Daddy’s Wicked Princess


My 50th birthday was coming at me like a locomotive. I felt like a damsel in distress tied to the tracks. I think the best way to describe what I felt was an unnatural reaction is to tell you that I wasn’t just tied to the tracks but in my mind I was also naked and my ankles were tied to opposite sides of the tracks and my arms were cinched tightly behind me. The image was one of many that slipped into my brain at odd times making it difficult to do my job as a receptionist at the high school. It made it hard to go out to dinner with friends. I would sit across the table from my best friend and her husband and as we talked about our kids or our grandbaby on the way I would imagine handcuffs and blindfolds and the two people I had known since our grown kids were in diapers joining my husband to take turns pleasing, teasing, torturing, and loving me.

I didn’t sleep much anymore. I would lay awake at night reading on my kindle as Tom laid next to me snoring. I read on the kindle and would tell Tom I was reading Rebecca or A Tale of Two Cities. The truth was I had started with romance novels and now read erotica so filthy I figured it was probably illegal in west Texas. The book I was reading now was about half man half beast Satyrs who roamed the streets of San Francisco. In the night they would take innocent women and hide them away in secret old caverns where they did things to them. The things they did were ghastly and wonderful.

I found myself surfing the Internet in the late morning while Tom worked. I watched video clips and read stories of real life adventures. I learned there were names for all the things I was imagining. I was submissive. I craved domination and bondage. I yearned to serve a master and please him by allowing him to use me. I shopped “toys” and “gear” and “Fetish ware” too embarrassed to click the button that continues to check out.

I would touch myself.

In the morning before the sun was up I would sit across the dinette from my husband with my pussy still tingling from what I had done to it before waking him up. I had run the conversation through my head a thousand times. Tom was a good and caring man but he had his limits. This would be too much for him.

And then I got the virus. “My computer is frozen.” I told him.

“I will look at it tonight.” He told me. He worked with computers. I didn’t think it would be a big deal. That night I sat watching TV while he sat at my little desk. He told me we would have to do a complete recovery but he had me backed up so it would be okay. I did my best to hide my anxiety hoping he didn’t notice the way my foot was twitching. He told me it was probably my arts and crafts website. He told me all about how bad they were and how I needed to watch for pop-ups that wanted to install software.

He sat and watched TV with me for a while before my computer made a beep and he went back to working on it. When my show ended I told him I was going to take a shower. I’d always showered at night.

When I was clean and dry I wrapped myself in my favorite robe and wandered out of the bathroom. I found him lying on the bed. He had begun to undress but had stopped I guess because he lay there in his jeans shirtless. I probably wouldn’t have noticed anything out of the ordinary if he’d turned on the TV. He hadn’t though. He was just laying there looking at me. I poked through my dresser looking for one of my nightshirts.

“Princess… Is there anything we should talk about?”

“What do you mean?” I asked back hoping I had hidden the tremble in my voice. I was about to cry.

“Come here.” He said quietly. I half ignored him. “Marie.” I had one of my shirts. It wasn’t my favorite but it would work.

“Just a second.”

“No second. Come here.” He said again. It was stupid that with everything I had been reading, watching, and fantasizing the only thing in my mind was that he had seen what I was doing and was disgusted and disappointed with me and I was about to be scolded for being a dirty pervert. I went over to my side of the bed. “No. Over here.” He said and sat up.

“What?” I asked yet again. I had raised my defenses. I prepared myself to pout, cry, argue, and deny but he needed to accuse me first so that I knew exactly what to deny. I stood in front of him. He is a big man. I felt small. I gripped my sleep shirt in my two hands so tightly my fingers began to burn. “What?” I asked again.

He took the shirt from me. I crossed my arms tightly across my chest.

He pulled them apart and I put them back.

He tugged loose the knot in the belt of my robe. It was held closed by my arms.

He pulled the belt. It began to work loose from the little hoops that hold it in place but caught. He pulled harder Kurtköy Öğrenci Escort pushing on my crossed forearms for leverage and it tugged free.

“Let me put on my shirt.” I said. I was scared and I didn’t know why.


He uncrossed my arms again and when I went to cross them again he held them by the wrists firmly at him hips.



He let go of my hands. I moved to cross them again. He gripped my wrists again straightening my arms. I sighed, shifted my weight to on hip striking a pose of protest. I left my arms down though and he moved his hands inside of my robe. He moved his fingers over my hips, up to my ribs, and then onto my breasts.

“Thomas?” I asked less indignantly. Somewhere deep in the back of my little brain I wondered where this was going and if it was headed where I thought it might. He moved his hands from my breasts to my shoulders and in a long fluid motion down my arms he caused my robe to slip off of me. I was nude.

“It’s cold.” I protested.

“Shh. Turn around.”

I did as he said. He took my wrists again. The rope from my robe was made out of the same light purple terry cloth as the robe was. He wrapped and tugged and then wrapped again and tugged some more.

I got it.

When he was done he turned me back around again.

“We should talk I guess.” I murmured

“later.” He said. He took my breast in his hand again but only for a second. When he let go he moved both of his hands to both of my nipples and pinched. He pinched harder than he ever had.

“Ouch!” I squealed stepping back a little.

He reached around my waist and pulled me back to him. He did it again. Not quite as hard but close. I felt it in my knees. I closed my eyes.

He alternated between stroking my body in long slow motions and pinching my nipples. “Ow.” I would say lightly.

I had read enough how to books to know I was supposed to say Ow. I was supposed to say ouch. If it was done right, the way they did in the dirty stories I read I could even squeal at him to stop so long as I didn’t say the safe word but we didn’t have a safe word so I just struggled not to say anything. I bit my lip when it began to hurt.

“Kneel down.” He told me. I couldn’t help it. I smiled a little. On my knees with my hands behind him I rested on my heels. He stood up in front of me and undid his jeans. He tugged them down to his knees and then did the same with his briefs. His cock, nestled in its little nest of curly fur bobbed in front of me.

I couldn’t help but smile. He moved his hips running it across my lips.

I’m always surprised by how many of my friends have issues with giving a blowjob. Allison won’t give them at all. She claims she never has and never will. Laura wont swallow, she has to have a towel handy. Andy doesn’t even go that far. She wont let her husband come in her mouth. He has to give her a signal and then she finishes by hand. It all seems a little silly. Just swallow it. It goes away and doesn’t get all over the place.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have rules. He has to shower first. Honestly, I prefer he is straight out of the shower. I don’t deep throat. I keep my hand wrapped around his shaft. He is not allowed to grip my head – that pisses me off. He shouldn’t thrust. He really shouldn’t thrust.

His cock was at about ¾’s staff. He dragged it back and forth across my closed lips.

“Be a good little slut and suck that cock.” He said. My heart skipped a beat. I had never heard such words from him ever.

I will admit it. It excited me.

“I need my hands.” I told him.

“No. Open your mouth.”

I really needed my hands but I opened my mouth and moved around like I was bobbing for apples. To be honest, I was making it look harder than it needed to be. I just wanted my hands. He was going to get head, he just needed to cooperate.

“Untie me.” I whispered.

“I saw the dirty little movies my slut likes. Those girl’s don’t need their hands.”

“Ha. I am not those girls.”

“Open your mouth.” He said firmly and quietly in a tone I had never heard before.

“Yes, master.” I said suprising myself. There was a dirty little demon somewhere inside of me that I felt working its way to the surface. I opened wide and he used his own hand to put himself between my lips.

“I don’t like Master.” He said. Then he moaned. I had done the flat tongue against the top of his shaft thing he liked. “That’s good. Like that.” He told me. I kept it up.

Slowly I licked and sucked. He would moan for me and I would moan back. I moved my head a little and slid my lips on and off his head and his shaft. He was standing up. We had never done this Kurtköy Çıtır Escort before. I moved more quickly.

It was, until this very moment, against the rules but I think we both understood that new rules were coming. He began to move in time with the bobs of my head. I pulled against the belt that held my hands wanting to grip his ass but it didn’t give way.

“God, you are hot.” He said. I moaned. “My little fuck toy.” I moaned louder. “You like it when I fuck your face?”

That’s what it was! Fuck yeah. Fuck my face, I thought. I replied with a moan.

“You like that?”

I moaned again. I fucking did.

“Tell me.” he commanded.

I leaned back and he leaned back and he slipped out of my mouth. Damn, his cock seemed long. I had gotten most of it in my mouth.

“Yes, sir. I like when you fuck my face.

“Ugh. Not, Sir. Anything but sir.”

He didn’t like Sir and he didn’t like master. What else was there.

No, I thought to myself. It was too dirty. It was too naughty. It was pervy.

I ran my tongue all the way from his balls to the tip of his cock having to raise up on my knees to get all the way there. He moaned again. I liked his balls again. This was new too. I was thinking about my little dirty movies. How far would be go.

“Do you like my tongue on your balls?”


This time I placed my lips to them and wondering if it would work I opened my mouth wide and sucked and then sucked harder until they filled my mouth.

He let loose a deep and gutteral growl. I worked them around in my tongue. They were a fuzzy musky mouth filling treat. I did it until he pulled back and freed them.

He just looked down on me.

I wasn’t sure I could say it. I looked up at him. I had read it described and I had seen it in my videos. I gave him my best puppy dog eyes submissive look.

Fuck it. “Are you ready to come?” I asked. “Are you ready to fuck my face and give me a big fat load?” I couldn’t get the word out.

“Is that what you want? Do you want to me a good little fuck toy and take my load?” He was daring me! He was stoking his cock and daring me.

“Yes Daddy. Give me that hot cum. Fuck it down my throat.”

He growled. He stuck his cock in my mouth. He gripped me by the back of my head pulling me up off of my heels. He started slowly, pressing it into the back of my throat.

Keep your eyes open, I told myself. I had read it works. I focused on the gray stubble on my chin. I let it be my only thought. Look at him.

He did the rest. He thrust his hips. Long and slow to start but gathering speed. He gripped my head the way he wasn’t supposed to and thrust his hips the way he wasn’t supposed to and I took it the way a good girl isnt supposed to. I looked him in the eye and thought of nothing else and I took that fucking cock, every bit of it.

He growled and I knew what it meant but I put it out of my head. Just look at him, I told myself.

I tasted a little bit of that warning juice and this is weird but I can remember clearly my thought at that very moment. What is it going to be like? I watched as he closed his eyes. His quick short strokes stopped. He froze for a moment and his cock pulsed in my mouth.

I pressed my legs together instinctively and it pressed me up and towards him and at that very moment he pushed forward and harder than he had all night be pulled at my head and his long cock was in my open throat and it wasn’t a gag reflex but a swallow and his cum filled my throat and I swallowed again the end of his dick and he groaned and I gagged and he came and I pulled away and he pulled me back and again he shafted me with his giant cock and when the cum kept cumming I joined him and my own cum dripped down my thigh and I felt my pussy squeezing and twitching and still I kept my eyes open and focused on his old grizzled face. Three, four more times maybe he slammed his fucking ram into my hole and I just took it, took every bit of it and I was sure I could have taken more but it was over and Daddy pushed me away.

How could that be good?

He shoved me by the head and I went backwards first to my heels then losing my balance onto my side onto the floor. There was no catching myself, not bound as I was. I was stuck like a turtle on his back except that I was on my side.

I coughed a little but there was nothing to cough up. I had swallowed it all. I just lay there.

“Holy Shit.” He said finally.

I looked up at him. I imagined what I looked like, vulnerable and wasted on the floor of our bedroom.

“Did I do good, Daddy?”

I could see a long evil grin take over his face. He tugged himself out of his jeans.

“You did real Kurtköy Elit Escort good, Kitten.” He told me. I couldn’t help myself. The soft moan I made was almost a purr.

“Can you untie me. I need to pee.”

“Not yet.” He said.

“My shoulder is sore.” I was kind of serious.

I continued to protest lightly. I asked for him to untie me. I moaned about my shoulder and my wrists and he ignored it all as if I wasn’t saying anything. Instead he pulled my legs apart. I warned him it wouldn’t work like this. I complained about the carpet being scratchy and even when he kneeled beside me and ran his finger up my leg and then into my dripping pussy I protested. Let me pee first.

He took a position between my legs and then laid down, nearly all of his weight on my hips just below my hands. I felt his cock between my legs.

“It’s not going to work.” He pushed himself against me and it wasn’t my pussy but my ass.

You aren’t married 26 years without the cock pushing a little against the back door from time to time when you are about to do it from behind. The natural instinct is to grunt or moan a little and lift your ass so that he gets the picture.

I didn’t do any of those things though. I just let him push.

There was no thinking behind it. I was done thinking. It simply was what it was. My virgin asshole was his.

I felt it push again. I took a deep breath.

He moved his hips against my ass. I felt his cock probing around for an opening. I felt the head of his dick against the slipperiness of my thigh. He tried again, he was closer to my pussy this time but my ass is just too fat.

It was sudden and almost violent when he moved me. I forget how strong he is. In one motion my hips were lifted from the floor and I was pulled back, my cheek and nipples burning against the carpet but I quickly forgot the pain as his fat cock, only recently pounding my throat into submission slid effortlessly into my waiting cunt.

They call it a cunt in the stories. I never liked that. The C word was a bit much. Bound as I was, though, a fucktoy for his amusement, that’s what I was. I was a sticky, wet, dripping cunt open for his cock.

It was rough sex. He fucked me hard. He grunted and his hips slapped against my ass. I was silent. I took in the various sensations that my body was put through. My wrists were sore, my shoulder ached. My nipples burned against the carpet as I was pushed forcibly against it. My cheek would be red where it was rubbed raw. I felt his vice like hands gripping where my hips met my thighs and I felt his cock stuffed repeatedly into my cunt – my marvelous submissive cunt – his cunt.

Daddy’s cunt.

He didn’t stop when I came he just kept at it.

It wasn’t too long. He was nearly spent going in, but it was long enough. He stopped moving when he came. He always liked to stop when he came. He liked to feel me move around him as he pushed shot after shot of jizz into my hole.

I blame the demon for my new vocabulary.

He pulled at my wrists and it hurt but I just lied there. I didn’t know what was coming next. It turned out the pulling was just him untying me. I moved my arms when they were free but the rest of me just lay there.

“You okay?” he asked.

I did my little purr noise. I sensed that he walked away and I heard him at the toilet. I still hadn’t moved when he came back. He surprised me yet again, this time by lifting me from the floor. He grunted a little as he straightened up but he pulled it off. He hefted me up into his arms then moved to the bed were he laid me down on my side. He touched my cheek softly and then pulled the sheet over me.

He disappeared again for a while and when he came back he had cookies and milk. It was enough to get me to sit up. I ate the first one in one bit and then dunked the last two, grinning as I ate.

“Something you want to tell me about, I don’t know, your browser history?”

“No.” I said, filling my mouth with chocolate chipper. “You will think I’m weird.”

“Naughty, maybe. Not weird though.”



“Naughty though?”


“Naughty girls get punished.” I teased him.

“Yes they do.”

“Am I going to be… spanked?” I found myself thinking about another night, another adventure. “Daddy?”

“Finish your milk.” He said to me in that crazy new voice.

Not tonight. He couldn’t mean tonight. I watched him as he rolled out of bed. He lifted his jeans from the floor and as I sat holding a cookie in my glass of milk so long that it simply disappeared to the bottom I stared at him as he pulled his belt out of his jeans.

“Not tonight?” I asked. “I’m kind of… worn out.”

“Oh, Princess. That isn’t really up to you, is it?”

I never could have imagined this would be his reaction. I never, even in my naughtiest moments, fantasized this going like it was.

“No Daddy. It isn’t,” I told him, and unbelievably, it was true.

“Come here when you are done with your snack.”