Danny , Jenny Ch. 07


It was a fantastic night, I really didn’t know there were so many people around who actually cared about other folk, people I didn’t know kept coming up to me and wishing me well, shaking my hand, or offering to drive me around if I needed it!

The booze flowed freely and there was no shortage of food either, but in spite of all that, there was only one thing there that I was interested in and that was my gorgeous sister!

She was in fine form, introducing me to people, fetching my drinks and generally treating me like royalty, as you know I’ve always described her as gorgeous or beautiful, but somehow these words didn’t do her justice that night, stunning was the only word I could think of to describe her, oh and downright bloody sexy as well of course!

“Anything else to eat Danny?” she asked and ran her tongue sensuously around her lips while I just sat there and drooled!

Several times during the evening, she sat next to me and laid my hand on her thigh under cover of the table

“They’re for you darling” she whispered as my fingers traced the shape of a suspender strap! On another occasion as I staggered back from the toilet on my crutches, she met me in the passageway and placed her panties in my hand,

“Just getting ready for you bruv” she said huskily and helped me back to my seat, both of us grinning like Cheshire cats!

It seemed to take forever to say our farewells at the end of the night, I kept catching glimpses of Jenny as she flitted around here and there, frequently our eyes met and she would smile or blow me a kiss discreetly.

Finally though we were in the lounge of the cottage and I flopped down on the bed settee she’d brought especially for me until I was able to get up the stairs again!

Pushing me gently onto my back, she kissed me tenderly,

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Brilliant sweet Jen” I said softly, “It was a great night, thank you!”


She stood up and slipped the gown off her shoulders,

“I’ve got news for you mister”

She stepped out of it and stood there proudly, hands on hips, naked breasts glistening with a slight sheen of sweat, the contrasting vertical and horizontal lines of suspender belt and straps making the perfect frame to draw attention to the beautiful hairless slit at the juncture of her thighs!

“It’s only just fucking starting!”

The hard little points of her nipples brushed over my chest as she knelt above me and lifted the tee shirt over my Nevşehir Escort head, the wetness from between her legs moistened my thighs above my plaster encased legs as she removed my shorts.

She giggled sexily as my erection sprang from my boxers and stood pointing proudly towards my navel,

“Oooh yes big boy, come to mummy!” and she squatted above it, smiling at me.

“Pull my pillows over and put them under your head” she said as I felt the heat of her cunt teasing the head of my penis, “Watch it going in darling”

I did and groaned with pleasure as I watched (and felt) her beautiful labia parting for my cock! Never once did I take my eyes off the deliciously wanton spectacle, being practically unable to move was a very strange feeling, I felt almost like a voyeur watching from elsewhere, only the exquisite softness of her cunt reminding me, it was real, oh fuck yes, was it ever real?

“Welcome home” she whispered as she settled down on my groin, every one of my seven inches embedded inside her body.

“Now just lie there and let me fuck you!”

I didn’t have much choice, but it was beautiful, absolutely beautiful, in spite of what she’d said, she didn’t fuck me, she made love to me, to my cock, she bent forward to kiss me, teasing my naked chest again by scraping her nipples across it.

Her breath was warm, tasting of alcohol, her mouth wet, her tongue curious, her hips moved sensuously around in little circles in a way that I’ve only seen done by black girls disco dancing! She squeezed me and milked me, her tongue licked my mouth, my neck, my ears, she whispered deliciously dirty little obscenities to me, promising me not only all the carnal delights I could wish for, but actually delivering them too as my hips picked up her rhythm and changed it subtly from a circular motion to an up and down thrusting.

She began to moan softly, barely audibly at first into my mouth as her pleasure mounted, she felt like a swamp, a beautiful warm, clinging swamp as we both fought against the inexorable tide of passion threatening to engulf us!

“Jenny!” I wrapped my arms around her back, my cock suddenly felt huge as she bit my neck and stiffened,

“Oh! She sounded surprised as she jerked,

“Oh” it came again, she jerked again and again, my cock seemed to just burst inside her, it felt almost as if I was peeing inside her!

Her teeth nipped me and she convulsed as the orgasm went to her brain, spasm Nevşehir Escort Bayan after spasm wracked her body until, as suddenly as it began, it stopped and she collapsed on top of me heaving, gasping for breath.


“She shook her head, “Give me a minute”

She actually took ten, but I was quite content to lie there quietly with her, still locked together in our incestuous embrace.

Slowly she lifted her head from my shoulder and looked at me,



“Don’t leave me again Danny, promise me please”

“I promise” I whispered as she rolled off me and snuggled in next to me.

I was up first, on a mission to get to the toilet without actually breaking anything else, half an hour it took me to get upstairs using my hands to lever my backside from step to step! Eventually I reached the top and sat there laughing, I didn’t just laugh, I bloody roared until her tousled head appeared below me and her bleary eyes looked at me with amusement!

“Danny, is there anything I can get you?” she laughed, “Like your crutches?”

“You idiot” she giggled as she helped me to the toilet.

I didn’t argue, I couldn’t argue and anyway, who the hell wants to argue when a gorgeous woman, naked but for black stockings and suspender belt is holding your penis as you empty half the stock of the local pub into the toilet bowl?

(If anyone doubts that climbing the stairs, alone with two broken legs can be done, take my word for it, it can, I know, ‘cos I did it when I lived alone a long time ago and sustained two broken legs as well as other injuries in what may laughingly be called the defence of the realm!)

If I’d ever doubted Jenny’s love for me or even, thought it was just the excitement of a forbidden relationship, those doubts were assuaged when I lurched into the bedroom and saw a blood stained shirt lying in the bed along with a pair of shorts belonging to her.

“You keeping this as a souvenir or something?” I asked as I picked up the shirt I’d been wearing on the night of the crash.

I looked round when she didn’t answer me and saw tears in her eyes, then I understood,

“Jenny, come here”

She came into the one arm I could spare and buried her head in my neck,

“How often have you been wearing this Jen?”

“Every single day Danny” came the reply and then it was the turn of my tears to show themselves!

“You can wash it now sweet Jen, I’m back”

There Escort Nevşehir was just something about her at that moment, something intangible, vulnerable probably and certainly the stockings did nothing to detract from the moment, but I just couldn’t resist it, I pushed her gently down onto the bed and sliding my feet out behind me, I rested my hands on the bed to support myself!

“No Danny don’t,” she gasped as I lowered my mouth to her vagina and kissed her clitoris.

“OH!” she exclaimed in surprise and lay back, wrapping her legs around my neck. I pursed my lips and took the tiny little bud in between them, sucking it into my mouth at the same time, whipping it lightly with my tongue!

“Danny, oh fuck Danny!”

Unable to use my hands, I had to release her clitoris and use my tongue to part the folds of her cunt, probably she wasn’t very fresh, probably she tasted of me, my sperm, I don’t honestly know, all I could think of was burying my tongue in the glistening, aromatic wetness under my mouth. I burrowed in as deeply as I could while she writhed with pleasure beneath me, I ran my tongue from the depths of her hole, down to the equally aromatic rosebud of her anus where I prodded and probed until it too parted, just as her cunt had done only seconds ago!

This time there were no tears, no whispered endearments and no tender lovemaking, this was sex, pure and simple sex, a thank you from me to her for all the times she’d eased my frustrations behind the hospital curtains.

She understood this and arched her back up to meet me as I lapped at her flowing juices, nectar from the body of the woman I loved.

I saw her fingers curling, gripping the bed sheets while she thrust back at my mouth, apart from her head, her whole body lifted up as she came, flooding my mouth with her cream and surrendered herself to the waves of pleasure washing over her!

This time she was giggling as my arms gave way and I collapsed on top of her, my face between her legs.

“Oh my God Danny” she laughed, “Get off me please, oh shit that’s made me so sensitive, if you touch me, I’ll scream!”

The only way I could get off her was to let myself slide to the floor in a heap and lie there laughing,

“Well that was breakfast Jen, now what’s for dinner?”

She said I leered like a dirty old man as she washed me, but that was her fault too, an old tee shirt with nothing beneath it and an old denim mini skirt with the same amount of clothing beneath it kept me more or less erect while she took an extremely long time over my ablutions.

“Do you mind?” I protested, “I’m not a dirty old man at all”

Then I slipped a hand beneath her skirt and stroked her still tender pussy lips,

“But I’m determined to be one eventually!”