Daddy’s Modest Girl Ch. 01

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Blood rushed through her veins as her pulse quickened. Hot lust rushed through her, sending a warmth all over her skin and making her fingertips tingle. She found herself in the strong arms of a man with a dark beaked mask; his naked skin glistened with a thin sheen of sweat as he pulled her to him. Lips brushed against her neck, a soft whisper against her skin before sharp fangs pierced her neck. His mouth latched to her neck and he tasted the juncture of her neck and shoulder. Her breasts heaved with each breath; soft skin brushing against her sheer silky slip. The lace brushed her thighs, pulled up at one side where his hand clamped down on her hip and pulled her rump against his hard body. Desperation for more made her shudder. Her rosy nipples pulled the fabric taught. His strong hands teased, touched, and took control of her body as he sucked on her neck. His lips moves up to her ear and his teeth gently nibbled at her earlobe.

When he finally spoke, his voice came out in a gruff rumble, “You will do anything for me.” His tone made it clear that this was no request. With only silence hanging in the air, he pulled away, all of the pleasure he was bestowing upon her disappearing along with his touch. His lips remained at her ear and one hand clamped down on her jaw, forcing her to nod. She couldn’t see his face but felt his lips curl into a wicked smile.

“Yes!” She blurted out. “Yes, of course. I will do anything for you.” Her lips trembled as she forced the words out. The tumbled out of her mouth in an unnatural way as if she weren’t really making any noise; as if she hadn’t said them at all and he was in her mind.

“Good. Now, my sweetest Josephine…” His fingers began to fade into black smoke that choked her as it filled her lungs and eyes. “Wake up!” The smoke turned to silk, covering her face and suffocating her.

Josephine scraped the sheets away from her face and gasped in a breath of cool air. The thick heat pumping through her veins had yet to slow and she felt as if she were still in that groggy area between sleep and awake. Swinging her legs over the edge of the bed, she pulled her body up like a marionette; her limbs moving stiffly as if pulled by strings. Shuffling to the bathroom, she splashed cool water onto her face then looked at herself in the mirror. Wet crimson curls framed her pale round face. She blinked her long-lash-shadowed almond shaped eyes wide and examined the iris. What were once hazel rings were now showing that the whiskey-colored centers were shrinking to reveal more of the jade green. Her eyes seemed to be changing. While she liked the idea of having green eyes, she rather liked the way that, when the sunlight hit right, the brown and green would mix to a startling honey-like color that seemed to glow. She dabbed some chapstick on her plush lipped mouth to keep it silky smooth and pinched her cheeks for color. When she took a step back to examine her body, she wondered when she began this odd little morning routine to make her look so pretty when there was no one in the house saver for her father and herself.

Lifting her black polka-dotted tank top she examined her belly. It was slightly rounded but not obscenely so, with a cute belly button and a tiny waist that most girls would kill for. The bottoms of her breasts showed and she glowered at them. Most girls want theirs at about a C cup. Josephine would like that too, but for a different reason. The fabric of her top pulled up higher and she examined the hefty globes that she was cursed with. At such a small size around and a large cup, she was forced to buy sexy bras at lingerie shops because no one but her was a 36F without implants. A loud sigh escaped her rose petal pink lips and she dropped the tank top down and brought her hand down and touched her smoothly shaven mound beneath her black boy-short style panties. Her middle and index fingers brushed against the dampness between her legs and a slight blush crept onto her face. Turning, she took one last look in the mirror at her adorable, at least she thought it was adorable, ass. The bottoms of the pale cheeks were showing and she fixed her panties so that it wouldn’t show off too much. Ever since she turned eighteen three weeks ago, Josephine had been relishing in her new found adult freedom. Perhaps that was when she began to make herself look so pretty, finding pleasure in making herself feel and look sexually attractive, even if it made her father uncomfortable. She’d bought two “adult” books and even a tiny vibrator that she has yet to come up with the courage to use, but she’d be damned if she wouldn’t sleep and walk around her own home the way she wanted.

Lucas Dylan sat at the kitchen table with one hand around his cooling coffee and the other clicking away at the computer. Over half of the table was littered with receipts, reports and business memos that he’d printed, emailed, made copies of and faxed at least twice since the moment his alarm had gone off. Lucas worked Nevşehir Escort from home most of the time, only going in to the office for a meeting or to meet with high-profile customers. It was hard work keeping everything straight, but it was worth it to see his darling Josephine every day. Lucas was a tall man with broad shoulders and the trim muscular body of a runner. His hair was an uncanny shade of brown that seemed to incorporate every shade of brown in the forest, including a few brown-gray hairs at his temples. With ocean-blue eyes that had a splash of whiskey around the pupil, he was a handsome man with high-cheek bones and a strong jaw.

As he stared into the 2-D depths of his silver laptop he thought of his ex-wife. She had fire-red hair and a thin impish body that, though was the envy of every model from L.A. To Paris, had never truly made him lust after her. What made him fall in love with her, though, was her smile and the way she laughed. If lightning were lavender in coloration and silver could be liquid without burning, that beauty and all the beauty of renaissance-art rolled into one wouldn’t come close to the beauty within her laugh. She had thin lips but a large grin that showed how truly happy she always was. However, the laughter and smiles didn’t last long. When they’d met, both Lucas and his wife had been eighteen and starting college. Two months into the relationship and a pink plus on a pregnancy test made the engagement for them. When Josephine was two, though, Laura-his wife-had run off with her art-history professor and the divorce was handled quickly and neatly as she had effectively cut them out of her life and was now living in Reno with the professor who just happened to hit the jack-pot while playing roulette. That woman infuriated him.

The squeak of a floorboard brought him back to the here-and-now and it took him a moment to realize that the bodacious rump that was settled in front of the coffee maker was his little girl. As she stretched up to get a mug from the cabinet, Lucas could swear he saw the slick outline of her pussy through the stretchy black fabric of her panties. His cock twinged and his red-plaid boxers suddenly seemed a whole hell of a lot tighter. Rubbing a hand across his stubbly jaw, he wiped away the surprise on his face and screwed on his best I’m-the-dad face and waited for her to turn around so he could scold her, yet again, for being half naked in front of a man. Josephine must have heard his sharp intake of breath, because she sighed loudly, shoulders slumped, and poured her coffee. “I know what you’re going to say, so save it.” A wry smile teased his lips. “Oh really, then I don’t have to ask you to go upstairs and put some clothes on, you’ll just do it? Because I would love the amount of time that that would save me.”

She turned and rested a hip against the counter and sipped her coffee and grimaced at it’s lack of sugar or cream. “No, but we can both save time by agreeing to disagree and you letting me do what I want because I’m your little princess.” Sticking out her bottom lip and batting her eyelashes like a little girl, she looked at her father in a nearly sincere good-girl pose for nearly five seconds before she started laughing. A large slosh of coffee spilled out of her mug and onto her chest. Lucas was out of his chair in an instant and pressing a towel to her chest and taking the mug from her. Some habits die hard, and hot liquid on his little girl just hurt him on the inside to watch. “Are you okay honey?”

Josephine nodded and let out a disgruntled noise before dampening the towel with cold water and trying to blot out the coffee stains. “Yeah, I’m fine, just making a fool of myself, like usual.” She made her way to the door of the laundry room and muttered a quick “Don’t look” as she stripped off the tank top and dropped it on the floor in a damp mess. “I’ll go get dressed…” As she walked away, shoulders hunched, in only her panties, Lucas’ cock once again stirred in his boxers and he thought for certain that she would be the death of him. After all, what kind of girl walks around in such a sexy get-up in front of her father? One that didn’t know how to grow up, that’s what kind. One of these days he’d have to explain to her that she needed to act like an adult… but first he’d have to convince himself that he was ready to lose his little girl.

Slowly walking up the steps, Josephine caught a glimpse of her father and she could almost swear that she could see a lump in the front of his boxers. She mentally chastised herself and told herself that if she was going to start thinking like that about her father then she’d need to release some sexual tension somehow. After closing and locking her door, Josephine rummaged around her underwear drawer and pulled out the little three-inch neon blue vibrator, still in the original packaging. Her face flushed with warmth at the thought of doing something that she’d always considered so naughty but she Nevşehir Escort Bayan had to try it, what good would it be if she didn’t try it. Though it was cheap, she still hated wasting money. She read the description and the directions on how to work the multiple speed vibe. As soon as she turned it on, a soft buzzing came from the device and her fingers tingled. She giggled like a little school girl then lay back on her bed and touched the vibrator to her panty-clad pussy and felt her pussy grow wet.

She moved it up and down along the black fabric, trying to figure out where she was supposed to put it then felt it brush against her clit and a jolt of pleasure shot through her and before she knew it, she was slipping down her panties and writhing on the bed with her legs spread wide and the vibe pressed against her clit. Her thighs began to tremble as she heard her father’s voice calling up the stairs for her. The muscles in her belly tightened as she climaxed, her juices flowing and covering her fingers and the vibrator. Images of a man burying himself deep within her as she climaxed; teeth against her neck, her back arching; breasts pressing against his chest; nails clawing down his back. She imagined herself kissing this man, but when he pulled away she recognized his face all too well, but she just pulled him in closer and kissed him more passionately, more feverishly. Daddy? She quickly turned it off and closed her eyes as she waited for the little aftershocks to subside, it was the most intense thing she’d ever felt. But what was with the image of her father kissing her… fucking her…? She told herself that it was just because she heard his voice. It was a lie, but she didn’t want to admit to herself that she had just gotten off by thinking of her father.

Lucas knocked on Josephine’s door and for an instant thought he heard a vibrator and heavy breathing, but quickly dismissed the thought, not wanting to face that very real possibility. “Honey?”

“Yes Daddy?” Her voice sounded shaky and breathless when she spoke, and she hadn’t called him daddy for such a long time.

Lucas shrugged it off as a fluke and leaned against the door as he spoke. “I’ve got to run into town for a meeting and it’ll run late… I was wondering if you’d like to run around the mall for a bit when I go then we’ll go out to eat dinner, maybe catch a movie, wasn’t there one out you wanted to see?” He hoped that this would help alleviate the embarassment she felt for spilling her coffee earlier.

Josephine quickly slipped on her white lace boy-short style panties and her white lace bra then stood next to the door and cracked it open a bit so that she could look at him. “Do I get to decide where we get to eat?” She raised an eyebrow and smiled when he did.

“Of course sugar! I’ll even buy you an iced coffee, with whip cream…and a lid” He winked at her and she laughed. In a streak of bravery, she threw open the door and wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tight then quickly disappeared back into her room. Lucas was stunned for an instant. Seeing Josephine like that, having her press against him while she still faintly smelled of sex made his cock instantly hard and he shivered at the thought of her pressing just a little bit closer. Something has to be wrong with me, he thought, no way in hell am I lusting after my daughter… I hope.

The red dress she picked out was perfect for a day like this with her father, it was bright red with big white skulls and anchors. She was still giddy after doing something so naughty, but she couldn’t help it, she needed to do it and she would never ever do it again, at least that’s what she told herself. After zipping the dress up, she slipped on her red stilettos and fluffed her hair in the mirror then applied a light layer of smoky-shadow and thin eyeliner with mascara to make her eyes pop. She looked gorgeous.

As soon as she stepped downstairs and into the living room, she knew that she’d done well. Despite her love of skulls and black and red, she always managed to look adorable and sweet despite what she wore. Lucas smiled and motioned for her to come sit next to him on the couch. She snuggled up to him as he watched the news and she didn’t even notice that it was near three-o’clock when her father stood and stretched and told her it was time to go.

Once they were in town it was nearly four-o’clock and he dropped her off at the door to the mall with fifty dollars in cash and his credit card. For the next three and a half hours, Josephine found nothing of interest except for a set of lingerie, that she really had no good use for, and a black European-style bikini that just barely fit her lovely bust. For the hell of it, she bought both.

The meeting ran a half hour longer than expected and by the end Lucas was a much richer man for it, yet that didn’t change how tired he was feeling. Sitting in a small room around an oval table wearing a suit Escort Nevşehir was not his idea of a good time, at least he had his time with his daughter to look forward to. “Hey Luke!” Jack Sanders slapped Lucas on the back, a big cheesy grin on his face. “Good work today! It was you we have to thank for landing us that deal!”

Lucas smiled politely and nodded. “Yeah, but now I’m late for dinner with Josephine. She spilled coffee on herself this morning and I figured I ought to do something to make her feel a little better.”

Jack’s eyebrows rose in surprise. “Well, I would have thought that a cute girl like her would want to be out with some young stud on a Friday night rather than hang out with her boring old dad.” He laughed loudly as they stepped into the elevator, obviously making a curvaceous Latina maid uncomfortable.

Lucas’ smile faded. “Josephine doesn’t date…”

Jack nudged Lucas with his elbow and nodded. “Right, and she doesn’t have sex, drink or smoke pot either?”

Lucas wasn’t amused. “No, she doesn’t. She is a good girl and I’m not sure I like you talking about her that way…”

Jack threw up his hands in temporary defeat. “Hey, all I’m saying is that an attractive young girl probably has some boyfriend she doesn’t want you to find out about. Hell, she probably has lingerie and some sex toys stored away for when he sneaks in at night, with the way she dresses I bet she’d into whips and collars and fun shit like that.” A dangerous sparkle in his eye sent Lucas’ temper to the boiling point.

He turned and looked straight at Jack. “Listen, you don’t talk about Josephine that way, she is my daughter, not some hot young slut for you to fuck in the supply room, okay? Next time you talk that way about her I will rip out your heart and feed it to you, got it?”

The doors opened and Lucas turned and left without so much as a thought as to what Jack was thinking or doing. If he would have looked back, though, he would have seen a red-faced monster in a nice suit. Jack was lucky that Lucas didn’t know about all the times that Josephine had come to see her father at the office and fled, crying, because Jack had felt her up or slipped a hand under her dress between her thighs despite her cries of protest. Even though Lucas knew Jack was an asshole and an idiot, what he said still got to him. How well did he really know his daughter? It was possible that she did all those things and just didn’t want him to find out, she was a gorgeous girl.

Jack remembered a particularly nice time when Josephine had come in to the office the first time. It was to bring her father his lunch that he had forgotten at home. She had no idea where his office was and Jack had easily lured her down the narrow hallway past the restrooms and then pulled her into the supply closet. She hadn’t realized that she was in a dangerous situation until her back hit the shelves and the lunchbox fell to the floor as Jack had pounced on her, thrusting himself between her legs and eagerly groping her breasts as he threatened to elaborate upon the story if ever her beloved father should find out. This was before she had stopped coming, and though he didn’t get to touch anything more than her clothed body, it was one of his favorite memories.

When he walked into the food court Lucas saw that Josephine had two bags with her, one from one of the department stores and the other from a store that sold sexy lingerie and other little naughty things. He smoothed his face and tapped her on the shoulder. “Well hello there pretty lady.”

Josephine looked up at him and smiled brightly. “Hey you, ready to but me that coffee now?”

It wasn’t soon after their foot arrived that Josephine sighed and dropped her napkin over her half eaten plate of fettuccine Alfredo. “What’s wrong? You haven’t eaten barely more than a bite and you look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Lucas snapped his attention back to his daughter and frowned. “Nothing, why would you think that?”

She shook her head and nibbled at a bread stick. “I changed my mind about the movie, I’m not in the mood.”

Lucas opened his mouth to object then thought better of it. He wasn’t feeling all too well either, faced with the terrifying possibility of Josephine being a slut. Though he had no proof and was simply feeling the effects of Jack’s suggestion, he couldn’t shake the feeling like she was interested in some guy and the bag from the lingerie store didn’t help that. They left the restaurant and had a quiet ride home.

“Josephine, could you come here-oh, and bring those bags!” Lucas shouted from the living room and rubbed his sweaty palms nervously on his jeans.

Josephine walked in and sat down at the edge of the couch, the bags at her feet. “Okay…what is this about?” She chewed on her bottom lip nervously and Lucas couldn’t help thinking about how sexy he always thought it was when women did that.

“What did you buy today?” Leaning back in his chair, he tried to make himself look calm and nonchalant.

Arching an eyebrow at him, she shrugged and pulled out the swimsuit and tossed it to him and frowned. “That’s what I bought…” She did not like the way that this was going. “I don’t see why you care, I’m eighteen you know…”

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