Dance of Fantasy

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Chapter 1

A Theatrical Experience

I saw her first as a series of lithe curves, appearing and disappearing as the crowd in the theatre foyer milled back and forth. Standing still for a while I was eventually rewarded when, through the mass I saw her properly for just a few seconds.

Stunning! Tall, slim but with nicely curving hips and breasts that were accentuated by the cut of her body-flattering dress. She wore her dark, softly waving hair shoulder length and though I could only see her in profile her face was obviously beautiful.

I continued to stare at her until suddenly, as though she had somehow become aware that she was being watched, she turned, our eyes met – and held. Large, wide-set and in that light they appeared to me to be almost black. High cheek-bones and below, a full lipped mouth that at that moment was set hard and, from the expression on the rest of her face, it would appear that right then she was angry about something.

Even so, I smiled at her and, for a moment felt sure that she was going to return it – then, from the corner of my eye I saw a grey-haired man pushing his way aggressively through the crowd, to her side. The throng moved again, blocking them from my view until I caught one more glimpse of her just as they passed through the doors and into the auditorium.

The briefest of moments, a lovely woman glimpsed in passing – something that happens to any man from time to time – but somehow this time seemed totally different, I felt strangely excited and to my surprise even a faint stirring of sexual arousal.

By the time I got inside they were lost amongst the audience and though I wandered through the foyer and bar areas at the interval, hoping at least for another glimpse of her I couldn’t see either of them anywhere.

The performance by the dance company was brilliant and as I settled back in my seat for the second half of the programme I couldn’t help glancing at the empty one beside me, with a mix of both smugness at what my date was missing by letting me down at the last minute, and my frustration at what I would be missing out on myself, later!

Frustration that only increased as the major part of the performance got under way. I always find modern dance sensual and this particular piece was overtly sexual in content and the combination of frustration, the brief but still lingering arousal from the glimpse of the woman in the foyer and the dancers’ movements on stage combined to produce an ache that slowly grew and became concentrated between my thighs.

I have always been blessed, or cursed with a vivid imagination that expressed itself even when I was a kid, telling stories to the others while we sat, eating our lunch. It has since enabled me to make a reasonable living in the world of TV drama production – but it makes its presence felt most strongly in my private world, particularly my private, sexual world. I often find myself creating vivid picture stories in my head, pictures that only need some relatively minor event to act as a trigger – such as the brief sight of the beautiful woman in the foyer – to set it into full, dramatic flight.

On that occasion I had not only encountered a trigger, but also had the added stimulation of the dancers on stage in front of me and, as the dance progressed my imagination began to run riot. First producing additional figures, one of which was of course ‘me’, to dance along with the real ones, figures that slipped effortlessly into the forming and re-forming tableaux.

There was my current lover, naked – her lush, familiar body enticing the image of ‘myself’ with an erotic, almost lascivious display of herself, which the other ‘me’ did his best to ignore – even if not entirely successfully!

Contrasting with her was the beauty from the foyer. By comparison she was positively demure, still wearing the dress that had first caught my eye – and it was quite obvious that she was the one my alter ego really wanted to be with! But, each time they managed to get close enough to each other to touch, she was somehow drawn from ‘my’ reach and in her place ‘I’ found ‘myself’ confronted by my naked lover’s display. And, in spite of the sensual longing ‘I’ felt for the other woman, ‘I’ found ‘I’ was unable to control the inner sexual need her flaunting aroused deep inside me.

While one part of my brain was quite able to separate the two sets of dancers, the real and the imaginary, another couldn’t – and, as the scenes inside my head became even more graphic I found that the ache between my thighs became more intense until I realised that the effect had been so powerful that even my cock had responded, swelling and stiffening, so much so that I was forced to shift myself into a more comfortable position.

When the curtain came down I sat, still dazed, as the audience around me clapped loudly and the dancers took their well deserved bows, being recalled again and again by the enthusiastically appreciative patrons. I was just grateful for the additional delay, Maraş Escort it gave me time to readjust to reality and, more importantly for the hard bulge in my pants to subside a little.

Even so I was amongst the last to leave the theatre and, on reaching the street, as I stopped to light a cigarette and then stood quietly smoking, letting the effects of the powerful imagery slip even further away – I saw her again!

Even from a distance it was apparent that this time her grey-haired escort was on the verge of actually becoming violent, gripping her arm, almost shaking her as he shouted angrily. Although from that far away I couldn’t make out the words that were being exchanged it appeared that she was refusing him something, and as I hesitantly made my way towards them, he finally thrust her backwards, turned and strode away. Coming closer I could see that she was breathing heavily, still obviously shaken by his outburst and actions and it was also clear that she hadn’t seen me approaching.

So I spoke to her. ‘Excuse me, but are you all right?’


Chapter 2


She was obviously still recovering from the man’s angry outburst and hadn’t heard me and I had to repeat the question before she turned her head and saw me. As she did I saw that her face was flushed, her eyes tear-filled and, that she hadn’t recognised me.

‘I was the man who smiled at you – in the theatre, before the performance, in the foyer.’ I said, hoping like mad that she would at least remember that albeit fleeting moment. She looked at me blankly for several seconds and I was quite sure my earlier interpretation of her look must have been totally wrong – but then I was pleased, no delighted to see her expression change as she apparently finally recalled seeing my face. Seeing that, I went on hurriedly. ‘When I saw your, er – escort, shouting and being so violent, I thought you might need some help.’

I paused, waiting for some sort of response but she still seemed to be too shocked to answer, so I pressed on. ‘Perhaps a coffee, or a drink. To settle yourself. There’s a quiet little place I know, not far from here.’ I added desperately.

She still didn’t say anything but I could see that at least now she was thinking – then she just gave a small nod and with that I felt a heady rush of excitement and a broad grin spreading all across my face. I took her arm gently and began to walk her slowly towards the bar I had in mind, which really was only just a few minutes walk from where we were.

As we walked I was successful in getting her to start talking and before we had got there I had found out her name – Leslie – and by the time we had finished our first drink I could see she was becoming more relaxed, beginning to talk more freely and quite soon after that it was almost as though we had known each other for ages and were renewing an old friendship.

She told me that the man she had been with was one of the bosses at the company she worked for and admitted that she had had a brief affair with him a few months earlier – but that she had broken it off, mainly because of the way his quick temper and aggressive outbursts had frightened her.

‘I sometimes had the feeling that he wanted to do strange things with me. I don’t just mean ‘kinky’ – I don’t mind that.’ she giggled shyly, then added. ‘With the right person, I mean.’

She had looked straight into my eyes as she said that and I felt a sudden surge of excitement rising up inside me as she continued. ‘No, not just kinky – I always had the feeling that what he really wanted – was to do something violent – hurt me in some way. I don’t know what he wanted to do but I could somehow sense it lurking there in the background – and it frightened me Michael.’

‘Why did you go out with him tonight then?’

‘He’s been making things unpleasant for me at work in the last couple of weeks and when I confronted him about it he actually apologised – and I thought he was really sorry. I thought I had got it all wrong, that I had misunderstood him in some way. He knows I love dance and he offered to get tickets, ‘no strings attached’ he said, just an evening out, for old time’s sake. But then, on the way to the theatre he changed back again, wanting to go home with me afterwards – and when I said no he started to get angry, then things just gradually got worse as the evening went on.’

‘It sounds to me as though he has a real problem.’

‘I’m sure you’re right Michael.’ she said, pausing for a moment and her dark eyes looking deep into mine as she continued. ‘Seeing you, watching me the way you were, just before we went in I mean, that’s really what finally decided me. If it hadn’t been for that I might just have gone with him, if only to avoid a scene. If it hadn’t been for what I thought I saw in the way you looked at me…’ She shuddered. ‘I’d rather not think about what might have happened.’

I reached across the table and took her hand in mine.

‘So you felt it too, what Maraş Escort Bayan passed between us I mean. I thought you did but couldn’t really believe it.’

She smiled and nodded and I felt her fingers squeeze mine as I continued. ‘It was an incredible feeling – so quick but so strong. I went looking for you at the interval, though I’m not sure just what I would have done if I had found you.’ I admitted.

‘I saw you go out – but he wouldn’t leave, he was still trying to get me to say yes to him. It was so embarrassing, with people sitting all around us.’

‘I have to tell you Leslie, just that glimpse of you in the foyer was enough to rouse me – I had the most amazing experience during the second half of the performance.’

She stared at me, wide-eyed for a few seconds before she spoke, almost breathlessly. ‘Experience? What do you mean? What kind of experience?’

‘This is probably going to sound very silly, I have this odd imagination you see – very visual. Anyway – in my imagination I saw us, together, I mean dancing together on the stage, with the other dancers.’

‘You imagined us, dancing together. Were we part of the story – it was very erotic?’

‘Yes we were Leslie, with them – but separate from them you understand – it’s a bit hard to explain – but it was very arousing!’

She wouldn’t let me get away with just a simple explanation like that, demanding a full and detailed description of what happened. I thought it best to omit the part my naked lover had played but told her everything about the parts ‘she’ and ‘I’ had played and perhaps, embellished the outcome of our fantasy dance just a little.

As I described the various scenes I had imagined, she appeared to become more and more completely absorbed by my account, her eyes developing a misty, far-away look about them – and when I got to the more erotic parts of the story I noticed a faint flush creep across her face. She had continued to hold on to my hand and by the time I arrived at the final scene I found she was gripping it really tightly.

When I finished she didn’t say anything for a few seconds and her eyes seemed to bore right through me – but when she spoke it was obvious that she remembered every word I had said.

‘Before you started you said that the experience was very arousing. Just what did you mean Michael – sexually arousing?’

‘Yes Leslie – very strongly!’

‘Just mentally – or physically too?’

‘Physically too. I got an erection!’

Her eyes widened, a small, tight smile appeared at the corners of her mouth and she let out a gasp of pleasure as she heard that and, when she spoke I heard the tension in her voice. ‘You mean you got a full erection, just from imagining me dancing with you like that?’

‘A very strong one and, in the circumstances very uncomfortable. That’s one reason why I came out of the theatre late, I had to stay in my seat until most people had left, to let it subside a bit.’

Her eyes were still misty but they stared deep and hard into mine as she responded. ‘I wish I had been sitting with you Michael.’

‘So do I – but it might have been positively disastrous for me if you had been!’ I added with a knowing smile.

She laughed softly and a mischievous sparkle lit up her eyes. ‘Perhaps, but it would have been exciting wouldn’t it!’

Her words triggered my imagination again – and pushed it into over-drive. A picture flashed into my mind – her slim fingers curled around my straining shaft, while all around us the audience remained engrossed in the dance. Her cool hand gently stroking up and down, in time with the rhythm of the music. Her face impassively watching the stage while she insistently urged me on – her hand keeping time to the quickening beat as the music rose towards its crescendo, taking me irresistibly towards my own!

‘Penny for them Michael.’ I heard her say. I returned to reality again, to find her grinning at me from across the table and realised that in just those brief seconds the heavy stiffness between my legs, had returned.

‘You can guess I’m sure.’

‘But I like to hear you talk about it.’


‘Yes Michael, honestly. I’d love to hear you talk about how excited you got, just from thinking about me. In detail!’ she added.

For the first time I looked around us, there weren’t many people in the bar at that time but there was a small group just a couple of booths away from us.

‘Not here Leslie.’ I whispered and held my breath as I waited for her response – she took a while but in my heart I felt sure we both knew what it would be.

‘No, not here!’

I leaned across the table, kissed her quickly.

‘If you are really interested – I’ve got an erection again!’

Her eyes dropped, as though expecting to see down through the table, then back up to look deep into mine.

‘Tell me about it – later. But first you’ll have to excuse me for a minute.’

While she was in the ladies’ room I settled Escort Maraş the bill and just a few minutes later we were in a cab, heading for her address. I slipped my arm around her shoulder, turned her face to mine and kissed her – she responded warmly and I felt her hand rest lightly on my knee.

‘Don’t forget what I want to hear about, all the details – how it felt, even how you feel as you remember it – everything!’ She paused, her hand moving slowly up and down my thigh. ‘How is it now?’ she asked urgently.

‘Getting big again – keep doing that and we’ll be in trouble with the driver.’ I whispered in her ear.

‘By ‘that’ do you mean this?’ she asked, her hand’s movements becoming slower – but each move reaching a little higher up my thigh – and I felt my cock stretching and filling in response.

‘Careful – he’ll see!’ I whispered, pulling her closer.

She giggled softly. ‘Maybe I don’t care if he does, perhaps I…’ I stifled the rest of her sentence with my lips but couldn’t – and didn’t really want to, stop her hand from slipping up into my lap and finding the still growing hardness of me.

Luckily it was only a short drive to her place and her fondling didn’t have much chance to progress further but she made sure I still had a full hard-on when we arrived – and I got a leering wink and a loaded – ‘Have a nice night, sir!’ – from the driver as I paid him the fare.

Then, as we walked arm in arm into the entrance hall of the building the first thing we saw was an ‘Out of Order’ notice on the lift door!


Chapter 3

The Fire Stairs

‘Oh no, not again!’ Leslie sighed. ‘Sorry Michael, this is the third time this month. I’m afraid we’ll have to go up the fire stairs, its only three floors though.’

She led the way, the narrow, concrete stairs were steep and as she began to climb ahead of me her hips and tight buttocks were just about level with my eyes, riveting my attention as they swayed and rolled. Almost automatically I reached up, resting one hand lightly on her hip, feeling the firm, soft curve of her beneath the silky material of her dress. She slowed her steps and, feeling that and realising that she liked the feel of my touch, I let my hand slip slowly down until I cupped one full cheek and, as I squeezed it I felt my cock jerk in response to the warm feel of her body.

‘Is that nice Michael?’

‘Mmm, marvellous!’ I mumbled, my palm beginning to sweat as her taut muscles moved beneath it.

‘Tell me.’

‘My hand can feel the tight swelling curve of your bottom – I love the way it flexes as you climb the stairs.’

As I spoke I let my hand slip down the line of her thigh, past the hem of her dress, until I could feel the sheerness of nylon clad leg, then slipping my fingers up under her skirt, I inched back up the length of the warm softness of her inner thigh.

‘Now it’s even more exciting, my hand being under your dress – intruding, feeling the warmth of your thigh. I’m thinking how marvellous it would be if I found you were wearing stockings, not pantyhose.’

Her voice was husky, ‘And your penis, your cock – how does it feel Michael?’

‘It’s getting bigger again – the sight of your bottom, moving like that, just in front of me – that and the feel of your thigh, is making it very, very stiff now – and my balls are very heavy, aching, getting tight.’

‘And -‘ she asked huskily. ‘ – what thoughts are going through your head?’

‘What I’d really like to be able to do is to slip it up between your thighs, feel them pressing against it. It would get so big that you could look down and see it poking out in front, maybe stroke its head. Just thinking about that is getting it so big that it’s becoming almost painful, cramped up in my trousers as it is.’

‘Why not give it room then? Take it out.’

We had been climbing so slowly that we had then only just reached the first landing. Leslie stopped and turned – even in the dim light I could see that her face was heavily flushed, her eyes wide, staring down at me and, as I looked up, her mouth completed the sentence, silently forming the word –


I kept my eyes fixed on hers and saw them drop down to my crotch and as though in some kind of dream, I did as she asked, I unzipped myself and, not without a fair bit of difficulty, managed to extricate my hard and swollen cock.

‘I hope nobody decides to come down the stairs.’ I said, watching her looking down at me, her lips parted, her breasts rising and falling as her breathing quickened – but I don’t think she even heard me!

‘It’s lovely, so big and so hard. Does it feel better now, being out like that?’

‘Yes, yes it feels very good. It’s got room to grow now, as I know it will when I touch you again.’

‘Do you want to touch me again Michael?’

‘Very much.’

She turned, moved round the landing, put one foot on the stair and said, ‘You’ll find I am wearing stockings Michael.’

I didn’t need a second invitation! Moving close behind her I kissed the side of her neck, my nostrils filling with the heady scent of her perfume and felt her hand reach behind herself and, finding my cock, making it jump as her fingers closed around and lightly grasped it for a moment or two.

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