Dana’s Diary: Through the Back Door

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Author’s Note: People frequently ask if Dana’s Diary is autobiographical. Most of the stories are based on events that actually occurred, in which I played a starring role. Others are based on events that occurred, but in which I was at best a supporting actress, and the rest are products of my imagination. In any given case, you decide, because I won’t tell.

Dana’s Introductory Comments: Like my author, I’m about 5-7, with great legs, a nice ass, and lustrous brunette hair. My breasts are small but firm, with dark nipples. My lips are full, my eyes dark, and if my nose is a bit prominent, well I prefer to think it gives me a noble, perhaps aristocratic look. Unlike my author, I’ll be 27 years old forever, and crazy enough to try almost anything. After all, I won’t get any STDs, I won’t get caught (unless She wants me to get caught), and there won’t be any permanent damage or harm. So, as they say in those commercials, “don’t try this at home!” Just enjoy….

I tried to conceal my nervousness by strutting boldly into the club with a fake ID that had never failed me before. I was showing a lot more skin than usual. I’d borrowed my outfit from Patti, my best friend’s older sister. The white halter top was skimpy and sheer enough to make my nipples show as dark shadows, and the low-slung miniskirt was slit to the waistband. Panties were not an option. Big costume jewelry and a pair of very high heels completed the outfit.

OK. I was nervous, but my outfit was hot and so was I, because tonight was the night I was going to give him my ass. I had prepared for it, and tonight I was ready. (See “Dana’s Diary: Opening the Back Door”) Halting inside the door I looked around for Rich, but he wasn’t there so I moved over to the bar, ordered white wine, and put one cheek on an upholstered bar stool. When I hooked my foot over a rung the slit in my skirt opened, showing all the leg there was, and in the ten minutes before Rich showed up three guys hit on me.

His eyes got round when he saw me; he grabbed my arm and hauled me off to a table. “Jesus you look hot tonight!” he said, and when we got there his hand went right to my leg. Well, it was a bit public, but at that point I didn’t mind. When the waitress showed up he ordered a red wine to match my white—and slid his hand up to my crotch.

I got wet. Very wet, very quickly. Anybody who looked our way could see his hand on my cunt, my legs in a slutty sprawl. Somehow I got my legs back together and said in a shaky voice, “I think we’d better dance.”

We danced. Rich is a good dancer and a good Demetevler Escort looking guy. He was wearing a T-shirt that showed off his lean torso and wide shoulders, along with faded jeans that bulged in front. His face is squarish, with regular features and curly black hair. I like looking at him…but I didn’t get much chance, because he whirled me around a lot, making my skirt flip up, showing what was under it–me. Sometimes he was behind me, his hands on my belly or breasts while we ground our bodies together. And sometimes—mostly during the slow dances—he held me close with one hand on my ass under my skirt. That showed everything, but I felt him hard against me and didn’t care a bit. In fact I wanted to be closer to him, and I wanted everybody to see my bare bottom. If he’d tried, I would have fucked him right there on the dance floor.

But he didn’t try, and a couple of hours later we were in his apartment, wrapped close together, mouths open and tongues fighting. Too soon, he pushed me away. “I’ll get drinks,” he said.

We’d been together for almost a year, and we’d developed what was almost a ritual. We get into his apartment and kiss—but nothing else. Then he goes and gets drinks, while I go into the bedroom, turn on the bed lamp and aim it at the ceiling, turn down the bed, and kick my shoes off. By the time he comes in he’s stripped to his boxers, and he sits in a chair to watch me take off my dress. I suck him hard, then lie down on the bed. He takes my underwear off—and we fuck like bunnies!

This time was a little different. His cock was hard when he sat down, poking up through the fly of his boxers as he watched me moving my hips slowly. I went to my knees and took it in my mouth, licking around the head and taking it as deep as I could. When he started to groan I pulled my head back and looked in his eyes. I smiled, then stood up and took off my top.

I wasn’t wearing a bra, and I rubbed my nipples. They were as hard as little erasers, and aching, so I squeezed my breasts for a moment before letting him see them. My skirt wasn’t hiding much, but I put my hand on my thigh and slid it up where the slit was…then unfastened the skirt and tossed it aside.

No panties. I was completely naked for him. I lay back on the bed and raised my thighs, spreading them to open myself. He groaned and came between my legs, slamming his cock as far into me as it would go. I wrapped my arms around him and thrust back, moaning in heat and very quickly grunting and crying as my first orgasm Otele gelen escort hit me with spasms of pleasure.

He didn’t stop. He continued as I got my breath back and started meeting him again, crying out my pleasure and suddenly, taken unawares, bucked my way through a second orgasm. That’s when he stiffened, groaned, and spasmed what seemed like buckets of cum into me.

After that we lay back in each other’s arms, sipping drinks and talking softly. There would be more; we both knew it, and were happy waiting until he was ready again. After a while I reached for his cock and stroked it, then leaned over and sucked it into hardness.

I tried to be casual, but I think it came out as a squeak. “Do you want my ass tonight?”

“Yes! Oh God yes!” He sat up. “Let me get some lube.” I nodded and rolled onto my stomach. I was scared—but I wanted it. I wanted his cock up my ass. I didn’t really care if it hurt, I was hot, I was ready after all those enemas, and I wanted it bad.

I could hear him rattling stuff in the bathroom. Then he was muttering, and finally I heard the refrigerator door. Did he keep the lube in the refrigerator? Then he was back, lifting me to all fours, putting a pillow under my belly…then another pillow. He was behind me, rubbing my back—down low, just above my ass, where it really feels good, and I was making happy noises.

I felt his hand between my legs and spread my knees while he stroked my clit, then my cunt. He moved on to my anus—OK, I stiffened just a little—and I could feel the tip of his finger circling the sphincter. I relaxed…and moved my hips because it felt so good, and then it slid in me and I hardly knew it was going in. A few minutes later I was moaning, and then there were two fingers, and three, and it felt fantastic.

“I’m going to lube you…” he whispered, and I felt something cold on my sphincter. I stiffened again, and Rich whispered, “It’s OK…relax….”

I tried, and eventually I did relax. The lube wasn’t so cold any more, just cool as it circled. Then, gently, the cool lube went into my ass! It was in me—like, inside, and it was cold! It went deeper in, warmer inside me and cold at my sphincter, and for some reason I decided to squeeze.

“Oops! Well maybe that’s enough.” Rich took the rest of the lube away, and there was this thing inside me, but it wasn’t his fingers and it wasn’t his cock. Maybe a blob of lube, I thought, but then his cock was poking at my asshole. I braced myself. “Relax,” he said. “It’s OK…just Balgat Escort relax.” I tried, and a moment later I felt his cock pushing into me.

I knew it was his cock. It wasn’t a finger, and it was warm and… oh God, it didn’t hurt, exactly, but it stretched my sphincter, and then it did hurt and then the head was in and the shaft wasn’t so big around but still big enough to really stretch me.

I heard myself whimpering and Rich saying, “It’s OK…take it easy…I’ll go slowly,” but I wasn’t whimpering from the pain. I didn’t mind that, really I didn’t. It was the incredible feeling of his cock sliding past my sphincter and filling me. I was full of cock, like when his cock was in my cunt, but different somehow.

Then it was all the way in. Rich’s belly was pressing against my ass cheeks and his cock was all…the…way…in…in my ass. In my bowels. I was full. I felt sort of like going to the bathroom, but I wanted it in me and I pressed back.

He started to pull it out and I breathed in…I almost cried for him not to go, but then he was going back in me slowly, filling me. And then I wanted more. I pressed back at him and said, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard and fast! I want to feel you fuck meeee,” and he was doing it. Hard, fast, and…Oh. My. God. Incredible. I was whimpering, moaning, and grunting and my orgasm was building and I hoped his was too except I wanted this to last forever and then oh shit here it came, and Rich made a sound halfway between a grunt and a scream, and I could feel the cum spurting into my bowels and the cock warm and pulsing in my ass…and that did it:

I came. Like I’ve never cum before. Indescribable. Shattering. My whole body was involved, with pulses of pleasure slamming out from somewhere between my cunt and my ass, ending at my fingertips and toes, and breasts and elbows.

Then I was on my side, and Rich was putting a pillow under my head. His arms went around me, but we were both panting too hard to speak. After a while I reached around behind me. My anus was kind of sore, and I rubbed it. When my hand came to the front again it smelled kind of funny. I lifted it to my nose: the smell was kind of familiar, but I couldn’t place it. So…I tasted it. No, I thought, it couldn’t be…


“Ummm hmmm.”

“What did you use for lube?”

“Um…well… it worked OK, didn’t it?

“Yes. But what was it?”



“Yeah, I couldn’t find the lube, so I got a stick of butter out of the refrigerator.”

“You shoved a stick of butter up my ass…”

“Well…yeah…I guess I did.”

I couldn’t help myself. I started laughing. So did Rich, and we laughed ourselves sick, because every time we stopped, one of us would start and that would start the other one.

But ever since then, when I put butter on a piece of toast I think of Rich—and get a little quiver in my ass. And I love anal sex.

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