Dani Cums to Me Ch. 04


Dani and Chris moved into my home as planned and although I listened closely, I didn’t hear anything going on at night. Then I realized that Dani was on the rag and I’ve known her long enough to know that when she’s on the rag, the world comes very close to stopping. I decided to turn my sights on Chris for the time being.

About Thursday of their first week with me, Chris and I were home in the evening while Dani decided to visit some friends and shop. Chris and I were talking about pleasing a woman and we put some porn on to help us break the ice. After a few 10 minute shorts, I inserted a DVD with bi-sexual themes, most being two men and a woman. Chris was sporting wood in his shorts by this time and I knew it was time to pounce.

“Chris, how did it feel when Dani came the other night for you?”

“It was OK, but it didn’t feel any better for me.” He replied. “I’m not responsible for her pleasure, it’s hard enough getting my own!”

“Chris, I’ve known a lot of women and one thing that keeps them coming back is my ability to set my own pleasure aside, just for the time being, while I make sure they have two or three orgasms. After that, you’ll have plenty of time to feel great!”

“It just takes too much work, sometimes.”

“Ok, be truthful, had you ever felt her cum before Sunday evening?”


“And did you make her cum on Sunday evening?”

“I was fucking her, so I guess so.”

“Actually, I was between her legs licking her clit while you were fucking her when she came the first time. The second time was when I ate her after you finished.”

“Yeah, dude, how could you eat her after she’d been fucked?”

“That, my boy, is what you need to learn. And if you learn how to do it right, she will want you in her life forever. Chris, you don’t realize how lucky you are to have that absolutely beautiful woman in your life.”

“You’re right, how can I learn to make her want me?”

“If you’re ready for your first lesson, I want you to go upstairs, take a shower and shave all of the hair from around your cock, balls, and ass. When you’re finished, Kurtköy Sınırsız Escort I want you to come down here, naked. You agreed that you would do what I told you to do when you moved in here, so now is your first chance.”

Chris reluctantly climbed the stairs and spent about 20 minutes in the shower. In the meantime, I collected my supplies, including my cuffs, video camera, lube, and a “beginner” butt plug that he was going to model for me. When he returned, he walked slowly down the stairs and his cock, at half mast, looked bigger than it had the previous weekend. He had dutifully cleaned all of the hair and looked good enough to eat.

“Very good Chris. Now, I’m going to blindfold you and begin your lesson, you are not to speak unless I ask you to speak, OK?”

“Yes sir.”

I blindfolded him and led him to the same staircase where I had restrained his wife to be so many months before. Then, I leaned against his back as I spread his arms and connected them to the stairway rails. I followed with his legs and soon, he was helpless. His cock was hardening quickly as I ran my hands over his back and slapped him lightly on the ass.

“Chris, I promised Dani that I would never hurt you and I will not break that promise. So you have to trust me. I’m going to stick a plug in your ass so that you remember what you are supposed to be learning. I am not planning to fuck your ass and won’t hurt you. So relax your ass and let me lube you up.”

His cheeks relaxed and I fingered the outer reaches of his rosebud with some lube. I also lubed the plug and slowly twisted it into his ass while watching him writhe in the initial shock of being violated. When it was in, I slapped his ass a little harder than the last time and reached around to feel the hairless skin around his cock and balls. I dropped to my knees in front of him and slowly used my tongue to let him know that he was going to be pleased, not hurt.

“Chris, do you eat your cum when you beat yourself?”

“No…well, I have tasted it.”

“If you’re going to learn how to please a woman, Kurtköy Suriyeli Escort you need to know how to please a man. Men take longer to pleasure than women, so you need to show a great deal of persistence to finish the job. Tonight is going to be your first lesson. I want you to answer yes or no to this question; ‘would you rather suck my cock than let me fuck your ass?”


I stood, rubbed my cock against his and pinched his nipples lightly, then climbed the stairs and stuck my cock against his face, which was held in place by to rails. He hesitated for a second, but acquiesced and opened his mouth.

“That’s real good Chris. Now, suck me until I cum, and when I do, I want you to swallow every drop. If you do well, I’ll make sure you have the same pleasure that I’m about to take.”

I began to slowly fuck his face, wanting to hold my cum as long as possible to make him work for it. I looked at my watch and noticed that Dani would be home any minute as we had pre-arranged the time of her return. Her boy was in for a big surprise!

Dani opened the door and Chris froze. The smile on her face when she walked into the room let me know that I’d done exactly what she wanted. It made my balls jump in my sack as I prepared to blow.

“Hey Chris, bitch, why are you stopping? Finish the job, let Dani watch, I’m sure that she can learn a few things from watching you, you suck a good cock!”

He returned to his robotic sucking motion as I reached through the stairs to grab him by the head. I was ready and wanted to let him know that I was in control. At the same time, Dani, who had stripped, rubbed up against his back and felt around the front for his cock, which she began to stroke slowly. I felt him submit to the moment.

A few seconds later, I tensed and shoved myself against his face as I blew wad after wad of cum into his mouth. Dani kissed his neck, played around with his butt plug, and pinched one of his nipples. She didn’t want him to cum yet, she had other plans.

“Chris”, she said, “Move your legs back and bend over, it’s time your Kurtköy İranlı Escort really learn this lesson.”

I slowly climbed down the stairs as Dani was attaching a belt to her hips. A small latex cock dangled from the front of the belt. It was a very exciting, but dirty view. I felt like a kid looking through my Fathers porn stash.

I knelt in front of Chris and took his huge tool partway into my mouth. There was no resistance as I think he had given into the fact that he had just sucked a cock in front of his wife to be. At the same time, Dani slowly twisted the plug out of his ass and replaced it with the head of “her” cock. Then, he gasped as she pounded her hips against him, burying the cock to the hilt.

It was strange, his cock softened from the shock and just as quickly regained an even harder state. I matched her rhythm with my sucking motion and we were soon in close harmony. As she thrust against him, his hips would come toward me. At the same time, I would suck him deeply, letting him out as she was withdrawing from his ass.

He was soon shaking and I could tell there was too much going on for him to cum. Dani sensed it too as she pulled most of the way out of his ass and touched a vibrator against the exposed portion of her “cock”. Electricity shot through Chris and he quickly began spurting his load into my mouth. I held it in until he was finished, stood up, and traded deep kisses with Dani, who gratefully took in the entire load. When we finished trading, Dani walked in front of Chris and fed the load to him. As she was doing this, I got behind her and fucked her from behind, easily slipping into her soaking cunt.

We left Chris in the restrained position as Dani and I got down on the floor under him and I proceeded to fuck her hard making her cum twice before I blew my bonus load for the evening. Craig could hear, but not see the activity, and I saw is cock throb when he heard her scream with her second orgasm. After I came, Dani remained on her back, I untied Chris and guided his head to her sloppy cunt. He didn’t hesitate and ate my entire load out of her.

“Well Dani, I think Chris learned lesson number one, today. He’s not afraid of the taste of semen, whether from his own cock or from another. I think this experiment might work, but he has a lot of lesions to learn.

I went up to bed while Dani and Chris cleaned up the toys in the living room.