Darren and Kass Ch. 03


He rose from the flickering fire he had just built and padded into the small kitchen. I stretched lazily on the couch and called after him, “Do you need a hand with anything?”

I heard something hit the floor in the kitchen and Darren responded huskily, “Always…”

I took that as an open invitation and crept towards the kitchen. Darren was lighting a fire in the wood stove, so I just watched his magnificent form as he moved. He was so incredibly beautiful…slim at the waist with a toned torso that spread out into broad shoulders that made my heart flutter. I loved men’s shoulders…I feel they carry the weight of the world like Atlas, so I have always been attracted to broad shouldered men.

As I admired him, Darren got something going in a big pot on the stove. My stomach growled loudly again. Darren turned quickly and smirked at me, his blue eyes catching me off guard and I stopped breathing for a second. He turned and came towards me slowly.

“How long have you been standing there?” I giggled, and winked at him in an exaggerated fashion. My eyes trailed up and down his body as he came towards me and I involuntarily licked my lips. When my eyes met Darren’s he had an amused look on his face.

“Well, I’ve never had anyone look me over quite like that before”, he said with a laugh.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Like I was dinner,” he responded. He reached out and took my face in his hands. He gently drew me to him and kissed me sweetly as he pulled me against him. The feel of our naked bodies pressing together ignited that eternal flame I seemed to have had burning since I saw him at lunch and I gasped at the growing intensity of the kiss. He Mardin Escort kissed me harder, wrapping his arms around me, crushing me to him. I could feel his massive member growing hard between us and it rose until it was pressing against the inside of my leg, so very near where I desperately needed it.

He started moving forwards, backing me into the living room. I felt the back of the couch against my lower back when he stopped, turned me around, and pushed me forward against the back of the couch. I was so wet and ready. Darren rubbed his cock up and down between my ass cheeks and I mewled. I felt his chest on my back and then teeth raking across my left shoulder blade. I squirmed in intense arousal – my shoulder blades were my extreme erogenous zones and I went mad when they were even lightly touched.

I moaned loudly, unable to think clearly through all the physical sensations I was experiencing. Darren bit my neck lightly and I bucked and squirmed. His hands held my hips still as he rubbed his length back and forth across my wet slit, causing me to moan louder and grasp the back of the couch desperately. Oh my GOD did he turn me on. It felt like he was my sexual soul mate…my body ached for him.

He growled and positioned his cock at my entrance, teasing me with tiny thrusts. I cried out and squirmed against his hold, trying desperately to impale myself on him. My breathing was loud and ragged and my head was swimming. As Darren slowly pushed the tip of his cock into my wetness he leaned across me and bit my neck sharply. I gasped loudly and begged him for more.

“Ohhhhhh…yesssssss….Darren….oh God…..ahhhhhhh….fuck yessss….. Mardin Escort Bayan please….yesssss….uhhhhhhhhhhh”.

His teeth sank further into my flesh and he bucked up sharply into me, impaling me roughly and animalisticly. I screamed in ecstasy and stiffened. His cock was fully in me, pressing against my cervix, and it felt so good I thought I might pass out. His strong arms held my hips in place against his lap…I couldn’t move an inch. I wanted to push back and thrust and writhe on him, but he was fully in control and intent on fucking me incredibly hard.

He withdrew suddenly and slammed back into me before I could even think. I went mad with desire. Before I could protest he slowly lowered my feet to the floor, still inside me, and then we were quickly on our hands and knees on the bear skin rug in front of the fire.

He nipped all along my shoulder blades while I writhed and pushed back on his cock. The noises we were making were of animals rutting, it occurred to me. I could feel him straighten up on his knees and his fingers dug into the flesh of my hips as he pulled me back against him roughly. I could do nothing but keep myself supported on my arms and let him pound me.

I had never felt this wild before, it was incredible. It felt like some higher power had mandated that we were supposed to do this together – that only he could bring me the ultimate pleasure, and I him. His body slammed against mine furiously and violently until I could feel a huge wave of intense pleasure threatening to crash over me at any second.

Darren didn’t let up for one instant. His pace was commanding, and he completely possessed my body. Escort Mardin My nipples were rubbing roughly against the rug beneath us, and the wave within me grew bigger and higher, but refused to crash. It stayed just out of reach, like Darren had full control of my elements and would not let it crash until he wanted.

“Pleeeeeeeease…..pleeeeease….,” I begged. I needed release. My voice was high and tense.

Darren laughed and growled a sound that made my stomach flip and the waves started rippling.

“Yeahhhhh….that’s it baby….cum for me….milk my cock so I can fill you with my seed….” Darren’s husky voice and command was all it took.

I cried out in broken words and sounds, mixed with wails and grunts. I had never made such sounds before. My cunt spasmed violently, almost painfully, and I came intensely and completely. The wave continued to crash as my eyes stung with tears and I started to sob loudly. I felt Darren stiffen and thrust violently into me while he released his hot seed into me with an intensely deep growl.

My orgasm did not let up and a fog started to roll in over all coherent thought. I was a sensual being and pleasure was all that existed right now. My arms gave way and I buried my sobbing face in the thick bear fur as the orgasm continued still. Darren was still releasing in me, but had slowed his feverish pace. I heard him growl again before the pleasure took me away completely and I blacked out.

When I opened my eyes I saw fireflies and stars in the blackness above me. I was laying back against something soft and warm. I was blissfully comfortable and could hear the wind gently rustling the leaves of the trees all around me. I figured this was heaven. I flexed to sit up a little and an arm came up and pulled me back. I was in Darren’s lap in one of the hot spring pools. The storm had passed and the night sky was full of twinkling stars and flitting fireflies. I felt complete and full.