Daring Sisters

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Gina and Stacy were always adventurous and now, despite the fact that they have graduated school and are living together in downtown apartment, they still enjoy a game of dare, taking it to extreme levels and trying always to top the others dare.

Its a Saturday morning and they are both off work and decide to take their pet poodle for a walk in the park and enjoy the break from the rain that has drenched the area for the last three days.

The park is unusually quiet and nearly deserted as they arrive and they take the familiar small path that winds through some wooded area and back to the picnic ares at the entrance. They walk for nearly twenty minutes and stop for a break.

“Game,” Gina announces, giving Stacy notice that a game of dare is on and she nods and repeats the word signifying her acceptance of the dare.

“Go over behind those bushes and strip down to just your panties,” Gina instructs Stacy.

“Leave your clothes behind the bushes and come back to me for further instructions.”

Stacy reluctantly walks over to the bushes and looks around to ensure no one is coming, although she knows that would not stop the game. She takes off all her clothes but her panties as instructed and carefully walks back over to where Gina and pup are setting.

“Very good,” Gina grins. “now come over and lay across my lap face down.”

Stacy swallows hard and assumes the position of straddling her sister’s lap, fully aware that her thong underwear are giving Gina and anyone who should pass by a perfect view of her ass cheeks.

Gina pulls the thong undies making them clutch her sisters pussy tightly and begins slapping the exposed ass cheeks as the stretched fabric slides along her pussy lips.

Instinctively, Stacy reaches her hand back to protect her from the blows and to cover her exposed ass but is informed that any attempt to cover herself will result in the panties being pulled off completely.

One by one she feels the blows land on her ass cheeks turning them deep red, while at the same time Gina continues to pull the panties tightly to enhance the view of her pussy lips.

Gina takes her hand and now begins running her finger along the pussy lips as he sister twitches and pleads to be let up before Ankara escort someone comes. “The only one cumming is you,” Gina responds. “I want to see your crotch soaked in your cunt juices,” Gina announces sternly.

Stacy whimpers a little but can’t deny the arousal she is beginning to feel at her sisters stimulation and soon her crotch is soaked from her gushing pussy as Gina continues to work on her.

Just then the sound of someone approaching can be heard in the distance and the faint sound of male voices.

“Let m up Gina someone is coming,” Stacy pleads but is met with only a laugh.

“That is your problem girl, not mine,” her sister remarks sternly. Her face blushes and a moment of panic sets in but to no avail and soon two males out for a jog happen upon the scene.

Not believing what they see, they stop and gaze on the erotic scene before them.

“Stacy we have company,” Gina teasingly announces. Her embarrassment is only compounded when Gina invites them over to spank her ass and feel up her pussy and they gladly accept.

Their hands roam over her already soaked pussy and she knows now that there is no way to prevent an orgasm. While the strangers hands spank her ass and rub her pussy she explodes in a mind blowing orgasm, soaking her panties even more as she moans from utter humiliation and embarrassment.

The guys hang around a minute then take off jogging leaving the sisters alone again.

“Go get dressed,” Gina orders and Stacy stumbles back over to the bushes and puts back on her clothes and the girls head back to the apartment.

All the while Stacy is running over in her mind how to get even with her sister and make a more daring game.

Nearly two weeks pass and the girls decide to head to the lake and walk up the winding trail that leads around the lake and back to the boat docks.

The lake is rather quiet for a Friday and they have seen very few people on the trail.

Stacy feels this is the perfect time to get even and up the stakes on their game and looks at her sister walking beside her.

“Game,” she states in a confident tone.

Gina looks back at her sister and grins giving an approving nod.

“You must walk the remainder of the trail bare ass naked,” Ankara escort bayan Stacy orders.

Gina is stunned momentarily. “You can’t be serious,” she mutters.

“I am very serious,” Stacy replies, folding her arms and looking sternly at her sister.

“Strip naked now and give me your clothes or the game ends here with me the winner,” Stacy proudly remarks.

Gina gives a nervous glance in each direction then slowly begins taking off her clothes one article at a time and handing it to Stacy, who tucks them in the small pack she is carrying that contains sun lotion and other odds and ends.

Soon Gina is totally naked and they start out on the last half of the trail with Gina in front so Stacy can watch Gina.

To add to her embarrassment Stacy takes a twig and occasionally swats Gina firmly on the ass, giggling as she watches Gina cover the spot and dance around from the stinging sensation.

They walk for about twenty minutes and come to shady spot with a huge tree limb on the ground providing a good place to rest for a bit.

Stacy orders Gina to sit on the log and takes a place in front of her and sits down.

“I want you to spread your legs and masturbate for me” Stacy orders.

“No Stacy, for god’s sake,” Gina pleads

“Do it!’ is the only reply to come from Stacy and Gina knows there is no way out of this other than to be declared the loser and that she will never do.

To her utter embarrassment Gina begins running her fingers along her pussy lips and stimulating her clit in what she hopes will be a quick test then they will be on their way again.

Stacy, however, has other plans and grins in amusement as she watches her sister follow her commands and masturbate in front of her this way.

A short time later the silence is broken by the sound of approaching footsteps. Gina instinctively stops and gasps in horror.

“Keep going” Stacy remarks in a stern voice.

“Stacy, someone is coming, please let me stop and hide myself,” she pleads, but is met with a nod of no from Stacy.

Gina’s face is flushed with embarrassment as she continues the lewd display and soon four figures appear. There are two guys and two girls out for a hike.

“Holy Shit!” one of the Escort Ankara guys exclaims as he looks on the scene of Gina sitting naked, her legs spread and masturbating herself.

The two girls with them cover their mouths as their eyes widen in unbelief.

“Hello,” Stacy remarks, and fills them in on what is going on and they soon begin giggling as the watch the scene.

“You girls wouldn’t mind if she sucked the guys cocks would you? ” Stacy asks them in a teasing voice.

“Well, under the circumstances, I think it would be only fitting,” one of the girls replies.

“Sure, as long as we get to watch,” the other girl chimes in, clearly loving being a part of Gina’s humiliation.

Gina feels her heart sink as the guys lay their backpacks down and take their positions, one on each side of her face.

“Unzip their pants and pull them down, and take out their cocks,” Stacy orders.

Gina trembles as her hands reach out to the pants of the male strangers now in front of her. She slowly begins to unbuckle them, lowering the pants and underwear, and allowing the thick cock meat to get free from its confines.

She does the other male, alternating between the two, as she sucks their cocks to full hardness while their girl friends look on in total amusement.

One at a time she sucks them until one of the girls looks at Stacy.

“You know, I have some condoms in my pocket, I think she should get a good fucking don’t you?”

Stacy grins in amusement as Gina moans in protest.

“Why yes, I think that is a splendid idea,” Stacy grins.

Gina is moved and forced to bend over a nearby rock and the guys slip the condoms on their engorged cocks.

One by one they fuck Gina doggie style, their balls slapping against her thighs as she rocks back and forth.

One of the girls slips over while her boyfriend fucks Gina and runs her hands down his ass cheeks.

“That’s it baby, fuck her hard,” she urges him.

They fuck Gina until they fill the condoms with their thick loads and they slowly pull them off, throwing them away.

They dress and walk off as mysteriously as they approached, laughing as they go until all is quiet again.

Stacy orders Gina to walk in front of her again and they head back around to the beginning of the trail.

Just as the docks come into view Gina is given her clothes and allowed to dress.

The ride home is quiet with contentment on one mind and revenge on the other.

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