Dark Magician


Slicing through the air, a blue smoke of magic made its way along its summoner’s body. Rags used as clothes were covered with dirt and grim from the day’s activities. Being a street rat was mundane, but being a magician street rat was wonderful. A smile adorned his face as the blue smoke disappeared, revealing the clothes of a prince covering his frame. His black hair was nicely cut to frame his young face. He was only a lad of 19, yet he was a very powerful sorcerer. His bright blue eyes were drawn out by his shirt, which was of the same color. He was 5′ 11″ and his dark hair made his white face illuminate.

His smiled remained as he walked into his home. It was dimly lighted, tattered black curtains covered the windows. The moonlight that shone through the old curtains revealed glyphs drawn on the walls. Their mysterious forms would even confounded some of the most powerful sorcerers of the age. Only a few people could read and use them in their spells and incantations.

“Sir, are you ready to receive your first client?”

“Yes, send him in.”

This magician’s occupation was to give advice and magic services to the poor peasants. The one that walked in was a middle aged man with a beard and long hair streaked with gray.

“Sir, please, I beg your help. My only son is very sick, and the medicine man can’t heal him. Please, come and heal him.”

“I will, but I will require one service. More than likely your son will be required to help fix my roof.”

“Yes, yes, whatever. Follow me.”

The man quickly strode out of the rickety building and down the street. The magician matched his pace perfectly. The heavy spell book under his arm didn’t even slow him down. When they reached the man’s house, he jerked the leather door open and rushed inside to his bed where his son was sleeping. His brow was covered with a coat of sweat. His dark brown hair was wet and matted against his forehead. All of his sisters worriedly glanced at the magician.

“Everyone get out while I perform the healing.”

All hd abla of them slowly made their way out, all concerned for their brother’s well being. The magician pulled the covers off of the lad. Surprisingly, he was naked under the sheets. His frame was more muscular from his heavy labor and was tanned from hours in the sun. He was around 6′, and his soft cock was cut and 4″ long. The dark magician stood in awe of his body before he was able to shake himself out of it. He sat down his book of spells on the lad’s chest, his raspy breaths made the book rise and fall. Before starting the ritual, he rubbed the lad’s cock and gave his balls a squeeze.

Tracing his fingers along the ancient glyphs, “Water of the divine cup, spill a drop onto this broken body. Mend his wounds and heal his disease. Let your pure, cleansing water ripple throughout his being and make him awaken.”

From out of thin air a drop of water, shinning with the sun’s brightness, appeared and fell down onto the young man’s forehead. His body glowed as the healing magic spread through him, ridding him of disease. The magician picked up his book as the young man slowly woke up. His dark lashes slowly fluttered open, revealing a pair of smooth brown eyes. A weak smile spread across his face, “Thank you, magician.”

“No problem. You do know that you will have to perform at least one service for me to pay for the healing?”

“Yes, I do.”

“By the way, what is your name?”

“Oh, sorry, it’s Jarred.”

“Mine is Yumi. As soon as you get dressed, you will come with me to my home. First thing tomorrow you will start to repair my roof. You may return home as soon as you’re done.”

Jarred looked down at his naked form, blushed, and grabbed his clothes from off of the floor. He put on his clothes, dirty white rags that barely covered his leg and didn’t covered any of his chest.

“First, you need some clothes. From the look of yours, I’d say all of your family does. I’ll replace all of them if you’ll hentai porno agree to perform an additional task.”

“Sure, why not?”

A blue fog enveloped Yumi’s form. With a wave of his hand, he sent it throughout the one room house. All of the clothes, blankets, and other material goods in the house were instantly fixed and refined.

“Now, let’s go.”

The two walked out of the house, past Jarred’s family, who cried with happiness as they saw him walking out. Without stopping to allow Jarred to talk to his family, Yumi continued on to his own house. When they reached it, Yumi showed Jarred inside.

“You know, Jarred, you do owe me two tasks now. I am willing to let you free of your duties if you agree to come and repair my roof when you have time. Also, you must do one task that will only take an hour, but it must be done tonight.”

“Well, I do need to help my father in the fields. I agree. What’s the one task?”

“You did agree without asking, so you must go through with it or pay with your freedom. I want you to lay down to an hour or so of passion.”

Jarred gulped nervously, “I’ve never had sex before.”

“That doesn’t matter. I’ll show you. First, strip.”

Jarred’s hands nervously shook as he reached up and took his shirt off. As he reached for his pants, Yumi jumped up and grabbed them, “Not yet.”

Jarred looked into Yumi’s eyes, frightened. “Don’t worry. I just want you to be sexy as hell. I’m going to show you how. After you slowly take off your shirt, trace your hands along your chest. Tease the person who is adoring your body.”

Jarred shook his head in response, breathing heavily. Yumi smiled, slightly relaxing his partner. Yumi dropped to his knees, and pulled Jarred’s pants off. His cock stood there, semi erect from anticipation. Yumi breathed heavily on Jarred’s cock, making him shudder. Yumi massaged Jarred’s balls as he ran his tongue along Jarred’s length. He then took the head into his mouth, sucking hard as his hands moved kızıl porno their way onto Jarred’s ass, massaging the cheeks.

Jarred moaned, his body shuddering. He moved his hands to Yumi’s head, grabbed his hair, and pulled his head closer. Jarred’s entire length went down Yumi’s throat. Yumi took the opportunity to spread Jarred’s ass cheeks and insert a finger into his ass.

“Ah!” Jarred nearly jumped in shock. Yumi chuckled, taking extreme pleasure in giving pleasure. However, Yumi was tired of only giving.

“Jarred, put your arms on the wall, move your legs back, and spread your legs.”

Jarred did as he was told, and Yumi moved underneath him and took his entire length down his throat again. As he did, he stuck a second, third, and eventually a fourth finger into Jarred’s ass. He slowly stretched him until he thought he was ready. Yumi stood up and removed his clothing. His lean, swimmer’s body and cut 7″ cock was fully erect, longer than Jarred’s 6.3″ fully erect cock. Yumi placed his cock head at Jarred’s entrance, then rammed his cock in to the hilt. Jarred’s sweaty, hair plastered face scrunched up. Pain shot up Jarred’s nervous system. Jarred uttered a scream mixed with a painful grunt. A tear worked its way out of his eye.

“Hurt? Just wait, it gets so much better.”

Yumi began to pump in and out, aiming for Jarred’s prostrate. Each time he hit it and Jarred became stretched more, a wave of pleasure went through Jarred’s body.

“Gods, Yumi, it feels so good.”

Yumi didn’t answer. He was grunting, pumping in and out. Jarred was going the same.

“Uhh…uhh…Yu…mi…I..fe..el…strange. AHHH!”

Jarred cumed, his white spunk flying onto the floor, wall, and his chest. As his ass tightened, Yumi was brought near his climax.

“Jarred, lay down on the floor, NOW!”

Jarred laid down on the floor as Yumi stroked his cock. All of a sudden, he cummed. His white spunk flew out, landing all over Jarred’s face, chest, and spent cock.

“Thank you, Jarred. I’ve been needing this for so long.”

“That was the best thing I’ve ever felt. Can we do it again?”

“That is a definite must. I’d prefer to wait until after you get out of the field. I prefer to have sex with sweaty, spent guys. But you, I’ll have you whenever.”