Daughter Needs to Feel Filled

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The first time I got fucked anally I was 18 years old. That year I also discovered I was strangely attracted to members of my family. Ever since that day I enjoyed showing myself off, and loved getting stares from men and women, especially older men.

I must say though I do pose a striking form as I am a 18 year old, buxom 36dd pear shaped breasts, red curly haired libertine woman, and I love to show off my breasts and trimmed pussy. I shave my pussy lips and asshole, but I only trim the pubes on top, letting some of the fuzz grow.

I woke up one Saturday morning, horny, my pussy hot and throbbing from a very hot sex dream I had the previous night. My large breasts had fallen out of my camisole, my nipples hard and hurting pointing into the mattress. I turned over, my tits falling from their weight on either side of my chest, I ran my fingers down my panty covered trimmed pussy while arching my back in a long stretch. Enjoying the long lazy Saturday morning, I ran my hands inside my panties, pinching and opening my pussy lips. Moving my panty liner to the side, I opened my pussy letting and raised my lips, opening my hole and perching my clitoris from it’s hood, letting it harden and expand to the cool morning air.

Revelling in the musky smell of my opened cunt, I licked my fingers clean. I tasted and smelled of sex and needed to satisfy the hunger coming from my loins…

“Wow honey you have such a great pair of tits! ” I heard coming from my bedroom door. I opened my eyes in surprise, fearing and also hoping that my father was watching his young girl masturbating. I rushed to place my large breasts inside my camisole, in so doing, I forgot that my pussy was on full display my panties still pulled to the side of my lips. I saw my mother standing inside my room, clad only in panties and bra.

My mother, Kathy, whom I find myself in constant competition for my father’s attention, is also a large breasted sexually open minded woman of 40 years with natural 36d breasts also pear shaped but showing a little more sag than mine with long protruding nipples, long flowing curly dark brown hair.

I sighed in relief, my tits now safely back inside my camisole, I sat up on my bed.

“Here let me help you…” She said while eyeing my now swollen and opened labia still on display. She sat on my bed, and with her hand pulled my panties back covering my pussy lips and hole while at the same time generously rubbing her knuckles on my lips and clitoris.

“Humm honey you smell delicious, has your father smelled your cunt yet? I bet he has! ” She asked me while she now sat cross legged in front of me.

“Mom! ” I yelled in surprise, in truth I had been secretly fantasizing about my father smelling my dirty panties and having an erection from my cunt juices.

“But Mom, I want to stay a virgin for my man! But I also want to have fun, and not be seen as a boring little girl in school! I want to be in the crowd and not be seen as a prude! Is there anything I can do aside from pussy fucking? I asked her my breasts now pointing at attention to the nature of our conversation…

”Yes honey, there is a way for you to enjoy a penis without having it inside your pussy”. She replied all the while her hand still inside her panties. I could smell her pussy odour emanating from the now large wet stain visible on her panty gusset. She smelled a lot like me although much softer with a subtle fishy scent.

My nostrils flaring I tried to take in as much of her musky scent as possible while asking: “Oh really? How so?“

“Well of course you know about sucking right?” I nodded my head in agreement.

“So whats the matter?” She replied coyly, still rubbing her pussy inside her underwear.

“Its not that I don`t enjoy sucking Mike’s cock, he tastes great, its just that I want to feel him inside me somehow, I want to be his girl you know what I mean?”

“Of course dear, you want him to feel like he now owns you, that you belong to him, you want his cum inside you.” She answered with a grin, now her other hand caressing her right breast through her bra. “Well if you wish to remain a virgin and still enjoy his penis, then I suggest you let him fuck you in your asshole.”

“Oh, sounds painful!” I moaned, while now gently inserting my left hand inside my own panties, caressing my patch of trimmed pubic hair above my clitoris, clenching my cheeks my anus pulsing at the vision of it’s penetration.

“Not at all, it’s actually very relaxing if done right. Actually why don’t you come by the bedroom tonight, I’ll let your father take me in the ass so you can watch how it’s done right!” She answered her eyes fixed on my hand now pinching my lips inside my own gusset.

“Mother!” I gasped!

She shrugged her shoulders, removed her hand from inside her panties, smelling her fingers she said: “God I smell good, just like a little bitch I know well too!” She smiled at me while getting up from my bed.

Glancing at my breasts she said: “Wow Nancy, Ankara bayan escort your breasts really look great without a bra, your nipples make them point out! You should really consider not wearing a bra!” With that she got up, adjusted her breasts inside her bra and headed towards the door of my room.

Turning back towards me she added: “Make sure you drop those in the hamper when you are done, little bitch, you can’t go walking around the house smelling like a pussy in heat.” She then left, closing the door behind her, but not fully, leaving a large crack open.

After she left I was finally able to fuck myself properly, I quickly removed my stained panties, and leaning back on the bed roughly inserted two fingers inside my lips. Feeling my rough gspot, I wanted to cum quick and hard. But while moaning and breathing like a bitch wanting a cock, I saw a shadow under my door. Almost to the point of cumming, I stopped pumping my fingers, raised myself from the bed, removed my fingers from my swollen pussy, I quickly made my way to the door. Only to realize when I opened it that no one was there, although I did see my father quickly turning the corner of the hallway towards the staircase.

Realizing I was standing in the middle of the hallway my nipples hard under my camisole and my swollen heated pussy on display, I quickly retreated to my room, where I put my wet panties back on and headed back out downstairs to have some breakfast in front of the television.

I made my way running down the stairs my heavy tits bouncing without support on each step, I giggled at the feeling of my nipples rubbing and pointing their aroused state.

Reaching the 1st floor, I saw my mother, father and brother sitting at the table all having breakfast. My father and brother`s eyes widened at seeing my heavy breasts bouncing and pointing at them.

Enjoying their attention I quickly grabbed a spoon and a bowlful of cereal and the milk container and made my way to the living room, I sat on the couch turned on the television and enjoyed my Saturday cartoons. My father quickly joined me with his newspaper and sat in the armchair facing the couch.

My father, Jules, is still largely in good shape and to my ultimate pleasure and surprise has a very large sweet tasting cock that emits a strong male scent that I adore in a man.

Catching his eyes furtively looking at my nipples pointing through my shirt, feeling shy at having my breasts so freely displayed inside my thin sleeping camisole, I bent my knees and brought my legs up to my chest, covering my breasts with my knees. My legs together, I wasn`t aware that my pussy lips were now pressed fully against the wet gusset of my panties. My father`s eyes immediately went to my crotch, feasting his eyes on my still aroused swollen lips pushing against the cotton material. My slutty wet spot clearly visible. Looking at him eyeing my wet lips, I was now aware of my displayed sexuality and my pussy gushed at the male attention to its aroused state. I could now smell the pussy odour enshrouding me, I blushed in embarrassment my nipples now pushing hard against my knees. I continued eating my cereal feigning ignorance at my display, my nipples demanding immediate attention I started rocking my knees gently to and fro, rubbing my tits in the process.

My father eyed me curiously, I bet wondering if I was displaying myself intentionally. I made no pretence of allowing him the pleasure of knowing my intentions I continued watching the television with feigned keen interest.

Running out of milk I poured some more in my bowl nudged now between my knees, I purposefully poured a little too much and it overflowed all through the front of my camisole. The cold milk instantly running down all the front of my chest all the way to my panties.

“Ahhh shoot, I made a mess! ” I said while pouting my lips.

My fathers eyes keenly on me he said:“Well honey, you made a mess you clean it! “

I put the bowl aside on the couch, and getting up my heavy brown nippled breasts completely on display now through my transparent camisole, bouncing as I moved , I pulled down at my camisole looking at it intently, inspecting the damage, stretching the material over my hard nipples.

My pantied covered pussy now exactly at his eye level, I could see his eyes alternating from my chest to my pubic hair now also visible wet with the milk. His nostrils flaring as he took in the now overwhelming smell of my unwashed morning horny pussy.

I turned around after seeing my affect on his now growing penis inside his pyjama pants. I pulled my panty gusset out of my crotch and my liner out of my ass, in so doing briefly uncovering my pussy lips and asshole. I made my way back upstairs to the bathroom for my morning shower.

When I got to the bathroom, my older 20 year old brother was already there washing himself. Hoping to catch a peak I slowly opened the door and noticed that our clear shower glass door was completely covered in steam Escort bayan Ankara so I couldn’t see anything.

Discouraged I quickly ran into my parents’ room and stole my father’s antifog cleaner spray bottle. And in a flash took out my wet camisole and musky panties and dropped them into the hamper located in my parent’s closet. I scurried hurriedly out of their room, hiding my breasts in my hands, the bottle squeezed in between my cleavage.

As I ran out into the hall I smashed right into my brother. I used both my hands to brace myself as to prevent falling over him, he did the same. In the process he dropped the towel covering his lower half and we both stood staring at each other naked. I couldn’t stop staring at his growing penis hidden inside a very hairy bush, while he alternatively stared at my hardening nipples and my aroused opening leaking pussy.

He was slowly reaching a hand towards my hairy patch above my clit, when I slapped it aside saying coyly: ”In your dreams dork!”

I quickly regained my footing and eying his penis I winked at him: ”Beautiful cock! By the way it’s leaking a bit…”

I reached my hand and scooped up the precum drop pooling on his now fully erect mushroom head, and licked his juice quickly. He jerked back, surprised at my raunchiness, his penis and balls swinging wildly. He tasted like salty spring water.

Now pinching my nipples pretending to hide my breasts I told him: ”You taste great bro!”

Letting my breasts bounce free, my nipples now proudly erected for his eyes, I reached to the floor and picked up the antifog bottle and headed to the bathroom for my shower.

I quickly sprayed the antifog product all over the shower glass door, then grabbing my father’s shaving kit I quickly stepped in and started the shower.

I was lathering my pussy giving myself a shave across my lips, I heard the bathroom door open, I quickly looked down and pretended to concentrate on my shaving, I heard my father gasp in surprise at my form clearly displayed through the glass panel. One leg on the bath sill, one hand opening my pussy lips, the other shaving my pussy.

”Oh honey have you seen my shaving kit? I need to shave!” I heard him say across the spray of the water.

“Just a minute daddy I’m almost done with it!”I replied.

Bending over, ass towards the door I made sure that he noticed me spreading my ass cheeks with one hand and with the other applying his shaving gel on my anus, then using his razor quickly shaving my asshole. While doing so I made sure to clench and unclench my cheeks, making my anus pulse and wink at him.

”All done daddy, you can shave now!” I said curtly while opening the door, hiding my pendulous breasts with one hand and handing him his razor with the other. I then proceeded in washing off the shaving cream from my body.

I made sure to spend a lot of time washing my breasts facing my father, his eyes never leaving my body. I pinched my nipples hard moaning a bit squeezing my legs together trying to soothe the burning sensation of my nipples straight to my clitoris. Running some water on my pussy soaping up my pubic patch and lips, I made sure I cleansed myself fully.

I could feel his eyes on my body, but never letting him know that I knew he was watching me, I turned around, spreading my cheeks with a soapy finger I inserted it inside my anus, making sure to clean my rectum, I ran it inside and out squealing in pain all the while.

I heard the door of the bathroom open, I turned around my hands on my hips I saw my mother looking at us both alternatively. Her eyes on the protruding tent in my father’s pyjamas and my naked soapy form on display through the clear door of the shower. She quickly took off her panties and bra and slid the door of the shower open.

“Eeek don’t let the cold air in!” I yelped at her. Eying her heavy pendulous breasts swinging as she closed the door. Her pussy lips protruding and hanging from in between her legs.

She moved in close to me her nipples brushing against mine, she started to rub my pussy with the soap bar while saying: “Just making sure your stinky pussy is all clean dear! You smelled kinda strong today!”

I didn’t like her touching me she was now so rough pinching and pulling my lips apart, spanking my clitoris a few times with her palm. She turned towards my father with her soapy palm now roughly rubbing my inner lips: “Jules I have to make sure our daughter doesn’t go off to the mall smelling like a bitch in heat. I heard my dad yelp in surprise when she mentioned my smelly cunt.

“Yes you’re right I caught a whiff of her sex this morning and my cock immediately sprung upI”

He answered. “It’s too bad though she smells really good! Very pungent. Very similar to you but less fishy! I bet she tastes like her mother too! Just like a horny slut.” he added.

Embarrassed and horny to the verge of cumming, I quickly turned around having had enough of her rough touch, I opened the Bayan escort Ankara shower door and covering myself demurely one hand on my pussy and one across my full breasts, I ran out of the bathroom dripping and feeling my dad’s eyes on me.

I quickly lay on my bed face down, I opened my legs making sure to air out my dripping pussy and letting the cool air try to calm my growing horniness due to all the attention I’ve been getting today.

I must have drifted off to sleep, when I woke up, I could feel hot breath on the nape of my neck, my arms pinned above my head I could then feel a mushroom cock tip rubbing across my pussy lips between my legs. I knew my father was rubbing his cock across my now fully opened lips, I could hear and smell my juices running freely from my pussy over his gliding cock. It couldn’t be my brother since his chest wasn’t so hairy and his cock definitely not as full.

“Oh Nancy, your lips are so wet, you shouldn’t have teased me this morning with your little milk spill show.” I heard him say in my ear.

I felt his other hand opening my butt cheeks; he raised his body now placing his cock right over my anus. I felt his mushroom head trying to push inside my rectum; I yelped in pain and squirmed around, raised my legs and gave him a good kick in his hanging balls. He got off me then spanked my wet pussy hard a half dozen times.

“You little cunt tease, I know you like me to watch you. Now I’m doing you a favour by putting my dick inside you and help you with a good cum. I’ll just have to go fuck your mother and her fishy pussy instead! But before I go I’ll give you a little taste of what you’re missing.” He said meanly.

Pulling my arms under my body, he lowered himself on my ass and spreading my cheeks apart with his other hand he gently started licking my asshole. The electric jolt of pleasure of his tongue running across my rectum was like nothing I had felt before, I squirmed in pleasure, trying to caress my clitoris but his hand held my arms firmly pressed against my breasts. He managed through my squirming of grabbing a hold of my right breast and timed his licking of my rectum with pinching my nipple.

After a few minutes of tasting my shit hole he quickly got up while pulling my nipple roughly.

“Oh no daddy don’t leave, please continue tasting my ass. I promise I’ll be a good girl and treat you right…” I told his penis which was now pointing directly at my face, his circumcised mushroom cock head pulsing with his desire. His musky male scent coming from his hairy balls making me drool in pleasure.

While walking out of the room he turned back and said with his pointing leaking dick and hairy balls swinging :” Sorry honey you had your chance. You teasing flirt, you didn’t even suck my penis!”

For the next hour I could hear their fuck noises from their bedroom across the hall, finally I heard my mother squeal in delight for the third time and I knew that they were done.

Running into in my room after their fuck session, my mother cum spilling from her engorged abused pussy lips, from in between her ass cheeks and all across her pointy aroused breasts. Climbed into my bed saying: “God his dick smelled so strong, he’s been rubbing your cunt with it no? I could smell your pussy on him when I sucked it!” She told me while she cuddled with me under my bed covers.

Embarrassed at how my mother had smelled and tasted my sex, I replied ashamed:” Sorry, my pussy has had a strong odour ever since I’ve started growing pubic hair.”

Smiling she replied:”Oh I know honey, I’ve been smelling and tasting your underwear. It’s just I never thought you were this horny all the time, smelling it fresh is a lot stronger than smelling it from your panties. It’s no wonder all the men in the house are horny when you walk in your underwear, they can smell your cunt juice!”

She hugged me while we laid on the bed sideways, her sperm stained breasts crushing my own. My father’s drying sperm sticking us together . The odour of his drying sperm an instant aphrodisiac, placing one hand on her sticky spunk covered tits and one hand wedged in between my legs I started rubbing my pussy gently.

“Stop honey don’t cum, wait till tonight. We could switch while he fucks my ass while I’m astride him backwards, I’m sure he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference! I’ll let you try his dick in your ass but no pussy ok? Once he gets to dip into your little pussy he won’t want my old one anymore…” She said while removing my hand from in between my legs.

I nodded in anticipation and agreement!

“I know you’re a bit scared of his size, but trust me he’s an expert at anal, very soft and slow. You’ll feel full, satisfied and totally relaxed the whole time. Make sure you suck him off after though and let him cum on your breasts, that’s how I usually finish with him.”

She said while getting up from the bed, our skin and breasts sticking together not wanting to separate from each other, as if they knew we belonged joined together in sexual pleasure.

I was shocked at hearing my mother used to suck his anus stained penis after her anal pleasure. But having in the past smelled and sucked my own fingers after fingering my anus, I thought it would be interesting to try.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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