Daddy Didn’t Pull Pt. 04


Steve was pumped when his shot from the greenside bunker on the 18th hole hit the stick and dropped straight into the hole for birdie, especially since Janet’s chip had left her about six inches for par.

Janet scowled at him as she tapped in.

“Lucky bastard” she thought to herself. If that hadn’t hit the stick, he’d have been looking at a 20 footer to tie.

Although they were wealthy beyond belief now, Steve and Janet still played golf once or twice a week for a dollar a hole, double for birdies.

They had been married for twenty three years, and their love and devotion to each other was stronger than ever. Either of them would have sacrificed anything for the other, but on the golf course, it was cut-throat competition. Those dollars were just as hotly contested as the millions on the pro tour.

Steve had just finished stuffing his hard won two bucks into his pocket when his sister Emma walked up to the table at the 19th hole where he and Janet were enjoying a couple of cold ones.

“Hi Guys!” she said smiling.

“Hi Em!” they replied almost in unison.

“Have a seat Em, let me get you a drink” Steve said, rising to his feet and pulling out a chair for his big sis. “What will you have?”

“A Crown and Coke would be nice” she said as her brother walked the three or four steps to the bar.

“I wanted to talk to you both about something, but not here. Can I come by the house in a couple of hours?” Emma said to Janet.

“Of course, Em! Must be pretty important” Janet said, fishing for information as usual.

“Well, it is to me anyway. I’m hoping you’ll agree” she said as Steve returned with her drink.

“If you need some money Em you know all you have to do is ask” he said with genuine sincerity.

“Oh, no, it’s not about money. Besides, you’ve already been way too generous with all of us!” Emma laughed.

They finished up their drinks and headed for home, Janet wondering all the way what was on her sister in law’s mind.


Two hours later the three of them were seated at the kitchen table of the big luxurious new house.

“So what’s this about Em?” Steve said across the table.

Emma’s bright blue eyes darted nervously. Those who knew her well knew her to be a strong and assertive woman, and her apparent discomfort was not lost on Steve and Janet.

“It’s Deanna.” She said with an emotional sigh.

Deanna was her oldest daughter, sometimes referred to as “The Accident.”

Emma was barely 18, having just started college when Deanna was conceived. It’s a good thing she and Bill were compatible, because the nearest thing in modern times to the old fashioned “Shotgun Wedding” quickly followed.

That Emma managed to carry her baby to term and graduate, all the while playing collegiate golf more than well enough to maintain her full scholarship, was testament to Emma’s strength of will.

It was widely acknowledged at the time that Emma was well capable of playing professional golf. To this day, Steve refused to play her for money, no matter how many strokes she was offering.

But things like playing pro golf didn’t matter to Emma. She loved being a wife and mother, and devoted herself to those things, without ever feeling the slightest twinge of regret for what might have been.

She looked up from the table and met Janet’s eye.

“She’s almost 30 now and still no children. Somehow she managed to collect some of Justin’s semen and have it analyzed without his knowledge” Emma said, and immediately Janet surmised where she was going with this.

“I’m assuming the results were… unfavorable?” Janet replied cautiously.

“You could say that. While he’s not completely sterile, he’s somewhere near a hundred times less likely than average to get her pregnant.” Emma said, a sad expression crossing her face.

She took a moment to gather her thoughts before she spoke again.

“I’d like you both to consider having Steve impregnate her.”

While he did his best to conceal his initial reaction from his sister, she could tell by the look on his face that he was less than pleasantly surprised.

He had balked at incest to begin with, although you could say he was pretty comfortable with it by now. But this was different. Deanna was married.

Sure, Judy had been married and he fucked her brains out. But Judy’s husband was willing participant, and a complete asshole to boot. Steve liked Justin. He was much more than a little inclined to say no.

But Steve didn’t want to piss Emma off. By far, the best pussy he had ever had was his big sister’s pussy.

And he was enjoying his big sister’s pussy twice a month right now, even more than Janet was enjoying her twice monthly dominatrix act with Emma’s husband.

And Janet was enjoying that very much.

Yet Steve was still less inclined to comply with Emma’s wishes than Janet was.

Brother and sister hadn’t always gotten along so well, and that conflict still colored some of Steve’s judgement.

Janet bursa eve gelen eskort bayan and Emma had been golf partners for so long now they could just about finish each other’s sentences, so Emma knew who her ally was as she looked at Steve and Janet.

“She’s a pretty girl, and she’s well able to take your whole cock. I don’t know anyone else I could trust to be discreet. Her husband must never know.”

“I don’t know, Em. It seems kinda dishonest, sneaking around and getting her pregnant without her husband’s consent.” Steve said. Janet nodded in agreement.

“Things aren’t all that great in their house these days. There’s a lot of tension over this. Getting her pregnant will either save her marriage or destroy it. Not getting her pregnant will destroy it regardless.” Emma replied.

Janet looked at Steve. He could see in her eyes that she had bought in to Emma’s reasoning.

“Have you talked to Deanna about it?” Janet asked.

“I hadn’t intended to. Gina talked to her about it before I ever thought of it. They both came to me and asked if I thought you would be willing.”

It was Gina that had pointed out to Deanna that her husband actually looked a bit like a slightly taller thinner version of her uncle.

Steve felt himself weakening. Deanna was a very pretty girl, considerably prettier than either of her sisters, both of whom he had immensely enjoyed fucking and getting pregnant.

She was barely an inch shorter than her mother, and her blonde hair was a shade or two lighter than Emma’s. Her eyes were a brighter, more vibrant blue.

She had big firm tits that reminded Steve of his sister Laura, and he remembered thinking just yesterday when Laura’s bare tits were mashed against his sweaty chest that his little sister’s tits were his favorite tits in the world.

She also had a perfect copy of her mother’s big firm heart shaped ass, and if that ass contained a perfect copy of her mother’s pussy…

“Okay, I’ll do it.”


Later that week, Janet and Emma took off for the golf club after warning Steve to shower up and be ready. He had just finished toweling off when the doorbell rang. He quickly pulled on a pair of swim trunks and trotted down the stairs.

“Deedee!” He said with a smile as he held the door open for her to enter, taking her by the hand and leading her up the staircase to the master suite.

She began to insist that people call her Deanna some years ago now, but there were a few family members that still called her Deedee.

Uncle Steve had been good about remembering her preference, but to her it had sounded weird coming from him.

“I think I’d like it better if you still called me Deedee, Uncle Steve.” She had told him a couple of years ago.

The door to the master suite closed behind them, and Deedee seemed to melt into his arms. Her sister Sara was just as cute as bug, her sister Gina was sultry and sexy, but Deedee was in another class altogether. Steve felt blood surge to his penis as their lips met.

“Ohhhh Deedee” he sighed as her hand brushed lightly across the print of his penis on the front of his swim trunks. She giggled a little bit and gave the thick knob a squeeze.

Steve helped her pull her shirt off over her head and kissed her lips again, reaching behind her back with both hands to unsnap her bra.

Deedee’s big tits sprung free, and just like her aunt Laura, her firm pointy cones appeared to jut straight out from her chest. Her nipples were ever so slightly smaller than Laura’s, but other than that, they were a perfect match.

Steve’s enormous cock was standing straight up as she slowly, teasingly worked her tight jeans down over her big firm heart shaped ass.

There was not a single hair on her body below her neck.

Steve drew a puffy nipple into his mouth, drawing a sigh from Deedee as he gently lowered her to the bed.

She scooted over to the middle and laid down on her back, spreading her legs wide for her uncle to mount her.

He tenderly rubbed the big shiny bulb up and down Deanna’s clean shaven slit before pushing gently against her opening, watching in awe as her labia parted and stretched into a tight ring around the head of his prick.

The head and a couple of inches slid smoothly into her vagina.

The sensation was incredible.

“Oh my god Deedee it’s so good… soooo good” he groaned, holding still with a few inches buried inside her for a minute to keep from blowing his load.

In a minute he gained control of himself and lowered his chest down on to her firm pointy tits, gently kissing her lips and moving his hips slightly from side to side as he worked his big thick cock deeper into his sister’s beautiful daughter.

Deanna was already starting to cum, her juices lubing the way for him to drive his meat straight down into her until his cock was fully embedded, the gentle waves pulsing along the walls of her vagina with her orgasm even more delicious bursa eskort bayanlar than her mother’s.

Steve’s strong hands grabbed the cheeks of Deanna’s big firm ass, pulling them apart so he could drive his cock into her deeper.

Her uncle’s massive prick was nearly twice the size of her husband’s, and it was stretching her wider than she had ever been stretched before, triggering long strings of small orgasms that built in intensity, until he drove his prick into her hard and rocked his hips up and down, triggering the most powerful orgasm of Deanna’s life.

When Deedee stopped trembling, she rolled her uncle over onto his back and grasped his thick penis in her hand, guiding the bulb back to her entrance and sliding smoothly down his shaft until her clit ground against the base of his cock.

She lowered her firm pointy cones down to his face, and he pulled a puffy nipple into his mouth.

Deedee began to cum yet again.

Steve lazily stroked his penis up into her, savoring the rich sensation of his beautiful niece’s vagina wrapped around his dick, pulsing and squeezing with her orgasm.

He felt his own orgasm approaching and rolled Deedee over onto her back, once again mashing her big firm tits hard against his chest and driving his meaty prick straight down into her.

Janet had edged him mercilessly yesterday so he would have a huge potent load for Deedee, and now that load was boiling in his balls, screaming for release.

The tingling in the head of his cock intensified. Hard as he tried, he could no longer hold it off. He wrapped one arm around her back and pulled one of her big firm ass cheeks hard to the side with the other, smashing his cock hard against the little hole in her cervix, stretching it wide and lining it up perfectly with the slit in the tip of his dick.

He felt his balls surge forward, propelling his thick potent sperm up the tube in his massive rod.

“Uhhh” he grunted as the first hot jet of sperm burst from the head of his dick straight through the hole in his niece’s cervix and splattered against the back wall of her womb.

His cock bulged rhythmically as rope after rope of his thick potent sperm quickly followed, filling her womb completely, flowing out of her vagina and down the cleft of her buttocks to form a pool on the bed below.

He held the head of his prick tight against her cervix until the delicious throbbing subsided, then slowly let it slip out of her, rolling onto his back and lightly stroking her long beautiful hair as she lay her head on his shoulder.

They kissed and cuddled for a few minutes, before much to Deedee’s surprise, her uncle’s massive penis stiffened again.

He rolled over on top of her and slowly sunk his long thick cock back into her sperm soaked pussy.

Two hours later, his third load of sperm was pulsing into Deanna’s fertile belly.


Deanna’s husband was surprised when her next period didn’t come. Surprised, but thankfully, not suspicious.


Jenny missed her room.

Sure, the room in the new house was bigger, but it really wasn’t a room at all, more like a two bedroom apartment in a wing of the big new house.

And it was much further from the kitchen, where the family had always gathered.

She also missed the thin walls that allowed her to tell what was going on in the rest of the house.

At least the kitchen door still opened out on to the patio and pool area, and the pool was much nicer than the old one.

It makes sense that she would think so, having designed it herself.

On the whole though, Jenny was satisfied with the new house as she rose from the luxurious lounge chair poolside and reached for her bikini top.

“Well I guess we’d better get in and get dressed before the guests start to arrive.” She said to her cousin April.

April sighed and reached for her bikini top.

The big new house had several guest suites, and while no one had made it official, one of them was pretty much April’s.

Even though it shared a wall with Jenny’s rooms, it was so well insulated that Jenny could just barely hear April’s moans this morning as her father’s penis had driven her little cousin to orgasm after orgasm.

Which was fine with Jenny, honestly, her pussy was still pretty tender from the hot dicking Daddy had given her last night.

Half an hour later the girls emerged from their rooms, dressed to entertain.

Most men would have been entertained at the mere sight of the stunning duo.

Both stood around five foot one, and had trim athletic bodies with flat abdomens, tight asses, and the well-muscled legs you would expect of former gymnasts. But the similarity ended there.

Jenny had thick nut brown hair of shoulder length, tightly permed, and striking hazel eyes that would pin your gaze to her face, were not her firm pointy C cup tits so close at hand.

April’s long strawberry blonde hair fell in ringlets almost halfway görükle escort bayanlar to her waist, and her bright blue eyes were not the only beautiful feature of her shining young face. Her breasts were somewhat smaller than her cousin’s, but their beautiful shape and perpetually erect nipples more than made up for it.

Two men could argue over which one was hotter. They would both be right.

And there would be plenty of men to argue over the duo in the big house tonight; the long awaited housewarming party was here.

By the time half the guests had arrived there were more people in the big new house than Jenny could believe they actually knew.

She was known to be a very kind and generous young lady, but fabulous wealth had taught her very quickly to be wary of anyone who was not already her friend when she was just another middle class girl from Addison.

She and April breezed around the party flashing smiles and turning heads, Jenny keeping one eye toward the door in anticipation of a special guest.

It was a little later than Jenny expected when her Grandmother finally arrived.

“Grandma!” Jenny cried out and practically ran across the room to give her a hug.

Janet’s mother didn’t visit as much as Jenny would have liked; something Jenny never understood until her 18th birthday, when her mother had explained the source of the tension that lingered between her and Grandma.

Jenny could understand both sides of the situation, however, and loving them both dearly, did her best to take the tension out Grandma Brenda’s infrequent visits.


People thought Brenda drank too much, but “Drank too much” is a fluid expression, pardon the pun.

The truth is Brenda didn’t drink every day, or even every week for that matter.

But once she started to drink, Brenda had no ability to moderate her drinking.

She wasn’t a large woman, and while she could hold her liquor quite well for her size, she tended to become intoxicated quickly and not stop until she was absolutely shitfaced.

And now, about three hours into the party, Brenda was just about shitfaced.

Jenny was becoming irritated with the two young men vying for her attention, hoping to get their dicks wet, when her mother appeared at her elbow.

“Jenny, can I get a word with you?” she said, taking her by the arm and leading her away, much to Jenny’s relief.

“What’s going on mom?” Jenny whispered just loud enough to be heard.

“Grandma’s drunk again. Can you keep an eye on her?”

“Sure.” Jenny laughed. Jenny did love her grandma, in spite of the friction between her and her mother. And this was not the first time Jenny had been tasked with keeping an eye on grandma.

Nor would it be the last.


Brenda woke up groggy the next morning. How much did she drink last night? She dimly recalled her daughter confiscating her keys and showing her to a guest suite.

She rolled out of bed and staggered to the shower, letting the warm water cascade over her body.

Brenda was 62 years old, but she didn’t look a day over 40. She was a couple of inches shorter than her daughter, yet it was plain to see where Janet’s legs and butt had come from.

Although Brenda’s tits were maybe half the size of her daughter’s, barely filling a B cup, they still stood up pretty well and their shape and nipples were very similar.

Her hazel eyes and facial features had been every bit as striking as her daughter’s back in the day, and even now, at her age, Brenda was a still a very beautiful woman. Any young man would have been aroused at the sight of her soapy body through the clear glass of the guest suite shower.

Brenda turned the water off and reached for the thick soft towel on the rack.

“This place is like a goddam luxury hotel” She thought to herself.

She pulled on the fluffy robe that had been left at her bedside and followed the smell of fresh brewed coffee to the kitchen.


She found Janet and Steve sitting at the table, well into their second cups by now.

“Well good morning mom, did you have a nice time last night?”

Janet’s words would have sounded friendly enough to a stranger, but Brenda grasped their true meaning right away.

Things had been tense between her and her daughter ever since that day she had found Janet’s cum stained bed sheets jammed into the bottom of the laundry basket. It hadn’t been hard at all for Brenda to figure out it was her husband’s cum.

Janet had tried to cover for him, tried to convince her mother it was all her doing, but Brenda knew bullshit when she heard it. Even if Janet was telling the truth, that didn’t give Frank the right to stick his dick in their daughter.

She had sent him packing and never once regretted it.

“I guess I got a little too drunk. Sorry.” Brenda mumbled as she poured herself a cup.

“You really ought to quit drinking mom. You embarrass yourself.” Janet said sternly.

“You mean I embarrass you?” Brenda snapped right back. “Afraid I’ll get lit up and blab your secrets to your husband or something?” She lowered her eyes from Janet’s gaze and took a seat at the table.

Now Janet’s anger was boiling over. A long few seconds passed before she controlled her rage well enough to speak.

“Steve and I have no secrets. None.” Janet said in monotone.