tall, nearly five ten. Her body is so long and slim, her hips revealing her muscled belly, inwardly curved and beautiful. His finger traces to her small-cupped breasts with the strawberry colored nipples that turn upright in the moonlight — her pert schoolgirl breasts that look almost wet in the night. Her legs are so shapely and endlessly long. The triangle of her panties in the middle of her hips.

Daddy’s finger on her nipple makes it all hot. Dhana relaxes, groaning.

She feels so good, the air on her skin glowing.

She loves being half naked, splayed out on the bed next to Daddy, naked save for her little slanted blue panties.

A doll for him to play with.

Her body hot and ready. No boy has made her feel like this — and she’s tired of not having who she really wants.


He slowly smoothes her skin, palming her shoulders and then down her sides. Dandling her soft breasts and then stroking along her hollow belly. Down to her legs.

Playing with the body of his nearly nude Dhana.

For silent minutes, he commandingly and appreciatively runs his hands along her body, her arms, legs, and shoulders. avoiding her covered sex and her middle, just touching her all over the rest.

Now Daddy, with a smile, gently rolls her over.

She gasps, and smiles happily. Obediently lies on her stomach.

She slightly spreads her legs, peeking out from below her panties.

His daughter’s bottom with its panties sucked into the middle.

He sighs.

She scissors her legs open slightly more.

When he sees his daughter’s hot little shadowed mound, he tears his eyes away, and guiltily rolls her back over.

She looks surprised at Daddy.

“Oh, sugar,” he gasps.

“It’s good, Daddy. I love being touched by you.”

“Oh, God.”

“Please don’t stop.”

She takes his left hand and inserts his index finger into her mouth and gently sucks on it, her eyes watching him pleadingly.

Daddy groans. He can’t help himself.

he leans forward and they kiss passionately.

She loves being in his arms.

He kisses her softly and then lets her back down on the bed.

She’s on her back now, for Daddy.

Daddy gazes at her lovingly, and now his eyes go down to below her waist.

Dhana glances down. There is a little dark spot of wetness in the front of her tight, pretty little panties.

Daddy’s looking, too, and seems fascinated and hungry by it.

The truth is, Daddy loves that her pussy is clearly outlined now, a tight little vertical slit, gray pearl line.

Daddy smiles when he sees it, and she relaxes. Moans. Lips flicker into a wicked smile.

Soon Dhana grows proud of the little wetness.

She opens her legs a little, slants one leg out.

Daddy leans forward to inspect her middle a little more…he so clearly loves seeing it.

Dhana thrust it forward. Presenting it to Daddy.

He lusts for it.

Daddy loves seeing the outlines of his daughter’s sex through the cloth of her underwear.

In fact, he seems entranced.

Daddy bends a little bit closer to Dhana’s middle, here on the bed. Daddy brings his face closer down.

She can feel his breath on her belly, light, teasing.

He hovers over her midsection, and strokes his daughter’s concave, muscular belly softly, lovingly, and then runs his finger right down the widening wet line on her panties, claiming her boldly, and she gasps.

Her body arches. Bringing herself up to him. There is a hot flame, along with wetness, between her legs. Daddy’s fingers feel wonderful.

She breathes in and out. Hunger. Wanting. Scenting. Sweetening more down there.

Daddy raises back up, face to face with Dhana, keeping a hold of her hips.

They kiss, hot and without holding back now. Dhana’s tongue goes into Daddy’s mouth.

Exploring. Hugging against him. Dhana rolls Daddy’s tongue with her own, holding it almost expertly, instinctively, sucking it. Sucking softly on it. daddy tastes like mints.

Daddy groans. Daddy’s tongue pushes back now, goes into her mouth strongly, exploring.

She wants to be explored and tongued.

Her nipples rub against Daddy’s chest as she writhes against him. She is muscular, taut, her nubbin of a belly button stretching slightly. Daddy can’t believe how good she feels.

Daddy finally breaks the kiss and they both breathe hard.

Hot breath between them.

“Daddy, I’m all hot down there.”

“Yes, sugar. It makes you beautiful.”

He palms her, her body rising up to meet his hand.

Dhana’s nipples tighten up, and glow. Her calves bend in, her toes spreading.

He smoothes her viola-shaped back with his hands, running them up and down her spine, feeling each vertebrae. Daddy’s strong hands feel like a drug flooding her.

But he pulls away from her middle, his forehead wrinkling, clearly feeling guilty.

“I shouldn’t …touch bayan eskort bursa you down there,” he says.

“Why not, Daddy?”

He just smiles and shakes his head.

“I’m gonna try to be good.”

“But Daddy, you promised me we could swim like we did in the pool.”

“Yes. Well -“

She puffs out her red lips, pouting, teasing.

“At least let’s do that, Daddy, oh please!

He smiles, his eyes troubled..

“Okay, sugar. But we’ll leave your panties on. That’ll be the rule.”

:Okay, daddy.”

“Time for the pool ride,” he whispers, smiling again.

She nods.


He smiles, and now just gently scoops her off the bed. He lies down, holding her up in the air. She floats as if she weighs almost nothing.

Daddy holds her over him, and opens his legs, then sets her right down on his muscled right thigh, spreading her legs so her middle is against his trouser leg, her thighs on either side of him.

Heat between her legs, like nothing she’s ever had.

Oh, it’s so good for Dhana.

“This is how Daddy and Dhana swam in the pool, sugar,” he whispers.

“Oh, yes, Daddy, please.”

He feels so good under her middle. Her underwear rubs against her little flattening mound.

Dhana groans and now her thighs tense, and she grips him tighter.


Riding him now.

“Oh…” she moans, a little more loudly.

Her fresh little sleek lips down there grip onto his muscular thigh, sliding like slickness and her own lubrication, the fine translucent hairs on her upper tanned thigh like soft down against his palms.

Slipping onto Daddy. Sucking up against him down below, her virgin pussy like a second mouth, sucking hungrily.

Diana’s pretty face distracting into a frown as she concentrates on this new sensation.

Her clit engorging, rolling, feeling hotter. Feeling like the tongue in her new little mouth.

She moans.

Daddy shushes her gently.

But Dana is lost in her new hot lust.

Pressing down. Riding.

Riding Daddy.

Dhana groans. It feels so good down in her hot middle. Heating.

Dhana grips tighter, adjusting to get a better-wet grip. She closes her eyes as she is clamping down. Rocking a little. Her panties are wrinkling and being pushed to one side by the leg fucking. Oh, Daddy’s thigh feels so good, trapped between her legs

The sound of her pussy sucking against Daddy. Just the sound in the silent night. Sucking. Moving. Heating.

Juice trickles down either side of Daddy’s thigh, spreading Dhana’s wetness along Daddy’s suit leg.

She rocks and whimpers for a while, until Daddy groans.

“Sugar,” Daddy says hoarsely, “you feel so good. I can feel you tightening up on me.”

“This is just what we did at the pool, Daddy. Only more.”


She rocks some more. The heat between her legs grows. She can feel herself below in a new way, like she’s unfurling and warming and growing.

Her pussy feeling like a separate thing, a hungry thing by itself.

He stops.

“Don’t stop, Daddy, not this time, please.”



But he does. And now he lifts her slightly off his leg. She tries to go back. Little wet lips below aching for more touch.

He holds her up, smiling.

She almost cries with frustration.

Daddy’s smile is shadowed.

He lifts her up and puts her beside him.

“The rule is that we can’t make noise, honey. Can you be quiet? Then we can do more of that. But you have to stay very quiet.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

She hugs him. He’s so big and strong. She kisses his neck and touches his tie.

“Daddy, I love breaking the rules with you.”

“Sugar pie.”

She nods, her middle heating even more. She looks at him, almost pouting.

She wants back on him. He doesn’t move.

“Daddy, what about your clothes, too? You wouldn’t have this on in the pool.”

He smiles.


“Not if I don’t.” She makes a little pout.

“Okay, sugar,” he says huskily.

He starts to remove his tie.

Dhana smiles and eagerly comes forward, her little hands helping him pull down his pants and takeoff his shirt, his belt buckle clinking…

But when Dhana eagerly pulls at Daddy’s underwear, he stops her hand.

He doesn’t let her take off his underwear.

“Hang on,” he whispers.

Dhana whimpers petulantly.

For a minute, Dhana doesn’t move from Daddy’s thighs, her hands on either side of his white underwear.

The big bulge in the front fascinates her.

She leans forward to kiss it, and Daddy pulls her up and holds her.

He is breathing hard.

“No, sugar.”

“Daddy, please. I want to.”

“No…but…” His loving face is troubled…but as he looks at her, all wet and gleaming, he swallows….

She lays her head against his thighs and sighs, her hot breath on his legs.

“Oh, god,” he gaps….

and he can’t help himself.

“Let’s strip you first, honey.”

She sighs hungrily, nodding, not trusting herself to speak, she’s so happy.

Daddy hovers over her. His face is smoldering hungry desire-filled as he looks down at her.

He palms the sides of her bikini underwear.

“mmm please, please.” she murmurs.

She wants to be naked for Daddy so badly.

Daddy simply puts Dhana down on the bed now. He kneels beside her, stroking her until she whimpers.

Now Daddy he puts his hands on either side of her panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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