Daddy’s Cuddleslut

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Female Ejaculation

*All sexual activity takes place only between characters 18 and older.*


It was a few days after the big blowout between Ken and Adrienne, the one that ended with Adrienne leaving for the other man they were arguing about in the first place, when their daughter came into her father’s room and crawled into his bed. She was six at the time and her father realized she was finally understanding that her mother was completely gone from their lives. The usually sweet girl with long, chocolaty brown hair simply nestled herself under the blanket and curled up on her side with her back up against her dad.

“Daddy?” she asked on that very first night.

“Yes, honey?”

“Are you gonna go away too?”

Ken hugged his little girl snug. “No, princess. Never.”


“I promise.”

“Hope to die?”

“Hope to die.”

“Not even if you get mad like Mommy did all the time?”

“Not even if I get mad. Daddy will be right here forever. Pinky swear.”

The pinky swear reassured Carly, and she finally relaxed and went to sleep. In the morning, when Ken woke up, Carly was already up and in her own room looking through her clothes for something to wear that day. Her father helped her pick out an outfit, got her bathed and dressed for the day, and later went off to work while Carly went to school.

She did the same thing the following night, without asking the same questions. And then the night after that and the night after that. Before Ken knew it, a year had passed and Carly was still snuggling into his bed where she slept peacefully, knowing what was left of their little family of two was intact.

That first year turned into a second before Ken realized he hadn’t been on a date since his wife left, even though their divorce had been finalized for months already. He realized he’d been so focused on his daughter’s well-being that he barely gave a thought to his own. That was the way it was supposed to be, he told himself. He was responsible for making sure his only daughter grew up feeling happy and safe.

When Ken realized he needed to start dating again, he didn’t know how he was going to get around the logistics of bringing a woman home. Carly wasn’t going to be happy about being displaced from her dad’s bed just so he could play around with some woman she didn’t even know. Then there was the way half of her things were now in his room. She was treating it like it was her room, too, and only used her own for getting dressed or undressed for her baths.

Ken decided the only way to deal with the situation was to go to the woman’s house if he ever got that far with someone. But anytime he went out, Carly made life impossible for her babysitters. She became irritable and bratty, constantly asking when her daddy was coming back and not doing anything they said without putting up an argument. One babysitter after another quit, and every time it happened Carly would hold her head up in triumph. Ken finally resigned himself to the notion that dating wasn’t going to be possible until Carly was older. Sooner or later she’d hit her teens and want her privacy back. But after the rejection by her mother, he wanted to let her decide that on her own terms.

But even when the girl finally hit her awkward, rebellious years, she continued crawling into her daddy’s bed no matter what — even after they’d had terrible fights. Or after Ken had been forced to discipline the girl after misbehaving. Sure, she spent a lot more time alone in her own room, but there was never a night that she slept there. There seemed to be an unspoken understanding between them that no matter what else may have happened during the day, Ken would always be there for his daughter to depend on. Bedtime was cuddle time. Safe time.

The only other inconvenience Carly’s nighttime presence caused was that Ken had to get used to wearing underwear to bed during the warm part of the year. In the past, he’d always slept naked in warm weather, but with his daughter in bed that had to change. Boxer briefs also had the added benefit of concealing any untimely, dream-induced erections.

After Carly turned eighteen, she blossomed into a sweet, beautiful girl with long, silky hair that was medium brown and a ripe, shapely body that made her popular with the boys at school, not to mention everywhere else. There was a slight thickness to her legs and bust, most of which her father assumed came from her love of playing volleyball.

In her last couple months of high school, Carly started going on dates and also to parties with her friends. Ken had thought this would finally break the cycle, but it didn’t. No matter where she went, and no matter with whom, she was always home by midnight and getting into her dad’s bed for a night’s sleep. There were a few times he smelled alcohol, but he only ever mentioned it the next day. Since it happened infrequently, and she never appeared to be more than a little tipsy, he decided it was a non-issue. And as far as bedtime was concerned, Ken steadfastly preserved kilis escort that as a safe zone for Carly.

He didn’t think twice about the fact that Carly continued sleeping in bed with him. It had become so routine that neither of them thought twice about it anymore. The only concession they agreed on was to keep their habit only to themselves, since most people would probably not understand it.

At the same time, Ken decided he really needed to think about dating again. She wasn’t beautiful in a classic sense, but she was girl-next-door cute in the sweetest and most alluring way. She was now about five-six, and not too thick but not thin, either. She had a volleyball player’s legs and ass, and pertly shaped C cup tits that quivered enticingly in her T shirts as she climbed into bed without a bra.

Being a typical guy, Ken woke up hard morning after morning. He knew it wasn’t because of Carly. How could it be? She was his daughter, for fuck’s sake. No, he’d simply been without a woman far too long. It had been worth it, though, when he thought of the way his only daughter was turning out. He was prouder of her than anything else in his life, and he loved her with every molecule of his being. But, he needed a sexual relationship, and with Carly now in her young adulthood it was time. He had a hard time imagining sleeping with anyone else, though, even if the lack of physical intimacy was so frustrating.

Carly turned eighteen toward the end of her senior year in high school. Ken realized she’d end up leaving for college before long, or else she’d want to strike out on her own and get her first apartment. He was going to have to make the adjustment sooner or later. He’d miss her terribly, but it meant he’d finally be able to think about having a normal relationship with a woman again. Yet he was apprehensive, too. He was so out of practice he didn’t know if he even remembered how to have a simple conversation over dinner with a new woman anymore. But he couldn’t let that stop him. He was just going to have to get back into practice and back in the game.

All of this was going through Ken’s mind one night about a month before Carly’s graduation. That was how he found himself lying awake in the wee hours of the morning with his daughter curled up beside him, her firm, young ass nestled against his hip. Then Carly stirred and sat up sleepily. She pouted as she realized she’d turned the wrong way in her sleep. She rolled over to face her father and snuggled up to him with her warm, round tits pressing up to his side. Her arm and leg went across his body while he snuck his arm around her and held her close.

This had been just their normal routine for years now, but Carly was an eighteen year old woman now with the luscious curves to prove it. He resisted thinking of her that way, but with her bare thigh lying across his cock it wasn’t easy.

“Can’t sleep, Daddy?” Carly said in a weary voice.

“Just doing some thinking, honey.”


A minute or two went by, but Carly wasn’t falling back to sleep and neither was her father. “Is everything okay, Dad?”

“Sure, sweetie. I just have a few things on my mind.”

“How come I don’t believe you?”

“I guess you know the old man pretty well, huh, sweetie?”

“Pffff, Dad, you’re not old. And yeah, I know you better than anybody.”

Ken had to admit that was true. Not even the girl’s mother ever knew him as well as she did. Not even close.

“So now that I’m awake you might as well tell me what’s wrong,” she added.

“Awww, honey, I was just thinking about how you’ll be going away pretty soon.”

“What? Who says I’m going anywhere?”

“You’re graduating in just a few weeks. It’s only logical you’ll be getting ready to strike out on your own. Time to think about applying to college and getting away from home.”

“Why would I wanna do something like that?”

“You’re all grown up now, for one thing,” he replied, painfully aware of her tits rubbing against him through her shirt as she shifted her weight. “And for another, don’t you want to get out and be on your own?”

“I always figured I’d go to college nearby, Dad.”

“Honey, with your grades you could go to any school you want.”

“The local state campus is fine with me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure. Some of my friends are going there, and besides, if I went somewhere else I’d have to move.”

“That’s normal, Sweetie. I always assumed you’d want to get an apartment and start your own life.”

“And where would you be?”

“I’d be here, of course. You’d always know right where to find me if you need me for anything.”

“Geeze, Dad. Why would I ever wanna go somewhere else? I have everything I need right here.”

Ken breathed a deep sigh. He couldn’t help noticing the way his daughter’s tits pillowed against him when his body filled with breath. He didn’t want to notice, but Carly’s orbs were just big enough to cause a distraction. They were somewhere kilis escort bayan in the range between a B and C cup size, and firm with a beautifully spherical shape. They certainly weren’t the biggest pair of tits he’d ever seen, but they were hands down the nicest. He really needed to get out more, and it was definitely time to get his daughter to start thinking more about getting out on her own.

“You’re eighteen now, Sweetie. Don’t you want to start making a life for yourself?”

“I do have a life for myself. Besides, you’d miss me not being here with you. Don’t even try to deny it.”

Ken sighed again. Carly’s boobs pillowed on his ribs again. “Of course I would,” he admitted. “I’d miss you terribly. But …”

That’s when he tried to explain what he’d been thinking about earlier, about maybe trying to date again and encouraging Carly to be more available for someone who could give her a serious relationship.

“I don’t wanna talk about this anymore,” the girl said angrily. Then she rolled over in a huff and turned her back to her father in a rare move.

Ken decided not to push too far too soon. Obviously, it was going to take more time to get Carly used to the idea. He felt bad about upsetting her, but it was a truth they both needed to face sooner or later. It was a long time before he was able to fall back to sleep, and he knew Carly lay awake for a long time, too.

When Ken woke up earlier than usual, Carly was curled up facing him again in her usual position. His perpetual morning erection was throbbing and rock hard, even more than normal. He gasped at the realization that his daughter’s hand was resting his briefs with her fingers around his pulsating cock shaft. A quick look at her face confirmed she was still sound asleep and had no idea she was touching her own father’s swollen prick.

The worst thing Ken could ever admit to himself was that Carly’s hand on his cock felt like paradise, even if she was only touching him through the fabric of his briefs. It had been far too long since anyone but himself had touched his cock, but even aside from that, knowing it was his pretty daughter’s hand on his bulge felt special. It was completely out of order, but nothing had felt so selflessly loving or just plain arousing. The second part was what was so disturbing to Ken. There was no other hand that ever made his cock throb the way Carly’s did, and being asleep she didn’t even know what she was doing. Maybe it was her being asleep that made it feel so deliciously intimate, being selfless and casual — even natural.

Ken lay there as long as he could, just savoring Carly’s soft, warm hand upon his shaft. But the longer he waited, the more there was a chance she could wake up and find herself completely disgusted by where her hand wandered in her sleep. Even worse, Ken knew the longer he indulged the feeling the more chance there was that he would cum. She wasn’t even rubbing him, but the mere shock of his daughter’s unconsciously intimate touch was setting every nerve in his body on edge.

He knew he had to get Carly’s hand off his cock, as much as he could’ve lain there all day like that. He carefully reached down and gently moved her hand onto her leg, which was stretched across his legs. After that, he quietly moved out from under her thigh and got out of bed.

With a raging erection tenting his underwear, Ken went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. His mind was spinning around in circles. On one hand, there was the conversation they had just a few hours ago in the dark of night. Ken’s logic said he needed to keep working on getting Carly to see the practical side of things, that a father and daughter couldn’t keep putting the rest of their lives on hold just for the warm comfort of chastely sharing a bed every night. Yet there was nothing chaste about the way she’d had her hand on top of his achingly hard pole, whether she knew what she was doing or not.

Ken pushed off his briefs and got into the shower. He immediately reached for the soap and proceeded to lather up his swollen rod, stroking his sorely neglected man flesh as he thought of his daughter’s hand feeling the shape of Daddy’s love through his briefs. But a hard, swollen cock isn’t what a daddy’s love is supposed to feel like. A daughter was never meant to touch him that way. Maybe allowing her to cuddle night after night had been a huge mistake. Yet now, as his hand began pumping faster and faster along the slippery shaft of his long, thick cock, he couldn’t imagine anything feeling better.

Pumping steadily and hard, Ken mentally admitted he never took another woman into his bed because Carly was the one he needed to feel lying beside him. He loved the girl the way he’d never loved anyone else, and he hated the thought of her ever slipping her warm body into bed next to anyone but him.

But that had to be his cock affecting his cloudy mind. He certainly had to be biased as her father, but he had yet to meet a woman he thought was escort kilis even close to being as pretty as Carly. Or as sweet. And then there was the feel of her firm tits pushing against him while her hand lay over his bulging cock. His own fist pumped more and more wildly while he imagined her dainty hand pushing into his briefs and taking hold of his fat rod without any cloth in between.

He could only imagine how it would’ve felt to have her stroking his shank the way he was stroking it now, pumping him toward an explosive burst of paternal seed. His eyes closed while he threw back his head and allowed the blast of hot pleasure to rip through his body. He came hard and long, finally letting go of his cock.

With the water running, most of Ken’s cum rinsed down his body and down the drain, but there were still large globs of milky cream running down the glass wall of the enclosure. He was surprised by the amount of juice that came out of him while imaging things about his daughter no father ever should.

Ken finished washing himself as well as the glass wall and shut off the water, all evidence of his forbidden indiscretion washed down the drain. As long as Carly never knew it would be alright. He’d just have to do a better job of controlling himself and make sure her hand didn’t keep drifting where it shouldn’t in her sleep. Meanwhile, it only gave him that much more reason to convince her they needed to prepare themselves to move on to a more traditional way of doing things. Carly was a bright, reasonable girl. It might take a few more talks to help her get used to the idea of change, but it was the best thing for both of them.

Ken managed to put the incident aside as a fluke, and the next couple of days went by without anything unusual happening. He thought he might’ve noticed Carly wearing more revealing outfits, but she’d always dressed without much concern over showing her cleavage of ass, so her father didn’t think anything of it other than to privately enjoy the view of a girl he’d always admired.

A couple of nights later, though, he had another talk with Carly about going somewhere else for college. They were lying in bed just before going to sleep. The topic didn’t go over any better than the last time Ken brought it up.

“Are you trying to get rid of me just so you can bring women home?” she asked in exasperation. “They have motels for that, you know.”

“Sweetie, I’d never try to get rid of you, ever. But how do you ever expect to have a normal relationship with a guy if you’re still living with your father, and … well, ummm, sleeping in the same bed every night. It’s not exactly the way things are usually done.”

“Oh, and that bothers you all of a sudden? I thought everything was okay, Dad. We’ve always had each other. I thought that was all we needed.”

“You’re the most important thing in the world to me, Honey. And of course it doesn’t bother me, but don’t you ever think about wanting more?”

“No,” she said icily. “Maybe you do, but I don’t.” Then she rolled over and turned her back to him, cutting off the conversation the same way she had a couple nights before.

Ken realized this was going to be harder than he thought. Deep down, though, he didn’t want to think about any other body in bed beside him that wasn’t his daughter. But the irony of it was that was exactly why they both needed to break out of this years’ long habit, especially after the way Ken had felt with his little girl’s hand on his cock while she slept. It could only mean disaster. What if Carly had woken up and realized what she’d been doing? It could mar her psyche for years to come.

Understandably, it took Ken a long time to fall asleep again. Like before, it was a fitful sleep and he found himself awake again sometime in the middle of the night. Once again, he was awakened by the ache of a hard cock. But tonight, he discovered Carly’s hand was inside his briefs and curled around his swollen, overheated shaft.

“Fuck,” he groaned softly, checking to see if Carly was conscious of what she was doing. Her placid face revealed that she was asleep and had no idea she was gripping her father’s man flesh. Her hold was a bit loose since her entire body was slack as she rested, but some weirdly sexual dream must’ve been what caused her to actually reach inside his underwear and take hold of his cock.

As arousing as it had been a couple nights ago when she was only touching him through the fabric, having her hold his pulsing flesh was in a whole other league. It didn’t matter that her grip was slack. Just the fact that this was his daughter’s hand warming his rock hard flesh was enough to make his pulse beat like a drum. He should’ve pulled the girl’s hand away immediately, but he didn’t. He just lay there and sighed deeply, savoring the feel of this young girl’s hand curled around his love muscle.

Ken lay there much longer than he should have. The longer he indulged himself the greater the risk of Carly waking up horrified to find herself with her hand on her father’s cock. That was the last thing he wanted, yet it was hard not to wonder if she knew what she was doing somewhere deep in her unconscious mind. Maybe her dreams were revealing an inner need for sexual intimacy she couldn’t express any other way and she was just reaching for the most conveniently located cock.

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