Daughter Massages Dad

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She looked at herself in the mirror. Her tawny brown hair was long; way past her shoulders, but it was hopelessly straight. No curls framed her face, a face that wore a pout. Her big hazel eyes had a sad look which echoed the feeling in her heart; she just wished she could find someone that needed her.

Tabitha had protested when her mom had told her she had to do the laundry, but it was pretty much for show and her mom new it. She didn’t mind helping out with the household chores.

At 18 she had a dancer’s body, she was lithe and supple. Her fluid grace showed through everything that she did. Her least favorite part was her body was her tits; she had very little on top. While her body didn’t get the boys eyes wandering her way, a couple of boyfriends had discovered she was pretty acrobatic when it came to sex. Unfortunately her boyfriends never hung around very long and while the girls were always nice to her, any girlfriends disappeared as quickly as the boys.

Her mom had already sorted the clothes so all she had to do was start. After loading up the washer and dumping in soap, she started it going. As soon as the water filled the tub, Tabitha rubbed the front of her jeans against the edge of the vibrating washer. She smiled as the pleasant sensation spread through her.

Her hands came up to rub the front of her shirt. Even through the material she could feel her nipples reacting. As the vibrations from between her legs ran into the pleasure from her nipples, she softly moaned.

“Tabby what kind of pizza do you want?”

Tabitha screamed and jumped, “You scared me to death.” She saw the look on her dads face and felt herself blush. “I’m doing the laundry,” she failed miserably trying to sound normal.

Dan chuckled, “Tabby, I know sex when I see it. I don’t care, just be honest with me.”

The hurt she was feeling burst out, “You want honest. Your tit-less daughter hasn’t a friend in the world.” She just stood there and the tears started flowing.

Dan knew his daughter was self-conscious about her breasts and really had no idea how to help her. He walked to her, wrapped his arms around her and just held her. He could feel her sobs as well Mecidiyeköy Escort as hear them and his heart ached for her.”

Dan reached around from the back and put his arms around his daughter, “Honey, I love you. What happened to your boyfriend?”

“Daddy!” She was even more embarrassed now, plus her father’s embrace was pushing her into the washing machine.

“Dan realized that his daughter had no one. “The boys are crazy. –“

“Daddy.” Her vagina was sending electricity though her whole body.

“– You are smart and good and kind and cute as hell.”

“Dad — dy” as he continued to press her and the pleasure was building heat.

“I know that talking about this stuff is embarrassing you, but I love you and…” Dan stopped as his 18 year old daughter laid her head back on him. He was surprised as he realized what was happening. She might have been embarrassed at first but wasn’t anymore, she was turned on and he had inadvertently caused it.

When she felt her dad ease up on how hard he was pushing her, her eyes snapped open, “Please dad.” she pressed her lips to his. Tabitha felt his lips press back.

Dan chuckled and gently pushed her back against the vibrating washing machine. With her head still laying back on him, he nuzzled her ear until she turned toward him and then he put his lips to hers.

The washing machine started vibrating her pussy again, but now she had her dad kissing her and that made it way better. The heat spread from between her legs to the rest of her body.

Dan felt his cock starting to get stirred up. He had never thought of the washing machine as a sex object but he had also never gotten turned on by his daughter before. Her lips felt soft and moist and he couldn’t get enough of them. Her used the tip of his tongue to lick her lips and pushed himself against her butt.

Tabitha felt light headed as the pleasure spread. Feeling her dads tongue she opened her lips and accepted it in her mouth. It felt wonderful. She really liked the way he had gotten hard and softly moaned as she tried to trap his cock between her butt cheeks. She couldn’t, of course, but hoped he liked the Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan way it felt for her to try.

The heat she was feeling grew hotter, her body was responding to the vibrations of the machine as well as her dad’s erection pressing against her. Her orgasm wasn’t a violent explosion but a soft warm feeling that could be felt in in every part of her. Softly moaning, she pushed her tongue into her dad’s mouth and enjoyed every moment.

Dan felt her push away from the vibrating washing machine and turned her to face him. When she laid her head on him he just held her. “I love you, baby.”

“Thank you dad, I love you too.” As they kissed and hugged, she felt his hard cock against her and reached down. She soon had his jeans open and his cock out.

Feeling her start to play, Dan undid her belt and shorts and slid them and her panties down. As her fingers wrapped around his cock, his fingers touched the hair between his daughter’s legs, she was still very wet.

Tabitha could feel her dads fingers slide in her and sighed. This was better than she had ever thought her doing the laundry was going to be. Pushing his hand out of the way, she started rubbing the head of his cock against her pussy and the warmth started again.

His daughter was making him feel some amazing things. Sliding his hands up her flat stomach, her skin felt soft and smooth. He lifted her shirt up and she stopped playing long enough to raise her arms so the shirt could come off. Her bra followed.

His fingers on her nipples made them instantly hard. Moaning, she put the head of his cock in her and slid onto him.

Dan kissed her to the exquisite feeling of being in her pussy. “I’ve never done it standing up?”

Tabitha continued to side herself on and off of his hard cock, “Neither have I.” She pressed her lips to his, “But I’ve never done anything with my dad either.”

Father and daughter took in every sensation of them having sex for the first time. Dan started noticing her movements altering. “Are you all right?”

“My legs are getting a little tired.” She let out a squeal as she felt his cock taken out of her and Escort Mecidiyeköy her butt lifted on top of the washer which had long since stopped. She watched as her dad took the clothes out of the front loading washer and put them in the front loading dryer.

He threw in more clothes, a soap packet and shut the door. He got between her legs, “Turn us on.”

Tabitha turned her head to see the buttons to start the washing machine. A loud moan escaped her. She pushed the start and at the same time her dad pushed his still hard cock all of the way inside of her. She felt his thrust in every part of her body. The washer filled with water as he started a rhythmic fucking. His cock was in and out, and in and out, hitting all sorts of different spots in her

Dan saw the dark purple that were his daughter’s nipples. They seemed to beg to be sucked. He pushed her to lean back some and bent to start sucking.

Tabitha loved having her nipples played with and sucked and her dad seemed to like what he was doing as much as she did. Feeling the spin cycle start, she wrapped her legs around his waist and held on. The vibrations from the spinning washer sent her cock filled pussy to even higher and hotter pleasure. Her dad was still fucking her on top of it all making for feverishly hot sex.

Dan had his hands full. The vibrations from the washer was bouncing them every which way while her pussy was sucking him back in each time her tried to pull back for another thrust.

Tabitha exploded in another orgasm but this one was very different from the first one. There was nothing gentle about the movements of the cock driving against her. There was a need for release and her and her dad. His cock slamming in and out caused sensations that ran head on with the sensation the vibrations of the washing machine were creating. She came and came with no let up.

Dan didn’t so much feel himself getting ready to pump cum from his balls as her pussy was trying to squeeze his cock to give up his cum. With one huge push, he started shooting load after load into her.

She felt him slam his cock in. “Cum for me dad.”

It was over. The laundry room was filled with the washer filling back up for the rinse cycle and father and daughter trying to catch their breath.

Dan kissed her, “I’ll just assume that having sex on a washing machine was the first time for both of us.”

He was still inside of her but was starting to get soft. Tabitha put her head on him, “I love you.”

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