Dark Desires


When I got that call from the receptionist I was expecting that he didn’t want this relationship to happen but to my surprise he did want this relationship to happen. To the meeting I wore my black pencil skirt, my black silky blouse, my ballet flats, my hair was straighten , and I had curled it just a little bit. On the way to Newton Industries I realize that my feelings for Chandler had resurface and I gladly took them in. I left the house before my roommate Katy could say anything to me because after the meeting she is probably going to be home and give me a mouthful. I knew what Chandler was like he probably was the same jerk he was in middle school and high school. I haven’t seen him in about 6 years and we are both twenty four years old. I pulled up the building in my mustang that I bought after college where his business was I parked my car and walked to the door. I opened the door and walked in I walked over to the reception desk and the receptionist gave me a pass to the thirty floor where his office was. I went to the elevator and went in I pressed the button that had the number thirty on it. The elevator ride up to his office didn’t give me a peace of mind it made me more nervous to be here to meet him. I walked to the reception desk and stood there.

The receptionist noticed I was standing there she looked at me. She picked on the phone and phoned Chandler she put it on speaker phone he picked the phone instantly I heard his voice.

“Yes Allison, what is it?”

“Miss Hollis is here to see you.”

I heard he sigh and he spoke again.

“Allison I am not ready for her yet tell her to sit down and relax I still have things to do.”

I walked over to the chair sat down I sat there for what seemed like thirty minutes the phone beeped and Allison put it on speakerphone again.

“Allison please send her in I am ready for her.”

“Yes Mr. Newton right away.”

“Miss Hollis, Kurtköy Esmer Escort Mr. Newton will see you now.”

I got up and walked over to the door that held behind it all my dirtiest fantasies that I wanted to come true. I was at the door and was surprised that my hand didn’t shake as I walked in to his office. Chandler sat behind a large Mahogany wood desk he was typing on his computer he was probably calling himself idiot for letting me have a chance like this with him. I stood my hands by my side and my legs shoulder width apart. I stood there for what seemed like an hour the sun had set because the lamp that was on gave a muted glow through the room. He stopped typing he got up from where he was sitting the only noise that I heard was my breath. He walked over to me with even measured step he stopped behind me and got a piece of my hair he wrapped the piece of my hair around his fist his warm breathe tickled my ear.

” Mary, you have no references.”

I didn’t have any references because this is the only man I wanted to be with him. He chuckled he walked back to his desk and he sat there. I was still looked down at the floor he looked at me I could feel his eyes on me watching my every move.

“Mary look at me.”

I looked at him and I was blown away by what her looked like his hair was sleeked back his blue eyes were blazing, and his body looked so good in the Armani suit he was wearing. I could see that he had some definition of muscle mass in his arms, chest and legs. I couldn’t believe that I was here in his office. Why was I deserving such a good fortune of being here with him?

“I am not interested in training a submissive my submissives come to me fully trained but for you I will make a acceptation. You can speak.”

I sighed. I would not make a fool of myself. I wasn’t going to call him by his first name so I decided to call him by his last name Kurtköy Eve Gelen Escort because he probably liked that.

“Mr. Newton I am happy that you wanted to meet me again and I am surprised that you want this relationship to happen. I have a question to ask why me.”

He smiled.

“Mary I am choosing you because I knew that I would have to make it up to you for the way I acted during middle school and high school. I have changed and I am not that same jerk that you had to deal with in high school. I really had changed and I am willing to give you a chance because I never gave you one. “

I looked at him and I blushed he really did want me. He picked up a thing of papers and tapped them into a neat pile and stapled them. He got up and walked back over to me his body was so close to mine. He was behind me he breathe tickled my ear again and he kissed my pulse point and walked in front of me. He took some papers of his desk.

“Mary, I know what I need to know from this report that my friend Micah sent me.”

I looked down and he noticed it. I hoped I hadn’t messed up beyond redemption he spoke again.

“I rather like you now Mary Hollis but I don’t recall telling you to look away from me.”

I looked back up at him he smiled he looked at me with lust and desire in his eyes. God, my who-ha was acting crazy because the thought of him controlling me made me knees weak. He stepped closer to me. I wanted him to kiss me so badly I wanted to taste those lips just once. He sighed one of his hand came to my back I could feel little tiny electric shocks go through my back.

“Mary something tells me that you want me to kiss you before you leave my office. I am happy to obliged that I want to kiss you back I don’t want you to move just be really still for me.”

His arms came behind my back his torso was against mine and I could feel the muscles of his arms Kurtköy Evi Olan Escort tighten around me. My arms went behind his back and they went to his hair Chandler leaned his head down to where my lips were and he kissed me. The first kiss I had with him was magically I could feel the tingling in my lips he didn’t stop he kissed me with a passion that only he could control. He stopped kissing me and sighed against my lips he walked back to his desk he got the papers. He walked back to me and handed me the papers which I happily took from him. He stood there in front of me the meeting was almost over.

“Mary I do believe a weekend test is in order you are expect to come to my estate promptly at six pm Thursday night and we will progress from there. The only things you need to bring are your phone, iPod, and no clothes the clothes will be provided for you. This weekend Mary will test you in every way possible. You are expect to have down there shaved at all times disobey me and you feel the consequences. I want your body to be shaved everywhere but your hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Those papers contain my contact information, the meals I like, has the gym information that you are going to go starting tomorrow, my limit list that you should go over, and the last page has the positions that you will learn to be in when it is time for us to play. You are excused oh and Mary, I enjoyed seeing you tonight. I expect you to get eight hours of sleep every night and I also want you to run at least a mile every day. I expect you to eat on a specific diet plan. I will email you the diet plan and the exercises you will do at the gym with my friend Chase England you might remember him from high school he is going to train you for strength training my friend Suzanne will be your yoga instructor. Mary we are done here I look forward to this weekend with you. The strength and endurance training will help with being a submissive.”

“Thank you Mr. Newton for this meeting I can’t wait till Thursday night with you.”

“That will be all Mary you are excused.”

I walked down to my car and got in I plugged my iPod in. I played “Hot” by Avril Lavigne. I drove home and realized that my meeting him went really well.