Daddy’s Discipline Is Love


“MEG! Get in here now!” I heard Daddy hollering from his home-office. I actually had no clue that he was home. But it definitely wasn’t a good sign that he was yelling from downstairs while I was upstairs doing homework instead of leaning in the doorway to my room and talking to me. I wracked my brain as I smoothed my skirt over my ass and zipped the hooded sweatshirt over my bra, and thought carefully about what the hell Daddy could be yelling about now.

I took a second as I passed the full length mirror to check out my 18 year-old body. My tits were kinda small, fully a B-cup but I wished they were larger. My legs were long, curving into a nice full ass. My face was heart-shaped with large green eyes framed with long black eyelashes, and my very dark brown hair was naturally wavy and fell softly below my shoulder-blades. And of course my best facial feature, my mouth…soft, warm, full lips, that would probably be referred to as DSLs…Dick Sucking Lips.

I started down the stairs as Daddy came out of his office, ready to yell again. I paused as I got a look at his face. His face was hard, furious, his jaw tense, and worst of all, the fire behind his green eyes. “Oh shit,” I said under my breath, still unsure what I did (or did not) do, but certain that I was not going to feel anything but regret and a burning ass when Daddy was done.

I knew that being cute wasn’t a good idea, so instead I went for innocently confused, which wasn’t much of a stretch. “Daddy? You, um, called, for me?” I looked up at him. Daddy stood 6’3″ and had a touch of grey at his temples in his light brown hair. My Daddy was always handsome, even when he was angry. He was Australian, and moved to the U.S. where he met my mom (who was older than him) when I was just a baby. Mom got sick of being a wife and mother and ran off to Vegas, leaving me with Daddy. We may not be related, but I loved my Daddy as if we were real father and daughter.

I usually loved hearing him talk. His accent was sexy – he never lost it even though he’d lived here for most of my life. It was actually even more pronounced when he was angry…and Daddy was furious right now.

“Get your fucking ass into my office, Meg.” He turned away from me and went back inside, expecting me to follow him. Self preservation told me the smart thing to do was to be a good girl, get in, deny it all, and get out; so I followed meekly.

He sat at his desk, staring at me. The anger was palpable. Daddy hadn’t asked me to sit, so I stood in front of his desk, my hands clasped in front of me. I still had no clue why he was so angry. I held my tongue and looked at the top of his desk, waiting. The seconds ticked by, counted by the pendulum clock on the wall…or maybe it was the pounding of my heart in my ears. But in the silence of Daddy’s office, they were both so unbelievably loud.

“I’ve already had a fucking day from hell at the office dealing with employee bullshit. Then I got a call about you today, young lady. You had better have a damn good explanation.” Each word from Daddy’s lips was tinged with arsenic…he was REALLY pissed off.

I looked up at him. “Daddy, I’m sorry, but I really don’t know what you’re angry about. Please, tell me?” I said this softly, trying to keep from inflaming his anger.

“Seriously? You’re going to stand there and lie to my face?”

“Daddy, could you please clue me in?” I say respectfully.

I swear daddy turned red at this point, and I could see the vein in his forehead throbbing. He shocked me when, instead of screaming, he dropped his voice very low, and said evenly, “You. Are. A. God. Damn. Fucking. SLUT.” Each word was punctuated as if a sentence of its own. And I felt as if I’d been slapped at the last word.

“Wha- what the hell are you talking about, Daddy!?” I lost my composure and fell into a chair, my skirt sliding up my thighs. At that moment, though, I realized that Daddy had found out. And since I had started denying, I had to keep denying everything.

“Your principal called. Do you still want to deny everything, Meg?”

“I…don’t know why he would call…” my voice trailed off as I hid my face in my hands.

Daddy slammed his fist down on his desk, making me jump. “God DAMMIT Megan, STOP LYING!” Tears welled up in my eyes. “You were found with that boy…at school…Fucking.”

I cried, tears streaming over my cheeks, as Daddy laid out the accusation. “No Daddy! We weren’t fucking, I swear it!”

“Oh? You swear it? Just like you had ‘no idea’ why I would be livid? Just like you had ‘no idea’ why the school would call? You swearing to me doesn’t mean a whole lot right now.”

“Daddy, I promise you, we were not having sex…well…sort of anyway.” My face was burning but I knew I had to be completely open with Daddy. “Not that it makes it much better, but I was sitting on the counter, sucking his dick, while he fingered me. But I didn’t have sex with him.” I breathed out and stared at the ink spot on his blotter on his desk.

I could Gaziantep Emek Escort feel Daddy’s eyes burning into me, and even though I didn’t want to, I looked up, thinking I would meet his eyes. They were, instead, focused on my skirt which had slid up further and the realization that my bare pussy was visible hit me. “Oh…fuck,” I thought to myself, and reached to pull my skirt lower.

“STOP! You like acting like a whore, so you may as well look like one here at home, too. Get up and come sit on the edge of Daddy’s desk…and spread those slut legs of yours.” I slowly obeyed. I was embarrassed. And the embarrassment was made worse by the fact that showing Daddy my cunt (and hearing that Aussie accent of his) was making me wet. I felt the cold wood of the desktop on my ass as I slid in front of Daddy and spread my legs.

“Wider, Meg,” Daddy said as he pushed my skirt up around my hips. My face was burning almost as much as my pussy. “Mmmmm…so this is the pussy you had no problem showing off at school? Lucky boy.” Daddy ran his fingers over my thigh and I couldn’t help gasping softly and trembling under his touch. He caressed me again, and I closed my eyes, biting my lower lip. My eyes popped open and I cried out in surprise when the sharp *crack* landed on my inner thigh. Daddy slapped the other leg and I instinctively moved to close my legs to protect myself.

“No…keep them open, cunt. You had no problem showing that to a boy at school your slutty pussy. Now you need to be punished. If I have to tie your legs open neither of us will be happy.” I whimpered, but spread my legs again.

“Very good, Meg. But you don’t look enough like a slut. Take off your top and bra.” Daddy stared hard at me.

“Daddy, please. I get it. I’ll be good, daddy.” I was begging. I just wanted to run back upstairs to my bedroom.

Instead, Daddy stood up, towering over me, and reached out, grasped the zipper and yanked it down in one move, then pushed the sweatshirt off my shoulders. He ran the back of his hand down my chest, lightly brushing against one nipple, then the other. He slid the other hand up my stomach and gently groped my right breast over the bra. “Look how hard those little nipples are, you dirty girl. Getting turned on when your Daddy touches you. Now…Meg, take off your bra.”

He stepped back and folded his arms, staring me down. With trembling hands, I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra, slowly sliding the straps off my shoulders, and letting the cups fall away from my breasts. Daddy held out his hand and I gave it to him, then instinctively covered my chest with my arms. “Tsk, Tsk. No, Meg. You don’t get to cover up.”

Daddy grabbed his keys from his pocket and unlocked “The Drawer” in his desk. He pulled out a set of handcuffs, securing my wrists together behind my back, forcing my tits forward. He firmly pushed my legs apart and pulled a leather paddle, a riding crop, and a flogger from the drawer, setting each one on the desk top. Finally he pulled a vibrator out.

Daddy grabbed my face and forced me to look in his eyes. “Don’t close your legs, slut. This is for your own good.” I nodded as he picked up the flogger. Daddy trailed the strands over my stomach and thighs, tickling and teasing me. Then he cocked his arm and brought the leather strips down hard on my inner thigh. I whimpered, knowing he was just warming up…it was light and stingy, not hurting too much, but still not pleasant. He struck my tits too, popping the hard sensitive nipples and making me cry out.

“Oohhh poor baby. Does that hurt?” I knew it was rhetorical. He snapped the leather straps again, landing this time on my stomach. I shuddered and tried to shy away. He grabbed me by the hair and held me still, setting the flogger down. He picked up the riding crop and drew lines over my skin with it, making me shiver.

Daddy released me with the simple order “Don’t. Move.” I nodded and braced myself. He snapped the riding crop across the top of my tits and I screamed out. “OWWWWW FUCK!” He swatted the inside of my thighs, each side, then placed a well aimed strike on my pussy lips. I was sobbing, begging him to stop and trying to keep my thighs spread open but I finally broke down and snapped my legs shut

Daddy ran his hand up over my tits, pinching each nipple hard, harder, making me scream and crumple against him, then moved his hand up to my throat, squeezing gently.

“Since you cannot keep your legs open and your cunt spread for me, my precious little slut, I guess you’ll have to bend over.” He pulled me off the desk and bent me over his desk, face down, hands still cuffed behind my back. I felt the cold wood against my nipples. I whimpered as daddy pushed my legs apart, knocking me slightly off balance. He ran his hands over my ass, squeezing each cheek, then spreading my ass and sliding a finger in up to the first knuckle, then pulling out.

“I’m going to take both holes, make you the whore you’ve been acting like,” he whispered, making my cunt drip. “But not…quite…yet,” he drew out the last bits of his sentence as he slipped his fingers along my wet cunt slit and deep into me. “Such a naughty little cunt, getting wet over your daddy’s punishments.”

Daddy picked up the vibrator and turned it on, working it into my cunt. “Hold it in there, slut. Don’t fucking dare drop it.” He then reached for the leather paddle, the one with holes drilled into it to reduce the air drag. I heard him heft it against his palm, a light slapping sound. I trembled, half in anticipation from the stinging that would be landing on my ass and thighs, half from the vibrator buzzing away deep inside me.

Holding that vibrator would require me to hold my muscles tight…which also meant each strike would hurt more. Daddy slapped my ass hard, and I screamed, jerking forward on the desk, the edge cutting into my thighs. He hit me again, and again, each time in a different spot, stinging my ass, my thighs, the curve above and below my ass. I let go and screamed and begged.

“Daddy! Please, GOD, Daddy! I’m sorry! Please stop!”

“I know you’re sorry baby.” He struck me again. And again. And again. I screamed. My tears dropped onto the desktop, staining his blotter. I felt as if my tight ass were on fire. I was clenching my cunt and ass muscles as tight as I could to avoid dropping the vibrator.

Daddy finally dropped the paddle on the floor, and ran his fingertips over my ass, making me moan and cringe. He gently slipped the vibrator from my dripping, aching cunt, turning it off, and bringing it to my lips. “Suck your pussy from it, baby.” I opened my mouth as he fucked my face slowly, gently with the toy.

While I was distracted, Daddy took the opportunity to sink his cock deep into my cunt. I moaned deeply, pushing my hips back against him. He set the vibrator off to the side, and grabbed my hips, thrusting in deeply, letting out his own moan.

“God baby, I love your pussy. You may cum whenever you feel the need!” I felt him part my ass again, slipping his finger back into that tight hole and I lost it, screaming this time in orgasmic pleasure, soaking Daddy’s thick cock with my cum.

“Oh GOD DADDY! I love you!” I breathed out in my orgasm.

“Mmmm I love you too,” he grunted. I felt him stiffen against me and his cock spew his hot seed inside me, exploding in my cunt. I moaned softly as Daddy leaned on top of me, resting, catching his breath. I loved feeling his weight, his skin, his body heat, his heart, all against me. After a minute or so, he stood and uncuffed me, pulling me up and turning me around.

His eyes had softened. He brushed my hair off my face, and kissed my forehead. Pulling me closer, he pressed his lips against mine and kissed me, not as a father, but as a lover. Something had changed between me and daddy, and while, he was still Daddy to me, I had a feeling I would be feeling his cock inside me much more from now on.

“Let’s go get cleaned up, princess,” he said, gently leading me upstairs to his bedroom. He turned on the water, making sure it was steaming, but not scalding. He slipped my skirt off, then quickly undressed himself. We stepped into his huge marble shower together, and the multiple showerheads sprayed down on us. I moaned quietly, the hot water stinging my ass.

“It hurts, Daddy.”

“Turn your back to me, honey,” he said, pulling me to him so my ass rested against his thighs. He grabbed the soap and slowly, sensually started washing both of us, his hands massaging my inner thighs, my hips, my belly, then working his way up to my breasts. He took both in his hands, playing with my nipples and rubbing the wet flesh between his fingers. I sank back against his chest, leaning my head back. He leaned down and captured my mouth with his, kissing me passionately, making love to my mouth with his tongue. I broke away and turned, leaning against the warm tiles and pulled Daddy with me. My hands stroked his skin, water coursing over both us. He was pressed tight against me, and I could feel his cock stirring. I wanted him…but not in the shower. I wanted him to make love to me in his bed.

“Daddy…” I whispered, afraid to tell him what I wanted.

“Yesss?” His voice was thick with longing.

“Daddy. I want you to make love to me. Take me to your bed.” I felt daddy stiffen momentarily, and I was scared he would say no.

“Are you sure, Princess?”

“I’m positive.” I was terrified. This wasn’t daddy punishing me in the heat of the moment. This was both of us agreeing that we were going to be lovers.

“Then let’s finish up here.” He gently shampooed my hair, then conditioned it, reminding me of the love he had for me.

We stepped out and he grabbed the fluffy towels, the ones I remembered from being a little girl, and he dried my hair and body, and wrapped the towel around me, then wrapped another around his waist. I was trembling from head to toe, but not from being chilled.

Daddy led me to his bed, firm, yet warm, so much like my father. I sat down on the edge and looked up at him. His fingers trembled slightly as he brushed them through my still damp hair.

“You can still change your mind, honey. I know I lost control downstairs and I’m really, really sorry about that…but you don’t have to do this.”

“I love you, Daddy. Please. I want you to make love to me. Unless…” I trailed off and looked down, biting my lip.

Daddy lifted my chin, staring into my eyes, a soft smile dancing on his lips. “Unless, what, my princess?”

God, I loved when Daddy called me princess. I felt my eyes watering with tears. “Unless…you don’t want me…like that.” I blinked and felt a tear sliding down my cheek. It was ripping at my heart just to say it. Daddy wiped the tear away and kissed me softly, holding my face and letting me feel his warm soft lips. My arms instinctively went up around his neck.

He pulled back and gently unwound my arms. “I would love nothing more, my beautiful princess, than to be your lover.” He gently undid the towel and looked at my body, taking in a sharp breath. I flushed, still shy in front of him, but didn’t cover myself up.

“You’re so beautiful,” he gasped. He slowly laid me back on the bed, then slipped the towel off his body and slid next to me, pulling me close. He kissed me again, harder this time, his hands running over the smooth skin of my body. I opened my lips and pulled him close, tasting his tongue, feeling his muscles ripple against me. I reached down to stroke his cock, but he stopped me, gently placing a hand on mine, intertwining our fingers.

“Wait. I’m going to do this right,” he said, kissing my fingers. Then my wrist. I sighed as he kissed his way down my body, hovering between my thighs, breathing softly on my skin. He moaned as he gently parted my pussy lips, and ran his tongue up my slit, and around my hardening, throbbing clit, capturing the pink bud between his lips, then licking again. He ran his tongue back down, and licked inside my cunt, tasting the sweet juices that had begun flowing. Over, and over, he traced back and forth, slipping a finger into me and gently rubbing my G-spot.

I lifted my hips, pushing into his mouth, gripping his bed-covers and moaning. I had never had anyone eat my pussy before, and I screamed as I came hard over his tongue. “Ohhhh GOD DADDY! Yessss! I’m cumming! Oh DADDY!”

He lapped up each drop from my cunt, as I tried to catch my breath. He moved up toward me, kissing each nipple, catching them between his teeth, nipping softly, then flicking them with his tongue. He came to rest next to me again, kissing me, letting me taste myself on his lips.

“You still want me to make love to you, Princess?”

“Mmmmmm, yessss, god, yes Daddy. Please?” I gasped between kisses.

He moved over me, straddling me, his cock rock hard. He leaned forward, catching my hands, and lifting them to his face, kissed both wrists before stretching them over my head and gently pinning me down. He released one for a moment, reaching down and grabbing his cock, and stroked up and down my wet pussy lips, over my clit, making me gasp. “Oh Daddy…” the love in my voice evident.

“Look at me,” he commanded. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. His eyes had a look of hunger and longing. “I love you, Megan.” He guided himself into me as he made this proclamation. He slid slowly into me, letting me feel every inch of him. I cried out, and felt him shift inside me, hitting every sensitive spot. I wrapped my legs around my father’s waist, holding him tight against me, deep inside me, and lifted my hips up against him. I don’t know how long we stayed like that, both of us loving the feeling of being joined together.

Eventually, he broke the spell and started sliding in and out. He wasn’t fucking me – he was making love to me. His strokes were long and controlled, making it last. I could feel the orgasm building inside me, as he kissed me. He surprised me, though, by wrapping his arms around me, and pulling me up on top of him as he sat back against the pillows.

“Ride me, honey. I want to kiss you, love you.” I placed my arms on his shoulders and started moving up and down, flexing and contracting around his cock as he moaned and kissed me deeply, his free fingers now searching for my clit and my nipples, gently twisting on both as I moaned and dug my fingers into his back.

I broke away, gasping and looking into his eyes. “I’m…I’m going to cum, Daddy!”

“Me too, baby. Don’t close your eyes! Keep looking at me. God, I love you, Princess.” I felt him stiffen up.

“Oh…GOD!” I couldn’t help it…I closed my eyes and moaned with the most intense, incredible, earth shaking orgasm I’d ever felt, driven even more by my father’s groan of pleasure and his cum shooting into my pussy. He pulled my head to his face and kissed me. I was getting dizzy. I couldn’t breathe, and I loved it. As the pleasure waves subsided, I rested my forehead against his. He gently rolled me off him and pulled me close, letting me snuggle with him in bed the way I used to when I needed to feel safe.