Damning Evidence

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MARLOWE…sits beside his wife. It is Thursday night, the third Thursday of the month and it-s that time of the month. NO, not her periods. Time for the Mrs. to show her appreciation to her husband…

Marlowe has done very well by them financially. He and his attractive wife live in and upscale walled off neighborhood, in a three quarter million dollar home with no debts.

At the beginning of every month Marlowe tells Taylor what scene he wants to play out. She has two plus weeks to prepare for her husband. This month is totally different from any other month…Marlowe will not be having sex with his wife, his boss Nic will.

There are people being laid off, downsizing it is generally referred too. Two months ago Nic came to Marlowe and laid it on the line:

— Marlowe, I have to make a discussion next month. Yourself, Chad or Rick will be let go. You are the oldest and most valued…Chad and Rick make less money. You have the most attractive wife. Get the idea. Let me know what you decide next week Marlowe.


— Time for me to go Taylor. You sure about this…we can get by you know.

— I know she says. [With no further explanation…Taylor drank half a bottle of wine numbing herself. She does not like Nic].

Marlowe leaves:
The arrangement is for Marlowe to leave by 7:30pm and return at 10:00pm…, it-s a work day tomorrow. Nic will come at or near 8:00pm, fuck Taylor and be gone well before 10:00pm. Fuckng accountants… Marlowe is happy about that… that gives Nic only an hour plus with Taylor…

Marlowe was willing to go to the higher ups and take his chances but Taylor seemed determined to help save her husband-s job. Marlowe kind of wondered if there was more to it but left well enough alone.


Taylor hears the chime, rising from the sofa she heads for the door, taking a deep breath. She was not a virgin when she married Marlowe but she had been true to him throughout their marriage.
–Time to buck up lady she said to herself as she answered the door.

— Mr Clarkson!

— Hello Taylor. May I come in?

— Yes of course. Taylor looked past the big man expecting to see Nic. He was not there.

Mr Clarkson entered her home. She walked to the sofa she had been sitting on… Taylor turned offering Mr. Clarkson a drink.

— I will have gebze escort what you are having… he smiled knowing at Taylor.

— Wine…, steeling myself for what was to come. [Taylor looked straight at Mr. Clarkson]. I assume you know what-s going on or you would not be here.

—Yes. Is Marlowe here or as the game already begun?

—He is out until later…10:00pm Mr Clarkson.

— I am surprised Taylor he did not put up a fight for you.

— He wanted to…I dissuaded him Mr Clarkson.

Mr Clarkson looked a Taylor for several seconds. He wondered why she would consider sex with Nic. He knew she disliked him. Taylor offered no response or clarification so Mr Clarkson continued:

— WE received complaint for one of our up and coming young executives that Nic was going to fire him if he did not get him screw his wife.

—Chad or Rick? She asked.

— I-d rather not say Taylor. We have been aware of Nic and his extortions for some time now but we have not been able to corroborate any of the stories we-ve heard over the past few years. Specifically the rape of one of our corporate wives, we have no idea who she is Taylor. [Mr Clarkson looks at Taylor hoping she will be able to shed some light on this accusation].

— It cannot be proven can it Mr Clarkson. If you could prove it you would have already taken action.

— Yes Taylor, your right. [Pause]; It makes me sick to think one of our ladies had to go through that and he is getting away with it.

Taylor and Mr Clarkson sat quietly for more than a minute. Taylor sipped at her wine, watching Mr Clarkson. For is part Mr Clarkson sat with his head down. He was trying to come up with an idea as to how to nail Nic so he never did that again. But he was unable to…

— What do you need Mr Clarkson?

—Two, preferably three eye witnesses Taylor.

— What about two eye witnesses and a tape Mr. Clarkson?

— God yes Taylor. He jumps up, spilling his wine on the carpet.

The spilled wine took precedence and Taylor moved quickly to soak it up… She had some experience with spills on her carpet.

— Taylor I am so sorry.

— Shit happens Mr Clarkson. It will come out. This ain-t the first time and it won-t be the last time.

It took Taylor darıca escort about 5 minutes using warm wet towels and paper towels to get things to an acceptable level…
— Carpet cleaner tomorrow Mr Clarkson

— I will pay Taylor, again I am so sorry. You caught me off guard with your statement.

—Yes, I imagine I did.

Taylor finished her glass of wine.
— I am going to make some coffee Mr Clarkson. Would you like a cup?

— Yes I would Taylor… [Mr Clarkson looked at Taylor, hoping for something].

—Come sit in my kitchen…would you like a sandwich or something Mr Clarkson?

— No thanks Taylor.

— We can sit at my kitchen table and drink our coffee Mr Clarkson, no cleanup to worry us. [Taylor winks].
I have a story to tell you that I think you will find interesting.

If you do not mind I am going to build myself a bologna sandwich… I like to eat something if I am going to drink coffee…helps my stomach.

Mr Clarkson sits…he is served coffee…Taylor sits. She retrieved a book from her library while coffee was brewing… Mr Clarkson looks at the title; WAR AND PEACE.
It must have some significance to her upcoming story but how it fits in Mr Clarkson does not know. The book looks like it is newly bound; it must be a keepsake Mr Clarkson thinks.


— Three years ago we had a lavish Xmas party at the Mayflower Inn over there on Wilkes Street. Great party by the way. [Mr Clarkson does not comment].

I was standing talking with a couple of woman, one being Nic-s wife Melody. I felt a touch to my bottom, looking about I see Nic standing beside me but slightly behind so he can feel my behind…even with his wife present.

He says hello to everyone and carries on with the conversation like a normal human being would. All the while he is feeling up my ass. Stealth fully of course, but copping a feel just the same…

About a minute later I feel him slide his finger into the crack of my bum…he had moved my dress enough to facilitate this move. I excused myself and went to find my husband. Which I confess I could not… seems he was watching a game on the TV in the lounge of said hotel.

Well, I say to myself, I am a good corporate wife I will just have to put up with him.

Roughly one izmit yürüyüş yolu escort half hour later a woman we both know goes to the ladies room to freshen up. She hears the door open.

She turns and Nic is right in her face…, Mr Clarkson. He pinned her up against the bathroom wall holding her by the throat, choking her. She was unable to yell. Nic told her- her husband would be fired if she did not put out.

He shoved her face against the mirror, holding her with one arm twisted behind her back. He lifts her dress up, pulls her panties down… fingering her roughly. She lets out a yelp, he hurts her. She is told to keep quiet or it will get worse.

He pulls away from her and moves down the counter to a soap or hand lotion dispenser.

She thinks he is drunk and is leaving after fingering her… she is somewhat relieved.

Nic returns those ten feet or so with lotion or soap in his hand. He rubs on her ass. Perhaps 20 seconds later he rapes her anally Mr Clarkson. Once he is in it frees up one hand. He pulls her hair hard; twisting her arm…he fucks her ass roughly…making her bleed.

When he is finished he slaps her ass and tells her to shut her fucking mouth or else. He leaves.

This woman stays in the washroom for perhaps 20 minutes. During that time Mr Clarkson no one came in… The lady in the cubical left several minutes after the rape was done. She was struggling to catch her breath.

That is the story Mr Clarkson…

[Taylor pushes the bound copy of War and Peace toward Mr Clarkson].
—This is for you.

— What is it Taylor.

— Evidence from Kathy Nevis Mr Clarkson.

— Kathy was the woman raped in the ladies washroom Taylor?

—No … Kathy-s testimony tells of two rapes in hotel rooms when she was on business trips with Nic. According to her testimony she let the first one go because he was drunk; and she needed the job… The second rape was anal…she ran. She later sent her testimony to me via courier.

— Do you know who the woman was in the washroom Taylor?

— Yes. But I would like to ask you a question first, before I give up her secret.

— Ok, what?

— Is it Rick Clumket who reported Nic?

— Yes, how could you guess that Taylor…

— It was his wife who was in the cubical in the washroom the night Nic raped the lady whose story I just told you. I know Cassidy quite well; she would not withhold that kind of story from her husband Mr Clarkson.

— How… [Mr Clarkson did not finish].

— Because I recognized her shoes and hose…


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