Dark Stag Ch. 16

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I paced back and forth, the marching guardsmen being the last thing I needed to see. Devari looked at me, not understanding the significance of what was going on.

“I’m going to need you to calm down…” He suggested.

“I can’t.. This is bad!” I responded, full of panic, “I will literally go to the front gates of the palace myself and slaughter anyone that hurts him!”

Tears began to stream down my cheeks. Devari was confused.

“Hurt who?” He asked.

“Richard…” I said back. Devari took a congested breath, not too enthused about what I said.

“In that case, then really calm down… Think before you do something stupid…” He advised.

All I could do was begin to make my way back to the brothel. Devari, frustrated with having to keep up with me, followed. He panted heavily, watching me as I whistled up to the sky. Seconds later, Bazahra’s return screeches echoed off the buildings. Her silver frame seemed to appear out thin air as she landed on the ledge. I got on my hands and knees, pulling pen and paper from her pouch. Swiftly, I wrote Richard a letter, folding it and handing it to the bird.

“Okay, I need you to give this to Richard…” I said to her. She chirped, nodding, taking off on stiff-shallow wingbeats.

Again her silvery plumage melted into the sky. Devari watched in awe.

“She’s that well trained?” He asked.

“Yeah…” I said back, standing and waiting, my eyes scanning the sky line. It wasn’t even thirty minutes before she returned. She landed with a bound.

“Gone…” She said.

“Fuck… Search everywhere…” I said, so worried. She was hesitant to fly, seeing the worry in my eyes. The reluctant bird took off, riding the thermals high as her powerful eyes scanned the ground.

“You still love him?” Devari asked, looking at me intently. It made me concerned.

“Yeah…” I responded.

“And you think he still loves you?” Devari prodded.

“I’d hope so…” I shrugged.

“I’m going to be honest. I think things would have changed a bit since you last saw him. Extreme power can change someone so rapidly…” He said.

“Don’t say that.” I responded, clenching my head.

“He might not view you the same, anymore after this…” Devari sighed. Slowly my eyes fell upon him, with heaviness and frustration.

“What are you trying to do? He is everything to me! He’s one of the only few people I have left fighting for me! And need be, I’d fight for him!” I said firmly.

“Are you going to do something stupid?” Devari asked me plainly.

“I don’t know yet…” I said back, heading towards the stairs.

“I don’t mind if you do… Just make sure you don’t fuck us over in the process…” He said. I looked back at him, annoyed.

“Rest be assured, if I do something stupid, it’d have no affect on you.” I sighed.

The boy followed me to my room. I don’t know why, but when ever he was around, he’d cling to me like glue. It was beyond odd. Still though, it was the lesser of issues. I sat down at the desk clenching my head. It was difficult to be rational right now. The only thing I could do was to begin pinning a letter:


What the fuck is this? What happened? I heard that evil nobleman has taken over everything!I sent Richard a letter but Bazahra returned saying he was gone! I don’t know anything from here, what’s going on, ANYTHING! Before I do something stupid, please tell me Richard is okay, safe somewhere! I need to know… Please, I’ll give it three hours to see a response and if not, guarantee I’m looking for him!

I need to know what happened? It’s hard being here, putting up with the horrors of this brothel, being away from the man I love, having my own investigation going on, still being a wanted man, and having so many new and changing variables pop up. I don’t know if I’m close to quitting but, maybe we also need to rethink this strategy. It may have seemed like a decision from my heart to join this brothel in a search for my sister but, no!

This was a well plotted, pre-thought pre-coursed plan of option because it was my last resort! But with the slow pace of this operation, and the fast pace of what’s changing around me, I’m slowing things down and I don’t think that’s fair! What should I do, Gou? This all is weighing so heavy on me, like you don’t understand, I’m barely holding together… Just advise me, tell me if Richard is safe, and guide me through this… please!


“Wait,” Devari said, looking over my shoulder, “Kijus? Is that your real name?”

“You’re not helping…” I sighed.

“And this place isn’t that damn horrible…” Devari said, making light of this all. All I could do was roll my eyes, beyond irritated with the boy. He smiled, knowing it was getting under my skin. There was no point in even responding.

I got up, heading out of the room, down the stairs, to the base level of the warehouse and up the stair chute to the roof. Again, Devari Ankara bayan escort followed, this starting to become very annoying. I whistled loudly for Bazahra. In the distance, her battle screech could be heard. The low flying bird came from around the corner of an adjacent building, landing beside Devari and I.

“Still no find…” She said.

“Okay… Get this letter to Gou… Please hurry.” I said back. The bird chirped before taking off.

It left me slowly pacing around, deep in thought, nearing tears. Devari watched intently for some reason. He probably was taking note of my worried state. This was literally the first time he saw me crack like this, saw me this vulnerable, this emotional. He sighed.

“Just get some rest. If you need anything, I’ll be in my office. I had you training pretty early and since I’m gonna be on a tight schedule…” He said, a bit apprehensive, “I might train you on something new later tonight.”

“Please…Please… No, don’t, not today…” I begged.

“It won’t be anywhere near as bad as the other shit. I promise!” Devari said. I looked at him intently, seeing he was genuine.

“Whatever…” I responded, still not too enthused. He nodded, leaving me on the rooftop.

Something wasn’t right about that. Devari was probably the smartest person I knew. In some sick way, this felt like a game. However, with his rights to the brothel, my position and the way things were going, this could be expected. However, his disposition had changed substantially over the past few weeks and I couldn’t read him.

With all the variables at play here, the change was understandable. The part I was concerned about was the relationship between Devari and I. He and I were quite close, a strange symbiotic relationship forming between us. He literally let me do whatever I wanted despite my murky history as long as I stayed here and continued with the training. It was a situation that was quite hard to make sense of but one that I didn’t want to jeopardize.

I didn’t know what, but I could possibly use Devari for something useful if I continued to let him do what he did to me. It made me wonder precisely how Devari’s mind worked. He was obviously incredibly intelligent, but his life made him cutthroat and ruthless. He was guarded, only showing you a tiny fraction of who he was. Not only that but his way of judgement was very objective and every decision he made felt methodical and evenly weighed. His eyes showed this so clearly. They were so radiant and always calculating! It made even the most mundane of conversations with him feel tedious and nerve racking.

Thinking about Devari made time go by swiftly. Bazahra returned within a few hours, exhausted from having to fly so fast. I hurried to read the letter, not happy to see it was from Gou:

‘There was a mutiny that started around three in the morning. Sir Socoshian mobilized his forces to take the upper ring but our sources gave us a marginal heads up which allowed us a narrow escape with Richard. He escaped through the service tunnels and aqueducts and was picked up by UCM forces and taken here.

There might still be a few battles going on. The initial battle was long and drawn out between the King’s Guard and Official Guard. As of this message, it is still uncertain who is winning the fight for the stronghold. What is important though, is that Richard is safe and reunited with his brother and sister. Hopefully this message gets to you in time before you go and do something reckless. Again, it is not fair for you to be in your current position and it is too late to change things so it is imperative that you stay rational at all times! Stay strong Kijus!


“Boss trusts you too much…” Someone said. It was Mardee with a cast on his arm and a number of bruises.

“He doesn’t trust me…” I said, denying the fact.

“I’ve seen that boy put through hell. He’s never shown any type of leniency to anyone who’s lied to him the way he’s shown you. Maybe it’s because he’s in a hard spot and you are the perfect escape for him… I don’t know. He’s acting strange! You just better not backstab us! I don’t know how you walked out of that office alive, what you said to Devari to change his mind, but I’m not sold like him. To me, you’re a liar, a manipulative little imp who has some unseen motives. And I will let the truth come to the light!”

“You know,” I began, “When I beat you all, I made it clear I didn’t want to hurt any of you. I’ve been quite truthful with Devari! He’s been truthful with me. However, he hasn’t been honest with me which is not quite the same as being truthful. I won’t do the same! And you’re right! There are unseen motives and you don’t have to let the truth come to the light. When it comes, it’s going to blind us all!”

A thin smile spread across my face. Mardee didn’t know what to say next so I continued.

“I’m not your enemy! I’m just a foreigner a long way from home, doing anything and everything in Escort bayan Ankara my power to make things right and get back home!” I said, still smiling.

“Just don’t hurt us!” He said.

“I’d just leave before I let harm come to this place…” I said honestly. Mardee sighed.

“Verywell…” He responded, leaving me to my own devices.

I sighed as he headed towards the stairs. Mardee was concerned for the right reasons but his tryhard nature was annoying. It was hard to tell if he genuinely cared for this place or was looking after his own ass. All things considered, he probably thought I’d go back and tell Divari about this talk which in turn would make him look better in Devari’s eyes. But honestly, I could care less.

Still though, I had to pen a response. I looked down at Bazahra, smiling.

“Get you some food.” I said to her. She chirped, taking off yet again. I returned down the stairs to my room, penning a response. I’d send it later in the day. As for now, it was time to go to breakfast and then later to the gym.

Upon entering the lounge, everyone paused, looking at me in shock before carrying on. This would definitely get old fast. Nonetheless, I made myself breakfast, sitting at the most isolated table I could find. Within minutes, the Wolf and the Mammoth came over. Both had so much curiosity written across their face.

“What the hell is happening?” The Wolf asked.

“Wait, what do you mean?” I responded, there being quite a bit that has happened.

“Out there!” They asked, pointing out the window.

“Oh, there’s a battle… The Official Guard is facing off with the King’s Guard.” I answered plainly.

“Like… Mutiny?” The Wolf asked.

“Yeah.” I responded.

“Why’d you rush out of training like that?” The Wolf asked, concerned.

“I’ve got some… issues.” I smiled, not wanting to tell him much.

“And the way boss chased after you. Seriously though, he’s so lenient with you compared to the rest of us!” The wolf noted.

“Yeah… Some people don’t like how much freedom you’re getting here.” The Mammoth noted. I looked at him indifferently.

“I don’t care…” I shrugged. The Wolf smiled.

“That’s the attitude I want from you! When you start getting comfortable and learning how much you’re worth out there…” The Wolf teased with a nod.

“Shut up…” I said with an eyeroll and chuckle, “I don’t have a monetary value… I’m worth far more than that…”

“Well you’re in a brothel so, you do have a monetary value, Mr. High-horse…” The Wolf laughed.

“True…” I said, sipping from my water, “Devari said he’s gonna train me on intimacy or something along the likes…”

“Wait, he’s gonna train your or?” The Mammoth asked.

“I don’t know. I’m not excited…” I responded.

“Yeah, what if you like it?” The Wolf asked, jokingly. I looked at him vaguely.

“Seriously!” I said back.

“Well damn…” The Mammoth said, clenching his head, “Are you finally letting yourself loose, letting yourself enjoy this?”

“No… It’s just something about Devari. He’s been trying hard for the past few weeks to get on the same page as me. And now we finally are connecting and I just don’t like it…” I said back.

“Why don’t you like it?” The Wolf asked.

“Devari scares me…” I said honestly, “He’s methodical, well practiced… I’m not, I’m naive, don’t know any of this shit and can’t precisely see things the way he does. I can’t help but wonder if I’m being manipulated into something…”

“You fail to see how he takes care of us. You just haven’t spent enough time here, that’s all. Just let your guard down and let him take care of you.” The Mammoth advised.

“I’ll try but… It’s not the easiest thing to do.” I responded.

The Mammoth dropped his big mitt on my shoulder, patting it.

“You’ll get there.” He smiled, getting up. The Wolf nodded as well, leaving with his friend. I gave them a nod as the two left. It was now time to hit the gym.

The work out wouldn’t be too intensive considering I didn’t know what Devari had in store for me. It was mostly running on those strange stationary track machines for about fifty minutes. Then after that, I did power contortium for another hour. It was a bit more of a work out than I intended but nothing a warm shower couldn’t fix.

That was also something I wasn’t accustomed too! Warm showers were probably the most trippy thing and I loved them! The hot jets of water… The steam… After a long work out, it was my favorite thing to do. It was an escape from this place and almost felt sacred! It was a place where I could remind myself why I was here and refocus on everything I needed to succeed in my goal.

Soon, knocking on my door made me hurry my already prolonged time in the shower up. I grabbed a few towels wrapping myself up. Before I could answer the door, Mardee bombarded in followed by a number of assistants. It made me nervous.

“Yes?” Bayan escort Ankara I asked.

“Go to the training studio. Devari is waiting on you.” He said. He and his assistants turned, leaving. It was almost shocking how Mardee made it clear he didn’t like me. I couldn’t even respond to him. All I could do was finish drying off and throw on a robe.

I headed down the stairs to the training studio. There, a few guards were posted at the door. Devari was sitting on the sectional in the rear. He looked so exhausted it was almost concerning. The boy sighed, scratching his head.

“There’s no one to train you on what I wanted. It’s a tough time and I can’t afford to just go off the training plan and add someone to the payroll so for this little stint, I’ll have to train you myself.” Devari said. He didn’t sound enthused, “But it is something you must learn…”

His lack of enthusiasm was upsetting to my stomach. He always seemed so eager to pounce on me but not today. I blamed it on exhaustion, it being the only solution that could keep me sane in these fragile times.

“Come here…” He said.

I did so a bit hesitantly, but I tried not to show it. Devari took my hand, sitting me down next to him. It wasn’t a move I was expecting. He slowly crept his hand up my thigh, crawling on top of me. His every touch was so gentle, so unlike anything he’d ever shown me! Somehow his hand managed to get itself into the arch of my back, pulling me closer to him.

His and my lips grew dangerously close. It felt so wrong, so bad, so taboo! They connected, his lips being supple yet firm, the warmth of some type of dark liquor on his breath making it all the more alluring! It was only a short simple kiss, but it did a lot for me! We withdrew, left staring into each other’s eyes. He smiled boyishly at me, knowing what he did chipped away deeply at me.

“Your heart…” He began, “Was pounding so hard… Your cock, as solid as stone! All just from a single kiss…” I was so confused.

“Your point is?” I asked, growing defensive. This felt like a defeat. I let Devari seep a little too far into my head.

“My point is that, it wasn’t just a kiss. It was a look, a touch, a mannerism, a compassionate gesture that made you melt like putty in my grasp! And it was all… fake!” He said, sounding so cocky. His words hit me like a train, making me realizing I was beginning to crack! My heart longed to be touched the way Devari touched me since Richard and I parted ways. And to have Devari do it was so magical until it came crashing down when I learned his affection wasn’t genuine.

This place was definitely changing me. It turned me into a sex craving whore and there was no way around it. And to know Devari could make me feel this ecstasy and euphoria without feeling the same only made me withdraw into a shell. Devari could see it happen.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Can someone else train me on this… I just don’t feel comfortable doing it with you…” I said. It shocked Devari.

“I would if I could find some volunteers.” He said, seeing I was incredibly upset, “Very well…” He got to his feet.

My words seemed to have dug into him as his did me. He left the room, looking back at me on his way out. As soon as that heavy door closed, tears cascaded down my cheeks. I felt truly disgusting and dishonorable like an infidel. Still, Richard had my heart on lock and being away from him was so hard! How Devari was building himself a place in my heart as well made this feel overwhelming. I couldn’t let this happen! I couldn’t be this weak!

These tears had to stop. Just like that, they did. However, anything that would upset me might cause them to start again. The guards all looked at me, unsure why I was crying but said nothing. It was a long wait before Devari returned. He came back with a look of disappointment.

“No one volunteered, sadly.” He sighed.

It just made me frustrated! He could see it building. It made him apprehensive as he came back over to the sectional. He sat down with that same boyish charm.

“I can’t be that awful, right?” He asked. There was nothing to say. The only thing that could be done was glare at him. He couldn’t know the profound effect he was having on me, “Just tell me what’s wrong…”

“Why are you catering to me like this?” I asked.

“I have to… You’re not being treated any more special than any other escort…” He shrugged. My eyes slowly drifted from him, down to the pillows on the floor as my mind went deep into thought. Devari could clearly see this. It seemed to worry him, “You’re not like anyone else I’ve worked with. I… I can’t quite read you.”

“Let’s just get this over with. Teach me what you got to teach me.” I said with an eye roll.

“Come on…” Devari smiled, crawling over to me. He placed a peck on my lips, “Don’t be like that!” He continued to kiss me, something subconsciously just letting him take over.

He again wrapped me in his arms, holding me tightly as we kissed. It was as far as I was willing to go. He didn’t need to know how much I was enjoying this, how much I felt I needed this! He withdrew, looking at me in disappointment.

“At least kiss me back…” He sighed.

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