Daddy Dearest Ch. 03

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The Daddy Dearest series was written to match the style of the 1970 screen plays for XXX porn industry. Emphasis however, is on the modern honesty, and superior communications of the present adult community. Philosophy is also added to the mix to improve reality.

Ideally chapter 1 was to be a quick enticement, followed by chapter 2 that brought you deep into the story.

The Cast:

Daddy, a math professor that has helped raise 3 adult daughters.

Audra, a 19 year old nymphomaniac that is getting ready to enter med school. She is currently living with her boy friend.

Brenda, a 21 year old cosmologist who was living with her mom.

Charlene, a 23 year old Philosophy major, and the central figure in this fictional romp (that has some basis in fact – that we shall leave to the reader’s imagination)!!

Mom, a 45 year old divorcee that is a business manager – that was doing her best to raise her remaining daughter.

[NOTE: It would be best to start with chapter 1 to gain the total impact of this trilogy. The speed/rhythm of these tales is centered upon the women I have dated (women with IQs greater than 112), and my association with the older porn stars whose interest was primarily to have fun.]


Brenda: Dressing for sex?

“Gosh Dad, you are a lifesaver. I feel like a fairy princess rescued from the flaming dragon!”

“Sweetheart, you should not talk about your mother that way, she really was trying to raise you the best she could. Now that you are 21 you can pick and choose the direction for your life. I think it wonderful that you chose to put yourself in my hands for a bit of guidance.”

“Dad, you are wonderful. Picking me up in this rented SUV so you could take along all my belongings, giving permanence to my separation from Mom. You are my knight on a silver stallion, and I will reward you with all my love.”

“Lets not get into that right now Brenda, I am seriously driving! We will be able to relax in Denver, halfway to your new home Baby.”

“Dad, I am glad Mom saw the light, I am just not cosmologist material. You are absolutely correct that my field of study should be engineering, like you big Daddy! I am the scrawny athletic type, 5′ 2 inch 98 pound marathon runner, not at all like my sisters. I enjoy putting things together and making them work – and I am not talking about sex! I know my sisters are limited, with sex foremost on their mind, and must admit that I kinda have the same problem – I just haven’t found my comfortable niche yet. After talking to my siblings I have finally realized the direction I must go, following your advise would be the best. I guess we all have a love affair with you Dad.”

“Darn it, you’re making me blush. Sworn to secrecy just isn’t modern apparently! Who else knows?”

“Mom only suspects you’re screwing my sisters, they don’t make confessions to her any more, so you’re safe there Dad. Now will you feel less guilty if I use them as blackmail to insure my share?”

“Look Pumpkin, I am proud you are so wise, and totally respect your open-minded attitude, but shouldn’t we discuss this in the hotel?”

“Get with it Dad, you’re male and you will be stuffing my pussy in a heartbeat after the door closes on our room, especially since you know that I am a party girl that tries to make all the boys happy! It is funny that Mom let me go with you, with her knowing what a slut I am! She plied me with birth control and kept her fingers crossed. The night of my 18th birthday was the night I first became a woman by going all the way painlessly, it was all pleasure because my cherry was taken earlier by sport activities, so you can see my avid interest right from the start!”

“Dam it, cut that out sweetheart, we are just 30 minutes from the hotel, and there is no rest area’s left to pull you over and have you sit in my lap to drain my cock, that now has your attention! Remember, by your thinking, us males are just dogs in heat, so have a little pity for your old man.”

“Thank you Daddy. You make me so happy because I am so plain compared to by beautiful sisters, so I really appreciate your desire for me. Although I am a small girl, my pussy is large to accommodate all males, and I have the muscles in the right place to make up for my size, and to return the pleasure their cocks give me!”

“Cool it bitch. Lets talk about school now (but hang onto that thought when we get to our room). For the last 12 hours we talked about your relationships, clothes, sites observed, family, food, your marathons, volleyball, soccer, basketball – and now you want to frustrate me? Have mercy on me Baby.”

“OK Daddy, I really want to please you for rescuing me!”

* * * * * *

“So what do you think of the room Dumpling?”

“Golly Daddy, its beautiful. I don’t think we will be needing the extra bed however. Now let me take my jeans and panties down to make you comfortable before dinner. Come on over, I am so wet you will slide right in. Let me be your appetizer with a quicky!”

“You girls are so sexually aggressive you are a total turn on! Don’t you want to take your clothes off first?”

“Don’t Rize Escort be silly Dad, lets get basic, I know you want to cum now, and I want to feel you cumming into me!”

She then walks over to the couch. Spreading her legs to the limit her panties and jeans permit, she bends over the armrest presenting a beautiful target of wet pussy lips framed by a tangle of black pubic hairs.

“Now don’t be bashful, take out your hard cock and shove it into my juicy cunt, and let nature take us both to heaven!”

“That’s it Dad, rub your cock against my clit, rub it on my wet cunt to lube it up, while teasing the shit out of me. God, I so ready.”

She does have a large floppy cunt for so tiny a girl. Yet it feels so good I grasp her hips and start to ease my cock easily into her torrid juicy vagina.

“Oh my, I can feel your knob entering me, God! I’m so hot and it feels so good slushing into my wetness. Yes big Daddy, that is where you belong. All the way inside! Fuck, I love the feel of your balls slapping against my lips. Now its my turn to give you a treat. Mmm!

“Brenda, this is so unusual for me, but I just can’t stop fucking you. Oh- oh, there are the muscles you were talking about. I slipped into you so easily, and now you are energetically milking me with your pussy.”

“Go for it Daddy, Ooo!, I didn’t think you would be long enough to tap my cervix, Ahhh, and that is a nice surprise. Hump me Daddy, I want to feel you flood my cunt. Ohh, this first time is all for you lover.”

“Brenda, I am real close, shit, I want to feel you cum darling.”

“Please don’t be an asshole, I Uhh want to feel you spurting inside me. I am the one, oh fuck, with enough control to squirt on top of your semen, so don’t try to spare your rod. We have all night to fuck your brains…. Uh, our brains…..Oh God, I can feel you quivering, thats it Daddy, let go! Fill me up with your cum!”

“Brenda, your pussy is sucking and dragging me into you, fusing our bodies as one!” It is difficult to fathom where my body ends and hers begin as I get the familiar feeling of ejaculation only to spurt my hot sperm into her depths – that I feel is infinity, I enjoy this wondrous feeling of my daughter’s body shaking in excitement, while I feel a flow of her juices now mixing in with my cum – cascading out of our incestuous junction, and onto my testicles. “Brenda, I love you girl, and thank you baby. I needed you. Come here lover.” As my cock vacates her tiny body

She then turns around and moves into my arms so than my deflating cock slides between her thighs and against her pussy lips, separating them for minor penetration into her expanded sopping wet carnal cavern. Standing on her toes, she kisses me back with vibrant enthusiasm while our tongues dance together.

“Uh, if you are still interested Pop, I am here for you. I just love to fuck, and the feel of you slipping about in our juices is very stimulating.”

“Well, uh please don’t take this as a turn-down, but you emptied me for now my dear. I love you baby,” more kissing, “and after we recharge from dinner, I will definitely need you.”

“Now that is what I want to hear. In all honesty I am somewhat of a nymphomaniac, so I will be ready for you any time you need me. I will try to be thoughtful when I get horny because I just don’t want to ruin our good relationship, that is if you don’t mind me getting laid by other friends.”

“Your old man is a voyeur that could not resist kissing you everywhere while you were cumming on another’s cock, or even fucking you while you were licking my girlfriends cunt. Your masculine open attitude mimics mine, so in a way we are a married team! Pull your panties and jeans back up, and lets go to diner love!”

“Dad, don’t be so callous, let me wash up and patch up my makeup, I just don’t want to advertise that I am your freshly fucked daughter.”

* * * * * * *

“Dad, that dinner was delightful. I think you are trying to spoil me! Regardless, Thank you.”

“You’re spoiling me with your wanton eagerness Brenda. In a positive way I am just getting even! You are the cutest pixie ever, with the knowledge on how to make a man insane with lust. Next time you will have to wear a dress so I can slide my hands up it, to fondle and caress you sweetheart.”

“Enough Dad, turn something on TV while I change into something more comfortable, and I will be with you on the couch.”

“Lets see whats on, News is too depressing, War movies – forget it, darn it they just don’t make musicals anymore. Porn is a waste when you have an imaginative oversexed daughter. Ah, this comedy should be fun, and its a little spicy. I know if we get into it, we will most likely get carried away. (I hope) It will be starting in 10 minutes lover.”

“I’ll be right there Daddy, hope you won’t mind my nightie.”

“Darling, you make me so happy that I wouldn’t care if you were nude… In fact I kinda like that idea.”

“Audra and Charlene are right, you have turned into a dirty old man! Just remember I am a good girl, and that I keep my clothes on around males, unless we are skinny Rize Escort Bayan dipping! I am so plain that I believe boys enjoy using me physically, and are not that interested in looking at me. I saw how you ogled the waitress, even though it is your cum dripping out of me onto the pad I wore at dinnertime.”

“Honey you will have to get over this hangup, you are a beautiful pixie that happens to be a powerful siren that could lure any man you want into your bed. I love you and you excite the crap out of me when I look at you, especially with your eyes flirting away.”

“See just what I said, your goals are a lot higher than mine. I love looking at your prick and thinking how beautiful it feels filling up my pussy! Say, I am beginning to see your point. What did you say was playing on TV?”

“It will be a surprise Brenda, now get your ass out here. Wow, you’re beautiful sweetheart! Come sit beside me.”

I pat the couch to demonstrate her ‘landing clearance’ watching her float gracefully down next to me; while intoxicating me with her delightful fragrance – accented with the rustling of her short nightie. I cannot resist her, and pull her into my arms for a deep lover’s kiss. Holding her close I start nibbling on her neck while my hand sneaks up her thigh under her nightie to be surprised by the feel of her silk panties. In mild shock I turn the TV off.

“What’s this, I thought we were intimate enough that barriers would not exist my Love?”

“You could say my Mama trained me well. I am a good girl, I am! I could come home after a date with my panties dripping in sperm, and if I told Mom that I never took them off, she would be happy that I was a ‘good girl’. Keeping them on while boys would slip them aside to lick or fuck my pussy kinda became my trademark, and seemed to add to the sexual adventure. Oh my, I love what you’re doing to my titties. You could say I learned to dress for sex. Uh, feels so good, boys my age tend to ignore them!”

“Sounds like you have a bit of a hangup Darling. As I cup your cunt with my palm I can feel your pubic hairs crunch under the material, and that is very sexy.”

“Talk to me, I just love being laid by older men, they are more considerate and enjoy honest communication. Full intercourse – the total coupling of humans. The integration of sex organs that has nature’s driving force as motivation, and then we have the coupling of mind and spirit and our very human need for love, and to be loving. Ah, thats it Dad, rub my clit and stick your fingers into me.” She then presses her body against me while her tongue starts to lick my lips, and then darts to meet mine for a little delightful warfare.

While she is undulating on my invading fingers I break the kiss and look into her beautiful wide open eyes and say, “lets work on your hangup, will you go skinny dipping with me in the hot tub?”

“Daddy, I will do anything you ask, you just got me so hot. Just keep the lights down because I don’t want to be in a spotlight.”

“Your demand is my command baby. I will go and start it up.” As I stand to leave the room I see this little ‘lost girl’ expression, that adds to my daughter’s charm.

When I get back to her she is watching TV and smiling, meaning danger – you are going to get it! I start to disrobe hanging up my clothes, and I lay down on the bed. She immediately turns the TV off and climbs onto the bed and insists I roll onto my back, where she straddles me pinning my cock down with her large mound and inflated labia. Sensuously she slowly humps my quickly aroused penis.

“God it feels so good Daddy, let me do the honors,” with that she lifts her nightie over her head leaving her cute little titties on display for me to tweak. Instead, I pull her down to drive her spiked nipples into my hairy chest enjoying the feel of her flesh pressing against mine. Her mouth opens gratuitously to greet my invading tongue, while our genitalia is rubbing together hungrily. Her hair is like scented angle wings now caressing my face, modulated by the motion of our bodies. This is heaven!

Suddenly, she breaks the kiss and lifts her body while moving the gusset of her panties aside. “Sorry Dad, good habits are hard to break. I need you in me now, thats it rub your knob along my seam and push it into me. Oh, God, you feel so good, now think of cumming so I can join my juices with yours, and then run to the tub before it overflows! Overflowing my pussy is permitted!”

She then presses her body back into mine while humping and undulating her muscles to resume our kissing when I totally surrender to her intense assault by ejaculating deeply into her seething vortex. Again I witness the skill of her orgasm control by her excited shaking and moaning of pleasure.

She quickly breaks away and darts into the bathroom shouting back, “its ok, the tub is almost filled and the temperature is about 101, perfect. I am now taking my panties off and going in. You guys always turn into a sloth after a good fuck. Come on and join me for more serious intercourse, verbal and physical. I love you and need you!”

“Take it easy on Escort Rize your old man and let me saunter in there with you. Damn you are a pretty little elf, tiny but all woman! I am hard again just thinking about what you did to me. I don’t think I will ever get enough. Please don’t let me abuse you by over fucking!”

“Talk straight Dad, I am the female that happens to be the nymphomaniac and party girl here. I am the owner of the cunt that takes two young bucks to relieve themselves by filling their condoms, for me to cum all over the thirds cock. Your egotistical thought of wearing me out is totally humorous! Add the fact that I am an athlete, so it really is a case that I have to watch out for abusing you, or killing you with pleasure; mine more than yours! Now here I am, your willing little fuck toy. Be careful when you turn me on because I am more comfortable with you than any man on the planet!”

“You really make me proud Darling, you have existence carefully cataloged. You are the most brilliant of my offspring’s, and higher education has not sucked out your wisdom…Yet. We have to be very careful with your education since academia tends to stimulate arrogance to the point it dilutes the wisdom to properly apply the knowledge acquired.”

“Shush Dad! We are here in a hot tub together and I am totally exposed to you, something I have never done with another man that I intend to fuck! This is totally different then skinny dipping with a group because of my desire and need to make love with you, as a totally intimate connection. Thats it, suck on my titties while I slide on your lap a bit so the tip of your prick makes occasional shallow entry. God I am starting to feel extra warm all over Now that your getting back into the mood, hop up on the edge of the tub and present me your cock for a blowjob!”

“Your direct honesty is overwhelming. Men and women usually pussy foot around instead of just going for the gold. Shit, you’re treating my cock as a totem rubbing it against your forehead – then your cheeks – kissing the tip, Uh, licking around the knob and then holding it in place with your lips while the tip of your tongue dances into and around its opening. Oh my God, your slathering tongue is attacking the underside while you deep throat me and, Ohh uh, and start the washing machine trick with your throat muscles that I thought was Charlene’s talent.” I guess the girls share all their secrets, and I suspect this clan is tight lipped to the outside world (lucky me).

“Play with my titties while I suck you to keep my interest up.” Slurp Slurp “Try to hold back when you get close, Quiet Dad, your panting and wheezing now because you are not fully in shape. That’s it big boy, you’re hard as steel, and thats what I want you to shove into my cunt for both of us to cum together.”

“Oh Brenda, I need to lick your pussy. I am close enough for us to… Oh Shit, change places.

Oh thank you. Open your legs for me.” And she places her hands on my head to steer my tongue onto her sensitive target. I love the feel of her when she quivers with the touch of my tongue onto her clitoris. Her sexual aroma is now intense as she holds my head fast, while my exploring tongue rolls along her labia, separates them and dives into her vagina – doing the same darting that she experienced when we were making out – kissing that is.

I am enjoying the motions of her body as she undulates rhythmically to my stimulating invasions. I am making her breathing difficult (even though she is extremely aerobic) and she moans with pleasure. I am elated with my accomplishments as I feel here muscular thighs rippling about my head as she goes into a delightful paroxysm of orgasm.

“You sure know how to treat your little girl Dad, come on now and lay down in the tub for me to return the favor.” The little minx then gives me the thrill of seeing her exposed cunt edged by a tangle of maiden hair when she plants her feet beside me preparing to straddle my body. The view then disappears into the water, and that prepares me for the oncoming collision of her pussy against my rigid cock.

“Oh I can see this little love toy is just not taking care of you properly. Let me put your stiff big toy into my toy box. Mmm, you can see my toy box was totally empty.”

Her fully dilated sleeve slips easily over my hardon until her mound bumps into my groin. She does a few muscular spasms demonstrating her skill of control in pleasing a man, then bends over to me and looks me in the eye stating “right now I want to delve into the feeling of your presence, I want you to enjoy the feel of me connected. I want to lay down on you in my nakedness (something I have never done with any other man) and make deep love with you. Kiss me!”

I feel her wide open pussy easily slide down the full length of my cock. Her soft velvety feel has a wonderful calming effect on me. I rub her tits to feel the nipples spike into my palms first, and then I feel them stab into my chest. I love her panting in excitement. She then raises her body until only the tip of my cock is holding her pussy open, so she can put her lips onto mine. As our tongues entwine she occasionally rocks her hips to deposit stimulating carnal love kisses, almost worshiping the invasion of my prick. She is basically cooing in my arms with her soft moans of happiness. The kiss breaks and she slides back down burying me to the hilt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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