Daddy’s Dirty Buttslut Act 04

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Big Dicks

Preface – PLEASE READ!:

This is the fourth part of what is a running story. It is all about the taboo. You will not find romance here. Any notion and talk of love is subverted to serve the taboo.

Anal sex and incest are MAJOR themes of this story.

You may want to not read this part and other parts if you take offence to any of the following in a lurid, obscene (and of course fantastical) context: incest, rough sex, submission and domination, degradation, extreme sodomy, ass worship, extreme dirty assplay, light or implied scat, and EFRO (erotic female relieving observance).

All characters involved are 18 or older.

You push a second finger between Ana’s peachy buttocks and into her deliciously warm anus, watching as her fat brown ring dilates and engorges open for you.

“Mmm… you’re stretching my big beautiful balloon knot daddy.” She whimpers.

“Aw you cute little whore.” You breathe, thrusting your fingers in and out of her. “Do you want even more?”

“Yes pleassse.”

“Well you’re not getting any more.” You say, withdrawing your fingers.

“Nooo daddy please! I need it!” Ana whines, seeming genuinely upset.

“I want to keep your ass tight, so I think I might fuck it now.” You tell her authoritatively.

This reverses her emotions completely. “Oh yess! I can’t wait any longer! Does my bottom look appetizing enough for you daddy?” She holds her asscheeks as wide open as she can and pushes her glistening butthole out, making it pout and wink seductively at you.

“It looks gorgeous baby.” You position both of yourselves so you are lying on top of Ana, who has her legs propped up against her bountiful chest again, with your drooling fuckpiece held at the entrance to her soaking, bulging ringpiece.

“Are you ready to penetrate my virgin bottom, daddy?” She whispers, her eyes excited beyond measure.

“I think so honey.”

“What do you mean you think so? Don’t tell me you’re not simply desperate to push that big dripping cockhead into my warm, wet rectum and destroy your daughter’s fat, fuckable booty until I cry?”

“My bad, I meant to say just that. I’ve never wanted something more. Is your hot teen ass ready to be wrecked?”

“It’s been ready since like forever. Rape my big beautiful bottom daddy.”

Ana shoots you one more fuck-my-ass glance before her eyes roll back into her head and she cries out as you thrust forward, your fat cockhead forcing its way ever-so-slowly into your daughter’s slick yet super-tight backdoor passage.

You feel her deep, thick sphincter, her gloriously big and puckered rosebud, open up to your entry. Your daughter’s bottom seems very eager and receptive to your advances. It gradually stretches wider, blossoming in size as it enthusiastically seeks to envelop the cockmeat inside, as if its been waiting many years for such a treat.

“Oh god, oh god, daddyyy!” Ana cries as your cockhead pushes past her squelching brown ring and into her tight-as-fuck butt.

“Fuckk…” You groan. “It’s so sexy feeling my cock forcing into your warm wet asshole. I can’t believe how hot it feels inside.”

You push more and inch by inch your cock forcefully slides into your busty daughter’s tight bottom.

Her anal tunnel spreads itself wide to your powerful entrance, having no option but to stretch open its previously tight walls to the heated, invading thickness of your shaft.

She is squeezing her large boobs roughly, her eyes tight shut, her face bright red and her mouth wide Muğla Escort open but making no sound.

“Keep playing with your busty melons my submissive daughterslut,” You command, “and take your daddy’s huge dick deep in your teenage bottom.”

You keep on, knowing Ana is physically incapable right now of responding. “Do you like being buggered in your sticky anus by your daddy, whore? It’s not all in yet bumslut, I know you can take more…”

You grunt as you continue your push, feeling inch by inch the inner walls of the very depths of her rear give way to your pre-cum leaking fuckstick. Ana’s mouth stays locked in a large ‘O’ expression as you finally bottom out in her, as deep as you can go, your balls pressed up against her soft meaty asscheeks and every fat inch of your cockmeat crammed into her eighteen year old rectum.

“Fuck!” You and Ana say in unison. You laugh, while Ana just about manages a half giggle in between her hard breathing as she tries to get used to the log stuffed in her bottom.

“Ohhh, I feel so… stuffed!” She says haltingly, in between large breaths. A big fat cock… in my tight wet ass… it feels amazing! I feel like such a little slut… stuffed with hot daddy cock. It’s better than being full of the biggest and hardest of poos!”

You chuckle at this odd but strangely enticing statement. “Oh you dirty girl.”

“Yes daddy. I’m your dirty little girl with your huge cock buried in my poor little bottom.”

You start to withdraw and thrust, sawing your cock slowly in and out of her fat buttocks.

“Ohh… Does it…feel nice and…hot…inside?” Ana whimpers, breathing raggedly.

“It’s boiling hot baby… never felt an asshole so hot and wet inside as yours.” You reply, eyes closed in sheer pleasure.


You increase the tempo bit by bit, your cock picking up the natural moisture inside her ass and mixing it with your precum, and the sounds of sloppy buttfucking increase in wetness as well as vigour.

After a few more minutes of horny incestuous bumlove, you shift to a spooning position. You have no trouble staying inside her during the changeover: her bottom has a suction-like grip on you as if it’ll be some battle before it lets you go. It’s a good thing that exiting her throbbing anus is the last thing on your mind.

“Do you like this fat cock being stuffed in your horny rectum by your loving daddy?” You pant in her ear, now fucking her from behind.

“Oh yesss, fuck your daughter’s sopping wet ass! Pound the shit out of my fat booty! Ohhh!” She starts babbling as you bounce her back and forth on your cock, harder and harder, your hands squeezing her big tits and her soft sweaty asscheeks smacking against your thighs.

Within another minute you are pistoning in and out of your daughter’s tight, comfy backdoor with relish, squirting out smooth precum to lather up her anal chute until the sounds of sloppy, sticky buttfucking and Ana’s debased animalistic whines fill the room and the senses.

After only a few final minutes of brutal ass-pounding Ana’s rising orgasm hits its crescendo and she cums hard, her head rolling around wildly and her big butt pushing hard back against your groin, taking you all the way inside her hot rectum and keeping you there, as she goes through the throes of her orgasm.

You feel her asshole throb and pulse around her cock as her pussy pours its juices onto the bed.

Eventually she relaxes, breathing heavily but slowly, and you pull slowly out her ass, Muğla Escort Bayan which is harder than it sounds as it tries to suck you back into its accommodating depths.

You kiss her stickily on the lips and hold her close, as her deliciously gaping butthole starts to close.

“Did you like that sweetheart?” You ask.

“Oh daddy, it was amazing. The best thing ever! I want to do it all the time! But you haven’t cum yet?” She looks at you questioningly.

“Oh I will honey, I was just giving you a moments rest! How about now?” You joke.

“How silly. I don’t need rest!” She giggles. “Although… actually I could really do with a drink!”

“No problem.” You grin, and head downstairs to get both of you a glass of water.

“Oh, water.” Ana says a little deflatedly, as you head back into the room.

You roll your eyes. “You’ll be dehydrated, and besides we don’t have any of your schnapps or whatever it is you drink!”

“I knoww.” She smiles, and gulps it down, while you drain yours, go to the toilet and give your face a splash.

“Can you bum me again now daddy? My poor bottom feels empty already.” She says in a girlish voice, the very second you get back. She is back on all fours and waggling her cute bottom in your face.

“Bum you?” You ask, raising an eyebrow and smiling.

Ana giggles. “I heard it from someone. I think it sounds cute and silly. Daddy and daughter bumming away.” She giggles again.

“Well, I think the phrase goes well with your silly cockhungry bottom. Ask me again honey and I might just do it.”

“Come and bum me daddy! I need it so bad! Please stuff your desperate daughter in her tight sweaty bottomm!”

You watch as your daughter reaches behind her to clutch at her buttocks, pulling them apart with her hands to reveal once more her bulging anus, this time looking even more sordid than before. It is red raw and puckering out from its abuse, gaping a hole about the size of your thumb. It’s also slimy with her ass juices, glistening in the soft light with steady globules of precum dripping out from the dark hole and down to her pussy, where it mixes with the outpouring of her sweeter juices.

You position your big cock at Ana’s willing backdoor and press the impressive swollen head against your daughter’s own swollen butthole. You gently rub your own precum into her distended ringpiece, adoring her excited groans and the way she pushes her asshole out at you, soaking your shaft with her leaking buttsyrup turned creamy from mixing with your copious prejizz, and all kept warm in the deep confines of her dirty rectum.

“Mmm..” She moans. “Rub your big sticky cockhead into my sticky rubbery butthole.”

Ana shudders in her sexual anticipation, her engorged asshole opening and closing a little as it tries to clasp onto your meat, attempting to suck it inside.

You prod into your daughter’s bubblicious bottom, watching with great arousal in how her cinnamon ring dilates and expands outwards to the pressure in its efforts to take in a most welcome intruder.

Ana lets out a long, blissed out groan as she feels the familiar but never disappointing feeling of her well-used bumhole expand, yet for only the second time in her life from her father’s thick helmet popping through into her clutching, heated ass.

Ana, unable to hold back, and with a deeply satisfied cry, then pushes her greedy apple bottom back into your groin, causing your fat cockmeat to have nowhere to go but slide deep into her hot buttery anal Escort Muğla depths.

You struggle not to toss your head back in ecstasy, in case you miss the amazing sight before you, as you experience the extreme arousal of your throbbing shaft gripped by a deliriously warm eighteen year old ass, specifically that of your eager little daughter.

Ana is now panting and softly moaning, trying to get used to quality daddy dickmeat once again buried to the hilt inside her bottom. Her big, wide asscheeks are wrapped around your cock and her full, sexy boobies are swinging beneath her.

You are breathing hard, as your daughter’s burning hot teenage rectum grips you like a vice.

“Please fuck my bottom daddy.” Ana begs needlessly but adorably. “Please fuck my big stupid ass doggystyle and teach me what it means to be a silly fuckdoll buttslut. My dirty brown ring and fat bumcheeks need punishing for wanting to be sodomised by my lovely daddy’s horse cock.”

You give her what she wants, and almost immediately the room is filled with the rich, tart smells of dirty buttfucking. Ana’s messy backdoor fuckhole smells spicy and earthy in its wetness.

“Urghh… screw my perfect fucking ass daddy, ruin my big fat butt!” She yells.

You delight in her whorish moans as you fuck her juicy asshole, feeling it sopping and leaking around your plunging shaft. Her asshole has really opened up to you now, allowing you to go at a breakneck speed, and her face has gone bright red again as her greedy butthole gets quenched by your thick, dripping meat.

“Cum in my ass daddy! Jizz in your daughter’s bottom!” Ana suddenly begs you after a while more.

“You want daddy to cum in your pretty little ass?”

“Yessss. I need to feel itt.” She moans.

“Okay baby, daddy will help you out.”

Your cock is now hammering Ana’s tight greasy butthole with reckless abandon, as both your orgasms ride.

After one last breathtaking minute you exhale harshly as you release yourself in her anus, squirting out jets of warm jizz to lather her insides, causing her to immediately go into the throes of ecstasy herself.

“Squeeze the cum out around my cock, be a good little slut and push with your bum as I cum.” You pant while you’re both orgasming.

She squirms and strains, her silly screwed up face sweating and flushed, and the hot cum starts to run down over your shaft and coat your balls.

You don’t stop. Your cock is still plunging into her slutty bumhole, where her pouring pussy juice mixes with the oozing cum forced out of her by a mixture of your thrusts and her ass muscles working away to please you. The sounds of the fucking grow wetter and wetter, the milky cum coating her lower asscheek and the length of your shaft.

The piglike rutting becomes frenzied and depraved as you continue to fuck your daughter’s cumsoaked bowels, both of you indulging in the sickly, messy anal sex with wild abandon. You increase your speed, slopping your fuckpole out of Ana’s engorged anus as she mauls at her big tits, massaging sweat, not to mention the pussy and anal juices she scoops up from reaching underneath and behind her, into the soft, supple flesh.

“Cum in my big butthole again daddy! Fill up your daughter’s silly little bottom with your thick cum!” She commands you again.

You prepare yourself for one final time before you collapse. You were always good at recovery but you have not managed such a feat for a decade. You can only put it down to just how exhiliratingly hot and depraved the scenario is that you have found yourself in.

You let out a loud, drawn out groan as you shoot your final heavy load between your daughter’s peachy buttcheeks.

“Yess daddyy! Mmmm give me my second dose of jizz in my bottom!” She moans, writhing about deliriously.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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