Danielle is Blackmailed Ch. 01


I hurry out of the high school and walk the four blocks to my father’s twenty story office building. I have just turned eighteen and it has just been Dad and I since I was a little girl. Mom left and we never heard from her again. I am a senior at an all girl’s Catholic school and Dad has been very strict about my association with boys.

I am a very petite girl, barely five feet tall, with long red curly hair and bright green eyes. My facial features are dainty and I am always smiling. I am on the pom-pom squad at school so I am toned and curvy. Thanks to my school uniform of white blouse and short plaid skirt my mature attributes are clearly visible. I like to go home and change into baggy clothes before going to my dad’s office, but he insists that I come immediately after school today.

Dad’s assistant went home sick today so I will fill in until the office closes at five o’clock. My dad makes million dollar deals with his clients so it is very important that they not sit in the waiting room alone.

There is one man waiting when I burst into the office out of breath and he doesn’t look very pleased. I look down at the schedule and see that Dad is in a meeting with some investors for the next forty-five minutes. I wonder why Mr. Brooks is here so early.

“Mr. Brooks?” I ask politely. He rises from his chair impatiently and I am instantly intimidated. He is well over six feet tall with broad shoulders. He appears to be in his mid-thirties with black hair and icy blue eyes that are now glaring at me.

“Yes Mr. Brooks.” He states in a frigid tone. “I was supposed to have my meeting moved up and I have already been waiting for a half hour.”

“I’m sorry Sir.” I reply in my sweet voice. “The normal assistant is out today and I am just filling in for my dad. It appears that he is in a meeting with some investors for the next forty-five minutes.”

“My meeting will mean the difference between your father continuing to have a career and being unemployed young lady.” Mr. Brooks tells me coldly. “He has been trying to meet with me for the last six months and now he has the nerve to make me wait for almost two hours?”

“I am sorry Sir. I didn’t realize the importance of your meeting.” I try to soothe him. “I will go an interrupt to be sure my father knows you are waiting.”

“What is your name Honey?” Mr. Brooks asks me in a suddenly warm tone.

“Danielle Sir.” I answer meekly.

“How old are you Danielle?” He asks as he gazes at me strangely.

“I just turned eighteen Sir.” I blush uncomfortably.

“I am pleased that you were willing to interrupt your father’s important meeting.” He tells me with a very intense look on his face as he removes a packet of papers from his briefcase. “I want you to give these to your father with the instructions that he is to sign them and you, only you, are to return them to my hotel room at the Hyatt around the corner. I am in the penthouse suite.”

“I would be happy to Sir.” I smile at him happily, completely misunderstanding his change of emotion. “When would you like me to deliver the papers?”

“The office closes at five?” He asks Ataşehir Escort me with that strange expression evident in those pale blue eyes.

“Yes Sir.”

“Be knocking at my door at six o’clock sharp or you can tell your father the deal is off.” He tells me firmly.

“Yes Sir, Six o’clock sharp.” I reply anxiously. Mr. Brooks walks out of the office with a smile playing around his full lips. He is handsome for an older guy.

I spend the next forty-five minutes filing and organizing until Dad is out of his meeting. After the investors have left I hesitantly enter Dad’s office with Mr. Brooks’s papers.

“You missed Mr. Brooks meeting Dad.” I tell him anxiously. “He was really angry and knows you need his deal to keep your office.” I place the packet of papers down on the desk in front of him.

“I tried to reschedule the meeting with the investors but they refused. I need them too or I am in the same situation and I have to close the office.” Dad explains.

“You need to sign those he said and he wants me to deliver them to his hotel room at six o’clock sharp or the deal is off.” I tell him.

Dad doesn’t even look up as he begins to read over the papers and sign them quickly.

“I have to fly out tonight and won’t be back until Sunday evening. Do you think you will be alright on such short notice?” Dad asks me absentmindedly.

“Yes Dad, I will be just fine, like always.” I tell him in irritation. The office is his whole life and I always feel like I am on the back burner. I stand there and wait until he finishes signing Mr. Brooks’s packet and glancing at the time I see that I only have fifteen minutes to get to his hotel room.

“Hurry up so you’re not late.” Dad tells me with looking up. A tear trickles down my cheek as I hurry to grab my coat and take the elevator down to the first floor.

The hotel is a ten minute walk away and it takes me almost the whole five minutes to take the elevator up to the top floor. I glance at my watch quickly and see that I just made it as the door to the penthouse opens. Mr. Brooks is standing there gazing at me with a very satisfied smile on his face.

“Please come in Danielle.” Mr. Brooks opens the door wider for me.

“I don’t need to intrude upon your dinner Sir.” I state politely. “Here are the papers you wanted signed by my father.”

“I insist Little One.” Mr. Brooks says with a strange smile. “You wouldn’t want it to be your fault if your father has to close down his office do you?”

“No Sir.” I whisper anxiously as I walk past him into the luxurious penthouse suite. There is dinner set up for two in the living room part of the suite. I look around expecting to see a beautiful woman somewhere but the room is empty. Maybe she is in the bedroom.

“You should be starved since you haven’t eaten since lunch at school.” Mr. Brooks states. “I insist that you join me. Your father won’t be expecting you at home until Sunday evening.”

My gaze flies up to his in abject fear and am instantly caught in the icy depths of his pale blue eyes.

“Please Mr. Brooks.” I beg in a tiny voice. Kadıköy Escort “I just want to go home. I brought you the papers that you wanted and followed your instructions to the letter.”

“Yes you did Danielle.” He agrees with a predatory smile. “You were a very obedient girl. I am, however, not done with your presence yet. Take off your coat and sit down at the table.”

Too scared to even think of disobeying this intimidating man I reluctantly do as I’m told. Sitting down at the table I perch on the edge of the chair nervously. He sits down with the grace of a jungle cat and gazes at me as if I am the main entrée.

“You may call me Magnus.” He says as he dishes up my plate with a piece of steak, a baked potato and steamed vegetables. He places my food in front of me with a meaningful look as he dishes up his plate.

I nibble on my food only because that is what he wants from me and I am too frightened to be rebellious.

“I am surprised that your father let you come to the hotel room of a single man by yourself.” Magnus says and gazes at me perceptively. I know my face reveals the pain I felt when Dad didn’t even blink at the idea.

“He was too busy to pay attention wasn’t he?” Magnus hits the nail on the head causing me to blush and drop my gaze to the table.

“Can you just do what you what you have planned so I can go home?” I whisper pointedly.

“Just when we are starting to get to know one another?” He laughs loudly. “I am thrilled that I have you all weekend Little One.”

“Please let me go?” I beg.

“Eat Danielle.” His voice cools dramatically. I reluctantly turn my attention to my plate and eat until my stomach hurts.

I keep my eyes on my lap once I am finished eating, politely waiting for Magnus.

“Come Little One.” Magnus holds out his hand to me. I grudgingly place my hand in his and blush when he notices me trembling. He pulls me to my feet and leads me into the bedroom where a king size bed dominates the room. My trembling increases and I try to pull my hand from his grasp. Refusing to let me go he brings me into the bathroom and after closing the door finally releases me.

“Undress.” He commands in the icy voice. I stare at the floor as I begin to take off my clothes, letting them drop to my feet. I can hear him taking off his clothes as well but I stop myself from looking up. The shower turns on and he pulls me inside with him.

“I know you are young but you can’t possibly still be a virgin.” He states as he lifts my chin, forcing me to meet his gaze.

“My father has been very strict with me when it comes to boys. I go to an all girl’s Catholic school and have not been allowed to date.” I declare quietly, trembling violently from being forced to look at him.

“If you do as I wish no harm will come to you.” He whispers to me almost gently. “I give you my word.”

He stands me under the water and soaks my waist length red curls before shampooing and then conditioning it. I stand still while he washes me from head to toe, cringing when he washes my breasts and between my legs.

He quickly washes himself and Ümraniye Escort then turns off the water before handing me a towel. After drying myself and my hair as best I can I keep the towel wrapped around myself. I follow meekly behind Magnus as he leaves the bathroom and enters the bedroom.

“Danielle.” Magnus whispers. “Look at me.” I raise my eyes to his and see that earlier hunger back on his face. “Get up on the bed and drop the towel on the floor.”

I climb up on the bed and scoot back against the headboard, wrapping my arms around my knees protectively. He crawls up the bed towards me and again reminds me of a big cat. I am breathing in pants and digging my nails in my palms the closer he gets. He pries my arms away from my knees and pulls me swiftly underneath him. I instantly try to push him away but he just grabs my wrists and pins them above my head. He crushes his lips against mine and squeezes my wrists together painfully until I respond. Uncertainly I move my lips against his make noises of distress in my throat when he deepens the kiss with his tongue.

I open to his invasion at the same time that his hand moves to my breast. I desperately try to squirm out from under him to no avail as he rubs my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. The sensations coursing through my inexperienced body are overwhelming me as I try to kiss him back. When he lets go of my wrists my hands automatically go to his biceps where I hold on tightly because it feels like I am spinning.

“Easy Little One.” He whispers into my ear. My noises of distress are still coming from my throat as his mouth moves down my neck to my hard nipples. I gasp at the unfamiliar sensations that instantly travel from my nipple to between my legs like they are somehow connected. He spends a long time sucking, licking and nibbling on my breasts and nipples before he moves down further.

I try to keep my legs closed when he tries to put his mouth between my legs. He gently opens me to his expert attentions and soon has me moaning at the glorious feelings he is bringing out.

“Oh please!” I exclaim when it suddenly feels like I am going to explode and I try to get away from him.

“Easy.” He murmurs to me soothingly. “Let yourself go Little One.” His ministration to my virgin clit intensifies and within seconds I am screaming my first orgasm. He quickly kneels between my legs and after pinning my wrists above my head begins to slowly push his large member inside my tiny depths. He kisses me deeply when I start to scream at the pain and pushes through my barrier in one thrust.

“No more pain.” He whispers huskily. “Lie still.”

Tears trickle down my cheeks at the sudden agony coursing through my tiny body. After several minutes he begins to move inside me and ignores my protesting squirms. The more he thrusts the more the orgasmic feelings return and soon I have started to meet his thrusts with my own. He soon has his whole length inside me and his balls are slapping against my ass. I begin to cum again and again and then it just feels like one huge orgasm that never goes away. He has to kiss me to keep me quiet and then suddenly I feel him tense up before he shoots his load in me. He pulls out slowly and gazes down at me searchingly.

“Are you alright?” He asks as he strokes my face tenderly.

I nod and blush at how much I enjoyed everything. What happens now?