Dad’s Search History

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“Not another fucking update!” exclaimed 23 year old Gregg as his Laptop was running really slowly while he was trying to browse the internet.

“Oh fuck this!” he said as he went into the study to borrow his dad, Ken’s laptop while his was installing some annoying update.

Back in his own room on the bed he opened the laptop and it immediately came on, and handily it was on the Google home page. He noticed that there was a tab still there, so he clicked on it and it, and to his astonishment it was an image search for “Young sexy crossdressers”. Gregg minimised the tag and pretended that he didn’t see it.

As Gregg began typing in the Google search bar the drop box list appeared and some of the recent searches, that presumably his dad had typed in, stunned Gregg. They were search terms for “crossdressers”, “crossdressing,” “young crossdressers,” “pretty young crossdressers,” “feminine young twinks,” and so on. Gregg looked in the history, and as his dad is not very tech savvy, search history going back months and months was all there. Scrolling down, much of it was yet more searches for young pretty guys crossdressing and being sissies, etc.

At this point Gregg started to feel like he was intruding on his dad’s privacy but his curiosity made him continue looking. As he scrolled further down, the search term “father/son incest” jumped off the screen at him and as he carried on looking there were seemingly endless searches for porn involving crossdressers and gay sex between fathers and sons – granted they were fictional but it revealed the type of sexual fantasies his dad has, which Gregg, albeit accidentally, has now had an insight into.

By now Gregg had forgotten what he even went on the laptop for in the first place and so decided to close it back up, put it back in his dad’s study, before going downstairs to make himself a cup of tea.

As Gregg lounged around home alone, he was still reeling from what he had discovered about his dad. He wondered how his mother would react if she ever went on that laptop and saw the search history for herself.

Gregg wasn’t disgusted by his dad’s secret fantasies as Gregg himself has private taboo desires of his own, which were actually the same as his dad’s, only from the opposite perspective, which his own search history would betray if he wasn’t so diligent in deleting.

Gregg wasn’t gay as such, but does have a private feminine side and sometimes try’s on his mothers clothes when he’s alone in the house, believing he looks better in them than she does, and he frequently has sissy type fantasies such being the doting wife of an older man – a man like his dad.

Young guy’s getting fucked by mature men is a recurring fantasy for Gregg, and he also wasn’t averse to taboo thoughts of incest scenarios between fathers and sons, albeit fictional.

Incest fantasy is one thing, but incest reality is a different kettle of fish all together but knowing that his dad harbours these thoughts as well was food for thought indeed for young Gregg, in fact the seed of a plan was planted in the darkest recesses of Gregg’s mind – a plan to offer himself to his dad.

A little later on Gregg’s dad, and his mum, Julie, returned home, as did normality, and so the erotic mood Gregg had got himself in after being alone with his taboo thoughts all day suddenly disappeared. But he knew they would return… they always do.

Later that evening Gregg came downstairs to make himself some supper to take back upstairs. Not unusually he was just in his briefs and a t-shirt that barely covered his butt. He entered the kitchen to find his dad was in there also, getting himself a beer from the fridge. Gregg’s mum had just left to for her night shift at her work.

“Hi” said Ken, with a glance at his son’s smooth bare legs.

Ken often had these glances at Gregg, at his bare legs when they were on show, or his pert butt when he was in tight jeans. Some of the time it was subconscious, but knowing what he knows now, Gregg is now very alive to it.

“Did you borrow my laptop earlier?” asked a worried looking ken out of the blue.

“Oh, err, yes, mine was buffering too much so I borrowed yours,”

“Ok, I was just wondering because it wasn’t in the place I left it, that’s all.”

Gregg could sense that his dad was quite uneasy.

“I left in a rush earlier and didn’t close it all down properly, did I leave a tab up?”

“Yeah, err, I just left it, I didn’t close it down.”

Ken now knew that Gregg had seen what he had been looking at, but he also now knew that Gregg is a discreet person that didn’t make an issue out of it or even mention it. This was food for thought for ken.

“Good night.” Gregg said as he took his supper up to bed. His dad remained downstairs to to watch tv late into the night and to sleep on the couch as he often did when Gregg’s mum was on nights.

As they each settled down for the night, Gregg in his room and Ken downstairs on the couch, their heads were filled with what-if’s tempobet giriş and if-only’s. If only he knew how I felt…what would happen if I acted on it – type thoughts.

They both are what the other wants and needs; if only they could get past the fact they are father and son and the forbidden taboo that that is, then amazing things could happen.

It was getting late, Gregg couldn’t sleep and as he lay there his erotic mood returned and his mind turned to naughty thoughts. He went to his favourite go-to fantasy of being dressed as a woman and being the object of an older mans desire, the older man in question this time though, being his dad.

He felt an urge to dress up right there and then, so he went to his parents room, tiptoeing quietly across the landing so as not to alert his dad downstairs who, judging by the dim glow of light at the bottom of the stairs from the television, was probably still awake.

As it was gone midnight, Gregg opted to put on an item of his mum’s nightwear.

He went over to the chest of drawers and opened the bottom drawer where he knew his mum kept her nightwear and lingerie. He picked out a red satin slip dress, closed the drawer and tiptoed back to his own room with it.

In his room he swapped his t-shirt and underpants for the sexy red satin slip. Being just a little taller than his mum it hung shorter on him, showing a little more booty and leg than it would on her.

He looked and felt so sexy in it, and knowing that his mum will have worn this while being fucked by his dad made it all the more erotic and thrilling.

Gregg really wanted to display himself to his dad wearing this sexy garment, and the knowledge that his dad had incest fantasies made Gregg fairly confident that he would get a positive reaction from him. He decided to bite the bullet and head downstairs.

Some doubts about whether this was a good idea crept into Greggs head as he walked down the stairs – but he kept going anyway, it was as if the garment he was wearing was taking him to his dad.

Gregg entered the living room to find his dad with his eyes closed on the couch with a painting show with the guy with the fuzzy permed hair on the tv, a show that they all enjoyed watching as a family.

Thinking that his dad was asleep, Gregg decided to go back upstairs, but he thought he ought to turn off the tv before going up. He spotted the tv remote on his dads lap. As Gregg reached for the remote his dad opened his eyes.

“Julie?!” His dad said, thinking it was Greggs mother.

“No, it’s me.” said Gregg, as he took a few steps back to stand in the middle of the room that was lit only by the tv screen, to show himself off.

After a few moments Ken came round from his snooze and the realisation hit him that it was his son standing in front of him, and wearing his mothers sexy nightwear that he recognised straight away; Julie wore it often to make love with Ken.

Ken didn’t need to ask Gregg what was going on…he knew.

Ken lifted the blanket he was under, inviting Gregg to join him on the couch. There was no need for either of them to say anything about what was happening, they just watched the painting show snuggly under the blanket.

A few moments passed and Ken raised his left arm as an invitation for Gregg to lay his head on his chest, which he did. Ken then lowered his arm back down, putting it around Gregg. They continued watching the tv in silence this cosy embrace.

Under the blanket Gregg moved his hand onto his dad’s thigh, and then a few moments later moved it on to his crotch. He could feel his dad’s cock hardening as he gently rubbed and squeezed it. Gregg then looked upwards at his dad and they had a kiss on the lips. They both felt that this was as far as it should go, at least for that night.

Glenn’s eyes were now burning from tiredness.

“You can’t stay down here, you’ll need to go up to your room before your mother get’s home,” Ken said to Gregg before he closed his own tired eyes to go to sleep.

“Alright, I will, in a minute.” Gregg said, as he perilously rested his eyes.

It was 1:30am and inevitably he fell asleep.

At around 5:30am, Greggs mum, Julie returned home from work. Normally she heads straight upstairs to the bedroom because she knows that her husband is usually asleep on the living room couch and doesn’t want to wake him, but on this occasion she noticed the tv was on, so she looked in the room expecting to find him awake watching tv, but she discovered her husband Ken and her son, were asleep together on the couch. On closer inspection she saw that Gregg was in her favourites satin slip.

Hmmm, ok then! Julie said to herself.

She was quite sanguine about this because unbeknown to Ken and Gregg, she had also seen the search history on Ken’s laptop, long before Gregg had, and so she was also fully aware of her husband’s sexual fantasies, including the incest stuff; she was even monitoring it. She wasn’t aware that her son Gregg tempobet yeni giriş was now in on it too though, that was a surprise to her.

With nothing that she could really do, she just left them there asleep, and went to the kitchen to make herself a drink before going upstairs.

When Gregg opened his eyes again there was daylight shining through the curtains. Disorientated as he was waking up, he realised he was downstairs on the couch, laid on his dad who was snoring. He then looked down on himself and remembered he was in his mothers nightwear. He sat up, and squinting through blurred eyes checked the time on the TV that was left on overnight and saw it was 6:11am.

Mum will be home soon, Gregg thought to himself, having no idea she was already home and had seen them.

In a panic Gregg got up and quickly took his self upstairs. He went into his parents room to take off the slip and put it back but was startled to find his mother in there.

“Oh hello Gregg.” said Julie to a stunned and embarrassed Gregg.

Gregg backed out of the room, closing the door and went into his own room.

Shiiiit!! he said to himself, with his head spinning and heart pounding. He tried to think of something to explain away what was going on, but there was no escaping it, it was quite clear what was going on. This was going to be awkward. He took off his mothers slip dress, got back in his underwear and t-shirt and climbed into bed, not that he felt like sleeping.

A few minutes later there was a soft tapping on the door before it opened just enough for Julie to peak her head around it into the room. She then entered and sat on the end of Greggs bed. Gregg looked at her, wondering what she was going to say.

“I want you to know it’s ok, don’t be embarrassed about this.” Julie said in a gentle, sympathetic tone. “I’ve known about your dad and what he likes for a while now.” she added.

Gregg didn’t know what to say, he was just relieved that his mother was so sanguine about it.

“I didn’t know you were in on it too though.” she said. She had so many questions to ask Gregg but this didn’t feel like the time.

“So I have some competition in the house now then do I?!” she said with a smile. She was only half-joking as deep down she knew she really had.

She noticed her satin slip that Gregg had borrowed over the back of his chair. “You keep that if you like, you look better in it than I do.” Gregg smiled but still didn’t say a word.

Julie decided to leave it there and go back the her room. As she opened the door to leave she paused for a moment and turned her head to Gregg.

“Did you and your dad have sex?” she asked.

“No mum.” Gregg replied.

“Ok then.” she said as she left the room, closing the door behind her. She did believe him.

Gregg just laid there awake pondering on the situation and what things were going to be like going forward. Part of the appeal of his fantasies about romance between him and his dad was that it was a dirty little secret, so it felt weird to him that his mother knew all about it and even seemed to accept it.

A couple of hours later, when he was sure his mother was asleep, Gregg went downstairs to his dad who was by now awake.

“Hello again.” said Ken as he yawned and stretched.

“Mum knows!” said Gregg.

“Knows what.”

“She must have seen us on the couch when she got home from work.”

“For god’s sake, I thought you went up to bed!” responded an agitated Ken.

“I fell asleep.”

“Oh my god!…so where is she now?”

“She’s in bed, asleep I think.” Gregg said. “she seems ok about it though.” he added.

“Ok about it??”

“She told me that she’s seen your search history.”

Ken grimaced and hung his head.

Gregg didn’t know what else to say, he felt a little guilty as this was all his fault really,.; after all, his dad’s private fantasies were just that – private fantasies, it was Gregg that initiated things to happen by coming downstairs in his mothers nightwear.

Gregg got himself some breakfast and went back upstairs to his room, where he intended to stay for the rest of the day.

Later on that afternoon Gregg heard his mum stirring in her room, she was now awake. A few minutes later she used the bathroom, brushed her teeth and then went downstairs.

Gregg couldn’t help but wonder what was going to happen next. He could just about hear their muffled voices but they were not fighting.

A little later the two of them came upstairs together and went into their room, shutting the door behind them. About ten minutes later a dull thudding could be heard against the wall which gradually got faster and harder. It was their headboard, they were having sex. Gregg tried hard to listen closely, hearing the occasional short squeals and yelps of pleasure from his mum. Gregg remembered feeling his dad’s cock the night before and so knows what he’s packing down there. Lucky bitch, Gregg thought to himself as their tempobet güvenilirmi headboard continued to slam against the wall. Gregg was very aroused listening to them make love, with the feminine side of him wishing that he was in his mum’s place.

Eventually it came to a stop and nothing else could be heard from their room. In his room Gregg wondered to himself whether his mum and dad had had sex to reaffirm their love for one another and that perhaps his dad had decided to put his taboo fantasies behind him; only time would tell.

Ken and Julie then came out of their room and went back downstairs. Gregg remained in his room, he couldn’t bring himself to be around his mom and dad yet, the whole situation still felt weird and awkward to him.

Later on his mother left again for her night shift at work. as it was Friday it was the last one of the week, after which she would be at home over the weekend, Gregg knew that he couldn’t hide himself away from his mum and dad in his room forever, so he was going to have to confront this situation soon to get back to some normality.

He decided to go downstairs to get his supper for the night, finding his dad in the kitchen again. His dad just acted totally normally and didn’t say anything about the recent events. Gregg went back upstairs with his supper and a more typical, uneventful night ensued.

The following night Gregg was in his room as usual when at around 10:00pm a text came through on his phone. It was from his mum telling him to put on the red satin slip and come to her room. Okaaay, what’s going on? Gregg asked himself. He got into the red satin slip and tentatively walked to her room and gently tapped on the door.

“Come in.” said his mum.

Gregg entered the room and found his mother stood in a similar satin slip but in blue.

“C’mere sexy!” said Julie playfully.

Gregg walked over to her and she embraced him, her slightly saggy but nice boobs pressed against Greggs flat chest. She then lowered her hands and grabbed his pert little bum that was barely covered by the slip dress he had on and gave it a squeeze. “My bum was like this once!” Julie said enviously. Gregg wondered where this was going.

Julie then went over to her bedside cabinet and took out a small towel and a tube of lube, which she applied to the fingers on her right hand. She then went back to Gregg and stood up close to him. She reached her right arm around behind him and began rubbing his butt hole with her loobed fingers.

“Right, lets go make a woman of you then.” she said, taking Greggs hand and leading him downstairs.

“Why are we going downstairs?” asked Gregg, with no response from his mother.

They walked into the living room to Ken on the couch watching tv.

“Wow…ok!” Said Ken as he watched his wife and his son, both looking sexy as hell in their short slip dresses walk in.

Ken as usual was slumped down almost horizontal on the couch, so Julie got down on her knees in front of him and began undoing his pants. She took out his already semi erect cock and began sucking on it as Ken was eyeing up Gregg. It didn’t take long before Ken’s cock was rock hard. Julie then beckoned Greg over. He hesitated at first but she insisted he join her. He got down on his knees beside her and she encouraged him to put his mouth around his dad’s cock. This was something Gregg had wanted to do for a long time but he never imagined he’d be doing it in a threesome with his mother.

Julie put her hand on the back of Greggs head and gently but firmly guided it towards Ken’s waiting cock. Gregg wrapped his lips around the shaft, and, rather self consciously, because he was being watched by his mother, began giving his dad a blowjob.

“You came out of that thing you know!” his mum said to him as he sucked. A statement of the obvious but a reminder of just what an unreal and taboo thing it was that he was doing.

As Gregg was sucking, Julie put Ken’s left ball in her mouth, Gregg then put his dad’s other ball in his mouth. Gregg and his mum kept close eye contact with one another as they sucked on Ken’s balls, then, at the same time they both the slid their tongues up Ken’s shaft until they met at his tip. They had a tongue battle, fighting for the pre-cum that was seeping out. “It’s all mine, bitch!” Julie playfully said to Gregg, causing Ken to laugh out loud.

“I’m so fucking horny now!” said Julie as she got up, lifted up her slip dress, and mounted Ken. She grabbed his cock, put it to her moist pussy and lowered herself onto it. With it all the way in her she began grinding on it, moaning with pleasure. Ken fondled her tits as she bounced up and down on his meat. Gregg felt a little humbled by this, watching a real woman at work.

After five minutes she hopped off and sat on the couch next to Ken. She opened her arms to Gregg inviting him to come to her, which he did. She pulled him down on to her and initiated a French kiss. As they were kissing, without Gregg knowing she gestured to Ken to stand up and fuck Greggs exposed ass while he was straddled over his mum.

Ken was stood rubbing his hard cock right behind Gregg’s ass which was nicely presented for him. Julie reached around and parted Gregg’s bum cheeks, exposing his loobed butt hole.

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