Daddy’s Dirty Buttslut Act 10


Preface – PLEASE READ!:

This is the tenth part of what is a running story. It is all about the taboo. You will not find romance here. Any notion and talk of love is subverted to serve the taboo.

Anal sex and incest are MAJOR themes of this story.

You may want to not read this part and other parts if you take offence to any of the following in a lurid, obscene (and of course fantastical) context: incest, rough sex, submission and domination, degradation, extreme sodomy, ass worship, extreme dirty assplay, light or implied scat, and EFRO (erotic female relieving observance).

All characters involved are 18 or older.

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The both of you are in a sitting position on the bathroom floor, with Ana facing you and in your lap. The embrace is far from a usual father-daughter one, with the both of you naked and your daughter sitting her peachy bumcheeks down on your cock. You feel your daughter’s sticky asshole squelch around your cock as you push further inside, the sweet anal syrup that she produces in such abundance lewdly clinging to your shaft and slowly running down to your balls.

You watch her slutty flushed face as your cock bottoms out inside her, and she bites her lip as she starts to bounce on your lap. A steady shlop-shlop-shlop noise starts up as your cockmeat humps her enlarged and sopping butthole, so wet and juicy from your previous activities. The fat brown hole is slopped into, and her teenage sphincter squeezes you close.

“Massage my slutty anus with your big dick daddy, make love to my dirty bowels,” Ana whimpers in your ear as she rides you, her big tits jiggling up and down.

“I love your sticky anus baby, I love reaming it and I love how warm and slutty it feels,” you reply, and gently bite the lobe of her ear.

“My bottom is always warm for you daddy,” she says. “And it’s definitely the ass of a slut.”

You massage her full buttcheeks and nastily kiss her, her with mouth wide open and her tongue stuck out, and she moans like a whore as her bouncing increases on her father’s lap, and the juices and filth around her bumhole froth up around your plunging cock.

Your daughter’s fat bum has opened up even more to your dick now, and her backdoor entrance, already stretched from before, is a debauched joy to fuck, a gaping sloppy bunghole that squelches as Ana goes up and down, your thick cock slipping and slopping out like juicy hard fruit plunged into a baked pie, or driftwood from the sea thrown into a cavernous underground pool, heated by hot springs and dripping wetness from the walls: all hopeless analogies your mind arrives at when trying to describe the obscene wet whorehole that is your daughter’s backside.

“Mmm my anus is especially wet and horny today, can you feel how dirty it is inside?” Ana says, jolting you out of your strange similies.

“It’s very dirty and slutty today baby, it’s full up with your bumhoney. I’m going to have to fuck you after taking you to the toilet more often if this is how lewd Avcılar Escort and depraved your bottom is going to be.”

“I’ve told you before, I want a cock in my sexy bottom right after I have a poo each and every time.”

Your cock flexes in your daughter’s ass and you grab her hips to steal control away from her, pounding her rectum, feeling it squish around your shaft as her big jugs shake about in all directions.

“I still can’t believe my daddy is butt-fucking me, it’s so hot I don’t think I can ever get used to it!” Ana cries, her little hands on top of your shoulders. “Keep fucking your daughter’s ass!”

This is a statement that is always a delight to hear but quite an unnecessary command. You kiss her pretty and lustful face and neck, tonguing them like a dog. She whines and her face looks completely stressed, her mouth parted and her teeth showing, in an expression born of lost control and sense, of the body breaking down from agonising debauchery and the extremest of fetishistic pleasure, both physical and emotional. It is a face that only extreme, rough and passionate taboo buttfucking can bring you, and that is also something that causes no end of frenzied vocal outburts.

“Sodomise me daddy! Bum me!” Ana wails, her teeth gritted and strained, her eyes desperate and nearly crying. “Fuuckk, more! Sodomise your big titted teenage daughter, pound my fat butt, pump my sexy bum! Keep on penetrating my hot little bottom! Fuuuckkk!”

You wrap your arms around her and grab her tight, her boobs crushed into you. You rut away deep in her ass, in short hard strokes, and you groan. The first jet of hot jizz shoots up into Ana’s rectum and she breathes out loudly and fiercely as she feels it.

“Shoot your cum in my bum daddy! Deep in my fucking bottom! Fill me up with all that daddymilk! I wanna feel it sloshing away deep inside me. Cream my gorgeous anus daddy. Use me as your pretty little cumdump.”

You take your time lathering her insides, much to her enjoyment and her own delicious orgasm, her head lolling about as she feels her bottom filled up with a creamy cum, like a hose into a bucket. You pull your dick out when you are done, with a nasty wet sound. Her asshole farts stickily at you and she gives you a depraved look, her index finger playing with her bottom lip.

You roll her backwards, moving the both of you with some effort until she is lying on her back on the more comfortable bathroom mat. You hover your cockhead at the entrance, circling your cock around her loose sticky ring like the edges of a yoghurt pot. It pulsates at you, winking and making noises occasionally, with a few globules of cum leaking out to run down her deep crack.

“Stuff that cock back up my big ass, stuff it deep,” Ana snarls at you. “Quench my thirsty asshole with your cum dripping cock. You know it can’t get enough. You know I can’t get enough of being buggered like a whore.”

You lean in and lie down on top of her, and her legs wrap around your back as she takes you inside her Avcılar Escort Bayan backdoor. You sink your cock back into the depths of Ana’s clasping teen bottom with a single long thrust, feeling your cock swallowed up into a reservoir of your own semen. Your cockhead gets soaked in the thick mixture, like warm white syrup.

“Why are you so dumb?” you whisper rhetorically into her ear.

“I don’t know daddy, I just am.” She cries a little as you slowly and passionately ream her warm sticky butthole. Your own cum coats your balls as you push into your previous deposit and some of it is forced out to make room for your cock.

After a few minutes of this loving but degrading anal sex, with you stroking and rubbing Ana’s face while plunging into her backside, her legs up and tight around you, you suddenly get an idea and pull out, pushing yourself back through Ana’s legs until they unlock to let you pass.

“Whaaat?” Ana cries, her face scrunched up.

“I have an idea baby, and I want you to stay super horny for me.”

“I’m always horny daddy! And my bum needs it bad!”

“It’ll get it soon. But first I want to fuck that hot teen rack of yours. I want my slimy cock from deep in your ass pushed between your big fat titties, that completely fuckable chest.”

“Mmm well since you put it like that daddy, I guess my ass can wait. I’ve wondered when you were gonna fuck my boobies. It’s normally the first place guys go to.” She gets up on her knees and you stand up, and she opens up the valley between her big boobs and wraps your sloppy cockmeat between them. She looks up at you with long-lashed doe eyes, and you grab her meaty funbags from the sides and squeeze them together, creating a nice tight but soft cleft to fuck. You start to slide in and out, and quickly pick up speed, your cumslick penis having no problem with friction in your daughter’s tit valley.

“Do you like having your big tits fucked baby?” you ask her, as her cheeks go red once more.

“Mmmph… daddy you have no idea. I love being boobfucked! Pressing my big fat boobies together around a big cock and the guy using my melons to jerk off. Mmm it makes me feel like so good, just used for my huge boobs. I love it when it’s like a guy is only there for my tits, not even looking at my face, like I may as well be just a pair of tits to him and nothing else. Makes me feel so hot and degraded and dumb. I love being a big titty slut! When I go on nights out I’m always begging guys to cum on my big tits. If I’m drunk I sometimes just go up to strangers and ask them and then go on and on until they let me have my way. Usually it doesn’t take too much begging before their cock is in my chest though.”

“Aw that’s my girl. You really need cock in your boobs then?”

“I just get in that kinda mood, especially when I drunk and I’ve been dancing in the clubs and having my cleavage all pushed out and jiggling away all night and getting all hot and sweaty. When you’ve had your chest stared at the whole night by guys and Escort Avcılar girls eventually you just need it grabbed and screwed. I’ve told my friends loads of times that I just need to go and get a quick titfuck, just get some cum on my rack, and that I’d be right back. They’re used to it by now. I just go to an alleyway outside the club, or sometimes just in the guy’s toilets. Mmm make love to my boobs daddy. Use them to cum.”

“You always get it straight away?” you say, ramming her melons with more force now, turned on with your daughter’s talk.

“Not always, sometimes I get really desperate. Sometimes I can’t find anyone to fuck them, or people want to fuck me and not my tits, or they fuck my tits but want to cum somewhere else. Sometimes that’s cool, like when they wanna fuck my tits till they cum on my pretty dumb face. But often once my mind is set on getting that soothing cum on my hot chest then I just really need it bad. I can get all upset and worked up if they won’t fuck and cream my huge knockers.”

“Aw, do you have a little tantrum till a guy fucks and jizzes all over your slutty pushed out cleavage?”

“Yes daddy I go crazy! Sometimes I even cry till they fuck my big bouncy boobies and cum on them… Some of them like me crying while they’re fucking my chest, and I do it ’cause I’m so desperate for that cum and they’re getting me all worked up, laughing at me and calling me names. One time I was crying so hard my tears were soaking the guy’s cock, making the titfuck really wet and sloppy. That was so hot. I’m really good at crying when I’m worked up, guys have called me the best and the dumbest crying slut they’ve ever seen.”

“That’s really hot baby. I can see you’re crying a little bit now.”

“Mmm daddy I know,” Ana whimpers. “I can’t help it when I’m like this. I’m glad you like my tears like the other guys. I just wish my big whore tits could always be covered in a layer of cum. But I guess I wouldn’t cry if I was always satisfied.” She sniffs and her reddened eyes blink away more tears. Her mascara is starting to run down her face making her appear even sexier and more like a whore.

“Your talk and tears is really getting daddy worked up baby. If you’re a good crying slut then you can get daddy’s cum on your big bouncy chest.”

Ana scrunches her face up, looking so abused and aroused, and after you slap her face a couple of times she starts to sob, which increases in vigour as you resume a frantic and sloppy titfuck. Her warm breasts feel amazing pumping around your cock, and just looking down at her impressive teen rack and her sexy crying face makes you about to orgasm.

“Please cum on my big tits and all over my pretty little face!” Ana wails. “I’ll keep it on, I’ll wear your cum proudly! I can soak the insides of my big bra cups with your cum, keeping my boobs all sticky inside them.”

“Good girl, I wouldn’t expect any less,” you grunt, and you squirt out drape after drape of jizz, covering your daughter’s melons that she holds up to you as an offering. She breathes hard, looking with slightly crossed eyes alternately at your squirting cockhead and at her cumdripping boobs. When you are done her heaving bosom is covered in your thick white jizz.

Ana looks at you, and gives you the biggest smile ever. “Let’s go on a walk daddy,” she says.