Daddy’s Summer Slave Ch. 03

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When daddy got into the car and closed the door, he looked at me and said, “That was erotic as hell. I can’t tell you the last time I got that turned on at a restaurant. I loved the reactions by the men in the room and with Robbie. You are one hot little slut!” He leaned over and kissed me like a lover and grabbed my tit and squeezed.

We pulled to the back of the parking lot by the back door and waited for Robbie to come out. We didn’t have to wait long. He walked out and glanced around the parking lot and found us immediately. He had removed his tuxedo jacket and bowtie and unbuttoned a couple of buttons on his shirt. He had a very hairy chest and was looking quite handsome. He walked over the driver’s side window to talk to my daddy.

Daddy rolled down his window and smiled as Robbie approached our vehicle. “So, sir where is it that we are going?”

“Son, I want you to follow us back to our house. We live about 40 miles away. Is that okay?”

“Oh yes sir, do you want me to just follow you?”

“That would be great Robbie. We’ll lead the way.”

Robbie went to his car, a recent model Mustang. He got into the driver’s seat and started his car and got right behind us going out of the parking lot. We were on the road leading the way back to our pleasure palace and dungeon. Robbie was in for a big surprise when we got back to our house. The ride home seemed to take forever. I was soaking wet and full of cum waiting to be released.

“When we get home, sweetie, I want you to immediately go upstairs and put your slave outfit on. I will get Robbie something to drink to relax him a little bit and explain a little bit of our arrangement. You leave the egg inside your cunt while getting into your outfit. I want you to come back down and get into your inspection stance in front of Robbie. I’ll take over from there, do you understand?”

“Yes daddy, I understand.”

“I will not hesitate to punish you in front of Robbie if you disobey me. Just because we have a guest does not mean that you do not obey me. You are my sex slave, first and foremost. Don’t forget that, okay?”

“Yes daddy. I will be your perfect little slave, honest.”

We pulled into the driveway at home with Robbie still following. We pulled into the garage and Robbie parked in the driveway next to my car. He came running up to my door to open it for me and smiled when I showed him my legs as I was getting out of the SUV. I walked into the house and immediately went upstairs to my room and changed. Daddy went into the kitchen and got out the wine and poured three glasses. He handed one to Robbie and they sat in the living room awaiting my arrival.

“All right Robbie, I am going to give you a quick synopsis of what is going to happen here tonight. First and foremost, I will need you to be discreet and not tell your friends of this in a way that might cause trouble. If we cannot trust you, you will not be invited back, ever. You see, Veronica (Ronnie) and I have a special arrangement here. Ronnie is in training and we want you to be a part of that training. If you cannot keep your mouth shut and just have fun with us, then you might as well leave now. What do you say? Can you be discreet and help us with the training?”

Robbie looked at him and smiled. “Oh yes sir. I will not say a word to anyone. I would love to be a part of your training your beautiful daughter in whatever it is that you are training her for. Please let me take part in this training.”

“Alright, that sounds great. Ronnie will be down in a few minutes. Make yourself comfortable as I am going to do the same. I’ll be right back.”

Daddy came upstairs just as I was putting on the corset. He glanced in the doorway of my room and smiled. “Robbie is ready and willing to help us out pumpkin. I see that you are almost ready for inspection. I am going to get out of these clothes and meet you downstairs in five minutes. I want you to go down and get into your stance and I’ll be right behind you.”

“Yes daddy, I will. Thank you so much for this evening daddy. It has been absolutely wonderful so far and I can’t wait to start training for multiple partners.”

Daddy walked to his room and I finished up. I put the ball gag in last and made sure that it was nice and tight. My pussy was so wet from all of the orgasms that daddy had caused at the restaurant. The butt plug was secure and so was the vibrating egg. I checked myself out in the mirror and thought I would pass inspection with no problem. My nipple rings with the chain connecting them was completely hot with the corset on. I walked gingerly down the stairs to the living room where Robbie was waiting.

When I entered the room, Robbie’s jaw dropped and he almost spilled his glass of wine. Then he smiled up at me as I got into my inspection stance. He sat there dumbfounded and finally smiled at the piece of ass that was standing before him with my slave outfit on. “Wow, you look great. I wasn’t sure what kind of training your daddy had in mind, but I think I kind of know now. I can’t wait to help train you with whatever your daddy wants help with.”

I İstanbul Escort stood there silent with the ball gag in my mouth and my arms behind my neck and my legs spread apart slightly. It seemed like forever that I was standing there waiting but finally daddy came down the stairs dressed only in a pair of shorts. Daddy smiled as he entered the room and took in the scene. “Good girl. I am glad that you obeyed me so well, pumpkin. Robbie looks pretty eager to help us out in our training. So, I think that we should head downstairs and begin your training for this evening. I hope you don’t have anywhere to be anytime soon, Robbie. We are in for a long night of fun and pleasure.”

Robbie took his eyes from me and looked at daddy. “I am off from the restaurant tomorrow and really don’t have anywhere to be until Sunday. I am yours for whatever you need me for sir. I am very excited that you have invited me to be a part of this training. Just let me know what you want me to do and I will be there for both of you.”

Daddy smiled that devious little smile that he has. He walked up to me and started his inspection. He felt my pussy and made sure that there was no stubble and actually inserted his fingers inside me to make sure that the egg was still in place. He made sure that the ball gag was tight enough and he yanked on the chain to make sure that it was secure on my nipples. He pushed me over so that I was bent towards Robbie and made sure that butt plug was secure inside my ass. He pulled me up and kissed my neck. “You have passed inspection young lady. So, let’s get this party started.”

Daddy had a leash in his hands that I had not noticed until now. He hooked the leash to my collar and pulled me towards him. He spanked my ass a couple of times and said, “Robbie, you grab the two glasses of wine and follow us.” Daddy picked up his glass and led me down the stairs to our dungeon. Robbie was right on my heels and sporting a huge hard on. I couldn’t wait to see his cock outside of his pants. My pussy was dripping at the thought.

We got downstairs and daddy opened the locked door of the dungeon and stepped in and turned the lights on. He pulled me in by the leash and set me in the middle of the room. Robbie walked in behind us and his jaw dropped again when he took in the sights of the room that we were going to play in. “This is amazing sir. This is the hottest room I have ever seen in real life. I have only seen things like this in movies, never in real life. What would you like me to do sir?”

“Thanks Robbie, I spent a lot of time on this room perfecting it for Ronnie’s training. I am quite proud of this room and the purpose that it will serve over the next few months and years. You see, Ronnie has to work off her education in this very room. My daughter has become my sex slave and will continue throughout her college career. You are the first person that we have invited here to help us out. Now I want to lay out some ground rules. First and foremost, I am the master in this room. What I say goes. If you have a problem with that, then leave now. If you can follow instruction and help dish out discipline then we welcome you with open arms. So, why don’t you set the glasses of wine over on the work bench and go ahead and get rid of your clothes. We won’t need them anytime soon. I know Ronnie is dying to see that hard on that you have been sporting all night. Then we’ll get down to it.”

Robbie did as he was told and when he took off his shirt my eyes got big and wide. He had a wonderfully hairy chest, a six pack of abs and when he removed his pants, his cock was about the same length as daddy’s but a little wider and hard as a rock. Daddy led me over to the platform by the leash and brought my hands up to hook them above my head. Then he attached my legs to the sides of the platform and removed the leash. I almost lost the egg that was inside my cunt. I hated to think what would happen if I would have let it drop out of me. I held onto it with all I could muster with my cunt muscles. Once daddy had me hooked up and secure, he actually turned the egg on high. I did not jump but was immediately turned on.

“So Robbie, did you notice my little girl having an orgasm in the restaurant?”

“Sir, I thought maybe that was what was happening but wasn’t sure. How did you do that right there in public?”

Daddy pulled out the remote control from his shorts and showed him. “I have had control of this all evening and actually made her cum four times while at the restaurant. I even fingered her clit right before you brought out our dinner. I was hoping that you could smell her pussy while you were serving us. Did you smell her pussy?”

“As a matter of fact I did, sir. Thank you for that. It was very obvious that you had just had your fingers in her pussy and I was turned on by that, extremely.”

“I thought you might boy. Now, what we are going to do is begin training my little whore to satisfy multiple partners. From here on out, we will not call her by name. She is only to be called degrading names such as whore, slut, tramp, cunt, bitch and İstanbul Escort Bayan anything else that you can come up with. She is my slave and we will treat her as such. It actually turns her on and makes her tremendously wet when she is called nasty names. Doesn’t it pumpkin?”

Robbie looked at me and I nodded my head yes. The egg continued to vibrate inside my cunt and get me closer to that orgasmic state that daddy loved for me to be in. Daddy walked over to me and yanked on the chain that was attached to my nipple rings. I winced a little but did not move. “I think that we will throw in the element of surprise during this exercise.” He walked over to the wall of toys and tools and got down a black blindfold. My eyes must have widened in surprise because when daddy walked back over, he laughed. “What’s wrong baby girl? It is only a blindfold. This will make it more difficult for you to see what’s coming next. You won’t know who’s touching you or how we are going to touch you. Let’s see how this goes and remember not to flinch during your spanking or the punishment will be that much more severe.”

He walked up to me and placed the blindfold on my eyes and the room went dark. After he put the blindfold on, he spanked my ass a couple of times, swiftly and sternly. I did not budge. “That’s it my good little whore. You are learning quickly. Now let’s see if we can get her to cum with that egg inside of her hot little cunt. I have to tell you, also, that the butt plug that she is wearing is holding in a load of my cum that I placed there earlier. She loves being fucked in the ass and I wanted to give you lots of lubricant with which to fuck her. She should be primed and ready as the plug is quite large and will have loosened her ass up enough for you to just slam into her with no problem. Would you like a try at her beautiful ass, Robbie?”

“Oh please sir, I have never fucked a girl in the ass before, I would love to try that.”

“Alright, I will let you fuck my baby girl in the ass but you must remember that she needs to be spanked as well. The harder you make it sting, the wetter she gets. And if you don’t leave red marks on her ass, then I will get to spank you. I love to see her ass red with hand prints. While you are taking care of her from behind, I will take care of punishing her from the front. Now, let’s get started.”

I could hear Robbie come up behind me and Daddy move to the front of the platform. The egg was making me crazy with eroticism and I could not wait to feel Robbie’s cock inside my ass. I felt a swift hard slap to my back side and I almost moved but held back. Then I felt a swift slap of leather across my nipples. I wasn’t sure what had caused it but it felt like a leather belt. I was dripping onto the platform; I could hear it and feel it dripping down my thighs. Another hard slap to my ass cheeks and a hard slap to my pussy lips actually made me wince in pain and pleasure. The slaps continued alternately between my ass and my pussy and my nipples. The pain was turning me on to no end. I was so close to cumming that I couldn’t stand it anymore. Robbie was beating my ass like he knew what he was doing. I am sure that there were going to be hand prints on my ass and it was making me even hotter. My nipples had to be turning red as well, as daddy kept beating them alternately between Robbie’s slaps. I was starting to squirm with pleasure and daddy had taken notice.

“Oh, she is getting so close to cumming Robbie. Let’s see if we can get her to cum like the little whore that she is. I told you that she gets off on being beaten. C’mon Robbie, let’s get the little cunt to cum!”

Robbie picked up his pace on beating my ass, as did daddy. I wasn’t sure where the next slap was going to come from, but I knew that it wasn’t going to be long before I exploded in ecstasy. Between the beating that I was receiving from both sides and the vibrations emitting from my cunt, I was right on the edge. Then I felt daddy grab the chain that was attached to my nipple rings and yank hard. Then he pinched and twisted both nipples hard and rough. That was all I needed. I came in torrents and almost lost the egg inside me. When I started to convulse in orgasm, Robbie must have gotten really hot because he spanked me with a vengeance. The added sensations made me squirt the hardest that I had all day. I heard the splash of my cum land on the platform and felt daddy twist my nipples another notch.

“That’s it you little fuck whore, cum for daddy! I want you to cum nice and hard so that Robbie can fuck your ass like a slut! You love having two men beat your ass, pussy and nipples, don’t you my little harlot?”

I couldn’t stop cumming. It was intense and almost overwhelming. It was a release that I needed so badly that I actually started leaning into Robbie’s slaps on my ass. I was in the middle of ecstasy when daddy leaned over and bit my left nipple while pinching and twisting my right. I could feel his hard cock up against me and couldn’t wait for him to fuck his little girl. Robbie was really getting into beating my ass and making me cum even Escort İstanbul more intensely. Daddy moved his mouth over to my right nipple and bit down on it. My orgasm was sustaining quite nicely. It felt incredible!

“All right Robbie, I think it is time for you to fuck your first ass. Get yourself lubed up and we’ll get you inside of her nice tight ass.” I could hear Robbie jacking off with the lube and couldn’t wait to feel that nice hard cock deep inside of my young tight ass. While Robbie was getting himself ready for his first anal penetration, Daddy was moving the butt plug in and out of my well stretched asshole. It was erotic as hell. “Are you ready son?”

“Yes sir. Let’s get to it!”

Daddy removed the butt plug that had been inside my ass for hours. I felt empty as soon as it left my tight asshole. I could feel daddy’s cum dripping out of my asshole as he removed that anal plug. “Can you see my cum oozing out of her tight little ass, Robbie?”

“Yes sir, that is hot!”

“Alright, get that massive cock up here and get it inside my little girl. She is going to love having your cock inside of her. You are even bigger than I am. Fuck her like the whore that she is!”

Robbie stepped up behind me and I could feel daddy grab his cock and line it up with the entrance to my anal cavity. He placed the head of his cock right at my opening and said to me, “Now baby girl, don’t tense up, we don’t want to hurt you. Robbie is about to fuck your tight little ass with his massive cock. Are you ready my little wanton whore?”

I nodded my head yes and felt Robbie’s cock slip inside my tight little hole. He plunged right in and began fucking me like there was no tomorrow. His cock filled me up more than the plug had done all day. He reached around and grabbed my tits and held on for dear life. It felt so good to be filled up like a whore. I loved having cock in my ass and started fucking him back with the limited movement that I had. He was pulling and yanking on my nipples and grabbed the chain and pulled like a harness.

“Oh man, I can feel that egg inside of her and it is making me crazy.”

“Robbie, we can’t have you cumming too soon, you need to fuck her like a whore needs to be fucked. I know that you are young and full of piss and vinegar, but don’t shoot your load off too soon. You need to last long enough for me to get inside of her from the front. I want to fuck her cunt while you are fucking her ass. We all need to cum together.”

“Oh sir, I will not cum before you. This is so hot; I can’t believe my good fortune to be able to fuck your little girl like a tramp.”

Daddy moved to the front of me and I could feel his hard cock on my stomach. He leaned over and kissed my neck and whispered in my ear, “You love being fucked in the ass don’t you sweetheart? Now we are going to fuck both holes at the same time and we will not stop until we have filled you with our hot cum. Are you ready baby doll?”

I nodded my head yes and he inserted his cock into my sopping wet cunt with the egg still inside of me. I thought I was going to pass out from pleasure. I had a nine inch cock inside my ass and another nine inch cock inside my cunt with a vibrating egg that was kicking it up a notch. They were fucking me in an alternating rhythm hitting my g-spot with every thrust. Robbie still had a good hold on my tits and was using them for leverage while fucking my ass hard. Daddy had a hold of my hips and was meeting every thrust with a vengeance. I was so completely full of cock that I couldn’t stand it anymore. Between being filled with cock and the vibrations from the egg, I hit the ceiling of ecstasy.

“That’s it Robbie, fuck her harder. She is about cum like a little whore. Let’s give it to her like she is a little whore!”

They picked up the pace of their thrusting at the same time and I couldn’t stand it anymore. My whole body tensed up and I began the most intense orgasm of the day. I had two huge cocks inside me and an egg that was resting on my g-spot. I squirted all over daddy and my muscles tensed up to where they could hardly move inside of me. I was spasming and releasing all of the bodily fluids that had built up over the last hour or two. I was screaming behind the ball gag and that was making them fuck me even harder. The excitement just kept going and going. I felt them change rhythms to where they were thrusting inside me at the same time. Between being completely filled and that damn egg constantly vibrating on my spot, I came again with an intensity that made me black out.

When I awoke, I could feel cum dripping out of both of my holes onto the bed that I was lying on. I opened my eyes and could see both of these hot men sitting beside me rubbing my nipples. I still had the ball gag in my mouth and was as dry mouthed as I have ever been. Daddy finally took the gag out of my mouth and sat me up and gave me a sip of wine. “Well, that was about as hot as I have ever seen you sweetheart. You took both of our cocks and gave us a milking like we have never had before. You are truly a little whore that can take more than one cock at a time. You have passed with flying colors on our first lesson with multiple partners. Robbie, you did one hell of a job on fucking her ass, very well done. Now that you have come back to us, my little slut, let’s see what else we can get into in our little pleasure palace here.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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