Dancing for Joy

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I’m not sure how old I was when I started to realize how attractive my mom is. My dad died when I was 15, and I’m sure it was after that. By the time I was 18, I had a major crush on my mom. I really didn’t want to leave home, but I kind of had to for collage. As it happens, my birthday is in late September, so I first started school maybe a year later than I should have. The result of this is I had been 18, living alone with my mom, for the better part of a year before I had to leave.

Mom had always been comfortable lounging around the house wearing very little. She didn’t think anything of it. It really turned me on. I was always stealing glances, trying not to stare. I think she caught me staring a few times and just didn’t say anything.

One would think she would suspect something was up, with the things I volunteered to do around the house.

Mom would come home from work, having had to stay on her feet on a hard cement floor all day. She quickly disrobed down to just a bra and panties, and put her feet up. What 18-year-old would volunteer to rub his mom’s feet? This one did. I had to hide my erection, rubbing those beautiful feet, looking up at those sexy legs and that hot body. She would moan in a way that sounded sexual, which of course made it even more erotic.

I did all the laundry, including her underwear. Nothing suspicious here, it’s only fair, she washed my underwear for years. Of course, I don’t think she would pull my most freshly worn briefs out of the laundry. I took a different pair of my mom’s panties to my room each week. I would sniff them, rub them all over my face and body, stuff them in my mouth. Then, of course, wrap them around my dick and jackoff with Etiler Escort them. On laundry day, I would pull out her most freshly worn panties and put the ones I’d been jacking off with in the wash with the others. I took a couple of pairs with me when I went off to college. Also a bunch of pictures of her on my laptop and phone.

It’s far enough away that going home on the weekends is just not practical. I have to wait until I have a break from school. If I can’t see that beautiful face and body in person, at least I have her pictures.

I went home for winter break. I swear in the few months I was gone mom got even sexier! She said she wanted me to help her pull of a deception against a new group of “friends” she had. I don’t know what kind of friends they could be if she felt she had to lie to them. One in particular, named Joy, mom really wanted to impress with a web of lies.

While I disagreed with this in principle, what she wanted me to do to keep up the deception was too good to pass up. Joy and her friends all had boyfriends who were much younger than they. It was a status symbol for them, the one with the youngest boyfriend had the youngest status. Joy had seen my picture on my mom’s wall and asked who I was. Mom lied to impress her and said I was her boyfriend, but was out of town for a while. Well, at least the out of town part was true. Mom is 29 years older than I am, which would be some sort of record if I were actually her boyfriend. She wanted me to say and act like I was while I was home on break.

The ladies were all going out dancing with their boyfriends that evening, which was our acting debut. Mom had written up our story and gave it to me Etiler Escort Bayan to learn. I explained to her that memorizing a bunch of fake facts wouldn’t be enough to sell this. We had to act like we were a couple who had just started sleeping together a few months ago but hadn’t seen each-other in weeks. We should practice there at home before the dance, to make sure we could pull it off.

My mom and I made out for a short while, and I felt her up. I had to pull away from her and half way turn my back to hide my erection. I said, “Yeah, I think we got this. Excuse me, I have to go decide what I’m going to wear tonight.” I went to my old room and jacked off 5 times. That aughta do it. I should be able to makeout with my mom all evening and keep it down.

We sold it. Joy and the others were completely convinced. i was out on the dance floor with my mom, probing the inside of her mouth with my tongue, squeezing and playing with her ass. I could swear she was as turned on as I was. and then I found out.

You see, she was just wearing a bright pink sundress with no underwear. However, I was so focused on her face and ass, and keeping from getting hard, that I had neglected her tits. I had been able to keep my dick from getting hard, but she could cut glass with her nipples. And it wasn’t cold in there. It was warm. Then I thought I felt a little moisture against my leg. When I was able to look down, sure enough, there was a small wet spot, slowly growing, on her dress right where her pussy is.

My mom was as sexually attracted to me as I was to her! This changes everything! I didn’t have to fight my erection. And, of course, the thought of her being turned Escort Etiler on by me pushed me over the edge. My dick sprang to life like now.

In a shocked voice a hushed tone, my mom said, “What the fuck is that? Are you actually getting turned on? That’s just sick!”

Also in a hushed tone, I answered, “You’re one to talk.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Your hard nipples. Your wet pussy. You’re every bit as turned on as I am.”

Mom started to object to what I said, but I stuck my tongue back in her mouth and played with her ass some more. She just said, “Ok, you caught me. We should talk about this in private.”

Mom told Joy we were going to cut out early and just head home. Joy was looking me up and down like a piece of meat, called me a “cougar hound,” and said “have fun!”

On the ride home, I took the bull by the horns. I told my mom there wasn’t much to discuss. We each wanted the other, and now we knew it. We were both adults, neither one with any attachments to anybody else. We wouldn’t be hurting anybody by being together. It’s almost stupid if we don’t get physical. The only reason not to, which she pointed out, is that it just “seems” wrong. It “seems” wrong, but it “feels” right.

As soon as we got through the door of the house, we were kissing and groping again. We didn’t even make it to a bedroom. Her dress was on the floor, we were on the couch, I was going to town on her sexy tits. Then I worked my way down to her pussy. It was so hot and wet it was practically steaming. I ate her to orgasm 3 times.

Then she tore my clothes off me. Aside from a little last second fumbling with a condom, we seamlessly moved to my lying on my back and her sitting on top, riding my cock.

For three days we never put our clothes back on. My mom told me that I satisfied her in a way that nobody else ever could, I’m the best lover she ever had. I don’t think we could ever tell other people, but I see a real future for us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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