Daddy’s Big Girl


Janey had become a big girl, in many, many ways, and I have noticed. When she was growing up she was always very self-conscious about her looks. She was never a small girl, but as she grew up she had become big and beautiful. She was 5’8″, about 160 lbs. Her tits were large; although she’d never buy bras in my presence I was betting that she was a 40D. She wasn’t really fat as much as she was well rounded.

Now I know that I shouldn’t have thought of my daughter as sexy, but she was. Although I had been dating for years after my wife left me, I spent more than a few mornings jerking off thinking of her. Of course, just because I fantasized about Janey doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a sex life.

One evening I brought home a lady friend named Lori and we started having some fun in the living room. I thought Janey was asleep. I undressed my friend, playing with her hard nipples, hearing her start to moan as my mouth started sucking slowly on them. She undid her jeans and pulled them down, begging me to play with her pussy. I gladly obliged, my hand running up and down her inner thigh but not quite touching her hot spot. She opened her legs more and asked again, “Please finger me…I’m so wet.” I pushed my forefinger into her hot pussy, and with it I hear her hiss. My mouth starts sucking harder on her tits, going back and forth between them.

I then tell her to lie down on the couch and open her legs. She damn near jumped on it, opening her legs wide and spreading her pussy lips for me. “Eat Me!” I dive in, licking her pretty outer lips before I started toungue-fucking her. She started to grunt with each of my tongue pushes into her sweet cunt. I started looking up at her, watching her writhe in sexual bliss when something caught my eye. I moved my head slightly as I started to rub Lori’s clit, and I realize that my Janey is watching us. She was trying to hide on the stairs.

I didn’t make any kind of a move to let her know that I saw her. I doubled my effort on Lori’s pussy. I started sucking harder on her clit, as I shoved two fingers in and out of her hot cunt. I saw Lori grab her tits and pull on her nipples as I took her clit in and out of my mouth. With a sudden rush, she started cumming all over my face. I pulled my fingers out and lapped up her hot juice, enjoying every drop of her sexy musk. I got up and pulled down my jeans and briefs, letting my 9″ cock out of its confines.

Lori gasped. She stared at my cock and started moaning again. I caught a quick peek at the stairs; my Janey was still there, watching what was going to become my orchestrated porn session. I told Lori to turn over onto her side. I got behind her, us both facing the stairs. I lifted her leg, and told her to guide my cock in. She did this quickly, grabbing the base of my cock and shoving it in her cunt. I grabbed a tit and pumped the rest of my cock in, sending it all the way up her hot hole. Her hand starts rubbing her hard clit, as I start to slowly fuck her wonderful pussy. My large hands pulling on her nipples as I slide my cock faster and faster in and out of her pussy, both of us start to grunt and moan in delight.

Suddenly, I pulled out of her pussy and put her fully on her back. I straddle her chest şişli escort and put my cock between her tits. She grabbed them and surrounded my dick. “Yes darling’, fuck my tits, cum all over me!” I start to do exactly that, pumping my long cock up and down her ample cleavage. Her mouth opened and accepted my cocked on each push up, sucking on it hard as it found its home. The she released her tits and grabbed my ass, forcing my cock deep in her mouth. She started making me fuck her face, and I was glad to go along with it. I grabbed the back of her head as support and pumped my cock as deep as she would let me.

Just then I hear a muffled moan from the stairs. I look over and all I can see as Jamey’s legs open. Then I look a little closer and see her hand between them. That’s all it would take. “Here it comes baby.” I start to shoot my load deep in Lori’s mouth, but all my mind was thinking was of Janey cumming from watching her daddy fuck.

As I calmed down, I hear Janey scoot up the stairs. Later that night, as I walked to my bedroom after saying good night to Lori, I put my ear to Janey’s door. I hear her cumming again, grunting something that I couldn’t understand. I went to bed with my mind filled with Janey’s becoming aroused by me. I jerked off once again, thinking of having her.

A week went by, and neither of us let on that anything had happened. We continued to live our lives, although every night I could dream only of her. And I continually wondered if she was dreaming of me also.

Then a few days later I came home a little early from work. I went upstairs to change when I heard Janey crying in her room. I opened her door and asked her what was wrong. She looked up at me, “Boys just don’t like me daddy. I’m just so ugly….”. I walked over to her bed and sat next to her. “Oh baby, you couldn’t be more wrong. You are a beautiful girl. Boys your age just don’t understand what beauty really is.”

I put my arm around her and brought her into my shoulder. Then I held her, and told her again and again that I knew she was beautiful. I kissed her forehead, and with that she looked up at me. I wiped away a tear from her cheek. “You really think I’m beautiful Daddy?”

“Oh yes, baby. I do.” I then give her a soft kiss on her lips. Then I looked at her again, my mind starting to race. She is suddenly not my daughter, but a beautiful woman.

“Daddy, kiss me again.” With those words, she moved her hand up to my face and led my mouth to hers. This time, we kissed more passionately. Our hands holding each other’s face, our lips dancing against each other. She opened her mouth, and drew in my tongue. My hand moved down her, instinctively. I cupped her large left breast, and lightly squeezed it. With that, baby’s first full moan with me. We broke our kiss, and I said to her “Do you like Daddy touching you baby, like I did to that other woman the other night?”

“Oh yes Daddy. Please…please….” And we start kissing again, hotter, quicker. Our tongues starting to suck on the others. I unbutton Janey’s shirt, and take down her bra strap, releasing her tit, exposing her big nipple. I start to play with her nipple as we kiss, rubbing it between my thumb and forefinger, then lightly istanbul escort pulling on it. Her nipple got harder as I played with it, and Janey moans louder, her body wiggling with excitement.

Without saying a word I unbuttoned the rest of her shirt and take it off. Then I quickly disposed of her bra. Now, her wonderful chest is fully exposed to me. She looks up at me, wanting to see my reaction. All I could do was look at her and smile; she was so hot, so sexy, so beautiful. My eyes filled with lust, and my cock became completely rock hard. I leaned down, and started sucking on her tits. She starts moaning again, one of her hands going to the back of my head, making me work her tits harder. I see her other hand disappear beneath her skirt, and I was sure what that meant. But before I could say anything Janey begged me, “Daddy, you can do whatever you want to me….I’ve dreamed about this for years.” I grab her a tit and move it up, “Suck on yourself. I want to see you taste your tit.”

Janey did exactly as I said, licking her nipple with her surprisingly long tongue. While she did that, I took a hand and joined hers between her legs. As my hand moved up, her legs opened wider, but her hand didn’t move. I discovered that she’s not wearing any panties, and she’s finger fucking herself furiously. I told her to take her fingers out of her pussy, because I want to get a feel of my baby’s hole. She again obeyed me, but instead of waiting on me to make a move she grabs my hand and forces my fingers in her. I look at her, “My baby sure is hot and wet. Looks like Daddy needs to help you.”

I lay her down on the bed and bunched up her skirt. “You saw me eating out my lady friend. You want Daddy to do the same to you?” She grunts yes as I push my finger deeper in her and she started sucking hard on her own nipple. I take a minute as I continued to play with her to look carefully at her. Her large tits jiggling as she plays with them, her rounded stomach shaking just a bit as my finger worked her cunt, her thighs so soft and smooth, and her bush hairy and glistening with her juices.

“Daddy, please eat me,” my daughter begs. I open her legs and lowered my face to her. I take a big whiff of her sex scent, strong and musky but so sweet. I take out my finger and start to lick around her outer lips, drawing a loud reaction from Janey. Then I moved my tongue to her inner lips, playing with them, flicking my tongue over the wet flesh. I feel her hand go to the back of the head, urging me on to further work. I stopped for a second, just to look up at her and watch her reaction. Then just as she was about to say something I shoved my tongue deep in her pussy. I started to tongue-fuck her hard, pumping my tongue in and out of her while I drank her sweet nectar. It turned me on even more.

As I worked her pussy with my tongue, I moved my hand around her leg and bring a finger to her hard clit. I start to rub it slowly as I suck on her pussy, getting out as much of her hot cunt juice as I can. Suddenly, she starts screaming, “Daddy, I’m cummmmiinnngggggg!” Her body is almost in convulsions as she started drowning me with her sweet juice. I lapped up as much as I can and the rest runs down her beşiktaş escort ass cheeks.

I slowed down so she can gather herself again, then I stop and bring my body back up to hers. She grabbed my face and started kissing me hard, sucking on my mouth, getting a taste of her own pussy juice from me. I break our kiss and take off my clothes, ripping off my shirt and tearing off my pants. I stood up fully in front of her and my cock is standing out hard and strong. She moved up and grabbed it with her lovely hand. She slowly started to move her hand up and down its full length.

“Lick Daddy’s cock, baby. Show Daddy how much you like it.” Janey moved her face forward and ran her tongue up the length of my cock, from base to head. She did this a few times, always looking up at me, making sure I liked what she’s doing. I smiled down at her, “That’s it baby. You’re doing a great job. Now suck on my cock. Put it in your mouth and suck on it good.” With that request, she put my cockhead and a couple of inches of cock in her mouth, sucking on it lick it was a popsicle. I put my hands on her head and lead her to use her mouth like a pussy, making her move my cock in and out of her hungry mouth.

I started to moan now, approving of my daughter’s work. I took my cock out of her mouth and tell her to lick and suck on my balls too. Without question, Janey obeyed me. I know now that she is truly mine, that my daughter is going to be my lover. I asked her to stop. I must have Janey’s pussy now.

I laid down on the bed, and told her to get on top of me. She did as I asked, bringing herself onto my chest, her pussy just above my cock, us quickly starting to kiss again. I have a hand on her tit, pulling on her nipple and one on her ass, kneading it as she writhes on top of me. I then reach below and grab my cock. I moved it up so the head is just at her pussy opening. “Get on Daddy’s cock, it’s time we fucked.” She slowly moved her body down, impaling herself on my cock.

Janey stared at me, her eyes filling with the satisfaction of being filled with my big cock. I noticed again that there was no hymen to break, so I was sure she had had sex before. Her pussy was amazingly tight, but she continued stuffing it with my cock, until I was completely in her. Then she sat up, and started to slowly bounce on my cock, riding it nice and easy. I reached up and grabbed her tits again, kneading them as she pumped my cock over and over. “That’s it baby, ride Daddy good and hard.” She starts fucking my cock harder, bouncing up and down quicker. She’s moaning so loud now, I can tell she’s getting close to another orgasm. I suddenly think about whether or not she’s on the pill, and I’m doing all I can not to cum in her hot cunt.

As she starts to cum, I grab her and pull her off my cock. Once she felt me doing that, she had a different idea than I had. She grabs my cock and puts it between her tits. I get the idea and start to pump my cock up her awesome cleavage. She tightens her tit-hole around my cock and starts saying “Cum on me Daddy, cum all over my tits!” Those words send me over the top, and I start to spew my semen all over her tits and chest.

After we both calm down a minute, I look at my baby with my cum all over her chest. She looks at me. Then she comes to me and we kiss again, deeply, and passionately. “We are going to do this a lot baby,” I say to her.

“It’s what I’ve hoped for, Daddy.” And with that, she starts to rub my cum into her skin.