The D.J. broke through the cheers of the crowd and the house music “A round of applause gentlemen for the Sexy Satin!” The audience was hardly exclusively male, many a lady were present and equally captivated by the performer. A roar followed. Just the curvaceous silhouette of the dancer was visible for a moment before disappearing behind the heavy curtain.

Barely clad waitress made their way through the dim club, negotiating with patrons for drink orders and other services available by various members of the staff. The room was, if anything, loud. Between the music and the howls, one could hardly find piece of mind to think. In truth he didn’t come here to think, he came for her.

From his shadow he patiently waited. Reflecting silently upon how this was the third night in a row he found his way here. For some one who believes in fate it was no accident he ended up in this place. The first night it was just to meet a client who turned up as a no show and caught just a glimpse of her. The rest of the evening and the next day the same image of her face looking back over her bare shoulder played and replayed again and again.

On the second night as the debate ensued to whether he should go back and seek out this woman. He found himself sitting at a table, directly opposite center the stage. With his back to the wall, just beyond the glow of the neon, in the shades, sipping mineral water with a twist of lemon. During her act, enthralled by her moves, time had no place. Eye contact was made, and again and yet again. At the end of her set she lingered for a final exchange of looks and then was gone.

Pulling himself to the present as the waitress brought another drink. Easing back in his seat and waited.

“Here’s a lady that means business! Put your hands together and welcome …RAYNE!!!”

The spotlight burst to life hitting her at the back of the stage. Standing in a dark blue power suit with skirt, black stockings and high heels. Hair up in a bun, wire rim glasses surrounding dazzling eyes that peered down a neatly folded Wall Street Journal. Her only other prop, an attaché in her other hand.

A silence came over the crowd as the speaker erupted with ‘Shook Me All Night Long’. Step after step walking past the two brass poles to the very edge of the stage. Her movement of grace and nonchalance. As if taken notice of the audience for the first time, a flick of her wrist and the newspaper fluttered down. And so the first roar took place.

Turning around, grabbing the pole, swirling once before flinging the case to the rear. Her head snapping back when she kicked incredibly high, the spike of her heel threatening to stab the ceiling. Foot slamming to the stage, one after the other. Stopping in the middle, looking over her shoulder to someone in the crowd. Pulling her glasses off and teasingly using the leg to trace her lips before pearly whites bite playfully. An underhanded toss to her admirers would have gone unnoticed except that the hand that caught them had blood red fingernails, easily seen in Raynes’ spotlight.

Intrigued by this woman who vied for Raynes’ attention, he found himself unsurprisingly aroused.

Taking hold of the other pole with one hand, the other releasing her hair from the bun. As she circles, a wild mane breaks free, that bounces and rides the shoulders.

One sleeve fell and then the next. The blazer found it’s way to the growing pile. Grasping the brass with both hands, pulling herself up and inverting, heels once more to the sky, legs in a death grip as open palms reached out.

Righting herself, she loosened her tie, while tugging free her shirttails. Seductively she angled her body, painstakingly slow she, using only her thumb and index, the other fingers fanned out, drew down the zipper of her skirt. With a collective gasp and hush, it fell, ending up as a halo around her ankles.

Another high kick and the garment went sailing through the air. Open hands covered her bosom, cupping roughly, squeezing and pulling. Howls and cries as the mob began to frenzy. Fingers curling at the material, letting the heat rise. A fluid ripping back motion as the dress shirts breakaway buttons let fly. Losing the ruined button down, but not before twirling it a few türkçe porno times around over her, did she let it loose to the masses now chanting her name. Caressing her bountiful blessings, thumbs rubbing the already pert nipples. Dropping down to her knees while again taking notice to the crowd.

On all fours, she now stalked like a big cat, eyes fixed on her prey. Nearing with every breath, driving the mob wild with anticipation. An outstretched arm with wanton open hand flashed out, and long fingers curled around Raynes’, still hanging, tie. Reeling her in, head angling as they approached. She up on the balls over her feet, barely reaching. Rayne leaning over the edge of the platform, her plummet seeming almost imminent. Each reaching to the others cheek for support, but more likely just for the sensation of the touch. Their lips part as they barely make contact, deeply kissing. Tongues passing hungrily over one an others. He found himself longing like every other man in there. They continued, with their every fiery exchange, teetering.

The music now coming to and end, they both pulled back and she peers into the shadowy corner and winks while licking her lips. A final caress of the lady’s’ cheek before gathering herself up and sauntering to the curtain.

Customary at this point she paused; her eyes darted back and forth to what she knew and what she did not.

The D.J.s’ words as well as the music were washed away with the reaction of the group. In the manner of moments as the waitress appeared at the table so did the words “go backstage” He made he way as if in a dream, passing under the watchful eyes of the monstrous bouncers. Treading down a surprisingly quiet hallway.

From the opposite way he saw the lady striding to the same place. At the doorway they sized one an other up.

She in black boots and tight blue jeans, and a small tank top revealing her ample curves. Her eyes fell upon him the same way they did for their common need. Full lips already moist and pursed.

He dressed in a similar casual manner. Khakis, now a bit too snug after watching the ladies performance. He was glad that she too an interesting the bulge. Crisp white button down, with a few already undone. Soft brown hiking boots and a mid length leather jacket the same shade.

Standing, both feeling a stir and more so when the door opened. And there was Rayne. Wearing only and impossibly short silk robe with a paisley print. Taking the two by the hands and leading them in.

Securing the door to insure their privacy, she perused the two over. The one, who braved the edge, closed to Rayne and seized her in a lovers embrace. Raynes’ hands cupped the Edges face as lips again parted; the soft darting and caresses of their tantalizing tongues ensued once more. Shedding his coat, he found his excitement for the two of them had grown.

Coming up from behind the Edge, pressing himself to the tight demin bottom, while long fingers spread wide grasped the silk covered curve, discovering Raynes lack of panties. Moans soon filled the air.

Nuzzling the Edges ear as she tenderly suckled Raynes lower lip, the robe falling open and slipping to the floor.

The Shadow easily lifting Edges top up and off, much to the delight to Rayne who quickly begins to lick and nurse the budding nipples that have grown hard. Looking over her shoulder to the Shadow, engaging in their own first kiss. Her hand reaching back to his excitement, as he starts to unbutton her jeans.

For a moment they turn to each other, bodies pressed, shaking with want, burning with fire, licking and tasting. Tenderly sucking her bosom eagerly, as she rolls her head back gasping with pleasure. Moving further down her body, dropping to his knees, biting and kissing a trail, tip of tongue tracing away. Gripping the jeans and slowly peeling them down, leaving the cotton panties clinging to her most cherished. She took hold of his shoulders to steady herself as she stepped out of the pants. Gently he placed his hand underneath her, feeling the excitement that dampened the delicate lingerie. At her gasp and shutter at his touch, he felt compelled to continue. The thumb circling, feeling the heat, riding the contours. The sikiş izle whimpers that escaped her and the tightening of her grasp, her nails raking his skin, drove him on with stroke after stoke. Pulling him in, arching her loins up to him, fueling his fire.

When he ripped the cloth to open side suddenly, a cry of ” YES!” came forth. Eyes wide now on top of his head, moving so vigorously, twisting and turning. She feels his fingers aiding in the same endeavors of his darting tongue. His moans muddled with her own quick panting. His strong grip on her barely clad bottom, as he delves deeper into her sweet softness, tightens.

Looking up only to witness Rayne, who has taken the position of audience for a change. Watching the delicate fingers coated in liquid silk slipping over and in the pink folds of her essence. It was enough to bring the Edge over. Again and again the spasms ran through the very core. The Shadow held firmly as the thrusting hips bucked wildly. Wave after wave washing over, as he pivoted his head.

Slowly and weakly, she shaking form lowered to her own knees. Heavy breathing becoming manageable, half closed eyes and wicked look of satisfaction was the visage beheld by the others in the room. With unsteady hand she grasped the back of his neck, reeling him in. Licking broadly over his lips taking in her own taste, enjoying the sounds of Rayne’s whines as she did.

Enjoyable as it was to play the part of voyeur, Rayne was more than eager to participate. Sliding off the couch to find herself along the Edges side.

The Shadow, true to his name, sat on the sofa, off to the darkened corner. With elbows on his knees, leaning over, once again the spectator. Delighting in the two beauties taking pleasure in each other as well as giving. Noting their separate lovemaking styles. In utter awe, he looks on to how one climbs on top of the other, each facing the opposite way. The edge on her back and Rayne’s bottom vaulted up at him.

Mesmerized by the display, he is quickly brought back by the throbbing in his now tightened trousers. As they lick and lap, plunging so pleasingly into the others most intimates, he stands. Never taking his eyes from them, he shed his pants.

The movement catches the Edges eye, though it was clear that her mind was occupied elsewhere. When the zipper was lowered and his hardness pushed the silk boxers that were there, taunt he blushed at the widening of her eyes.

The moans and gasps from the pair grew louder, nails raked and clawed, fingers explored and played.

Stripping himself of his last garment, he, now bare as they, joined them on the thick soft-carpeted floor. Kneeling behind Rayne, taking hold of her hip, with one hand, his other on his own arousal. The sight of her head bobbing and dipping up and down between the Edges thighs caused another throb, and the head swelled even further. His intention so clear to the Edge that she reaches up and first strokes the tenderness that sways so closely to his manhood, rolling them him her palm, coddling them, all the while her tongue dances in Rayne’s fires. Darting and devouring her, continuing to glide up and down his length, she guides him in closer and closer, till he can feel her heavy hot breath on him.

Using both hand on Rayne’s’ hips to steady himself .She steers, aligning him, saturating the hood of his head, playing and teasing the parting lips.

Aching to be with her, he shifts his hips and presses forward. Snapping his head back in shear bliss, marveling at the dual sensations, the driving deeply of Rayne’s core, her walls so tightly gripping him, and the texture of the Edges tongue broadly sweeping the underside of his shaft.

Rayne’s’ cry, more of a yelp, moves the Shadow sharply forward, till he could go no further. A chill running up his spine as he feels the unexpected suckling of the tenderness beneath him.

The vibrations from the Edges moan travel through his loins to the heart of the dancers essence. Ripple after ripple, each as captivating as the last, trailing to the very end of each nerve. Releasing the supple sack from her mouth with a loud audible ‘Pop’

Carefully, she wriggled out from beneath Rayne. Once clear, leaned back and sat porno 64 before the two. Resting on her hands Rayne lowered herself even further while angling her bottom up to his pleasure. Letting the animal in him take over, he drew out only to glide back in. A steady rhythm started, with a strong pace, with hands on her hips he pulled her on to his engorged excitement even as he propelled forward harder and harder. Bodies dripping with excitement and sweat. The sounds of shrieks barely muffled by the crash of their union.

A machine of passion, piston like in their motion, relentless, almost endless.

The two parts acting and becoming as one. Every nerve and sense a live and on end, waiting. Tensions between the pair, wondering which would hold out longer. He doubled his effort with the turn of his hips on each thrust and retraction.

The Edge gazed in astonishment at the scene she faced and unwittingly mimicked the actions by her own means. If Rayne’s’ eyes weren’t faced down to at the carpet and wincing with teethed gritted, she might have beheld the exhibition. As it were, the Shadow did glimpse and found himself even more motivated then earlier.

Slipping his hands off her hips to her bosom as they were jutting with every impact. Curling over and around the pleasing mounds, pulling her back and up at the same time, so that she like he were kneeling together. The action triggering a pleasure he sought for her. Her gasp was soundless, her grip covered his own and held him fast and upon the final drive in, she was catapulted beyond.

As her hair whipped around and the trembling form reared and rode him frantically, he held his place, enchanted and beguiled. He didn’t even note the movement of the Edge forward and now in position in front of them. It was only when he felt her hand slip once again over his backside, and the muted yowls of Rayne, did he realize that she had joined with the two of them again.

The free hand soon found its’ way to where the they were coupled and tenderly massaged the outer edging of her essence, occasionally stroking the length of the junction. As hands continued to touch and feel, he slowly extracted himself, only to take a more prone position.

The lovelies wickedly turned their eyes to him. Whispering ideas quietly to each other accompanied by a giggle here and there. In no time they were both straddling him, The Edge riding his still hardness and Rayne poised over his mouth. The Trio bobbing and churning. While one pumped down with incredible vigor the other stayed still as he worked a frenzy into her, drinking and lapping away. Each played off the others motions and moans .The Edge contracting her walls, hugging the thickness with a friction that seared. He hooked his hands around the back of Rayne’s thighs hoisting himself up and even deeper. The ladies taking their turns to lavish the others bosom with long caresses and gently suckling.

A moan, closer to a grunt came from the Shadow. He uttered that his time was near and the two squealed. Climbing off, Rayne knelt beside her partner in carnal delight as she continued to glide with the same manner before, eyes intently fixed as the Edges took him in time and again, and wondered if that’s how it looked when it was she in the same position. She wanted to reach out and touch the two of them, touch them as they were one, touched them as she was touched a few minutes before.

His cries became louder, almost pleading. The Edge looked to Rayne, whispering “help me” As She nodded, the Edge rose off of him letting his arousal stand free and throbbing, engulfed in a moment by Rayne. A second later she was joined by her collaborator. With their tongues lapping, a hand pumping they continued. The felt him throb and the swelling went as far as they thought it could. His hands grasped out to them, his breath sharp and heated. Finally crying out, to their astonishment how the eruption took place. They together worked the length as gob after gob of the milky hotness spewed forth .The waves followed as they stroked and grinned wickedly again at each other, celebrating with a soft deep kiss. The two, as one, crawled up to meet him, once more, bodies pressed in a pile of satisfaction.

After gathering their strength, they quietly cleaned up and got dressed. The smiles covered their faces and would for quite sometime to come. Each expressed an interest to when they could see each other again but they all seemed to return to the fact that fate would see to it, and for now it was enough.