Dahska’s Trial Ch. 06

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Dahska laid sleeping, dreaming about her new life. When the sounds of fighting woke her.

“Clank tink swish tink vermboom.”

“Fuck.” “Ahg oh fuck.”

Dahska ran down the spiral staircase that led to the courtyard. She burst out of the door and into the battle joining Sam. “Need some help.” She smiled at him.

“Sorry we woke you. These raiders try to get our treasures every month or so. I just forgot what with fucking you and all.” Sam jokingly blamed her.

“So its my fault.” She faked being insulted as she drew her sword.

“Shall we end this once and for all?” Sam sliced two of the many dozen raiders down.

“Yes, We shall.” Dahska focused and she was gone replaced by a six foot, six armed, golden horned, angel winged Goddess. Her tail whipped back and forth with anticipation. Her fiery pussy hair hid the fact that she was wet for the lust of battle. Holding up her soul sword she cried out and flew into the air. Her wings were glinting in the light of the new day.

Dahska the Goddess dived into the raiders sword first. Thrusting and dismembering the foul fiends in no time. She left a few alive for her fellow ninja to kill. The leader of the raiders had tried to run but was brought down by Sam with a thrown knife to the hamstring.

“We will never stop…” The raiders second-in-command was impaled by Dahska’s soul sword.

“Sorry still trying to control the rage in me when I take this form.” She was covered in the red life of the raiders. Her six hands ran over her body rubbing the raiders blood into her skin. Her nipples hardened and grew. She pulled on her clit and fingered her cunt. Two of her hands spread her asshole and fingered it. She was about to cum when one of the last living raiders spoke.

“Your slut defiles my brothers life’s by fucking herself covered in their blood.” The raider strained to speak as one of the ninja stood on his neck.

“Shut the fuck up dickwad only we can call her a slut.” Yet another ninja spoke up. “Right whore.”

“Right, But whores get paid. I’m a slut I just love to fuck and suck.” Dahska went down on the raiders leaders cock swallowing him whole.

“Oh fuck me.” The raiders leader eyes rolled back in his head. He filled Dahska’s throat with his thick creamy cum. She was in a lust rage and was fisting her ass and cunt. She bit down on his cock as she came.

“Shit she bit my dick off.” The raider leader passed out from blood loss.

“Oh sorry, Is he dead?” Dahska returned to her human form blood and cum still dripping from her mouth.

“No, he lives still, but he needs medical attention if he is to tell us their plans.” Sam was scolding Dahska, her face showed how much it pained her to displease him.

“Please forgive my master.” Dahska dropped to her knees in front of him kissing his sandaled feet. “I’ll do anything to make you happy lord.” She licked his sweaty toes twisting her tongue in-between them.

“Get him out of my sight, fix him up, get the info I want, I will deal with her.” Sam pointed first at the raider and then looked upon Dahska.

The ninja bound the raiders and left Sam and Dahska alone with the corpses of the fallen.

Sam lifted his foot and held it to Dahska’s face. The smell of shit hit her nose fast. She did not move her head away. “One of the men I killed today lost control of his bowels, would you like to clean his taint off me.”

“If you wish me to eat a dead mans shit I will master.” Dahska had eaten shit before no problem and she cleaned the toilets of the ninja clan daily with her mouth. In fact she really liked eating shit now.

“No, I wish you to tell me if you want to do it.”

“Yes, I do wish to eat the shit from your foot.” Dahska lapped at his shitty foot dragging her tongue slowly through the thickness. She sat on her knees in the killing field eating shit and was loving it. After she had cleaned all the shit from his foot her face was a brown mess. With her shitty breath she asked him, “Master I have cleaned him off you foot can I please have some piss to wash his shit down.” Dahska’s mouth was stained brown, clumps of shit clung to her lips and teeth.

“You have done a wonderful job and yes you may have my piss to cleanse you pallet but you must wear the shit on you face in to town today I have plans for you.” Sam pulled down his pants letting his tiny, scaly cock out. He rubbed it and soon it was huge, some two foot long and five inches thick covered in dragon scales. It was the only way to tell he was not completely human as he had his wings cut off long ago. He held the massive meat in his hands aiming it at Dahska’s face.

Dahska opened her mouth and waited. Her cunt was wet at the sight of his cock, Just last night it was in her ass and cunt, as she had proved many times over she could take the whole thing in any of her holes. She knew he was going to fuck her throat and piss right in her belly. The wetness in her loins grew as he forced his cock down past her gag reflex. Her neck bahis şirketleri liked like a snake trying to swallow a deer whole, It bulged out as his cock head slid down her throat. As soon as his cock was lodged balls deep in her mouth he let loose a powerful stream of piss filling her belly with his yellow fluid. He fucked his cock in and out of her mouth still pissing, her whole body shook mixing the shit in with the piss. The scales on his cock were slimy on the way down and rough on the way up, her throat was raw.

“I’m cumming.” Sam ripped his cock out of her mouth and Dahska fell back cumming herself her body racked with pleasure as she tensed and pissed cum and shit herself Sam shot load after load of his dragon cum on her face and tits. “Dahska do not clean yourself off, get dressed in the outfit I have laid out for you then come back here and eat the mess you made, you have a long day ahead you’ll need the energy to complete my plans.”

“Thank you master.” Dahska bowed her head and left. She walked naked back to her room. As she walked the halls she ran into Gen, one of her fellow ninja.

“Dahska looks like you had fun, I left you a present on your night stand. Buy the way you look like shit.” The small man laughed as he passed her.

“Thank you Gen.” Gen was an ass but he was the only ninja who ate pussy so Dahska liked to keep him happy.

In her room Dahska found a collar and two black X’s and a black thong, a school girls uniform and fishnet stockings with a garter belt, handcuffs and a very large butt plug with a hairy tail. On her night stand a plate full of shit and a big glass of piss with cum floating on the top. “Gen must have Known I’d be hungry after master was done with me.” She put the clothes on starting with the stockings and garter belt. She put on the school girl shoes black and white leather sneakers. Then she pulled the black thong on over her dripping cunt. Placing the two black X’s over her nipples, she then put the white shirt on. She pulled her dark blue school girl skirt on. tucking in her shirt, the skirt was so short it could have been a belt. She completed the outfit by putting the collar around her neck and shoving the plug in to her ass. She took the plate of shit and glass of piss and left her room.

Dahska walked down many hallways and stairs on her way back to gather her shitty discharge in the courtyard. As she walked many of her ninja brothers added to her plate or glass. One even pissed on her white shirt making it clear to see her black X’s through it.

Oswald the youngest ninja having just turned eighteen pulled the nine inch round plug out of her ass pushed her on her knees and made her suck the plug as he backed his ass to her ass and shit in her gaping hole, he then pushed the spit covered huge plug back in her ass as she cleaned his ass with her tongue.

The meanest ninja Fea grabbed her breasts from behind so hard she almost dropped her plate when he felt the piss soaked cloth he went ape-shit crazy he pulled the plug part way from her ass (it was still five inches thick at that point). And thrust his fist in with it. Feeling Oswald’s shit packed in her ass smashing in to his hand enraged him more. Yanking his hand from her shitty ass he pushed his cock in next to the huge plug. As he pounded her ass he pushed the plug back in pulling her anal ring twelve inches wide. With his shit covered hand he fish-hooked her mouth, ripping her head back by her fiery red hair with his other. He smeared the shit on her already brown face as she tried to lick it clean. Her gunts turned him on so much he pumped her ass harder driving the air from her ample lungs. “Oh yea bitch-tits here comes the pain.” He coated the shitty insides of her ass with his cum, he stayed in her ass until he went soft by pissing his hard-on into her ass. he pulled out and his piss leaked out around the plug as her ass closed tight around it once more trapping the remaining piss inside. He helped her stand up and punched her with his still somewhat shit covered fist in her left eye, she didn’t cry so he punched her other eye harder, she cried.

“Thank you for using me brother Fea, sob, only you know how to treat a real slut.” Dahska’s eyes swelled and her tears streaked her shit make-up.

“Leave now cunt-face or I will hurt you bad.” Fea brandished his knife.

“OK. but know that I love you brother.” Dahska turned and left him standing in the hallway his pant down to his feet.

Dahska was almost back outside when three of the ninja found her.

“Dahska what’s with the clothes.” The oldest of the three was jerking on his cock. “I hate school girls, they always treated me like shit.”

“Sorry brother master Sam wishes me to dress so.” Dahska made her way past him.

“I think it’s time I treated a school girl like shit.” Kang Lo grabbed her hair and pulled her to the ground in front of the other two ninja. “Drop your pants guys this here slut wants shit and lots of it.” Kang Lo pointed at the plate of shit she dropped bahis firmaları that was splattered on the floor.

“I’m ready brother bring her here.” Ya Chew pulled his ass cheeks apart and a turd was starting to poke out. Kang Lo kicked Dahska in the back of the head forcing her to stumble on her knees toward Ya Chew’s ass, yelling in pain her open mouth found his turd dick.

“Yes, suck his brown dick, lick it all the way down to his asshole.” As Ya Chew squatted on Dahska’s face his brothers abused her body.

“You like this bitch.” Toebang spit at her as her smashed her tits with his vice-like hands.

“No, she loves this.” Kang Lo drew back his left arm and punched her in the cunt sliding his fist elbow deep into her.

“Empf.” Was all Dahska could say with a mouthful of Ya Chew’s shit.

“Done, Wipe me clean slut.” Ya Chew made her use her red hair to clean his shitty asshole. “Next.”

Toebang had gathered the split shit back on the plate, he now stood over it grunting, “Dahska come here and dig it out for me.”

Dahska crawled to him with Kang Lo still fisting her cunt. Using both her hands she pulled his ass apart and sticking her fingers in pulled out some shit, dropping it on the plate, she continued until he was empty.

Kang Lo pulled his fist from her cunt with a slurping pop. “Gods I gotta piss.” He moved to Dahska’s face. Aiming his cock at her mouth. “You want this.” He shook his cock at her.

“Please piss on me, let me taste it, drink it, do it please.” Dahska lunged forward. Both Toebang and Ya Chew forced their cocks in her ass without removing her plug. Her mouth wide Kang Lo Pissed filling it and wetting her red hair to a dark blood red. His piss flowed down her body pooling around her legs.

Dahska ass was stretched past braking. With two large cocks and a huge butt plug pulling her anal ring just past fifteen inches she still wanted more. “Fuck my ass Kang Lo.” Piss spurting out of her mouth bubbling over her lips down her chin to rest between her breasts.

“Move you two she wants me.” Kang Lo pushed at his brothers.

“No. All of you fuck my ass.” Dahska panted.

“All three.” The three said together.

“Yes,” Dahska moaned.

Kang Lo pounded his way in to her ass. Filling her. With eighteen inches of grith in her ass she came. Her cunt came constantly, her arms gave out and she fell to the floor face down. Passed out, They still fucked her ass at a rapid pace.

One of the three ninja slid the plate of shit to her head. The odor woke her. Upon waking her ass burned as the three ninja were still fucking her. Seeing she was awake they pushed her face into the plate of shit.

“Eat it while we come in your ass you fucking cunt.” Dahska swallowed the shit hardly chewing it. Moments later three huge gushes of cum filled her ass.

They pulled their cocks free and her ass stayed open. She thrust her ass in the air so nothing wound flow out. The nine inch shit, cum and piss covered butt plug fell out.

“Shit Sam will kill us if she doesn’t have that in.” Ya Chew said.

“It’s not our fault she wanted three cocks in her ass.” Toe bang claimed.

“No worries I’ve go it handled.” Kang Lo ran to a room down the hall. When he got back he found his brothers pissing in Dahska’s asshole.

“What the fuck?” Kang Lo held a balloon plug with a hole in the middle.

“My ass was burning so I asked them to cool it off.” Dahska smiled at him.

Kang Lo put the nine inch plug with a tail in the middle of the balloon plug. He then shoved it in her ass and pumped it up. When he got it to eighteen inches it got hard to pump. He forced it to twenty just to make sure the seal was tight.

“I better get going.” Dahska waved at the three as she walked away popping the small pieces of shit off the plate into her mouth. Her ass sloshed as she swayed and her belly was full.

Dahska finally made it outside the smell of rotting flesh filled the air. She walked to her mess and dug in, eating with both hands. Her stomach was bloated and full of piss and shit but she still had to clean this for Master Sam.

“I see the boys had some fun with you.” Sam smacked her ass hard, startling her. She turn her head, shit dripping from her mouth.

“I had fun with them too.” Dahska licked her shitty fingers as she stared into Sam’s eyes.

“Well, you look a little worse than I’d planned but I think that they will still want you.” Master Sam clipped a chain leach to her collar.

“Who are they Master?” Dahska followed him down a path she had never seen before.

“Quite, Pets are not to speak, only obey.” Sam yanked the chain making Dahska fall and he still moved forward dragging her behind him as she struggled to get back up on her hands and knees.

“Stop, Proceed no more.” A loud disembodied voice boomed.

“I’ve come to offer a union to make good on an age old pact.” Sam yelled to the unknown.

“This peasant girl.” Sam held the leach high pulling her kaçak bahis siteleri upright and then off her feet. She hung from the leach, twisting, her feet kicked for the ground. She panicked and pasted out.

“Why wound you offer her?” The voice boomed.

“She is descended from the goddess herself.” Sam called out again to nothing.

“You, who was banished, wish to make right on your pact to rid us of the evil who use our gifts for ill.” The voice came from behind him.

Sam turned and beheld his former pantheon, the elder gods. “Yes, brothers and sisters I wish to make right my transgressions for betraying our way and starting this mess in the first place.”

“And how do we factor in to this.” A man larger than a giant with a serpent for a head hissed.

“Brother Slitheror I do not have the powers I once had, I need your help to bring the goddesses powers out of this girl.” Sam dropped Dahska at his feet.

“We have grown more powerful over time and we could make her a goddess now but we no longer fear the tribes.” The eagle headed goddess screeched.

“It is true the tribes have grown weak and they pose no threat to you now but one of them is gathering the old relics of power and plans to rule the tribes, how long will it be before they come here for you then, help me end this now.” Sam’s pleading woke Dahska.

Dahska looked up at the elder gods and found herself getting wet between her legs. As she saw they were naked and the males had huge cocks and the females had huge tits, she wanted them all to fuck her.

All of the elder gods had a totem. There was the snake, eagle, fox, bear, bison, lion, monkey, ram, stag and the dragon. Through long forgotten old magic the gods took on the powers of the totems they also took on some of their traits as well.

“You must be desperate to ask for help now after all this time.” The stag bodied God spoke his blond hair glowing.

“He speaks the truth brothers and sisters, look.” The monkey goddess pointed to a colorful pool of images. Swirling in the pool where the forms of Ashley and Brawlen fucking on the floor of Ashley’s room with many relics of power around them.

“How did they get so many of the relics?” The lion headed God asked as his tail whipped Dahska’s tits.

“You will have my help brother.” The God Ramus stood over Dahska with his huge cock in his hands. Looking down on her Ramus pissed in her mouth. As Dahska drink his piss his ram horns that stuck out of the side of his ugly human face flaked off their hard grayish shell reviling a golden set. The god’s stream of piss grew harder and soon was pounding in to her throat. She felt his life energy flow into her, filling her with his power. When he finished he stood there an old wrinkled man his power nearly all gone. “Make it right girl.”

Dahska crawled to him on her hands and knees. Reached up to him and took his old floppy cock in her hand and sucked him hard. She cupped his balls in her hand and stuck two fingers in his ass as she took him balls deep in her throat.

“Oh my no one has ever done this to me.” Ramus pulled her hair ramming his cock in and out of her face.

“Fuck.” Dahska blurted out as he pulled his cock free. She flipped on to her back pulling him with her. “my cunt.” Ramus plowed in to her cunt. As he fucked her cunt he felt younger more powerful. He fucked her harder, her wet cunt widening to make room for his expanding cock.

“I’m cumming.” Ramus stood up with Dahska impaled on his cock and his whole body burst with rippling muscles. He was young again, in his prime and he pumped her cunt so full of cum it ran down her legs.

“Any time you need anything just call out my name.” Ramus kissed Dahska and ran off in to the nothingness.

Dahska was in shock she felt even more of Ramus’s power inside her. It felt like new life.

“If what you say is true, Then she has the power of the goddess already and we can get that back as Ramus did.” The stag God Hignar came to Dahska from behind his throbbing cock lunged at her cunt. He pulled her fiery red hair as his cock slid into her well lubed hole.

Dahska reached back and held his white mane, pulling his head to hers she kissed him deeply his long tongue roaming her mouth. He ran his hands down to her chest, pulling her nipples. She bit down on his tongue. He held her close to him and thrust his cock with rapid abandon into her cunt.

“I’m cumming, oh, yes.” Hignar the stag God shot his godly cum in Dahska. His white mane turned golden and he pissed in her cunt losing his hard-on. She fell to the ground and he turned to leave, as he galloped off he shit, huge foot long shit plopped on the ground in front of her.

Kaina the bear God stood some fourteen feet tall. He towered over Dahska his massive cock hung down to her head. “You will take it all?” The voice came from behind her.

Janis the bison God stood at sixteen feet tall and his cock was larger than Kaina’s.

“Yes, I’ll take it all from both of you.” Dahska sucked at the purple head of Kaina’s cock, bathing it in her spit. She ran her tongue along his vainy shaft, down to his nut sack. She took first one then both of his huge nuts in her mouth rolling her tongue over them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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