Daddy’s Home


Note: A new friend here on Literotica inspired this. I hope you all like it too.

Mandy was 12 when her mother and I split up. I tried to see her after the divorce, but her mother made it very rough and I was concerned that her mother’s temper might get slid onto Mandy’s shoulders in my absence. I kept in touch faithfully through letters and email and phone. I made sure Mandy always knew how to get in touch with me and supplied her with phone cards so her mother wouldn’t hassle her.

I guess somehow it made me easier for Mandy to talk to. As she grew up we got very close. She could tell me anything and often did. Everything from boys to grades. I had agreed in the divorce to provide for her through college should she earn her way in, and boy, did she ever. Graduated 2 years early and left for college at 17. I couldn’t have been prouder. I never got to see her though, until she was 19.

I remember how adorable she was at 12 and could only imagine how she’d look at 19. I remember how nervous I was that first time, and how smitten. I walked into her house and, well, she stole my heart and other parts of my body. From then on I had no interest in other women, only my little girl. We certainly made up for lost time.

For a year or two now, we’ve been fucking each other regularly. Last weekend for her 20th birthday, I wanted to do something special. I knew how much she liked rough sex, and we had talked about rape fantasy, but this was going to push her over the top.

Around 2PM I headed over to her apartment with a small bag of supplies. We always talked before we got together so I knew she wouldn’t be expecting me. I let myself in quietly and took a quick look around. No evidence of any guests. I didn’t know if she was fucking anybody but me, but an overnight guest would definitely delay my plans. Walking into the kitchen, I found half a bottle of wine on the counter and a dirty wine glass next to the sink. “Good,” I grinned to my self as I walked down the hall to her bedroom, “She’ll sleep heavier that way.”

I peeked into her bedroom and saw her. It was a hot night and she had kicked her blankets off of her little body. I just stood and admired her for a few moments. She was about 5’4”, 115 pounds. Long smooth legs topped by a tiny firm ass. She worked part time as an aerobics instructor and it showed. She was wearing a pair of white cotton panties and a half cut gray shirt, her long blonde hair flowing down over the collar. She was lying on her stomach with one leg jack-knifed up to one side and facing away from me. Her tight little ass begged for attention, but I had to take care of a few things first.

I quickly undressed and carried the bag over towards the bed. I reached into the bag and put on a hockey mask. You know the kind, very Friday the 13th looking thing, but I had glued some foam over the mouthpiece, hoping it would disguise my voice. On the floor near the bed, I placed a pair of handcuffs, a pair of scissors, and a blindfold. My cock was throbbing almost painfully in anticipation.

I took a deep, quiet breath. I could her my little Mandy sighing softly in her sleep and I hoped I could make this wonderful for her. I hoped I had the nerve. Gently, I took the blindfold and tied it around her head. My heart was racing as she shifted slightly and moaned softly in her sleep, but didn’t wake up. Next I took the cuffs and slid her arms behind her back. Wrapping the cuffs around her wrists, I fastened them tightly together. She began to stir as I was finishing, but by then it didn’t matter. My plan was working!

“Mmm…whaaa..?” she came out of her slumber.

“Shut up bitch, you keep quiet and you won’t get hurt.” I had been practicing a Hispanic accent for weeks. I hoped it would be convincing.

“Who are you? Let me go you bastard!!” She was awake now and mad.

“You don’t listen too well do you, cunt?” I slapped her ass hard. “I said shut up!”

“You son of a bitch, you won’t get away with this, there’s security camera at the entrance, they already have pictures of you! Leave now and I won’t tell anyone you were here.” She had begun to rub her head against the sheets, trying to dislodge the blindfold, but I had tied it too securely. I grinned inwardly, there were no security cameras in the building, but she figured her captor wouldn’t know that. I told you she was smart.

“One more word and you’ve had it you little cock tease,” I slapped her ass again, admiring the red welt from the first spank. I grabbed the scissors and dragged the flat of the blade against her neck. I wanted her to think it was a knife, but didn’t want Muğla Escort to take a chance of actually hurting her. “You talk when I tell you to talk. I’ve seen you around the neighborhood, shopping, jogging, shaking your little ass around. A body like yours needs attention. I’ve been watching your place, too, that old guy who comes over all the time isn’t here tonight, is he? No one’s here to protect you, so you’d better behave.”

“Ok, ok, just please don’t hurt me” she whimpered. Her tone had changed. Now she was submissive, helpless, and scared for her life, just how I wanted her.

“Let’s see what we’ve got here,” I muttered running the scissors up her back cutting the shirt off. I cut the sleeves and rolled her onto her back. I tore the thin fabric off of her body to reveal her perky white tits.

She wasn’t wearing a bra, but she didn’t need one for those beauties. They weren’t particularly large, but they were perfect in shape. Firm little cones standing straight up. Her pink little nipples were already stiffening in the warm night air. I reached down and pinched them firmly.

“Owww, please, I’ll do whatever you say.” She was almost moaning now.

“You little whore, you know you’re enjoying this, don’t play innocent with me.” I snarled. My hands slid down her firm little body marveling at her soft flesh. My hand reached between her legs and she reflexively clamped them quickly together.

“No, please don’t.” she whimpered.

I slapped her tit roughly. The sound rang sharply in the air. “You little slut,” I hissed, “don’t you get it? This body belongs to me. Open your legs, NOW!”

She began to spread her creamy thighs a few inches then stopped.



A few more inches.


“I said wider!!”

She opened them for me and I could see a tiny spot of wetness over her pussy. My little angel was enjoying this more then I knew. I cupped her pussy with one hand and slapped her thighs a few times with the other.

“Wet already, slut? You must be enjoying this.”

“Stop it. I know what you’re going to do, and I can’t stop you, so just do it and get it over with.” She was getting defiant again. You had to admire her spirit.

“Patience, bitch, I have all night.” I laughed at her.

I took the scissors again and cut her panties from around her body. As they fell away I looked closely at her little cunt. She had shaved it for me! We had talked a few times about her shaving and she had finally done it for Daddy. Her pink lips were glistening, as she shivered. I reached down to rub her clit. Her body shuddered, but it was impossible to tell if she was trying to squirm away or get closer.

“Mmmmmm, look what we have here,” I mumbled, “ Such a pretty cunt and all mine, isn’t it?

She didn’t answer.

I reached down to grab my belt where I had dropped it and doubled it up in my hand. “I said it’s mine, isn’t it?”

No answer.

I swung the belt and laid it firmly across her bald little pussy with a firm “smack”. The surprise and shock brought a quick answer from her soft lips.

“Yes, oh god yes, it’s yours!! Please don’t hurt me! It’s all yours!!” She wailed.

I dragged the belt up her stomach to her ripe tits “And these?”

“Yours, they belong to you!” she quickly answered.

I rolled her onto her stomach and let the belt land very softly on her ass. “And this?”

She swallowed in fear. “Yours.” She whispered.

I knew I had her and my cock was harder then it had ever been. I kneeled on the bed in front of her head and firmly grasping her hair lifted her head up. I slid forward so my cock just brushed her lips.

“I bet a little whore like you knows what to do with this don’t you?” I asked.

She nodded and opened her mouth. Her tiny pink tongue snaked out and flicked at the head. She swirled her tongue around the head teasing it like she loves to do. She started to inch forward to take it into her mouth when I brought the belt firmly down onto her red little ass.

“Owww!” she shrieked.

“That was a warning, cunt. You bite me and I’ll show you pain in places you don’t even know you have. Understand?” I was trying to sound menacing.

“Yes,” she moaned. Tears were running from underneath the blindfold and I wondered if I was going too far. I reached down and slid my fingers between her ass cheeks to rub her clit. She moaned almost imperceptibly and lifted her hips ever so slightly. The little faker was wetter then before. I pressed on with confidence.

Her mouth opened again and moved to envelop my cock. Muğla Escort Bayan I kept a firm grasp on her hair and pushed forward slowly. Never in my life has anyone given me better head then my daughter, and I wanted to enjoy this. Her lips stretched around it and I could feel her tongue swirling around as she bobbed up and down just taking the head in and out of her hot mouth.

“Deeper, slut.” I growled.

A soft moan came from her throat as she took more of it. I watched her mouth oval around it and felt it hit the back of her throat. As she came up my shaft, her tongue flicked at the sensitive underside of my cock sending a shiver down my spine. She quickly threw her head down again; engulfing my cock, letting it hit the back of her throat. She gagged lightly, but kept sucking it in and out of her hot mouth. Suddenly I felt her move down as I guided her head firmly and instead of coming back up, she kept pushing and my cock popped into her throat. I moaned as she struggled to get more of it into her gullet.

She found a rhythm and started to fuck me with her amazing mouth. She would let the head pop out of her throat, breathe quickly, and swallow it again and again. Her little nose pressed up against my stomach on every stroke. I think she was hoping to make me cum so I’d leave her alone. I groaned urging her on.

“Oh Jesus, baby, you’re gonna’ be my new weekend thing.” I sighed, “You like that? You want me to come over here so you can suck my cock every week?”

“Mmmpphggg…” she grunted.

I wasn’t done with her yet, so I reluctantly pulled out of my little girl’s mouth. I rubbed my dripping cock across her soft ivory cheeks. “You want me to fuck you now, slut?” I asked.

“No,” she said “you bastard. Just do it and leave.”

I brought the belt down on her ass again. “You need to learn some respect bitch,” I said angrily. “Now beg for it!”

The bed muffled her cries. “I won’t. Just do what you need to do and get out, mother fucker.” Her defiance was back in spades.

I moved off of the bed and dragged her body over to the edge. Her knees were on the floor and her torso was lying over the bed. Her cute little ass stuck out and I could see her hairless pussy actually dripping down her thighs.

“Oh you want it all right, slut, you just think you’re too good to beg for it. Is that it?” I brought the belt across her ass again.

“Owwww, god, yes then you asshole. Fuck me, fuck me and get it over with.” She shouted.

I knelt behind her and rammed my cock deep into her cunt. Her saliva and the wetness in her pussy let it slide in easily. My balls smacked against her thighs wetly.

She grunted and buried her face against the bed. I could hear her muffled moaning as I pounded my cock violently in and out of my baby’s body. She whimpered as I reached around her slim hips to rub her clit and after only a few second her body shuddered and her pussy clamped down on my thrusting cock as she came.

Still I slammed into her. I could feel my cock bumping her cervix with every thrust. I felt out of control as I rammed into her little body again and again.

“Fuck me, you son of a bitch. Fuck me harder” she shrieked. She was slamming her hips back to meet my thrusts now. She was openly begging this stranger to fuck her. I didn’t know whether to be shocked, angry or hurt at the wantonness she displayed. I felt almost ashamed for putting her in this position and then reacting this way to her. My shame quickly turned to anger and I pumped my meat into her harder and faster.

“Oh god, fuck you, uhhhhhhaaaaahhhhhhh…” she moaned as she started cumming again. I smacked her ass again with the belt and reached up to pinch her nipples. She was beyond lust now as I pounded her tight cunt. I moved my hand back to her cunt and slid my thumb into her alongside my cock. Her pussy spasmed and gripped me as I let my thumb get good and wet inside her.

I pulled my hand away and rubbed her wetness against her rosy little asshole. I had one more mission to complete. My thumb teased her ass as she slammed back onto my cock. Firmly I slipped it into her tight hole and began fucking her softly in rhythm to my cock.

I slowed down, and pulled my cock out of her out of her. I sawed my cock back and forth against her clit as she panted and moaned softly. My cock was throbbing; I knew I wouldn’t last long in her tight ass.

I positioned the head against her ass and she started to squirm.

“No, not there. Nobody’s ever fucked me there before. You can’t, you bastard.” She moaned.

“Tonight’s the night, then, Escort Muğla whore.”

“Please don’t do this. You want money, I’ll get it, just don’t do this.” She pleaded desperately.

“Listen, bitch, this ass is mine. You WILL be getting fucked in it. You can relax and enjoy it, or you can fight, but either way I am going to fuck your ass, bitch.” I wanted to slam it into her so badly I couldn’t see straight, but I wanted this to last for her.

She lost her temper. “You asshole, you’d better hope they don’t find you. My father will kill you if he gets his hands on you.” She threatened.

I started to push my cock into her tight ass. She squealed into the sheets as the head slid in. I couldn’t believe how tight she was. I kept pushing as she moaned in pain and lust. My hands held her little hips firmly as inch after inch slid into her. Finally I had it all the way into her. She was silent and shaking. I was now fucking my little girl in the ass, and she didn’t even know it was me. The sheer depravity hit me and I knew this couldn’t last for long.

I started to fuck her as slowly as I could manage. I wanted her to enjoy this. My cock was ready to explode. I didn’t know how much more of this I could take. Her virgin ass felt like a velvet vise gripping my cock. After a few strokes I started to speed up a little. Her hips bucked back to meet me. Softly at first, but soon gaining power and speed.

“Oooohhh god, you son of a bitch, fuck my ass. Make me cum again.” She groaned.

I quietly took off the mask. It was time to let her in on my secret. I unlocked the handcuffs as I started to pump into her faster and faster. I held her wrists together with one hand as I reached forward to remove the blindfold. I kept a hold on her wrists and held her pinned down by the neck.

“God it’s so deep, I hope my father cuts your balls off before he kills you, mother fucker.” Her tone was threatening but her body was taking control pumping her ass back to meet my thrusts. My balls were slapping her dripping cunt firmly on every stroke.

The hardest part about riding a tiger is knowing hen to let go. Her ass was milking my cock. I had never been so aroused in my entire life. My heart thumped loudly in my chest. I could smell her body and her pussy in the warm air, I watched her firm ass engulfing my cock, and I could hear her alternating between moaning in pleasure and threatening me. It was as much as I could take. I was either going to jail, or my daughter was going to continue to be the true love of my life. I released her wrists, ready to try and grab them again if this got out of control.

One hand flew to her pussy rubbing her clit frantically. The other reached forward to grab the bed and push against me. I reached down, moving both hands around her body to cup her tits and pulled her body up against mine. Her little hips continued to thrust against me, her ass swallowing my cock as her mouth had done earlier.

I imagined what it must look like from behind. My larger frame on top of her, her bald pussy dripping as her finger attacked her clit, and my swollen cock pumping in and out of her ass. Stretching it. It was finally too much.

With a loud grunt I started to fill my little girl’s ass full of cum. She started to cum with me and the two of us groaned in unison as I pumped jet after jet into her tight rectum. Her ass grabbed onto my cock and squeezed as her moans filled my ears. It seemed like it would never end. I had never cum so much, and she seemed to orgasm forever. She kept bucking wildly against me forcing my cum out of her ass, dripping down her thighs.

Finally things calmed down.

I placed my mouth right next to her ear. “Angel, it’s Daddy,” I whispered.

Everything froze for a heartbeat. Then another.

She whirled around, pulling away from me. In a swift motion she was up on the bed hunched against the wall like a jungle cat ready to spring.

“Daddy?!” it had never occurred to her. “WHY?”

“Baby, please, wait! Remember we were talking about rape fantasy? I figured “Who better then me?” Someone who would only scare you and never hurt you, who loves you more then anything. I wanted to do something special for your birthday.” I was babbling.

“That was you the whole time?” she said

“Yes, baby.” I was petrified.

She relaxed and slid towards me on the bed. “Let me get this straight. You snuck in here, tied me, spanked me, and raped me, and you’re telling me it was because you wanted to give me something special for my birthday?”

“Yes.” I had never been more ashamed of myself. How could I have seen this as a good idea?

She slid closer to me and reached up to put her arms around my neck, nuzzling against my chest.

“Daddy, you always get me the best presents. Next time, can we do it without the blindfold?”

I told you she was smart.