Daddy Plants His Seed

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“Just get back to Dad,” Angie muttered under her breath. “And see if you can manage to get there without spilling these drinks on any sunbathers!”

Thick, humid air and the strong, tropical sun caressed her skin until every pore felt alive. After three days, she was already half as bronze as the local girls sprawled across the expansive beach in every imaginable shape and size, every shade of complexion between butter and midnight. Thongs were so common they almost looked normal to her by now, and the girls down here wore them proudly no matter how thick their legs and butts were.

Two weeks ago, in a shopping mall thousands of miles north in the Windy City, Angie had thought the bikini she bought for this trip were daringly scant. Especially considering that Max, her father, was her travel companion. But the sunbathers here practically made her feel overdressed.

Angie had never felt so acutely aware of feminine butts and thighs. Thick, rounded cheeks seemed to cobble the beach in every direction, and these ladies, young and mature alike, oozed with a naturally sensuous pride in their bodies. Despite the sleek tone of her athletic curves and the firm bounce of her prominent D-cup tits, she felt envious of the comfort in their own skin these girls seemed to have. It seemed as if she’d spent half her life compensating for what she felt were her flaws — boobs too big for her body, and definitely thighs and ass that were thicker than she wanted. But down here she almost felt underfed.

It felt like her head had been spinning non-stop since before they even boarded their flight. No one had ever taken her on a vacation like this before, and the last time she’d gone on a trip with her father was before she went to college and he was still married to her mother. Everything might have been fine, except she’d always felt a little weak and giddy around her dad. She knew other girls thought he was handsome, but to her he was the best and most gorgeous man alive. Probably even more unsettling than the feelings themselves was the fact that at twenty she still hadn’t outgrown them. At this point, she’d given up on that idea.

Angie trod carefully around a cluster of younger men and women sunning themselves, their bodies shimmering with sweat and lotion. The cocktails were sweet and stronger than she thought they’d be. Sharing them under the hot sun with her own father was beginning to seem like a very bad idea.

She found Max lying peacefully on his chaise, in the same position as when she left on another cocktail run, except that he’d moved the chair out from the shade of their umbrella to lie in the direct sun.

“Here you go, stud.” Angie handed him the plastic cup, affecting a light tone. She regretted calling him stud the second the word came out of her mouth. Not that it wasn’t true, only that she felt like a complete idiot in front of the one man who could ever make her knees wobble.

“Thanks, babe,” he said, with a satisfied smirk. He let his fingers brush over hers as he took the cup out of her hand.

“Babe?” She gave him a mock sneer. “Since when did you start calling me that?” She couldn’t suppress the grin that crossed her face.

“If the shoe fits,” he replied, cracking that prize-winning grin that always made her blush.

His eyes were unreadable behind his dark sunglasses, but she would have sworn he was taking another good look at her body. She’d felt it countless times in the few days since they’d arrived. He had always been quick with compliments, telling her how good she looked whenever she bought a new outfit. But that was just normal, everyday behavior, she supposed. Didn’t all handsome daddies like Max tell their daughters they’re beautiful?

“I think the sun is cooking your brain.” She forced a light-hearted giggle and ducked under the umbrella. She might as well have been talking about herself.

She leaned over to set her drink on the little plastic stand beside her lounge chair, and became acutely aware of the fact that her firm, round ass was thrust directly at her father. She didn’t have to guess if he was looking. She knew he had to be. Her heart fluttered as she took a little extra time to arrange things on the stand – her drink, lotion bottle, a sexy paperback – stalling to give him a better look.

She finally settled into the best imitation of a relaxed position she could manage. The first drink was supposed to have settled her erotically addled nerves, but Angie decided it wasn’t enough. The second would probably just make it worse, but at least the buzz of the strong concoction felt good. If she was going crazy, at least she’d have a little fun along the way.

She let the sweet, chilled drink moisten her lips and throat while her eyes skimmed the contours of her father’s body. He was in his early forties, and easily in the best shape of his life, with just a few flecks of grey beginning to speckle his short, dark hair. She took a long, slow sip as her eyes meandered to the inevitable final Rize Escort stop, the thick, tubular shape defined in the crotch of his suit.

Heat and alcohol worked on her brain as she wondered what something that size would be like when it was hard. She resisted the urge to chew her lower lip as she felt a persistent tingling in her pussy.

Was he grinning back at her? It was hard to tell through those dark glasses. He looked smug. Proud of himself. Proud of having such a prize cock. I should be locked up, she told herself, forcing her attention on a point about a thousand miles out to sea. She took another long sip on her drink.

Max got up to move his beach recliner back under the shade. He angled it in the opposite direction of Angie’s, so they were facing each other. Now there was only the umbrella pole and the little plastic table with their drinks between them. He sat sideways at the end of his chair, leaning onto his knees. Then he took off his shades and set them aside.

“Um, Mom…”

“Ah, so now it’s back to Angie,” she chided lightly. “No more ‘hey babe’, ‘thanks for the drink, babe’? I feel like I’ve been demoted.”

Max laughed. “I knew it! You love it when I call you ‘babe’.”

“Ha!” she brushed him off with a wave of her hand. “You just like embarrassing me. Nice way for a guy to treat his own flesh and blood.”

Angie brought her drink up, surprised to discover it was already empty. Max shared his. There was that grin again.

“I just like teasing you,” he said. “Besides, you are one.”

She felt herself flush. When guys on campus said things like that to her it usually just made her roll her eyes, but coming from her father the compliment made her nipples vibrate.

“Well,” she said, “I guess I don’t mind you calling me that while we’re on vacation, even though I know you don’t think of your own daughter as a babe.”

Max smiled again. “You have no idea what I really think of you.”

“Oh really?” She forced an amused expression while all her nerves felt like they were suddenly misfiring.

“Really,” he quickly rose to her challenge. “First of all, you’re beautiful…obviously. I mean, like, fucking gorgeous. Second, you’ve got an amazing body, and in the interest of full disclosure, I think you should get one of those thong suits you were checking out in the gift shop last night. You’d look unreal. Third, I really wish you weren’t my daughter.”

“Ummm, full disclosure, huh?” she replied, completely flustered. She attempted a casual laugh, but it got caught in her throat and it came out more like a strangled croak. Her growing nipples were buzzing with sensation.

She snatched the cup out of his hand and drained off most of what was left. Anything to avoid admitting that she’d been thinking the same kinds of things. If she couldn’t admit it to herself, she certainly couldn’t admit it to him. What an idiotic, sexually tortuous disaster this trip was turning out to be. And there were five more weeks to go. It was impossible to imagine surviving it with her sanity intact.

“I shouldn’t be drinking in the hot sun,” she hastily added. “You wouldn’t say things like that if you weren’t drunk.”

“How am I supposed to get drunk if you keep drinking it for me?” he chuckled. “Now I need another one so I can catch up with you. Besides, they say people only speak the truth when they drink.”

Angie couldn’t think straight enough to argue. At this point, she couldn’t even keep track of what was really causing her buzz. She felt like he’d just planted a huge land mine between them, and she was glad to have any excuse to walk around it.

“Oh, all right,” she surrendered. “Let’s have another round. But it’s your turn to make the run.”

“Let’s both go. It’ll be funny,” he said, grabbing his daughter’s hand to drag her along.

“I don’t see what’s so funny about buying a couple of drinks,” she said, as she let him lead her toward the shady little beach bar.

“The bartender thinks you’re my girlfriend,” he said with offhand pride.

“That’s ridiculous!” Angie nearly shrieked. “Why in the world would he think something like that?”

“Well, no one knows us here,” he explained. “Remember when you went to the ladies’ room when we got the first round? He told me I was lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend while you were gone.”

“Oh my god,” Angie quipped, unable to keep her grin from reaching ear to ear. The idea of being mistaken for a couple made her blush all over again. “So what did you say?”

“I said thanks,” he replied. “What else?”

Angie felt a wicked, self-conscious pride as they entered the shady bar. The bartender greeted them with a smile. He remembered what they were drinking and went right to work on a fresh round.

Angie perched on a stool while her stood beside her and casually placed his hand on her warm, bare thigh. Her first instinct was to push it away. This was too far to go just to play a little charade in Rize Escort Bayan front of a total stranger, but she was almost trembling with excitement. Her father’s big hand was so close to her pussy it made her head spin even faster. Her nipples were throbbing, and the tingling in her slit was rapidly turning into a hot pulse.

She was on the verge of running right back to the ladies’ room just to have the privacy to finger herself. Maybe it would calm her down enough to clear her mind. This wasn’t supposed to feel so good. But it did.

Instead of leaving him there on to wait, she pressed her thighs together, trapping her father’s hand between them with a naughty smile.

Max returned his daughter’s grin and just grazed against her with his amazing body, brashly pressing the bulge of his cock against the outer side of her leg. Angie’s heart actually skipped at the sheer boldness of it. She was getting wet, and just knowing he could slide his hand a few scant inches and feel her excitement was almost enough to make her moan aloud right there on her stool. She was dying to just stroke him to a mind-blowing erection. That would be totally insane, she knew, but she at least allowed herself to put her arm around him and let her hand rest on his amazingly firm ass.

“You look so beautiful today,” he told her softly, but obviously allowing the bartender to overhear. “You look gorgeous every day, but today you just look…I don’t know…special.”

On the surface, he was only playing a little game of fool-the-bartender, but she knew he meant every word.

“You make me feel special,” she admitted, squeezing his strong hand even tighter between her thighs. The hand squeezed back, and she felt wet enough to soak the stool she was sitting on. She squeezed his firm ass in response.

Then he leaned in and kissed her mouth. Without thinking, Angie just opened her lips and let her father’s tongue probe her mouth. He tasted of alcohol and tropical fruit. She could feel the bartender watching them in the mirror while her own tongue danced with her his. It was taking a lot longer this time. He’s stalling. He likes watching, she thought. She cooed softly into her father’s mouth. His kiss was so deep and sure. Oh, if he would only touch her simmering pussy, even just through her bikini, she’d go off like a firecracker.

“You’re a very bad man,” she whispered in his ear.

“Yeah, I am,” he whispered back. “And I’ve been wanting to kiss you like that for the longest time.”

His little confession made her clit swell. She thought about admitting the same thing to him, but then the drinks were suddenly on the bar. When the bartender took Max’s credit card to swipe it, he slid his hand closer to his daughter’s burning pussy, close enough that his fingers slipped in the juicy nectar smearing the smooth skin of her upper thighs.

“Oh, naughty, naughty girl,” he whispered.

He pushed his fingers up against her aching mound and she nearly screamed.

By the time they settled back under their umbrella, Angie was hopelessly aware of the stain smeared across the pert cameltoe in her little off-white bikini. Her heart was racing with excitement, not to mention the wild spectrum of thoughts and emotions flashing through her mind. Meanwhile, the satisfied smile on her father’s handsome face seemed to have plastered itself on.

Ignoring the second chaise, he sat on the edge of Angie’s. She readjusted the back up another notch so she could face him more easily. Her aching nipples made conspicuous dents in her brief top and her father’s gaze was giving equal time to her eyes and tits. She took a deep breath, forcing her firm round orbs to heave under his eager gaze.

“That was the most insane thing either one of us has ever done.”

“Probably,” he replied with a devious grin. “But there are even crazier things we could do.”

My god he’s so beautiful, and I love him so much, Angie thought. The mixture of love and desire in his eyes was strong enough to reach out and touch. It was even more intoxicating than the drinks.

Angie blew a long sigh, placing her hand on Max’s warm thigh. Her fingers raked over the firm flesh of his strong leg.

Then he leaned forward and kissed her again. Her lips parted automatically, accepting his probing tongue. He touched her waist, and slid his hand upward. His palm grazed slowly over her breast, pushing across her throbbing nipple, until he was holding the back of her neck, pulling her as deeply into the kiss. She moaned into his mouth and clutched his muscular thigh.

She wouldn’t have known the difference if they’d been kissing for a minute or an hour. Her father’s hand slipped down from her neck to her tits again to fondle the firm warm flesh bulging out around the scant top covering her. Her nipples burned and throbbed while her pussy broiled in its own nectar.

Max pulled away and looked around. His hand remained on her boob, gently kneading as he scanned the Escort Rize area. Angie scanned, too, but put her hand over his to keep it there. Despite the overtly sensual atmosphere they were in, it was still a public place. There were other people nearby, but not all that close, and they weren’t paying attention to just another couple under a beach umbrella. The closest was about twenty-five feet away, a very dark skinned young woman sunning on her stomach in a red thong with her top untied. Her head was turned the other way, hopefully dozing.

Angie was the only one who seemed to be concerned about what they were doing, but she was the only one within thousands of miles who knew there was a father kissing and feeling up his own daughter on an open beach. She looked back at him, breathless. Her heart felt like it wanted to explode out of her heaving chest.

“Dad, I…I…”

“It’s okay, baby,” he cut in. “This is just for us. I can always stop if you want me to, but I’ll never apologize for loving you as much as I do.”

“Oh god,” she sighed. “I love you so fucking much.”

His hand felt so good and there wasn’t a man alive she’d rather have touching her like she belonged to him. Her pussy felt like it was going to ignite, and she suddenly realized that her hand was still resting on his thigh. She struck a mischievous grin and slid her hand the few scant inches until she was cupping the bulge of his cock and balls in her palm.

His cock was rapidly getting bigger. She stroked him through the thin material of his trunks, her fingertips raking the shape of his organ as it started to grow even faster. Max uttered a low groan as she fondled him. It didn’t seem entirely real. It almost felt as if her hand belonged to someone else, but the last thing she wanted to do was let go.

Angie shifted, moving one leg across him so she was sitting with her feet planted on each side of the lounge chair. Her thighs were wide open, exposing the soaking wet crotch of her bikini.

He slipped his fingers over her scantly covered pussy, feeling the slick nectar soaking the fabric. “Mmm, so wet, baby girl.”

“Ohhh…fuck, Daddy,” she groaned.

Max pushed his fingers past the material covering Angie’s aching slit and started stroking her slick pussy lips. He rolled his thumb over her distended clit, sending shivers of delicious sensation throughout her entire body. She groaned again, arching against his hand.

Max reached for one of the drinks with his free hand, passing it to Angie, who could barely hold onto the cup without spilling it. Then he reached for a towel, which he draped over the arm of the chaise, providing the barest illusion of privacy in case anyone bothered to look their way. He then picked up his own drink, and with the fingers of his free hand continued exploring his daughter’s sodden pussy. He raised his cup to toast.

“Here’s to seeing how gorgeous you’re gonna look when you cum,” he said. He tapped his cup against hers and took a healthy pull on his drink.

Angie drank, too, but she was already reaching for his cock with the other hand. He was poking down the leg of his suit now, and her heart nearly burst when her fingers brushed across his hot, rigid flesh.

“I don’t believe this is really happening,” she whispered as her hand circled around the shaft of her father’s hard cock. His suit was loose enough to allow her hand room to reach as far as his full balls.

“I wouldn’t either, except it feels so good,” he told her.

His dome was slick as his clear pre-lube seeped in a steady, generous flow. Angie stroked the viscous moisture all along the length of his throbbing stalk.

She reached for the lotion bottle and squirted a line of cream along his thick shaft. The she gripped him firmly, her hand easily sliding along his hot flesh under his suit leg. He groaned and slipped a finger up inside her pussy, forcing his beautiful, horny daughter to stifle a pleasurable shriek. She bit her lower lip as he pushed a second finger inside. He began to pump his fingers in and out of her slippery sheath, managing to keep the pad of his thumb rolling back and forth over her clit.

“Oh Dad…ohhh fuck,” she cooed, grinding back against his fingers. She kept a firm grip on his huge cock as she milked it with steady strokes. His muscular chest looked magnificent as it heaved with his deep breaths. She began pumping his shaft a little faster while he matched the rhythm with his fingers. It felt like everything was covered with her pussy froth, her thighs, Daddy’s hand, even the seat of the chaise felt slick.

“You wouldn’t believe how much I want to just fuck you right here,” Max said, half groaning.

“Oh yes I would, baby,” his delirious daughter replied.

The mutual pumping and stroking was constant and electrifying. Angie felt like she was flying. She loved seeing the cloying, needful lust in the way her father was looking at her.

“I’m gonna cum for you now, baby,” she moaned. “Oh darling, it feels so good.”

Angie’s hips began grinding and rocking as she started to cum.

“Ohhh, baby girl,” Max groaned. His overheated cock spasmed and pulsed as the first spurts of cum spattered along his thigh and daughter’s hand from his knob.

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