Daddy’s Home Ch. 01


Disclaimer: All characters are 18 or older.


Ch. 01: Welcome Home

Richard Johnson was a patient man. He had to be, bearing a name like his. He was a calm, level-headed man, who generally lived by the rules and made reasonable plans for the future. He was responsible, dependable, and cautious. For two years and three months, he’d been a loving husband, and for the seventeen years since then, he’d been a good, loving father to his daughter. That’s not to say he was an average sort of man. He’d lived a very unusual life. He’d always been a bit of a jock, and played tackle on the football team in his school. When he was eighteen, he’d married his high school sweetheart. Unfortunately, he hadn’t been impressive enough to merit a scholarship like some of his teammates, but he soon landed in his feet in an unexpected profession. Professional wrestling. Initially he was part-time, wrestling at a local gym for a cut of the tickets while he went to college. But when his wife passed, he’d left school and thrown himself into his work to make the money he needed. Over the next eight years, he’d risen up to the national stage under the persona of ‘Tombstone’. The costume was a bit embarrassing, a weird combination of KISS’s costume style and Lobo’s personality, with a dash of Hulk Hogan for good measure. While his co-workers spent their fortunes on large houses and extravagance, he invested and saved his money. In his eighth year, he suffered an injury to his knee, and had to retire. Since then he’d spent his time at home living with his daughter, occasionally going off for a few days at a time to do commercials or the occasional movie appearance.

For a man of 36, he was in great shape. He had to be to fit into the costume. He stood 6’4″, with broad, powerful shoulders, muscular arms, and sharply-defined abs. He had short black hair that he spiked up when in costume, sharp blue eyes, and a handsome face with a square, clean-shaven jaw. He had a fake moustache to wear in costume, he got recognized too often if he just let it grow. At the moment his muscular figure was wrapped up in business casual, a white, collared shirt that bulged around his muscles, black slacks, and worst of all, a tie. He hated ties. Currently he was driving back home in his favorite car, a cherry red muscle car with a very satisfying roar when he pushed down the gas. He only allowed himself to drive it when he was doing appearances. He cranked the wheel right and turned onto his street, casting his gaze toward his home. It wasn’t a huge house, but it was more than big enough for just him and his daughter. Two stories, four bedrooms, a large kitchen, a finished basement with a home theater and a full gym, an in-ground pool and a hot tub in the back, and a two-car garage. And best of all, the place was paid for in full, no more mortgage to worry about.

Normally, the sight of his home after three days away was a welcome sight. But recently, his returns from these appearances filled him with a feeling of a dread. In the last few months, he had been struggling to deal with a fact that was becoming more and more obvious by the day. He daughter was hot. Incredibly hot. The realization had come on quite suddenly, and he was wrestling with the guilt it caused him. He’d been a good father for the first seventeen years, but in the months since her 18th birthday, he suddenly couldn’t stop noticing her incredible body. Each time he came back she was more mature, more beautiful. The temptation to act on these observations was eating him alive, but he knew he had to resist it, to fight it back and ignore it. He knew what he was thinking was wrong on so many levels, and so he fought it tooth and nail, struggling to hold on to a pure relationship with his little girl.

As he pulled into the garage and it closed behind him he gave a small sigh. Reaching up he hooked a finger into his tie and pulled it down, loosening the business noose as he climbed out of the car and made his way inside. “I’m home!” He called out to the house as he pulled the tie completely off, tossing it over a shoulder as he started to unbutton his shirt. He soon had it open, revealing his powerful pecs and the white sleeveless shirt he wore underneath it. He rolled it off his shoulders, revealing powerful shoulders and thick biceps, slabs of muscle big enough to fit a softball inside. He tossed the shirt over the back of his chair as he undid his belt and shed his shoes and slacks, leaving him in only his boxers and tee. “Samantha?” He called out, curiously.

Listening carefully he could hear her talking to someone on the phone in her room. He couldn’t hear much but he did hear her giggle and scold her friend. Probably Anna, that girl had a raunchy sense of humor. He heard her start moving again and she came out of her room and ran down the stairs. “Daddy!” She called out with a wide grin. For a moment, he saw her as his little ten-year-old girl again, running down those same Esenyurt Escort stairs with the same grin on Christmas morning. But the illusion only drove the point home of just how much she had changed. Her long, black, wavy hair had been straightened into silky, straight tresses. She was wearing black lipstick on her plump, soft lips, which made them shimmer in the light. She was wearing some sort of half-length black and purple corset that made her eye-popping breasts into mind-boggling tits, an ocean of creamy, pale cleavage, but still exposed her smooth, lightly toned stomach, including her bellybutton ring with a soft purple stone dangling from it. She was wearing a black-and-purple miniskirt that barely counted as a belt in his opinion, which did practically nothing to obscure her flared hips and positively juicy ass. There had to be a thong in there somewhere, he reasoned to himself, though he saw no sign of it. And to top it off she was wearing thigh-high black-and-purple striped stockings, forearm-high black and purple striped fingerless gloves, and a pair of knee-high black buckled leather platform plus heel boots, the classic sexy goth boot.

She ran to him and threw herself on him, flattening her titanic tits against his broad, powerful chest and throwing her arms around his neck, nuzzling affectionately. “Daddy! I’m so glad you got home on time! I didn’t want to head out before you got back.” She cooed. He returned the embrace, trying very carefully to avoid putting his hands anywhere particularly erotic, but with a body like hers it was a challenge.

“Aww, I missed you too, baby. Where are you headed?” He asked, trying to pull away from the hug a bit. She let him step back, but kept her fingers woven together behind his neck, not letting him go yet. This only made the problem worse, as while she looked up into his face, he looked down directly into that inescapable valley of cleavage.

“I’m going to a party at Anna’s. It’s a goth theme and I wanna look good.” She smirked, finally letting him go. She took a step back and give a twirl , showing her outfit off. The turn raised the skirt high enough to show off more than half her ass, which looked even more amazing than usual thanks to those boots. He bit down on his complaints, keeping his instinctual protective urges in check. It’s just how the girls are dressing these days, he told himself, fighting her over it will just make her more determined, and then she’s gonna go to the party looking to misbehave.

He forced his mouth into a smile. “You look great, baby. Very ‘goth’.” he commented, throwing her a thumbs up for good measure. “I’m probably just gonna stay in, drink a beer and watch some TV.” He replied, gesturing his thumb toward the kitchen.

She smiled at that. “Really? Sound like a crazy night, daddy. You need to have more fun!” she chuckled rolling her eyes. “But I know you wanna relax after your trip. Go sit down, I’ll grab your beer for you.” she said, shooing him toward the couch and taking off toward the kitchen.

“Don’t you have to leave for your party?” He asked, glancing back over his shoulder. He couldn’t help but watch her sexy rear as she walked away, before shaking his head and scolding himself. Eying your own daughter like a piece of meat. You should be ashamed. He growled at himself. Still… the little devil in him whispered, She does look amazing all tarted up…

“Um… I should be fine for a while. It’s not for another.. half hour.” She called back from the kitchen.

“Alright, then.” He replied and reached for the remote. He flicked on the TV and tried to silence his inner monologue with a comedian’s outer monologue. The man on the TV paced back and forth on stage, angrily ranting about race, though Rich couldn’t figure out where it started from.

There was the familiar thump of the fridge door closing behind him, and a few seconds later the couch shook wildly as his little girl hopped the back and landed on the seat next to him with an impish grin. He glanced over at her and noted she wasn’t holding anything. He turned to her with an arched eyebrow. “Did you lose something?” He asked with a touch of humor.

She giggled. “No, daddy, I got it right here!” she said, and turned her upper body toward him, leaning forward a bit. His eyes, following the motion, fell upon a bottle cap barely emerging from the valley of her cleavage. “See, daddy? And it comes with your own personal cup holder!” She chuckled.

The forces of desire and will clashed intensely in his mind at that moment, his eyes riveted on that little gleaming bottle cap in the middle of all that smooth, creamy flesh. He swallowed, then spoke, his voice with a barely perceptible waver to it. “Very funny, Sam, just… hand me the beer.” He told her, trying to sound like he wasn’t imagining the feel of those soft, pillowy mounds.

She smirked again and put a hand on his shoulder, throwing her leg around wide and settling Esenyurt Escort Bayan in to straddle his lap, her eyes locked on his, her creamy cleavage rapidly consuming all of his attention. “Come on, daddy, it’s all yours. All you gotta do is reach out and take it.” She said, her voice suddenly less light and more sultry.

He swallowed again. He felt a shift in his boxers, a monster awakening. He looked from the bottle cap to his daughter’s eyes, then back again. He knew what the right choice was, all he had to do was get away. Hell, just looking away would be a good step. But he found he wasn’t in control anymore. He saw his hand slowly rising up, coming closer and closer to those forbidden fruit, commanded by an unholy desire. He fought to stop it in his mind, but it was beyond his control. The hand tried to get hold of the bottlecap with two fingers, narrowly avoiding contact with her young tits. But they couldn’t grip it, they shook too badly. Still on autopilot, His hand delved deeper, feeling for the first time the incredible softness, smoothness of her massive mammaries as they contrasted sharply with the cold, hard glass of the bottle. His fingers wrapped around the slender bottleneck and pulled, slowly extracting it from the soft flesh. It had been almost completely swallowed by her chest, lost in the valley of flesh. As it cleared the grasp of his daughter’s mounds, he couldn’t help but notice how the condensation made her cleavage glisten softly in the light.

His eyes never left that cleavage as she softly swayed her shoulders, making her tits shake alluringly. He popped the top of the beer and took a long, deep drink, unable to look away from the hypnotic sight. Before he knew it, the bottle was drained. He looked to it, the trance broken, then looked back to his daughter’s face. She smiled again. “Go ahead daddy. Put it back in. Use me.” She offered her voice soft and pleading. Her hands went up to beneath her tits to lift them to even greater prominence. His hand once again went on autopilot, raising the empty bottle to her cleavage and slowly pushing it forward, the bottle getting consumed by the smooth, creamy flesh, effortlessly. She let out a small gasp. “It’s cold, daddy…” She muttered softly.

He let out an involuntary groan as something hot and rapidly growing reached her rear from below. She giggled. “Is that for me, daddy?” She asked coyly, wiggling her hips against the bulge rising from below.

He groaned again and shook his head weakly. “Sam, this is wrong, it’s so wrong… we can’t…” He struggled to object, but his willpower was abandoning him as his lower head began to take control.

She put a finger to his lips and shushed him. “It’s okay, daddy. I want this.” She whispered and leaned in to kiss him. He struggled for half a second before his willpower broke. An observer might even be able to see the moment his body relaxed into the kiss. His arms went forward and wrapped around her slender waist, pulling her body against his tightly, her tits crushed against his mighty chest as he kissed her back, not the way a father kisses a daughter, but the way lovers kiss. Her tongue drove forward, parting her black-painted lips and slipping into his mouth, and he could only reciprocate. Their tongues swirled and danced together in a hot, passionate kiss. His free hand roamed south, flipping up her skirt and finally seizing a handful of that bouncy, delicious ass that had taunted him for so very long. His little girl moaned into his mouth, and he felt his last fragments of self-control evaporating.

The beastly bulge down below grew larger and larger as his arousal did, now straining against the fabric of his boxers, threatening to tear them off entirely. “Oh, god, Sam!” He groaned out as he finally broke the kiss, fingers digging into her pliable ass as he kneaded her bountiful booty. She smiled and rolled her hips, grinding her snatch over his straining monster. He felt the heat and wetness of her sex on his boxers and realized she wasn’t actually wearing anything under that tiny little skirt. His grip on her rear tightened a bit more as his cock surged once again.

“Oh, daddy, it feels so big!” she moaned, breathlessly, still grinding her bare pussy over his meaty member, the thin fabric of his boxers the only thing separating the two of them from committing the act at this very moment. “Daddy, I need it! I need to feel that giant cock in me! Make me your slut, your little whore!” She half-moaned and half begged, one hand going up to squeeze her own incredible tits through her corset top.

In that utterance, she changed the nature of the game. Something woke inside him, a dark, dominant force in the back of his mind that swiftly took over control. He reached for the back of her head, and wove his fingers into her hair, his powerful arm pulling her forward into another kiss. But this was not sweet and tender as the other one, this was a master’s kiss, his Escort Esenyurt lips dominating hers as his tongue assaulted her mouth ferociously. She moaned again into the kiss, her own tongue surrendering to his command. When he pulled away after a long moment, her soft black lips tingled from the force of the kiss. The hand on her ass lifted up and came down hard, striking her rear with a stinging swat, a sensation she hadn’t felt in many years, a spanking. Her eyes widened and she let out a startled gasp. As the hand pulled away, already her pale ass bore a reddened handprint.

“So, my slutty little girl wants to be her daddy’s whore, huh? You think you just deserve a taste of the cock that made you, hmm? You’re gonna have to earn it.” He half-growled, half-teased, his hand still holding her by the hair. He used that handhold to guide her off his lap and to her knees on the floor as he stood over her, his meaty weapon straining against his boxers just inches from her face. “Show me how bad you want it. Worship your daddy’s dick.” He ordered her.

She shivered with anticipation. This was everything she’d imagined it to be and more. Her pussy was dripping between her thighs, begging for attention but she ignored it, her mind consumed by the monster just barely concealed from her. Reaching up to the hem of his boxers, she began to pull them down, the tip of her little pink tongue sweeping over her black-painted lips.

The first thing revealed was the monster’s root, surrounded by his pubes. It was beyond her every expectation, it looked to be six inches across. Inch by inch she pulled the boxers further down, revealing more and more of her father’s fearsome phallus. Looking past the monster for a moment she could see a pair of monstrous balls, each meaty orb the size of an apple and from the looks of them practically sloshing with oceans of daddycum for her. As the boxers went further and further down toward his knees, she began to wonder if the thing ever came to an end. That was when the head slipped free and the monster sprung up, rushing past her face before falling back down to land on her forehead, hot and heavy. The cock before her put any other cock, even those from porn, to shame. As big around as a two-liter bottle, but even longer than one, the beast was a foot and a half long, capped with a flared, helmet-shaped cockhead, swollen and reddish-purple with his desire. Thick, pulsing veins traces it’s length, throbbing as they fed blood to nourish the titan.

She nearly came at the sight of it. She’d known he was big ever since she caught him jerking off three years ago. She’d attempted to prepare herself with dildos and veggies, training her holes to take bigger and bigger penetrations. But his monster dwarfed even her biggest dildo, and it pulsed with angry desire. “Holy shit! Oh my god, daddy, it’s so huge!” She moaned out, reaching out to touch it, half-hesitantly. Her delicate fingers with their tiny black fingernails looked miniscule against its size. Encircling it, her hand couldn’t quite make it halfway around the monster, it was just too thick. She swallowed nervously as she began to stroke the titan slowly, feeling it’s hardness and heat as it pulsed against her palm. “Daddy, I practiced enough to swallow a beer bottle into my throat, but you’re just too big! You’re gonna break my jaw!” She objected, her voice a little weak.

He chuckled and sat back onto the couch, his monolithic member jutting straight up before her, a monument of manliness that thrilled her to the core. “Well, you’d better start stretching, my little slut, because until you swallow every last inch you’re not going anywhere.” he grinned wickedly.

She whimpered her objection, but she could tell he was serious. Reaching up under her arm, she tugged down a hidden zipper on her corset top until it disconnected entirely. She held it in place for a moment as she pulled it loose, the pressure flattening her tits on her chest, making them look even bigger and juicier. But when she cast it aside, the tits that greeted his eyes were beyond compare. Each massive mound was the size of his head, and they defied gravity, firm and high on her chest, effortlessly hovering in front of her impossibly. Smooth, flawless skin, mountainous peaks capped by soft pink nipples, the hard little buds about the size of the tips of her pinkie fingers, and accessorized by a pair of little silver barbells that gleamed alluringly.

She crossed her arms under her mounds, raising them up to greater prominence as she smiled up at him. “Do you like them, daddy? I know you like big titties, I’ve seen you staring at them sometimes. Mine aren’t as big as Anna’s, but they’re pretty big, huh?” she smiled, leaning forward to wrap her monstrous mounds around his mammoth meatstick. Even enormous as they were, they only covered little more than half of his megacock, the remaining veiny length mere inches from her glossy black-painted lips.

He let out a long groan, the feeling of softness surrounding his shaft. “Oh, baby, your tits are fucking amazing.” He commented with a smirk. “I’m more curious about are these, though.” he added, grinning wickedly as he reached down and tugged on the silver piercings, tweaking them between thumb and forefinger.