Dad’s Intentions Ch. 03: Fulfilled

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My mum and dad came to visit me for my University graduation. It was July in my place which was a one-bedroom flat in the student area of the city with the bedroom and toilet upstairs while the living room and kitchen were downstairs. Seeing my Dad again after our previous sessions was a fantastic opportunity.

I welcomed them into the flat and my mum kissed me on the cheek. My dad grabbed my chin and kissed my lips while my mum walked in and she was with her back to us, making me blush. He caught me off guard and it made me all giggly. Immediately all I could think of is him naked with his dick out. I could feel my cock growing and tried to hide it from my mum because I was wearing jogging bottoms. My dad saw me adjusting my cock and he smirked at me.

After they settled in the flat I followed my dad upstairs while he went to the toilet. I snack behind him before closing the door, he got startled but I grabbed his head lowered it to my height and kissed him passionately. I could feel his tongue searching for mine; I could taste his cigarette breath which turned me on, my cock already dripping precum. He pushed me again the wall and started rubbing his body against mine. His manly hand slipped down my pants and started rubbing my dick which was now hard. I could feel his rod rock hard and did the same to him by rubbing it above his jeans.

‘Sshhh, don’t make a sound,’ he whispered.

He went on his knees and pulled my pants down. My cock bounced out which made him smile. He immediately went for the bottom of my ball sack while he was wanking my cock. His moustache and tongue was tingling my perineum. Eventually his mouth found my cock; and with one go he took it all in his mouth. I found myself running my fingers through his thin hair, pushing his head against my dick.

‘Whoaaa, yeah that’s it dad. Suck my dick…’ I moaned through my teeth and thrust my hips more and more pounding his mouth.

The whole thing must have lasted 10 minutes before I shot inside his mouth. He got up and he kissed me wanting to share cum with me. Our saliva and cum was now sloshing around our mouths. He lifted my pants up and gave me a slap on my bum.

‘Now off you go horny boy. Your mum will be looking for both of us,’ he whispered.

I silently opened and closed the door and went downstairs when I heard my mum shouting out for both of us at the bottom of the stairs.

‘I was looking for some clothes in my wardrobe upstairs in my room mum’, I said and she went back to the living room while I was trying to catch my breath and make myself looking less dishevelled.

I stopped going down the stairs when I heard heavy breathing. Went back upstairs and placed my ear against the toilet door. It was my dad and I was sure he was beating his meat. I kneeled and looked through the key hole.

‘Fuck! I was right.’ I thought and I kept looking.

With his jeans on the floor, his cock throbbing and only his white briefs around his ankles he spat in his palm and started stroking it hard. I could feel myself getting all excited again but I wanted more than just a blow job, so I decided to wait, got up and left.

When the night came I made their bed and I prepared the sofa for myself but because I only had one TV my dad said to my mum that he would stay downstairs with me to watch some TV to pass the time. My mum told him not to be late because I should catch sleep before the graduation but I did not mind at all.

I knew that he did it on purpose or at least I was hoping, so I had a shower before bed making sure my ass is nice and clean. I found him laying at the edge of the sofa bed with the patio doors wide open because it was a warm night. He was wearing only his underwear, his arms supporting his head staring at the TV.

I didn’t say anything. I just went over him touching his thighs lightly and laid on the other part of the sofa bed. I only had my underwear on. I knew that would make him want to touch my chest. He loved it. Although I wasn’t as broad-shouldered as he was, my chest was quite defined with a hairy line running down my stomach. He pretended he was watching TV but I could feel his gaze upon me and though I had my eyes closed I knew he was staring.

Without realising I must have fallen asleep when I felt a tickle. It was his hand touching my hand and then his finger went up my shoulder and eventually he ended up stroking my nipple. I was slowly waking up and opened my eyes when I realised bursa otele gelen escort his lips were playing with my nipple. He was tender with it, kissing it, caressing and blowing cold air on it making it even harder.

”Are you awake kiddo? Sorry didn’t mean to wake you up” he whispered while he kept kissing my nipple.

His touch was electrifying and I could feel myself getting hard. I opened my eyes and he had that sexy grin that made me melt with happiness and satisfaction. If anyone was to tell me that I would be playing sex games with my dad again, I wouldn’t believe them.

His well groomed moustache that was enough to drive me wild it was touching my skin. He was kissing my shoulders, going to my neck and my ear lobes. I couldn’t stop admiring his body which for a 56 year old man it was amazing. His front torso fully covered in salt and pepper hair with a line of hair running down his stomach, like mine, was defined and he was demonstrating a perfect 6-pack with no ounce of fat in his whole body. I loved his hairiness especially in the pubic area; a massive brown bush which smelt of testosterone, sweat and manliness; that musky smell that I could bottle and smell forever.

His hands were now caressing my chest, my nipples both hard from his touch, having goose pimples all over my body. He dragged himself lower and his head was resting on my chest using it as a pillow, sometimes turning his lips to touch my skin and of course when he ended up sucking my nipples I started moaning. He put his one hand over my mouth and whispered:

‘Shhh your mum will hear us.’

‘Do you like what I’m doing to you my boy’?

I nodded reluctantly because I wished we were on our own, like the first time he fucked me. I wanted to scream with excitement. His other hand was now moving down below and lifted my underwear’s elastic band and peaked inside.

‘There’s my boy’ he said and removed my underwear completely.

‘Let it out for daddy’ he grinned and bit my nipple. Thankfully his hand was still over my mouth and no one could hear my moan.

I didn’t have to move a muscle because he took his underwear off and he released his throbbing cock out. I could feel it pulsating on my leg and I reached my hand to grab but he stopped me.

‘Daddy will tell you when, boy’ he whispered and went even further down on me.

He lifted my legs and started kissing me between my thighs while he was playing with my cock. Immediately I felt his warm mouth sucking my balls and he went lower until he reached my hole, I could feel his tongue penetrating my sweet hole. He was going deep and I was punting.

‘I’m going to make love to you, son. I’m going to go deep in you so you can feel your daddy whole inside you again’ he whispered as he was looking at me with his steely blue eyes. He spread my legs open putting them around his waist and he approached my face.

‘You wanna taste your smell, boy?’ he asked and I didn’t hesitate. I grabbed his head and kissed him passionately. I could taste my hole in his tongue and mouth. I could smell my odour in his nose and moustache as I was trying to breathe. He was moaning while he had his tongue down my throat. He was now thrusting his hips, rubbing his 8 inch cock against mine.

‘Take my dick and caress it’ he asked by nodding towards his cock. It looked massive with the head glistening in the light coming from the TV. I reached for his cock with pleasure and I started stroking it after I spat in my palm for extra lubrication. He threw his head back exhaling until he came even closer.

‘Suck it baby. Make love to it with your beautiful mouth’ he whispered in my ear and holding my head with his hand.

I took it in both hands and started sucking like a trooper. I could taste his precum in my mouth and God it tasted nice. I wanted more so I started massaging his balls and caressing his hole. It was the first time I went there and he didn’t seem to be bothered. In fact he took my finger and rubbed his hole even harder. He loved it.

‘Have you rimmed before baby?’ he asked.

‘No dad’ I answered but I knew what was coming and was fucking excited.

‘Then how about rimming your own dad?’

‘Really? Can I?’ I acted surprised.

‘Of course you can. I love teaching my son new things in sex’

He laid down on his back and lifted his legs towards his chest presenting me with bursa eve gelen eskort his hairy butt crack so eagerly. I didn’t hesitate to lower myself and reach for his puckered hole.

My tongue was exploring new territory. With its musky smell and sweat my senses were in overdrive. But I didn’t stop. I was going in hard and with vigour and that made him moan.

‘Yes baby boy. Treat your daddy!’ he exhaled.

I wasn’t done yet when he got up, licked his finger and shoved it inside me and it made squirm with pain and pleasure at the same time.

‘Are you ready for daddy, son?’ he whispered in my ear and all I had to do is nod. He rolled me on my side and he came and lay down behind me. He grabbed his cock and caressed my butt crack. I wanted that rod inside me. He said he wanted to make love to me and I was looking forward for it. I never heard anything so sweet and gentle from him so I was so pleased.

He spat in his palm lubricating his cock and he placed it carefully on my hole…

‘You’ll have to be quiet. We don’t want mommy coming downstairs finding us like that. Do we?’ he whispered in my ear and I whispered back ‘no’. I wanted us to be on our own so I can moan and scream while he was inside me. He placed his arm under my head and with the other one he hugged me. I felt pure bliss… I could finally make love with my dad…not sex, not one night but love. It was what I wanted.

I could feel his sweaty chest on my back, punting and breathing heavily. He pushed his cock inside me penetrating me with the head first. Instinctively I pushed his thigh back with my arm, thinking that he will go all in at once but he removed it.

‘Son, I won’t hurt you. I’m here to show you what it means to make love. I wanna teach you and show you’ he whispered with his heavy voice in my ear and bit my ear lobe.

‘Yes dad. Please, please show me! I want you!’ I exclaimed and that made him smile. He started kissing my neck while he was slowly thrusting his cock in me. My hole was wet from his saliva and precum. Eventually he was all in.

I could feel him pulsating inside me.

‘Whoaah, let daddy rest in there for a bit. It feels so nice to be inside you my boy’ he said.

He grabbed my chin and turned my face towards his…’I watched you turn from a young shy boy into this sexy man in your puberty and suddenly to adulthood and I admit I got frustrated when I found out that you have done something with a man. I didn’t react with the best way and I’m sorry’ he said. I couldn’t help but smile and kiss him while he was in and out of my hole slowly.

‘No I mean it Ian. When I saw you naked stroking your cock that night you brought something out that I thought I buried for years and I got scared’ he explained and I just touched his face feeling his stubble and strong jaw.

‘Dad it doesn’t matter because you’re here now, inside me, making love to me. We are connected in a way that not a lot of people will understand. And that is enough for me’

‘My god…I am so proud of you. And I’m even prouder that you can take an 8-inch cock’ he said and laughed. His trusting continued while I could feel his breath in my ear. His arm under my head, providing support, was stroking my nipples while with the other he was stroking my cock.

”And that cock…It’s almost like daddy’s’ he said and I agreed ‘Almost’

‘Tell me…have you fucked a hole or a pussy?’ he asked.

‘Dad! I don’t want to discuss it now!’

‘Come on Ian. It turns me on knowing that you fuck or get fucked. I jerked off plenty of times thinking of you’


‘Yep. You turn me on boy. Haven’t you realised that yet? Everything you do turns me on’

‘No I haven’t done either’

‘I’d love to see you doing that’ he said and grinned.

He caught me again by surprise. I couldn’t believe that my conservative dad was telling me all that.

He hugged me tightly and kissed my neck. ‘Mmmm yeah my boy. Fucking my own son, my own seed. Gosh it feels so nice inside you. And anything you tell me you’ve done won’t surprise me. I’ve done things in the past’

‘I can tell!’ I said and pushed his butt cheeks towards mine.

‘Fuck!’ he exclaimed and he pushed my upper torso away from him so he could see his cock going inside me. He grabbed my pelvis and started thrusting his dick in my hole quicker. It made me moan and tried to cover my bayan escort bursa mouth. I could feel him all in.

‘Fuck yeah!’ he said ‘I love your hole. It’s even better than your mum’s!’

‘Dad! I really don’t want to know any details like that!’

‘I’m sorry. I just get carried away when I’m fucking! You make me so horny, but it is better than your mum’s!’ and he continued fucking me hard. Both our bodies were sweaty and sticky.

He came out of my ass, rolled over on his back and grabbed his cock and pointed it up like a flag pole. ‘I want you to sit on my dick. I want you to bounce on it’ he instructed and I obliged willingly. My hole was now relaxed and open to his massive tool so it wasn’t that difficult to sit on it.

He was holding my ass cheeks with his muscled arms, guiding me up and down his rod while he was biting his lips. He loved it and so did I. My hands were wondering on his sweaty chest muscles, running my fingers through his curly chest hair. I was admiring his physique as always and I couldn’t believe I was finally able to touch him again. Since I was young I would fantasizing that moment and it was now fulfilled.

I could play, with his constantly erect nipples all day. I was pinching and rubbing both when he said: ‘Don’t do that to me Ian. You know It drives me crazy when you do that’ he whispered.

‘Doing what…? That?’ I asked and came down to bite them.

‘Aaaah’ he exhaled. ‘Please Ian. I want to fuck you hard when you do that and we can’t coz mum will hear us’

‘I’m not doing anything!’ I said and I rubbed my stubble on his nipples. That was enough to set him off. He grabbed my head and brought it against his lips and started kissing me hard. With his one hand he was holding my head and with the other one hugged me tight.

‘You leave me no choice but to fuck you hard. I will fuck that hole until it’s gaping,’ he said as he lifted my ass a bit higher than his hips and started thrusting his dick inside me faster and faster.

‘Ah ah dad ah ah!’ I moaned grinding my teeth.

His face was full of lust and covered in sweat dripping from his forehead onto the bed.

‘Shhhh. I warned you boy…You’re gonna get it hard just as you like it’ and he pounded my hole like never before.

‘Son, I’m going to cum soon and I would like to cum inside you if you want it too’

‘Please dad! Seed me”

‘Wow my boy is letting me cum inside him. I’m a happy man!’ he said

I reached for his ball sack. It had retracted ready to shoot his semen.

‘Your mum and I haven’t been intimate for a long time and I haven’t had the time to jerk off so be ready boy’ he whispered to my ear. He had grabbed me into a sweet embrace and wouldn’t let me move regardless if I was in pain or not.

His last thrust blew me away and made me cum! I tried to drown my moaning having buried my face at the back of his neck as I felt his cock literally exploding inside my guts. His cum was ejecting from the tip of his manhood for a good few seconds, filling me up. That did not stop him from fucking me more. He kept going with his dick still hard and his semen acting as a lube.

‘As you can tell my dick won’t go down because I’m still horny. Daddy doesn’t want to stop fucking his boy’s cunt. It’s so tight’

Dad’s tool was conditioning my hole to the point that it was now perfect fit. I was enjoying it too much to stop while my hand was wondering behind his ball sack. His two nuts were now perfectly nestled in their cavities.

‘Gosh I could fuck you everyday Ian. Twice, three times a day. Good thing you don’t leave at home. We would have a problem’ he said and he kept thrusting his cock in and out in a rhythmic motion.

He lifted his torso and we sat in a lotus position with his powerful arms adjusting my body to his cock. I could feel his muscles on the arm that was hugging me, tensing and with the other one he took my head and kissed me. He kept moaning and kissing my body when I eventually felt the second round of cum being released inside me.

‘Oooh, oooh ooooh Ian, whoah you’re going to be the death of me’ he managed to say after catching his breath and I smiled.

He lifted me up and told me to spread my cheeks so he can see his cum oozing out of my hole. I did not say no. In fact I would do anything he would ask of me. I was in his command forever. He left a growl showing his appreciation and admiration for what he has done and it made me smile.

‘Thank you baby boy!’ he whispered in my ear, gave me a kiss and left to go to the toilet to wash.

As for me…I stayed there lying on the sofa bed for a long time looking at the ceiling, having his cum inside me. I was happy and content. The night before the graduation was definitely going to be something to remember.

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